1945 Reserves

Reserves Season 1945
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Dan Beauvais
Position: 6th
Premier: Footscray

Carlton Final List


J. Bennett, Brown, Chitty, Clark, Fitzgibbon, Green, Hynes, McInnes, McLean, Mooring, Price, Sanger, Savage, Spencer, Tudor, Turner, Waye, Williams, Baird, Bignall, Jones, Mann.

New Players

Alexander, (Carlton seconds), P. Banting (Perth), M. Carr (Perth), Clapton (Carlton seconds), Gregory, A. Hanton (Army), H. Hanton (Army), A. Hearn (Fitzroy), Hopper, Gregory, Kenney, half back (Spotswood), J. McNair (R.A.A.F.), W. Morley (Red Cliffs), N. McManus (Red Cliffs), F. Rose, half forward (Army/Sea Lake), G.J.Smith (Midlands), R. Simpson (R.A.A.F.), Trewan, forward (Red Hill), W. Welsh (Yallourn), Wines.


R. Boys (Northcote), Brew, wing (Brunswick), Davies, P. Fitzgibbon (Brunswick), A.Green, R. Green, Greenshields, Greep, Harris, Kelly, Kenny, Lanigan, Trewin, Bridson, Blacker, T. Smith, L.K. Wade (Cobden), Greep, R. Richie (Swan Districts), M. Wilson.


A. Blackmore (Brunswick), F. Jessop (Brunswick), J. A. Jorgensen (Northcote), Morgan (Northcote), Lucas (Sandringham), S. Matcott (North Melbourne), J. Mulcahy (Coburg), W. G. Woodman (Brunswick)

April 21
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team; (22 named)
Aitken, K.Brown, Bignell, Bridson, Beauvais, Drew, Clapton, Gregory, Green, Green, Greenshields, Hearn, Harris, Lanigan, Kenny, Meek, Spence, Trewin, Turner, Wines, Wade, Wilson.
Umpire; Morgan
Carlton won by 42 points.
Goals; TBA
Best; TBA
Carl; 11.2 14.7 18.10 19.17.131
Melb; 2.2 6.14 8.22 11.23.89

April 28

May 05
Carlton played Essendon
Carlton team; (21 named)
Alexander, Brown, Bridson, Baird, Brew, Beauvais, Chelini, Clapton, Comber, Checcini, Ebert, A. Green, R. Green, Gregory, Hanton, Lanigan, Morcom, Spence, Trewin, Wade, Wilson.
Carlton lost by 16 points.
Goals; TBA
Best; TBA
Carl; 10.12.72
Ess; 11.22.88

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