Carlton defeated Fitzroy by 33 points at Brunswick Street.

Round 4, 1916

Carlton 3.1 19 5.4 34 10.4 64 13.6 84
Fitzroy 2.1 13 4.5 29 5.6 36 7.9 51
Venue: Brunswick Street Oval Date: Saturday May 27, 1916
Result: Won by 33 points Umpire: Murphy Crowd: 8,000
Goalkickers: V.Gardiner 4, C.Fisher 3, A.Sharp 2, J.Shortill 2, P.Daykin 1, V.Valentine 1.
Reports: Norris (Fitzroy) for striking P.Daykin Injuries:

Game Review

The Blues came out firing after half-time and knocked off the first-placed Fitzroy and took their position on the ladder.

The timing of the games is annoying the public and the media with most of the games now finishing in the dark. The VFL for some reason is reluctant to bring the start forward by even half an hour which would make a great difference, especially now that the daylight hours are becoming shorter.
The 3pm start has been around for almost as long as football has been played.
After three successive frosts Brunswick Street and the other football grounds were rather firm.
At the start of the match Steve Leehane and Harry Haughton worked hard to relieve the Fitzroy attacks. Billy Robinson and Andy McDonald were playing well through the centre. Then Robinson cleverly intercepted a Fitzroy pass and with dash drove the ball to Charlie Hammond, then on to Percy Daykin, who kicked to Joe Shortill who marked. Joe then went back and a fine drop-kick kicked Carlton's first goal. The 'Roys defenders twice saved them, but a poor kick was gathered by Charlie Fisher and his snap just missed. The Blues were keeping up the pressure. Steve Leehane, at this stage of the match was one of Carlton's better players, took a great mark, he kicked to Charlie Fisher who found Vin Gardiner one his own. Gardiner turned around and stab-kicked the Blues second goal. The visitors continued the attack through Hammond, Leehane, Haughton and Billy Dick. Fitzroy had strengthened its back line and the Blues found it difficult to break through. The home team then scored a behind and followed it up with their first goal. Fitzroy again attacked but a dubious free kick was paid against them. In an instant, the ball was whisked away by William Dunne and Viv Valentine and on to Charlie Hammond who received a doubtful free kick. Charlie passed to the Percy Daykin who marked, and his fine place-kick flew through the air to bring up the Blues third goal. Leehane saved the day marking on the goal line. But a Fitzroy player named Heany "took the mark with one of 'aeroplane-like' leaps", and scored Fitzroy's second goal. The bell sounded to end the quarter and Carlton led by six points.
The Blues goaled within 30 seconds from the bounce, Rod McGregor got the ball out of the centre to Joe Shortell, then to Viv Valentine, who found Vin Gardiner and on the run kicked goal number four. It was goal for goal as the home side soon added its third major. Again the Maroons' Heany took another sensational mark and drop-kicked Fitzroy's fourth goal. The scores were now even at 4.1 a piece. Athol Sharp received a free and goaled after good work by Rod McGregor and George White. At this stage the umpire was making some strange decisions, confusing players and spectators alike. Tiggy-touchwood frees were being given, but blatant breaches were overlooked. The back lines were getting on top, and Fitzroy were getting a slight advantage in the centre. However, the Carlton rucks were superior to the Maroons. For a while the game deteriorated, scrimmages developed, and players fumbled. Charlie Canet was playing well and combining with Gardiner and Fisher provided a couple of chances for the Blues, but only a behind resulted. Fitzroy missed a couple of scoring opportunities. Through the agency of Leehane, Valentine had a chance, and Gardiner's low skimming drop-kick was touched on the way through. At half time the Blues held a five point lead.
On resumption Fitzroy had the ball on their forward line and had a few shots on goal, but all failed to make the distance. The the ball was taken to the opposite end of the ground through the agency of Haughton, McDonald, Robinson and Leehane to Daykin, but he too kicked poorly. Robinson was playing well and with Valentine, the ball was rushed to Shortill who kicked the Blues' sixth. Within 30 seconds McDonald and Fisher had assisted in a snapped goal from Athol Sharp. Play became rough and players were spoken to by the steward. McGregor's influence on the game was growing and he cleverly passed to Hammond, who then kicked to Gardiner for the eighth goal. Carlton's confidence was growing and they were the better of the two sides. Fisher from a scrimmage picked up the ball and through went the ninth. Fitzroy eventually replied with their fifth goal. Fisher one of the few who had no problems controlling the ball, had a shot and his screw kick went through. At the end of the term the Blues led by 28 points.
A series of marks by Canet White, Daykin, Shortill, and onto Fisher who kicked the eleventh goal. Haughton and Sharp bought the ball forward where Valentine marked. Then on to Hammond who handballed to Gardiner for the twelfth major. Hammond missed a sitter which broke the run of seven goals. With three minutes to go Valentine from a free kick scored Carlton's last goal. In the remaining minutes Fitzroy scored a couple of consolation goals. Carlton winning by 33 points.

""Leehane was the finest player in the winner's colors. Whether back or following he was ever conspicuous, and his marking, kicking, and strong dashes made him easily the pick of the 36.
Haughton was a good second to him for general usefulness, and chiefly to these two players is Carlton's overwhelming victory attributable.
McDonald and Robinson were a pair of fine defenders - the former persistent and rushing, and the latter fleet and clever.
Fischer and McGregor came to their best after half-time, and what this meant to Carlton is indicated by the scoring.
Canet justified the good opinion expressed on his first appearance by improved play, and Daykin, Shortell, Valentine, and Hammond were others who took a prominent share in the victory."
(Trove: Winner May 31 p7)

At the end of this round Carlton were in 1st spot on the ladder with a percentage of 127.1.


B: 3 Andy McDonald 15 Ernie Jamieson 8 Mort Keily
HB: 24 Billy Robinson 1 Billy Dick (c) 6 Steve Leehane
C: 22 George White 11 Rod McGregor (vc) 12 Charlie Canet
HF: 7 Charlie Fisher 23 Joe Shortill 2 Percy Daykin
F: 14 Athol Sharp 13 Vin Gardiner 21 William Dunn
Ruck: 16 Charlie Hammond 5 Harry Haughton 4 Viv Valentine
Coach: Norman Clark


100 Games: Ernie Jamieson and Andy McDonald

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