1951 Reserves

1951 Reserves Team
Reserves Season 1951
Coach: Mick Price
Captain: Ken Aitken
Vice Captain: Don Calder
Best & Fairest: Ken Aitken
Position: 1st
Premier: Carlton

In 1951, the Blues would win their fourth Reserves Premiership, and the first since our 3-peat in 1926 / 1927 / 1928 Reserves.

The 1951 Grand Final

Carlton 2.5 17 4.8 32 8.13 61 8.15 63
Essendon 0.3 3 2.6 18 3.7 25 7.9 51
Venue: MCG Date: September 29, 1951
Result: Win by 12 points Umpire: Harry Beitzel Crowd:
Goalkickers: George Ferry (5), Doug Guy (1), Bill Milroy (1) and Johnny Blake (1).
Best: Doug Beasy, George Stafford, Ken Aitken, Harry Dern, George Ferry and Bill Milroy.
Reports: Nil Injuries: A.Inglis replaced J.Hedley (cramp) during last quarter.

From the 1951 CFC Annual Report:

Congratulations and thanks to the Second Eighteen officials, players and staff for bringing a Second Eighteen pennat to Carlton after a lapse of 23 years. Messrs. Ken Craig, Pat Kickey, Clem Hill, Eric and Jack Klein, Hughie McKerrow, George Woodward, Albert 'Mick' Price, and Alan Bell successfully managed this team and the premiership was some reward for their enthusiasm and work for your club and for their loyal co-operation with the senior committee.

It was also a triumph for Mick Price's painstaking methods of collective planning and individual coaching. Nothing was too much trouble for Mick to do in furthering the interest of his players, and his addresses at the frequent pie nights were both instructional and inspirational, and he developed a splendid club and team spirit, which no doubt helped to gain the season's honours.

To recognise his captaincy of this team, Ken Aitken, for whom all at the club hold a warm affection, is to receive a presentation at the Annual Meeting.
The Second Eighteen officials, players and staff enjoyed a three day's holiday at Benalla on the last weekend of November.

Best and Fairest Player, Ken Aitken.
Most Consistent Player, George Stafford.
Most Servicable Player, Doug Guy.
Best First-Year Player, George Ferry.
Most Improved Player, A. Max Thomas.
Best Clubman, Alan Thynne.
Best Utility Player, Don Calder (trophy donated by Mr H. Milton)
Two Best Players in Final Series, Doug Guy (trophy donated by Mr H. Milton) and Bill Milroy (trophy donated by CFC Committee).

Carlton, with a solid defence and a determined attack controlled the second 18's grand final throughout and won from Essendon in convincing style. Beasy, at centre, was a match-winner. Carlton v. Essendon
1st Qr. . 2 5 17 0 3 3
2nd Qr. 4 8 32 2 6 181
3rd Qr. . 8 13 61 3 7 25
FINAL . 8 15 63 7 9 51

CARLTON.—B.: G. Stafford,Gill, Calder.
H.B.: Thynne, Dern, M. Williams.
C.: Thomas, Beasy, D. Williams.
H.F.: Baxter, Mllroy,Guy
F.: Iledley, Blake, Ferry.
R.: Aitken, Jones, Dunn.
19. 20: Ingiis, Bateman.
Inglis (Carlton) replaced Hedley (cramp) during the last quarter.
ESSENDON.—B.: Thaw, T. Leehane, Gilmore.
H.B.: Dench, Ramsay, Middleton.
C.: Law, lleenan, Mcintosh.
H.F.: Wheeler, Carstaifs, E. Gardiner.
F.: Leek, Morris, Ryan
R.: Hird. Simpson, O'Hallorari.
19. 20: Sewell, Aylward.
Sewell (Essendon) replaced O'Hailloran (groin injury) at half time. (Aylward (Essendon) replaced Ryan (cramp) at three-quarter time.
Umpire: Beitzel.
Essendon were first away, but inaccuracy and hurried kicking brought two behinds only. Carlton's ruck then took control and, with Beasy dominating centre, began series of attacks. Ferry brought up first goal, and a minute later.
Guy, with a fine 50-yard angle drop, landed the second.
At this stage, the crowd, spilling over on to the ground, temporarily got ut of control and badly distracted players by racing across in hundreds to occupy the space in front of the reserve.
The rest of the quarter saw both defences in control, with Carlton playing more decisive football holding a 14-point lead.
Thaw and Tom Leehane in repulsing a Carlton attack, opened Essendon's rally, and Hird kicked their first goal with a snap. Essendon followed with spasmodic efforts. They were approaching goal the hard way. Their leeway came down to two points when Wheeler's long shot rolled through. With G. Stafford and Thynne now holding Essendon, Milroy and Aitken switched the Blues into attack. Goals to Ferry and Milroy gave Carlton a 14-point lead at half-time
Weight was being freely used as Beasy continued to give Carlton drive. Ferry from the forward pocket put the Blues further ahead with two accurate snaps. Carlton's determined play throughout had given them a firm control. Essendon, who rarely crossed the centre, scored only one major in this vital third quarter, while Carlton had added 4.5. This gave Carlton a lead of 36 points at the last change.
After Wheeler had kicked Essendon's fourth opposing big men tangled and Umpire Beitzel in breaking up the incident had to order a trainer off the ground. After Sewell had kicked their seventh goal Essenon's rally was firmly held by the solid Carlton defence, and the Blues had won the 2nd 18's Jubilee Grand Final in convincing style.

