Round 12, 1897         Carlton lost to Melbourne by 28 points at the MCG.

Round 12, 1897

Carlton 1.1 7 2.4 16 2.4 16 2.6 18
Melbourne 2.0 12 3.6 24 5.11 41 5.16 46
Venue: MCG
Date: Saturday 24 July 1897
Result: Loss by 28 points
Goalkickers: W.O'Cock 2.
Umpire: Keenan

Game Review

This was the first game to be transferred by the VFL, as they considered that with the wet winter and the heavy workload of five games in a row on the new venue at Princes Park, it would be better to play this round 12 match at the MCG.

Wally O'Cock returned to the Carlton side and played under the pseudonym of Alfred Wallace, (which was a combination of one of his Christian names, and his mother's maiden surname) because he was unable to get a doctor’s clearance to play. He scored Carlton’s only two goals.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 7th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 44.8.


B: Henry Dunne Jim Lyons Bill Weir
HB: Peter Williams Ernie Walton (vc) Jack Reekie
C: Bill Casey Brook Hannah Chic Breese
HF: Jack Roberts Charlie Sweatman Otto Buck
F: Jack Frost Wally O'Cock Sam Chapman
Rucks: Harry H Morgan Bobby Walsh Bill Woodhouse
Jim Caffery
Rover: Jimmy Aitken (c)
Coach: No coach and the captain directed the side
Note: 4 Rucks, 20 players on the ground and no interchange


In: H.Dunne, W.O'Cock, B.Weir, B.Woodhouse, P.Williams, J.Lyons
Out: B.Armstrong, B.Cameron, H.Crane, O.Manchester, S.Reid, H.Lowenthal


Last games: Otto Buck, Jim Caffery and Jack Frost

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