1926 Reserves

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Reserves Season 1926
President: C. Orr
Vice Presidents: C. Craig, B. Evans, J. Gordon, G. Maher, A. A. Middleton, F. Miller, H. Parr, S. O'Brien, A. Reyment, S. Ross
Secretary: F. B. Brody
Treasurer: F. Chapple
Committee: T. Henry, J. Newbold, L. Smith, F. Finch, J. Dees, J. Harrison
Coach: Jimmy Goonan
Captain: Jimmy Goonan
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 1st
Premier: Carlton
Special Trophies: Fred Gilby for best player in Semi Final and Final. Jimmy Goonan captain and coach.
Best New Player: W. Downie
Best Old Player: J. Parkhill
Most Improved Player: T. McVay
Goal Kicking: T. Mullens
Best Clubman: L. Clarke
Best Player in Final Match: J. Way

Carlton Final List


Beasy, Byrne, Bell, Blackmore, Brewis, Brew, Carter, Connell, Duncan, Dunn, Donoghue, Davies, F. Irwin, Koops, Morrissey, McSwain, McAlpine, McPherson, Outram, Rumney, Vale, Watson.


C. Irwin (Brighton), Johnson (Maryborough), Keleher (Wangaratta), Kelly, Robinson, and Martin (Carlton Juniors), Mutch (Collingwood), Mullins (Footscray), Styles (Port Melbourne), Vallence (Bacchus Marsh), Williamson (18 yrs. 6ft. 13st.Woori Yallock), Witto (Broken Hill), Arrowsmith and Brown (South Melbourne), Clements and Holford (Brunswick), Gill (Nhill), Shaw and Sneazewell (Fire Brigade), R. N. Muir (Warracknabeal), E. McAlpine (Hume Weir), F. Mount (unalloted), F. Simmons (unalloted), E. Simmons (unallotted)


J. Nolan (North Melbourne)

May 14 Permit granted; T. Fitzgerald to Grong Grong (NSW)

In 1926, Carlton won their first Reserves Premiership. The game was played on a Thursday - Melbourne Show Day, at the MCG.

The 1926 Grand Final

Carlton 4.1 25 6.3 39 12.6 75 14.11 95
Geelong 3.0 18 3.3 21 3.3 21 5.13 43
Venue: MCG Date: October 9, 1926
Result: Win by 52 points Umpire: Shaw Crowd: 59,632
Goalkickers: Mullens (4), Davis (3), Way (2), McAlpine (1), Wright (1), Koop (1), Marchesi (1) and Robertson (1).
Best: Gilby, McVay, Parkhill, Connell, Koop, Marchesi, Mullens, Robertson and McAlpine.
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Jack Way was a late replacement. The player who dropped out is unknown.

This game was the curtain raiser to the senior Grand Final held on the M.C.G. on Saturday October 9.
The Blues had the first use of the breeze.
Both sides started the game with plenty of vigor, but Carlton's following division were on top, and three goals in the first eight minutes were the direct result of a winning ruck combination. Geelong got back into the game and the Blues led by 7 points at the end of the first quarter.
Geelong attacked for most of the second term, but the Blues's backline stood up well. Carlton gradually assumed control of the game through two good late goals by Way and Marchesi, and at the main break held an 18 point lead.
Carlton then dominated in the rucks and on the forward line. The Blues kept Geelong scoreless, while they added 6.3 in the third quarter.
The Blues winning in all departments then ran out easy winners by 52 points.
The game was a disappointment after the tense and exciting struggle these two teams had displayed in the second semi final.

1926 2nds Premiership Team

B: 7 J Parkhill 15 T McVay 6 Fred Gilby
HB: 14 Bill Downie 13 Jack Cahill 10 Eric Humphrey
C: 25 Billy Stone 17 Jimmy Robertson (vc) 9 Val Marchesi
HF: 3 Jimmy Goonan (cc) 30 Albert 'Jack' Williamson 16 Harvey Dunn
F: 34 Victor Davis 12 Tom Mullens 26 Vern Wright
Ruck: 4 Bill Koop 29 Maurie Connell 28 Ernie McAlpine
late change: 1 Jack Way
Coach: Jimmy Goonan

Smoke Night To Players

"A jubilant throng assembled at Fernshawe House, Carlton, on Saturday night, at the invitation of the Carlton Football Club committee, to congratulate the second eighteens on it's victory and wish the Carlton team a pleasant trip to Tasmania, whither they are going for a trip, in which games will be played and sight seeing shared.
An enjoyable snooker entertainment was given. Mr. D. Young, president, was in the chair, supported by members of the executive." (The Argus, Oct 11)

The Reserves Premiership was called the Rosen Cup.