1951 2nds Premiership Team

B: 30 George Stafford 40 Dick Gill 19 Don Calder (vc)
HB: 18 Alan Thynne 13 Harry Dern 5 Morrie Williams
C: 11 A. Max Thomas 17 Doug Beasy 12 Doug Williams
HF: 34 Bernie Baxter 29 Bill Milroy 4 Doug Guy
F: 7 Jack Hedley 3 Johnny Blake 39 George Ferry
Ruck: 1 Ken Aitken (c) 36 Tom Jones 15 Harvey Dunn jnr
Res: 14 Adam Inglis 38 Frank Bateman
Coach: Albert 'Mick' Price

In: Gill, D.Williams

Out: Huntington (injured), Inglis

Emergencies: Batchelor, Bourke, Lee, Price

1950 Reserves player, ruckman Bernie Cannon transferred to Horsham for the 1951 season.

Carlton Reserves Player's Guernsey Numbers (Football Record, Preliminary Final)

1. Ken Aitken (Captain), 2. Bill Huntington, 3. Johnny Blake, 4. Doug Guy, 5. Morrie Williams, 6, Gerald Burke, 7. Jack Hedley, 8. N. Lee, 9. John Ryan, 10. Keith Batchelor, 11. A. Max Thomas, 12, Doug Williams, 13. Harry Dern, 14. Adam Inglis, 15. Harvey Dunn jnr, 16. G. Neal, 17. Doug Beasy, 18. Alan Thynne, 19. Don Calder (Vice Captain), 20-28 not allocated, 29. Bill Milroy, 30. George Stafford, 31. not allocated, 32. Brian Molony, 33. G. Hunter, 34. Bernie Baxter, 35. G. Rich, 36. Tom Jones, 37. Ron Price, 38. Frank Bateman, 39. George Ferry, 40. Dick Gill.

Old List

K. Aitken, J. Baird, B. Baxter, D. Beasy, J. Brown, D. Calder, H. Caspar, J. Clarke, B. Comben, R. Conley, B. Davey, F. Davies, B. Deacon, H. Dern, V. English, R. Green, O. Grieve, D. Guy, K. Hands, E. Henfry, A. Hodgson, W. Huntingdon, L. Kerr, J. Mills, T. Simmons, F. Stafford, A. Thynne, D. Williams, A. Inglis, H. Sullivan.

When Available

Jack Howell, Frank Bateman


Johnny Blake (Thirds), B. Caneva (Local), Harvey Dunn jnr (Thirds), Tom Jones (Seconds)

If Cleared

B. Hickey (Werribee), Frank Leneghan (South Bendigo), Keith Warburton (Brighton)


Morrie Williams, Brian Molony, George Ferry, Gerald Burke, Dick Gill, N. Lee, John+Ryan, A. Hay, G. Mullinger, A. Max Thomas, Ron Price, G. Hunter, K. Dunn.

April 21
Opening round of the 1951 season.
Carlton played Hawthorn
Carlton team from; (26 named)
K. Aitken,G. Burke,B. Baxter, J. Blake, B. Caneva, H. Dern, Dunn, B. Davey, Derry, D. Guy, D. Gill, W. Huntington, G. Hunter, A. Inglis, Lenavhan/ F. Leneghan, Lee, B. Moloney, Morris, Price, F. Stafford, G. Stafford, John Ryan, Sullivan, A. Thomas, D. Williams, M. Williams.
Carlton won by 25 points
Carl; 1.2 6.8 11.8 14.14.98
Haw; 3.11 3.14 5.23 8.25.73
Carlton third
Played 1, Lost 0, For 98, Against 73, 134.2%, Points 4.

April 28
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton won; 16.7.103 - 14.11.95
Carlton third
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 201, Against 168, 119.6%, Points 8.

