1942 Reserves

Reserves Season 1942
Coach: TBD Harry Vallence appointed see July 31
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: No award
Position: 8th
Premier: St Kilda

Final List


Anderson, Bailey, Baird, Bennett, Bignall, Brown, Butler, Carney, Chitty, Cooper, Francis, Gill, Green, McIntyre, McInnes, Mooring, Price, Sanger, Savage, Schmidt, Sleith, Wrout.


R. Atkinson (Coburg), W. Atkinson (RAAF), L. Collins (Coburg), Gniel (Geelong), Howell (Chelsea), Irvine (Coburg), Knight (Geelong), Morgan (Northcote), Standfield (Brunswick), Frank White (Werribee South)

To be added when available

Connellan (West Melbourne), Bert Deacon (Preston), Mann (Preston)


Ted Andrews (rover, Carlton seconds), Jack Bradbury (follower) , Ron Boys (17 yo 6ft local schoolboy champion), W. Brown (Coburg), Jim Clark (Elmore), Collicoat, Cripps, H. Davies, Dawson, Eldridge, C. Fitzgerald, C. Green, Lummus, Marriott, Powell, Power, Stanley, Jack Stogdell (Chelsea), S. Wilson.D. D. McHugh (Wedderburn),

World War 2 Problems

The Reserves this year is an eight team competition consisting of Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Footscray, Melbourne, Richmond, South Melbourne, and North Melbourne.
Geelong, because of war time travel restrictions went into recession and did not compete in the Seniors or Reserves this year.
Due to man-power shortages, Collingwood, Hawthorn, and Richmond maintained a Senior team, but did not compete in the 1942 Reserves competition.

Due to wartime requirements South Melbourne's home ground the Lake Oval was unavailable, and South's seniors played home games at Princes Park. It seems that Carlton Reserves played their home games at McAlister Oval which is off Park Street, Parkville. The oval is still there, its a good drop kick north-west from Princes Park on the other other side of the Brunswick railway line, west of Sydney Road.

May 16
Opening round
Carlton played South Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, McIntyre, Atkinson
Half backs; Davies, Anderson, Eldridge or Bradley
Centres; Kinder, Power, Fitzgerald
Half forwards; Irvine, Boys, Butler
Forwards; Bennett, Morgan, Andrews
Followers; Stogdell, Stanfield
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Stanley, Clifford, Dakis, Brown, B. Green
Carlton lost; 10.10.70 - 22.20.152
Reserves Ladder; Carlton
The Football Record had Carlton in fifth place.
Played 1, Won 0, Lost 1, Drawn 0, For 70, Against 152, 46.05%, Points 0

May 23
Carlton played Essendon at McAlister Oval
The oval is in Park Street Brunswick, just over the Upfield railway line.
Carlton team; (22 named)
From; Atkinson, Beer, Bignell, Bradbury, Bradley, Boys, Browne, Butler, Carney, Clifford, Collicoat, Dakis, Eldridge, Fitzgerald, Hale, Howell, Irvine, Kinder, Power, Price, Standfield, Stogdell.
Carlton won; 13.24.112 - 9.3.57

May 30
Carlton played Fitzroy
.*Saturday's Age said "The new follower Stogdell, of Chelsea, is unable to obtain leave."
Carlton team
Backs; Sleith, Ryan, Grieve or Brown
Half backs; Boys, Baird, Andrew
Centres; Rivers, Collicoat, Fitzgerald
Half forwards; Irvine, Howell, Butler
Forwards; Stogdell*, Morgan, Beer
Followers; Hollingshead, Stanfield
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Clark, Power, Eldridge, Bradbury, Bradley, Dakis, Ross.
Carlton lost; 10.12.72 - 11.15.81

June 06
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton team; (28 named)
From; Bignall, Ryan, Grieve Stodgell, Morgan, Sleith, Atkinson, Harbour, Clark, Collicoat, F. White, Baird, Howell, Boys, Stanfield, Ross, Irvine, Hollingshead, Brown, Beer, Dakis, Eldridge, Green, Power, Bradbury, Kinder, Fitzgerald, Neville.
Carlton lost; 12.12.84 - 15.16.106
Reserves Ladder; Carlton 7th.
Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3, Drawn 0, For 338, Against 396, 85.3%, Points 4