"Whatever pretensions Geelong may have harboured regarding the Rosen Cup, for having been holders twice it needed only another premiership for it to become their's in perpetuity...." (The Argus, Oct 11)

May 01
Opening round of the season.
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
"The game between Carlton and Hawthorn was very evenly contested for three quarters, but in drenching rain in the last quarter Carlton overwhelmed their opponents, kicking 8.5 to 1.1 Cahill (Carlton) was best the man on the ground." (Age)
Carlton won by 51 points
Carl; 0.4 4.5 8.10 16.15.111
Haw; 2.5 2.7 7.11 8.12.60
Goals; Mullens 8, Cornell 3, Lewis 3, Davis, Muir.
Best; Cahill (BOG), Martin, Parkhill, Simmons
Umpire; Britten

May 08
Carlton played Melbourne
The match was fairly even up until three quarter time.
Melbourne asserted their superiority and the Blues forwards failed to capitalize on their opportunities.
Umpire; Woosnan
Carlton lost; 8.14.62 - 14.18.106 (Half time Carl; 3.10 - 4.10)
Goals; Davis 3, Lewis 2, Mullens, Carter, Rumney
Best; Rumney, Muir, Brewis, Carter, Lane

May 15
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park.
An exciting game where Davis scored his three goals in the third term. Geelong had the last kick of the game well within scoring distance, however, the shot missed and the Blues won by 3 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Manger, Humphreys, Goldby/Gilby?
Half backs; Marchesi, Cahill, Muir
Centres; Lane, Goonan, Crawe/Crowe?
Half forwards; Vale, Vallence, Way
Forwards; Davis, Outram, Hart
Followers; Connell, Clarke
Rover; Smith
Umpire; Brown
Carlton won by 3 points
Carl; 3.2 6.2 10.6 11.9.75
Geel; 2.3 7.16 9.12 10.12.72
Goals; Davis 3, Outram 3, Way 2, Hart 2, Vallence
Best; Vallence, Goonan, Davis, Way, Connell, Smith

May 22
Carlton played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
The home team got off to a good start and led by 28 points at quarter time. This lead was reduced to just 7 points at half time, and by 9 points at the last break. South then put on 5.5 to the Blues' 1.5 to run out 33 point winners.
Carlton lost;
Carl; 6.16.52
S. Melb 12.13.85

May 29
Carlton played Fitzroy
Both teams included many senior players.
Fitzroy started with the aid of a slight breeze. Despite this, they trailled at the end of the first quarter.
The Blues took full advantage of the breeze and led well at half time. The Blues continued their dominance until the 20 minute mark of the third term.
The 'Roys crowding the forward line hit back to be just one goal down at the last break.
Early in the final quarter Fitzroy looked the better side but soon tired. Mutch left the ground, but the Blues ran out winners by a comfortable margin.
Fred Mutch broke his ankle.
Carlton won by 21points
Carl; -- 9.5 10.7 12.13.85
Fitz: -- 6.4 9.7 9.10.64
Goals; Mullins 7, Way, Smith, Outram, Carter, Cornell.
Best; Mullen, Simmons, Outram, Mount, Gilby, Goonan, Carter, Way.
Carlton; Played 5, Won 3 Lost 2, Points 12.
Ladder; Richmond 20, Collingwood 16, South Melbourne 16, Geelong 16, Carlton 12, Essendon 12, Melbourne 8, North Melbourne 8, Footscray 8, Fitzroy 4, St. Kilda 0, Hawthorn 0.

June 05
Carlton played Essendon at Essendon
An even game up until half time. Carlton's experience told in the end.
Quarter time Carl 2.3 - 3.2
Carlton won by 42 points
Carlton 18.11.119 - 11.11.77
Goals; Dunn 6, Blackmore 5, Manger 2, Cornell, McAlpine, Connell, Goonan, Parkhill
Best; Rumney, Way, Koop, Blackmore, Dunn, Connell, Robertson, McAlpine, Cahill.

