Carlton d Footscray by 26 pts - VFL Park.

Round 10, 1973

Venue: VFL Park - WaverleyDate: Saturday June 9, 1973
Result: Win by 26 pointsUmpire: Ian Robinson Crowd: 18,205 Receipts: $12,345
Goalkickers: D.McKay 4, J.Nicholls 2, B.Walsh 2, R.Walls 2, A.Jesaulenko 2, T.Keogh 1.
Best: G.Crane, B.Armstrong, D.McKay, V.Waite, R.Walls.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

Footscray played well as a team and had they been able to keep up the pressure for four quarters could have worried the League leaders. However, it was only in the first and third quarters that they were able to outscore the Blues. It was Carlton's sixth win in a row over Footscray and they are now 1.5 games better than they were at the same time last year. - Football Record.


B: 19 John O'Connell 30 Vin Waite 43 David McKay
HB: 11 Bruce Doull 17 Brent Crosswell 33 Paul Hurst
C: 27 David Dickson 12 Barry Armstrong 6 Garry Crane
HF: 31 Peter Hall 42 Robert Walls (vc) 5 Syd Jackson
F: 2 John Nicholls (cc) 25 Alex Jesaulenko (dvc) 8 Trevor Keogh
Ruck: 28 Peter Jones 22 Neil Chandler 18 Brian Walsh
Res: 7 Andy Lukas 32 Bryan Quirk
Coach: John Nicholls

Note; Andrew Lukimitis had changed his name to Lukas from 1971.


50 Games: Barry Armstrong
Last Game (Carlton): Andy Lukas

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