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Football Clubs run on more than the players and administrators; indeed, a range of services are often required to make a Club run smoothly.

1950's - 1960's
Through the 1950's and 1960's, Ernie Angerame provided free hair services to the Carlton Football Club. More on Ernie's story can be viewed here.

In the 1951 Carlton Football Club Annual Report it mentions that the club had an honorary hairdresser. 'Keen supporter Lionel Osbourne, volunteered hius services as Hairdresser to the players, and there was no busier or more popular person in Carlton's training room on Saturday afternoons during the past season than Lionel.' p. 5 1951 CFC Annual Report

1951 - Hairdresser: L. Osbourne
1952 - Hairdresser: L. Osbourne
1953 -
1954 - Hairdresser: L. Osbourne
1955 - Hairdresser: L. Osbourne
1956 - Hairdresser: L. Osbourne

Ex Stars Shudder at New Ideas

"Shampoos and hair oils might suit Carlton and Richmond Clubs in the Victorian Football League, but two former S.A. football indentities shuddered today at the thought.
Another former star said such amenities could make no difference to the game. A hairdresser supporter is at the Carlton dressing room each Saturday to give players a free shampoo. In Richmond dressing room, a hair-oil machine give players an handful of scented oil at a penny a splash. Richmond's Tigers and the Big Blues of Carlton are two of Melbourne's most renowned "he-man" clubs.

Why Not A Hair Cut?

Vic Johnson, former S.A. state captain and coach, and last season a member of the Umpires Board looked back over the 24 years of his football life and grew indignant.
'If they have to have shampoos to play good football,' he said 'football's no longer a man's game.'
'If their hair gets in their eyes, why can't they get it cut on Friday?' he asked."
The Mail (S.A.) April 28 1951 (p46)

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