Carlton fifth, Points 16

June 07 Monday King's Birthday
Carlton played Footscray at Princes Park
Three quarter time Carl; 10.17.77 - 8.11.59 (Herald p2)
Carlton won 12.22.94 - 9.13.67

June 12
State games

June 19
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton won by 40 points
Carlton 15.6.95 - 8.7.55
Goals; Dunn 7, unknown

June 26
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park.
Playing on a very muddy ground the Blues fielded a strong team, in fact the 'Woods had difficulty in putting a side together!
Carlton won; 6.9.45 - 4.13.37
Goals; unknown
Best; Robertson, Parkhill, Goonan, Wright, Vale, Koop, Connell.

July 03
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
The ground was very muddy. An even game up until half time then the Blues got on top of the visitors.
The Argus said;
"Williamson a recruit from Woori Yallock, on his showing for two games will make a first-rate player."
Carlton won; 13.10.88 - 7.6.48
Goals; Mullens 5, Dunn 4, McAlpine, McPherson, Koop, Way
Best; Cahill, Robertson, Koop, Downie, Mullens, McAlpine
Carlton is third on the ladder with 32 premiership points

July 10
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
The Blues held a 34 point lead at the last break. In the last quarter the Saints dominated.
They scored 5.4 for the term and Carlton only ventured forward on three occasions.
Fortunately for the Blues each time they scored a goal and won the game by that margin.
Carlton won; 10.12.72 - 7.12.54
Goals; Wright 2, Gilby 2, Davis, Way, Cornell, Everitt, Goonan, Williamson
Best; Goonan, Quirk, Clark, Wright, Everitt.
Carlton is third on the ladder with 36 premiership points

July 17

July 24

No Reserves games July 24 - August 07 due to Interstate games.

August 07

August 14
Carlton played Geelong at the Corio Oval.
The weather was ideal for football and more than 2,000 were in attendance.
Geelong led the premiership ladder, their last defeat was by the Blues at Princes Park back in May.
Carlton were determined to knock off Geelong for the second time. However, a mishap on the Geelong Road meant that some selected players did not arrive at the ground on time.
Carlton team;
Backs; Clarke, McVay, Gilby
Half backs; Downie, Cahill, Wright
Centres; Goonan, Everett, Hill
Half forwards; Lewis, Way, Dunn
Forwards; Cornell, Davis, Koop
Followers; Parkhill, Williamson
Rover; Robertson
Umpire; Shaw
Boundary; Hazel, McLean
Carlton lost by 42 points.
Carl; 0.4 3.3 3.4 4.4.28
Geel; 2.4 3.8 8.10 9.16.70
Goals; Dunn 3, Robertson
Best; Cahill, Parkhill, Goonan, Downie, Way, Dunn, Robertson

August 21

August 28
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton won; 12.12.84 - 10.13.73
Goals; Mullens 4, Way 3, Vallence 2, Stone, Davis, Wright
Best; Vallence, Parkhill, Quirk, Cahill, Mullens
Umpire; Kilkenny

September 04

September 11

September 23 Show Day Thursday
Second Semi Final
Carlton played Geelong on the MCG
Crowd: 6,000 Gate Receipts: £149/14/3 ($299.42)
Geelong's second defeat for the season.
Carlton team
Backs; Parkhill, McKay, Gilby
Half backs; Downie, Cahill, Humpries
Centres; Stone, Robertson, Marchesi
Half forwards; Goonan, Williamson, Dunn
Forwards; Davis, Mullens, Wright
Followers; Koop, Connell
Rover; McAlpine
Reserves; Clarke, Vale, Everett, Crowe, Smith, Cornell
Carlton won 18.13.121 - 16.10.106
Goals; Mullens 6, Davis 5, Dunn 3, Wright 2, Marchesi, Goonan.
Best: Gilby (half forward), Robertson (centre), Dunn (forward), Davis (forward), Stone (wing), Mullens (forward), Goonan, Marchesi, Koop, Downie.
Other player mentioned; Williamson.

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