June 13
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Andrew, Bignell, Brown, Beer, Boys, Clarke, Collicoat, Dakis, Fitzgerald, B. Green, Hollingshead, Harbour, Howell, Irvine, Kinder, Morgan, Neville, Power, Ross, Ryan, Standfield, Hodgell, White, Sleith.
Carlton won; 13.13.91 - 4.10.34

June 20
Carlton played Footscray at Princes Park
(Carlton were at the Western Oval & South Melb. were playing at Punt Road.)
Carlton team; (23 named)
From; Andrews, Bignell, Brown, Beer, Bradbury, Boys, Collicoat, Clark, Dakis, Fitzgerald, Green, Harbour, Hollingshead, Howell, Irvine, Kinder, Neville, Power, Ross, Sleith, Hogells, Stanfield, White.
Umpire; Glasson
Carlton lost; 16.12.108 - 17.11.113
Reserves Ladder; Carlton 6th.
Played 6, Won 2, Lost 4, Drawn 0, For, Against , %, Points 8

June 27
As yet unable to find a Carlton reserves' game.
Perhaps Carlton had the bye.
Four matches known this weekend.
Melbourne-South Melbourne
Footscray-North Melbourne

July 04
Carlton played Melbourne at McAlister Oval
Carlton team; (21 named)
Andrew, Beer, Bradbury, Boys, Collicoat, Dakes/Dakis, Fitzgerald, Green, Harbour, Hollingshead, Howell, Irvine, Kinder, Neville, Power, Ross, Sleith, Stogdell, Mann, Morgan, White
Umpire; Morgan
Carlton lost by 2 points
Carl; 1.3 4.6 4.7 7.7.49
Melb; 3.4 3.5 5.7 7.9.51

July 11
Carlton played St.Kilda
Carlton lost by 98 points
Carl; 2.4 2.6 5.12 7.14.56
St.K; 2.4 8.9 14.12 22.22.154
Carlton eighth of nine teams.
Essendon 28, Footscray 28, Richmond 28, St.Kilda 24, Fitzroy 24, South Melbourne 16, Melbourne 16, Carlton 12, North Melbourne 4.

July 16
Permits granted to Carlton, L. Bragge (Preston), R. B. Blackwood (Morwell) (Age p4)

July 18
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
Umpire; Leverett
Carlton lost by 17 points
Carl; 1.5 5.7 6.14 7.19.61
N.M; 1.3 4.7 9.9 11.12.78

July 25
Carlton played Footscray at Newport
Umpire; Heywood
Carlton lost by 95 points
Carl; 0.3 1.8 2.11 6.15.51
Foots; 4.6 12.7 20.10 22.14.146

July 31 Friday
Carlton has signed up A. H. Taylor, a half forward from Williamstown. He trained impressively last night.
T. D. Maher (East Coburg Colts)
Harry Vallence has been appointed coach of the second eighteen.
Bennett the follower is still unavailable.
(Age p4 & Age Thursday p4)

August 01
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
Former Blue George Collard played for Bloods and was one of their better players
Carlton lost by 46 points
Carl; 1.2 4.8 4.12 5.20.50
SM; 3.10 5.15 10.21 12.24.96
Goals; Harry Vallence 1, rest unknown
Carlton eighth
Ladder; Richmond 40, St.Kilda 36, Footscray 36, Essendon 32, Fitzroy 32, Melbourne 24, South Melbourne 20, Carlton 12, North Melbourne 8

August 08
Carlton played Essendon
Carlton lost 139 points
Carlton 6.2.38 - Essendon 24.33.177

August 15
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton lost by 67 points
Carlton 8.12.60 - Fitzroy 18.19.127

August 22
Final round of the season.
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton lost by 144 points.
Carlton 6.3.39 - Richmond 25.23.183

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