6 Degrees of Separation

OK, so the obvious question is, what does Kevin Bacon have to do with Chris Judd?

Answer is pretty obvious, nothing, but the Blueseum has a challenge for avid users of the site.... Who is 6 Degrees of Separation from Juddy?

The challenge is to find Chris within 6 Blueseum pages, or 'degrees' from a random start.

To take up the challenge, do the following;
1. Pick a Random Page from the left hand side of the screen. Note that refreshing the screen with an F5 counts as one 'degree'.
2. Find a way through the links / backlinks function to get as close to Chris as you can.
3. You 'win' if you can find Chris' biography within 6 degrees.

Obviously it's a lot easier if one of your random pages is "Brownlow Medallists"... but how would you go finding him from Sam Cranage?

See how you go!

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