Round 7, 1936         Carlton defeated St Kilda by 53 points at Princes Park.

Round 7, 1936

St Kilda6.3399.55910.66611.975
Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday June 13, 1936
Result: Win by 53 pointsUmpire: OkeyCrowd: 22,000
Goalkickers: H.Vallance 5, A.Clarke 3, M.Crisp 3, F.Anderson 2, K.Dunn 2, R.Cooper 1, C.Davey 1, B.Green 1, H.Hollingshead 1.
Reports: Frank Anderson (elbowing) - 4 weeks. Injuries: K.Shea (leg) replaced by G.Dougherty last quarter

Game Review

Matches will start at 2.30pm instead of 2.45pm.
St.Kilda have not won at Princes Park since 1923. Tthey have only won 10 of 77 encounters in the VFL. The last time they defeated the Blues was at the Junction Oval in 1928.

The Saints kicking with the wind got off to shattering start by slamming on six unanswered goals all kicked by Mohr. The Blues gradually fought for control of the game, and towards the end of the quarter scored through the agency of Keith Shea, Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp and Charlie Davey got the ball to Keith Dunn who bought up the Blues first major. Good play by Ron Cooper and Frank Anderson enabled Crisp to score the second goal. The back line play of Clem Neeson Eric Huxtable and Jack Hale replused further St. Kilda attacks. At quarter time the Blues trailed by 23 points 2.4 - 6.3
The visitors increased their lead with an early goal. Frank Anderson drove the ball deep into the Blues' forward where Harry Vallence scouting the pack scored the answering goal. It was goal for goal as St.Kilda replied with another major.

To be completed

Players Laid Low in Melbourne Match

Melbourne Saturday "One of the roughest Australian Rules football matches of the season was the League game between Carlton and St.Kilda today. Players on both sides were unnecessarily vigorous, and Mackie (St.Kilda) had to be led from the field with blood streaming down his face after he had been dealt a blow when marking. Carney (Carlton), the smallest man on the ground, was frequently bowled over in heavy crushes, and it was common to see four or five players on the ground at the same time. Several players were unable to take their kicks after marking because they had been injured when in the air, and it often appeared certain that a general brawl would develop.

All resources of the trainers were required to cope with the fierce incidents which caused the game to be frequently held up.
(Sunday Mail, Brisbane June 14 p11)

At the end of this round Carlton were in 4th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 145.3.


B: 6 Fred Gilby 21 Frank Gill 30 Clem Neeson
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 10 Jim Francis (c) 11 Jack Hale
C: 7 Jack Carney 8 Keith Shea 32 Bob Green
HF: 19 Ron Cooper 1 Frank Anderson 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp (vc)
F: 23 Harry Hollingshead 22 Harry Vallence 5 Keith Dunn
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 14 Rod McLean 31 Ansell Clarke
19th Man: 35 George Dougherty
Coach: Frank Maher


Debut: Harry Hollingshead

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