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Carlton’s First 100 League Games

In the first round of the League's sixth season, Carlton played its 100th League game. It had taken 5 years and 358 days between Carlton's first League game against Fitzroy in Round 1, 1897 and this game Round 1, 1903 against Collingwood at Princes Park.

from Round 1, 1897 to Round 1, 1903
Won: 25
Drew: 1 Lost: 74
Home: 49*
Away: 51 Finals: 0
*Includes one 'home' game being transferred
Success Rate of 25.5%
Description FOR AGAINST
Total Score 371 - 586 - 2,812 639 - 1,011 - 4,845
Average Score 28 48
Highest Score 10 - 12 - 72 15 - 17 - 107
Lowest Score 0 - 6 - 6 0 - 5 - 5
Greatest Margin 39 87
Scoring Shots 957 1,650
Accuracy Rate 38.77% 38.73%
Centuries 0 3

In this 1st block of 100 League games by the Carlton Football Club 149 players were used with the earliest player participation being Jimmy Aitken (Player No.1) and the latest was Albert Trim (Player No. 149) and the most games played by Ernie Walton who played in 95 of these 100 games. 75 of these 149 players scored a goal during these 100 games with the most by Joe Sullivan with 40 goals during his 40 games in this block. A total of 1862 player games were played by these 149 players in this 100 game block (31 games x 20 players per side & 69 games x 18 players per side).

Carlton had won only 17½ games from 82 games, until they appointed Jack Worrall as coach for the 1902 season. Carlton won 8 games of the 18 games since Worrall started coaching from the start of the 1902 season.

In these first 100 League matches, Carlton did not score a century (100+ points in a game) while it had 3 centuries scored against them. Their highest score was 10 goals 12 behinds a total of 72 points in Round 10, 1902 against St. Kilda, while their lowest was no goals and 6 points a total of 6 points against Collingwood in Round 5, 1898, with Carlton failing to score a goal in three games, and in another game only had two scoring shots for a return of 1 goal 1 behind 7 points.

Their greatest winning margin was 39 points in Round 13, 1899 and their greatest losing margin was 87 points in Round 2, 1901. The lowest score against them was no goals and 5 points a total of 5 points by South Melbourne in Round 8, 1899, with Collingwood scoring no goals and 9 points a total of 9 points in Round 6, 1900 and South Melbourne only had 3 scoring shots in Round 13, 1899 and finished with 1 goal 2 behinds a total of 8 points. The highest score against them was 15 goals 17 behinds a total of 107 points at the MCG in Round 5, 1897 (the first century scored in the League) and during 1901 Essendon twice scored a century in the two games played at the EMCG.

In Carlton’s averaged game score during their first hundred League games 28 points for to 48 points against.

Carlton scored 371 goals and 586 behinds for a total of 2,812 points, at an accuracy rate of 38.77% from their 957 scoring shots. While Carlton had scored against them 639 goals and 1,011 behinds for a total of 4,845 points at an accuracy rate of 38.73% from these 1,650 scoring shots.

The difference during these first 100 League games that Carlton played was that they were outscored by 2,033 points and had an extra 693 scoring shots scored against them. The total

A total of 2,607 scoring shots were made by both sides at an accuracy rate of 38.74% in from these first 100 league games that Carlton played.

In these games Carlton played once on a Wednesday, three times on a Monday and twice on each of Tuesday and Thursday. The other 92 games were all played on Saturday. Carlton’s only win in the games not played on Saturday was Round 4, 1900 against St. Kilda.

They had their Round 12, 1897 home game transferred to the MCG, becoming the first League side to have a game transferred.

Carlton’s most consecutively victories during their first 100 matches was 3 between Round 8, 1902 and Round 10, 1902, while their most consecutively defeats was 14 between Round 6, 1901 and Round 3, 1902. They also had one draw in Round 9, 1898 against Melbourne in their first meeting at Princes Park, after their 1897 game was transferred.

During their first 100 League games Carlton defeated the other seven sides at least once, being most successfully against St. Kilda (12 wins from 13 games at a 92% success rate) and South Melbourne (6 wins from 15 games or 40%). They were least successfully against Essendon (1 win from 16 games or 6.25%) and Fitzroy (1 win from 15 games or 6.67%). They had their first wins against Geelong at Corio Oval, Fitzroy at Brunswick Street and Essendon at home during 1902, after Jack Worrall became their first coach and the first coach in the League.

Carlton had no success at the Lake Oval, Albert Park, Victoria Park, East Melbourne Cricket Ground (EMCG) or the MCG, and they also didn’t defeat Fitzroy or Geelong at Princes Park. At Princes Park, Carlton won 18½ from their 48 matches at a 38.54% success rate (the best were 100% against St. Kilda and 75% against South), while at Junction Oval Carlton’s success rate was 83.3% (5 victories from their 6 games against St. Kilda) in their first 100 League games.

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