AFLW Round 3, 2021

Carlton 0.0 0 3.1 19 5.1 31 6.4 40
St Kilda 1.1 7 1.2 8 2.4 16 2.4 16
Venue: RSEA Park, Moorabbin, Victoria.
Date: Saturday 13th February, 2021 (5.10 pm)
Result: Won by 24 points.
Crowd: Nil due to Covid Restrictions.
Goalkickers: N. Stevens 2.1, M. Prespakis 1.1, E. O'Dea 1.1, A. Downie 1.0, L. Brazzale 1.0, Rushed 0.1.
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: Andre Gianfagna, Nicholas Jankovskis, Andrew Mitchell.
Injuries: Nil.
Ladder: 8th

Game Review

The Blues take home their first win of 2021 at Moorabbin Oval. It was a physical contest at Moorabbin Oval with Carlton's midfield the driving force behind at 24-point win. After a goalless first quarter, the Blues ramped up the contested footy and were able to take home their first win of the 2021 season.

Quarter 1: The Blues came out strong from the bounce, with Maddy Prespakis taking charge in the midfield from the get go. Gab Pound’s impact upon her return was instantly felt, as Pound controlled the ball across half-back. Grace Egan had plenty of it early while Mua Laloifi was a welcome addition in the defensive 50. Neither side was able to make an impact on the scoreboard, with the ball travelling from end-to-end without conversion. While Carlton’s defence was effective in minimising St Kilda’s scoring, they struggled to get the ball past the center square. Elise O’Dea was dominant in clearing the ball from the Blues defensive 50, but the team was unable to hit their forward targets and Carlton ended the quarter scoreless.

Quarter 2: With the breeze going Carlton’s way, O’Dea was able to kick Carlton’s first goal in the first minute of the quarter. The Blues had repeated inside-50 entries, taking it straight out of the center bounce. Carlton dominated the tackle count in the first half of the game, with Breann Moody and Katie Loynes leading the physical charge. Prespakis made her presence known in the forward half, slotting a goal and ramping up the forward pressure. Debutant Daisy Walker showed class with the ball in hand, as well as laying two tackles in the first half. Abbie McKay and Egan were busy in the midfield, as the Blues kept the ball out of the Saints forward half. Carlton utilised the wind to their advantage, keeping the ball in their forward half 73% of the quarter.

Quarter 3: Alison Downie kicked off the quarter with a handy goal through the hands of Prespakis. Carlton dominated the center clearances, with Moody owning the ruck taps and Georgia Gee providing some clean clearances through the corridor. Jess Hosking was active all over the ground while the backline duo of Laloifi and Pound were pivotal to the Blues swift defensive 50 exits. Carlton’s fast handball chains were clean and composed, with their effective spread giving them opportunities on each side of the ground. Nic Stevens treated herself to a classy snap at goal, while Kerryn Harrington’s backline effort was consistent and impactful as ever.

Quarter 4: Moody was influential in getting the ball inside 50, while Carlton started to halt St Kilda’s short kick game. Maddy Guerin’s long bomb kicks were very handy for the Blues, but the forward line struggled to convert as the Saints defence stacked the pressure on. Stevens was able to contribute another flashy goal while Carlton played the majority of the quarter in their forward 50. The Blues were able to keep the Saints to no forward 50 entries, rendering them goalless for the quarter.

Three things from the game:
1. Elise O'Dea has slotted seamlessly into the Carlton side. Playing at half back against the wind and full forward with the wind, she was utilised all over the ground and she was definitely up to the challenge.
2. The youngsters can help shoulder Prespakis' load. Grace Egan and Abbie McKay were more than influential through the middle, laying tackles and providing clean ball movement towards the forward half. Georgia Gee rotated through the midfield, making a positive impact with her effective clearances while Lucy McEvoy's return gave the mids that extra helping hand.
3. The Blues handball work was clean and concise, giving them a fast playing style and the ability to move the ball quickly up the ground without turning it over.

Moment of the match: Daisy Walker had a debut to remember, with a win under her belt in her first game. Picking up seven disposals and two tackles, the first-gamer provided some classy ball work and showed what she can do at the highest level. - Rose Zarucky, Carlton Media.

Carlton's first-quarter blues. Coach Daniel Harford had prepped the Blues for a big start after a shaky beginning to this season, and the Blues were solid against a strong wind at Moorabbin by keeping the Saints to just one first-term goal. But the Blues' own concerns with first-quarter scoring was again on show, with Carlton going scoreless in the opening term for the second time in three games, with their other first quarter only producing one goal. Look out if the Blues start to click early.

O'Dea's big day. The Blues would have liked to have two of Elise O'Dea, but the versatile 29-year-old did the jobs of a few on Saturday. The former Demon started in defence, helping mop up when the Saints dominated the game, and then shifted forward in the second term when Carlton had the wind and kicked the Blues' first goal. O'Dea finished with 21 disposals and was one of Carlton's leading performers in clearly her best outing for the club since last year's trade.

Best; M. Prespakis, E. O'Dea, A. McKay, J. Hosking, G. Egan


B: 32 Daisy Walker 20 Charlotte Wilson 12 Lauren Brazzale
HB: 11 Jess Hosking 9 Kerryn Harrington (c) 18 Maddy Guerin
C: 1 Grace Egan
HF: 3 Darcy Vescio 7 Tayla Harris 19 Georgia Gee
F: 10 Mimi Hill 30 Alison Downie 2 Katie Loynes (c)
Ruck: 16 Breann Moody 5 Abbie McKay 4 Madison Prespakis
Interchange: 8 Vaomua Laloifi 46 Elise O'Dea 6 Gabriella Pound
21 Nicola Stevens 13 Lucy McEvoy
Coach: Daniel Harford
Emg: 32 Natalie Plane 25 Jessica Edwards

In: Daisy Walker, Gabrielle Pound, Vaomua Laloifi, Lucy McEvoy
Out: Brooke Vernon (calf), Natalie Plane (omitted), Charlotte Hammans (omitted), Jessica Edwards (omitted)

Match Footage.


Debut: Daisy Walker
AFLW Rising Star Nominees: Abbie McKay.

AFLW Coaches Votes

10 - Madison Prespakis (CARL)
8 - Grace Egan (CARL)
4 - Rosie Dillon (STK)
3 - Abbie McKay (CARL)
3 - Breann Moody (CARL)
1 - Elise O'Dea (CARL)
1 - Kate Shierlaw (STK)

AFLW Team of the Week

Midfielders: Madison Prespakis
Interchange: Elise O'Dea

Best and Fairest Votes

Round 3 Match Highlights

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