1940 Reserves

show_image.php?id=19868Reserves Season 1940
Coach: Charlie Canet
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Albert 'Mick' Price and Arthur Sanger
Position: 2nd
Premier: Collingwood

Note: Albert 'Mick' Price also won the Gardiner Medal for the fairest and best player in the VFL reserves competition

Carlton Final List


Anderson, Baxter, Bignell, Crisp, Carney, Cameron, Cooper, Diggins, Francis, Gill, Green, Hale, Hollingshead, Jones, McInnes, McLean, Mann, McIntyre, Park, Rippon, Shields, Sanger, Skinner, Savage, Schmidt, Wrout.

Supplementary List

D. Adamson (district), C. Austin (Kew), J. Bavin, G. Bates, A. Broman, R. Butler, Arthur Chitty (Corryong), D. Frankhauser (Mordialloc), R. Garby, M. Mannix, A. Price.


J. Bennett (Camberwell), A. McTaggert (Williamstown), R. Morgan, Cameron, and J.Baird (seconds), J. Mooring (Creswick),

Reported to be training.

Bob Coulson (Bendigo) - full forward, George Hoskin (Warragul), Max Walker (Local) - rover, Jack Waite (Murtoa), Kevin Ryan (Yarrawonga), Bob Thompson - wing, William Jolly (Garfield), Joe Malone - centre, Max Manners (Flinders), A. Humphreys (Garfield), Les Webb (Granya), P. Adamson (Melbourne High School), Doug Wheatley (Tasmania)

Players Later Added To List

Baird, Brown, Butler, Davies, Regnier, Rippon, Sleith.

Private Arthur Chitty

"Arthur Chitty, a younger brother of the present player, came from Corryong, and impressed so much that it would not be a surprise to see him in the senior side this season. He had his hands bandaged as the aftermath of a boxing encounter last week at a travelling show at Corryong. He gained the points decision over his opponent in a 10 rounds bout." (Argus March 20 p17 1940)
A Chitty was named in the Reserves Round 1 match on April 27. The name Chitty also appears in other Reserves sides whether it is Arthur or his older brother Bob Chitty will take further investigation.
The Sporting Globe June 08 1940 (p5) mentioned Arthur Chitty in a run down of 33 Carlton players. The Globe said he was aged 21, weight 12 st. 2lb, height 5 ft 8ins. A farmer, local boxing champion, never knocked out / horse-breaker, and a prize winning gardener.
Arthur Wilson Chitty (NX46368) joined the A.I.F. 2/23 Battalion, he and was killed in action at the Battle of El Alamein July 22 1942.
There is two photos taken in 1943 of two of his brothers, Ron and Phil Chitty visiting his grave. (See Bob Chitty's image gallery)

March 29
Practice matches
Blues v Blue & White at 3pm.
Blues team;
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Bavin
Half backs; R. Chitty, Jones, Ryan
Centre; Green, Collacoat, Denmead
Half forwards; R. Cooper, McTaggart, C. Crisp
Forwards; A. Chitty, Coulson, Rippon
Followers; Diggins (Capt), Bennett
Rover; Mooring
Blue & White team;
Backs; Bignall, Fox, Hoskin
Half backs; Sanger, Francis (Capt), Cameron
Centre; Skinner, McInnes, O'Brien
Half forwards; Butler, Wrout, Shields
Forwards; Price, Mann, Beauvais
Followers; McElroy, Hollingshead
Rover; Hale

Maroon & White v Black & Gold at 1.30pm
Maroon & White team
Backs; M. White (Capt), Sullivan, L. Williams
Half backs; Hadwin, Nathan, Abbey
Centre; Deam, Wheatley, H. Libbis
Half forwards; Fisher, