Carlton defeat Collingwood by 11 points at Victoria Park

Round 3, 1950

Carlton 1.1 7 4.3 27 8.6 54 12.9 81
Collingwood 1.9 15 3.14 32 5.19 49 8.22 70
Venue: Victoria Park Date: Saturday May 6, 1950
Result: Win by 11 points Umpire: McMurray Crowd: 30,000 (approx.)
Goalkickers: B.Comben 3, F.Bateman 2, K.Baxter 2, A.Streeter 2, F.Davies 1, R.Garby 1, E.Henfry 1.
Reports: Nil Injuries: K. Hands, (ankle) replaced by F. Bateman at three quarter time. B. Deacon, cork leg.

Game Review

Carlton won their second match for the year in a row by defeating the inaccurate Collingwood.

The Blues attacked through Ern Henfry but the move was replused. Collingwood then attacked for most of the quarter but their inaccuracy would prove costly. Ollie Grieve and Jim Clark worked hard in defence. After twenty minutes the Blues broke through for the first goal of the match via Ern Henfry. Just before quarter time the home team scored their first major to leave Carlton trailling by 8 points 1.1 - 1.9
Soon after the start of the second term Ray Garby goaled. The Blues' rucks were dominating but the Collingwood rovers sharked the ball to provide drive into their forward line. Carlton hit the lead when Ken Baxter goaled. The 'Woods were playing better, and they soon added two goals. Fred Davies steadied the ship with the fourth goal. The Blues still trailled by 5 points at half time.
Bruce Comben received a free and from the boundary line and slotted a fine goal. Collingwood then added two goals to lead by 11 points. Allan Streeter then added two goals and Ken Baxter added another. Ollie Grieve and Clark continued to be a stumbling block across the back line. The Blues held a lead of 5 points at three quarter time. 8.6 - 5.19
Carlton's Bruce Comben goaled from the restart. Collingwood replied. Then Bruce Comben added another goal for Carlton to lead by 18 points. The home team attacked but the Blues' defence held firm. Frank Bateman added two goals before Collingwood added a couple of majors late in the quarter. Carlton ran out winners by 11 points. 12.9 - 8.22

Perce Bentley - Sporting Globe May 10

"I have been in football a long time now, but this Collingwood team continues to amaze me," said Perce Bentley, Carlton coach.
"They upset my fellows from the first bounce and never at any stage did we recover balance."
"It was a football lesson in how to play a tight game, the sort that puts a brilliant side on the wrong leg and keeps it there."
"We won the game, but had to take a football lesson to do so. We won't forget it."


B: 33 Ritchie Green 27 Ollie Grieve 14 Vin English
HB: 25 Jim Baird 23 Bert Deacon 26 Jim Clark
C: 8 Arthur Hodgson 10 Fred Stafford 35 Jack Conley
HF: 6 Ern Henfry (c) 20 Ray Garby 22 Allan Streeter
F: 28 Fred Davies 21 Ken Baxter 15 Bruce Comben
Ruck: 1 Ken Hands (vc) 24 Harry Caspar 9 Jack Mills
Res: 7 Jim Davies 29 Frank Bateman
Coach: Percy Bentley

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