The Turnaround: 2007 to 2008

The following was originally published as an article on carltonfc.com.au on 31 January 2008, which has kindly allowed the reproduction for the Blueseum given the message herein clearly explains what many fans felt at the time:

Swann hails Carlton's 12 month turnaround

Twelve months ago, the Carlton Football Club was in deep turmoil. Back then, the Club’s finances were famously compared with the now-defunct Fitzroy, and happenings on the field weren’t much better.

But as Carlton CEO Greg Swann says, things have turned around in such little time.

“We had a discussion about it at a staff meeting the other day,” Swann told carltonfc.com.au. “A few of the guys who were around in those days were talking about it, the 30th of January. I think it was a big day in the history of the Club, and I do remember reading about it from a position up the road… it’s certainly been a big turnaround in a year.

Swann says morale around the resurgent Club is at an all-time high. “There’s no question the vibe around the place is fantastic, the whole thing has been turned on its head in the footy department,” he declared.

“There’s new fitness staff, new equipment, we’ve spent half a million dollars on renovations, getting the gym up to speed, new assistant coaches, the whole thing is different.

“We got Matthew Kreuzer and Chris Judd, Nick Stevens is back so most, touchwood, of the news has been positive for us and it probably goes back to the key person in all those things, Dick Pratt,

“When Dick came on board, things weren’t going well. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t have come over if it wasn’t for Dick, and a lot of things that have happened are a result of him.

“Last year we went from 28,000 to 35,000, so that was a massive rise, and this year we are probably 5000 members in front of where we were at the same stage last year…it’s really rocketing at the moment.”

The Blues CEO, who switched camps from Collingwood in March 2007, admits there is still much to do at Carlton, highlighting three key aspects,

“From a club perspective we need to keep generating additional revenue sources and at the moment we are doing that,” Swann said.

“We need to obviously start winning some games of footy, which is probably the most important thing and that’s something that I can’t control, that’s ‘Ratts’ (Brett Ratten) and the footy department.

“And we will commence our redevelopment which should happen in the next couple of months. They are the three big things that are on the horizon at the moment, but let’s be honest we can sell tickets and do all these things but every one wants us to start winning footy games - that’s what it is about.”

2008 is looming as a big year for the Blues, but Swann believes the Club is well and truly on track. “We changed a lot of the personnel, and now we have got a team that will hopefully take us forward.” Swann said.

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