Carlton lost to Collingwood by 24 points - MCG

Round 7, 2007

Carlton5.2328.6 5412.88014.1195
Collingwood1.6124.113511.15 8117.17119
Venue: MCG
Date: Sat 12 May 2007, 2:10pm Result: Loss by 24 points
Umpires: S McBurney, D Margetts, S Wenn Crowd: 77,321
Goalkickers: Fevola 4; Lappin 2; Betts, Carrazzo, Fisher, Kennedy, Russell, Simpson, Waite, Young
Reports: Nil Injuries: Thornton (late withdrawal - shin)

Game Review

The Blues were downed by the Pies by 4 goals in this blockbuster at the MCG. Collingwood kicked 13 goals to 6 in the second half to nab the game from us, after we were 3 goals up.

In an even opening half, the Blues' accuracy in front of goal was the key, with Fev nailing 4. In amongst 2006 and 2007 this feels odd to say, but in this game it was the Pies that couldn't convert. Positionally, the Blues tried Setanta Ó hAilpín in the ruck to assist Ackland, and threw Whitnall back to defence. But Collingwood surged and converted in the second half to run over Carlton to take the game and move to the Top 4 on the ladder. The Blues meanwhile stayed 14th with a record of 2 and 5.

Despite being a pretty good game of football, the day may end up being better remembered for the melee sparked at half time. Pies fans will blame Brendan Fevola who slightly bumped Alan Didak while Didak was tying up his laces; Carlton fans would blame Didak (among others) for roughing up Marc Murphy and Andrew Carazzo. In the end, the fans loved it, no one was suspended and the AFL was about $33,000 richer due to fines allocated to 16 players involved!

In terms of the non-financial statistics for the day, Andrew Carrazzo would top the list with 34 - the highest in his career - 1 ahead of Heath Scotland who would continue his fine season. Jason Saddington, in his first game for 2007, would be a late replacement for the injured Bret Thornton and would take 12 marks in a fine return for the team. Ross Young would kick the first goal in his AFL career in his second game. Keeping the first goal theme going, Fevola's first major for the night was his 350th career goal.


B:33 Ryan Houlihan 30 Jarrad Waite 9 Jason Saddington
HB: 1 Andrew Walker 8 Lance Whitnall (c) 18 Paul Bower
C: 4 Bryce Gibbs 7 Adam Bentick 6 Kade Simpson
HF:12 Matthew Lappin 14 Brad Fisher 41 Ross Young
F: 5 Josh Kennedy 25 Brendan Fevola 19 Eddie Betts
Ruck: 17 Setanta Ó hAilpín 29 Heath Scotland 44 Andrew Carrazzo
Interchange:3 Marc Murphy 11 Cain Ackland 2 Jordan Russell
43 Anthony Koutoufides
Coach: Denis Pagan
Emg: 26 Joe Anderson 13 Luke Blackwell 9 Jason Saddington
In: Paul Bower, Brad Fisher, Anthony Koutoufides, Jason Saddington
Out: Joe Anderson (omitted), Luke Blackwell (omitted),
Cameron Cloke (shoulder), Bret Thornton (late withdrawal - shin)


50 Games: Kade Simpson
350 Goals: Brendan Fevola

Brownlow Votes

3. Dane Swan, Collingwood
2. Tarkyn Locker, Collingwood
1. Andrew Carrazzo, Carlton

Best and Fairest Votes

Andrew Carrazzo 21, Heath Scotland 15, Jason Saddington 14, Kade Simpson 10, Adam Bentick 8, Lance Whitnall 5, Marc Murphy 2

Einstein on the Wing

Faustian Fev causes storm and stress in Carringbush

It is not widely known, Digs and Bluebelles, that Our Fev is a great reader of the German dramatist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s masterpiece, Faust.

When Fev saw Dale Thomas from the Mephistopheles mob wearing black and white do the devil’s work on Our Murph one minute before the first-term siren, he calmly reassessed the situation and recalled Faust’s dictum: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Then the red mist descended and he charged through the Carringbush huddle dispensing Faustian epigrams such as "Divide and rule, a sound motto; unite and lead, a better one," and "Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must," with gay abandon.

It was a fine effort by Faustian Fev to educate the Carringbush Neanderthals – who still move their lips while reading a newspaper – about the finer point’s of Goethe’s Sturm und Drang (storm and stress). However, we have a slight criticism of the timing.

Einstein has long believed the best time to initiate a melee is the start of the last quarter rather than the end of the first. When I was a boy, it was considered wrong to be in the right place at the wrong time but it was considered all right to be in the wrong place at the right time – because at least you didn’t have the bad manners to turn up late for an appointment…

And you were certainly better off than those Carringbush supporters who go through their entire lives being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being in the here and now is the embodiment of the pleasure-seeking, product-hungry new global society of which I am so fond. It is the spirit of the times – so you either better get over it, or use to it. It is the zeitgeist.

I was reminded of the zeitgeist last Sunday at Percy’s pub when two drunks the Mephistopheles mob wearing black and white burst in on our literary circle to regale us about, what they thought, were the excellent actions of a certain Mr Stan “The Man” Magro engaging in a high shirtfront wipe-out of Our Jezza during a home and away game at Princes Park in 1979.

I remembered it very well, as does The Ghost, who was standing beside me at the time. Jezza was running back with the flight of the ball when he took the mark. He was then met violently by Magro coming the other way. Magro jumped off the ground and made front-on contact with Jezza, hitting him to the head and upper body with his hip and shoulder. This led to a melee of monstrous proportions but no report was made by the umpire.

Peter Schwab reckons that today it would be a level five offence, which means 550 demerit points and if Magro were to take an early plea, he would be given a three-match suspension. Jezza starred in four Carlton premierships (1968, 1970, 1972 and 1979) whereas Magro has loser’s medals from 1977, 1979 and 1980. That’s karma for you.

Speaking of Carlton pubs, you should all get down to David Rhys-Jones’ Plough and Harrow pub (formerly known as the Canada) on Saturday May 26 for last drinks.

David got the Norm Smith medal in the 1987 flag winning side and still holds the tribunal record of 25 reports, 11 convictions, 22 weeks suspended. Well played, Sir!

Gold yamulka goes to Carraz with silvers to Scotto, Hoops, Simmo and Bench. Go Blues! – TERRY MAHER

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