May 05
Carlton played Richmond
Umpire; Lamb
Carlton won; 10.10.70 - 5.17.47
Carlton second
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 271, Against 215, 126.0%, Points 12.

May 12
Carlton played Geelong
Carlton won by 50 points
Carlton 15.17.107
Geelong 8.9.57

May 19
Carlton played Fitzroy at Brunswick Street
Carlton team;
Backs; Stafford, Dern, Calder
Half backs; Conley, Beasy, Lee
Centre; Thomas, Blake, Thynne
Half forwards; Headley, Simmons, Guy
Forwards; Inglis, Ferry, Price
Followers; Jones, Aitken
Rover; Dunn
Reserves; Caneva, Williams
Emergencies; Gill, Burke, Hunter, John Ryan
Carlton won by 48 points
Carl; 5.5 10.7 16.13 22.19.151
Fitz; 2.4 6.6 10.9 15.13.103

Tom Simmons broke down with recurrence of a knee inury in the Reserves match. Officials doubt he will play again this season. (Age May 25 p16)

June 09
Carlton 13.6.84
Essendon 10.9.69

July 01
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton lost; 9.7.61 - 11.5.71

July 07
Carlton second; Points 32

July 14
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
A tough and at times spiteful game.
During the last term the umpire had to halt play for a few minutes to allow the players to cool their tempers.
Carlton won; 13.8.86 - 8.11.59
Reported; R.Gill (striking H.Simpson S. Melb. 6 weeks) H.Simpson S.Melb (6 weeks striking R.Gill) H.Rosewarne S. Melb (4 weeks fighting Milroy), Milroy 4 weeks.

September 15
Reserves Second Semi Final on the M.C.G. at noon.
Attendance 74,085
Carlton played Essendon
A high standard but at times fiery game, in which Essendon easily accounted the the Blues. Carlton wasted many scoring opportunities early on by by-passing Bill Milroy at centre half forward. The Blues played well at times but could not cope with the Don's winning rucks, speedy rovers, and dominant back line.

Backs; George Stafford, Bill Huntington, Frank Bateman
Half backs; Harry Dern, Don Calder, N. Lee
Centres; Doug Williams, Alan Thynne, A. Max Thomas
Half forwards; Johnny Blake, Bernie Baxter, Doug Guy
Forwards; Harvey Dunn jnr, George Ferry, Bill Milroy
Followers; Tom Jones, Ken Aitken
Rover; Doug Beasy
Reserves; Jack Hedley, Keith Batchelor
Emergencies; Adam Inglis, Morrie Williams, Ron Price, Gerald Burke, Dick Gill
Umpire; H. Beitzel

Carl. 2.1 5.6 10.7 12.8.80
Ess. 4.0 7.3 13.9 17.15.117

Result: Lost by 37 points.

Injuries: G.Stafford (foot) replaced by K.Batchelor in last quarter.
Goals; Johnny Blake 3, Doug Guy 2, Bill Milroy 2, George Ferry 2, Harvey Dunn jnr, Doug Beasy, Bernie Baxter 1.
Best; Doug Beasy, Doug Guy, Bill Milroy, Johnny Blake, Ken Aitken, N. Lee, George Stafford.

September 22
Reserves Preliminary Final
Carlton played Geelong on the M.C.G.
A seesawing match with whoever controlled the ruck, controlled the game. The Blues held a 3 point lead at the last break. Geelong then kicked away to a 17 point lead half way through the term to lead 10.11 - 8.6. Bill Milroy was moved to centre half forward and the Blues took charge. They then slammed on 7.2 to lead by 27 points with five minutes remaining. But Geelong would not give up, they then scored 3.1 to go down by just 8 points.

Carlton team;
Backs; G.Stafford, Dern, Calder
Half backs; D.Williams, Huntington, Thynne
Centres; Thomas, Beasy, Inglis
Half forwards; B.Baxter, Milroy, Guy
Forwards; Hedley, Blake, Ferry
Rucks; Jones, Aitken
Rover; Dunn
19th. N.Lee, 20th. Bateman
Umpire; Barbour

Injuries: H.Dunn (cramp) replaced by N.Lee in third quarter.
Carl. 2.1 5.5 8.6 15.8.98
Geel. 2.4 6.5 7.9 13.12.90

Result: Won by 8 points.

Goals; Doug Guy 4, Johnny Blake 2, Bill Milroy 2, Bernie Baxter 2, George Ferry 2, Jack Hedley, Adam Inglis, Harvey Dunn jnr 1.
Best; Doug Beasy, Bill Milroy, Doug Guy, Don Calder, Jack Hedley, Ken Aitken.

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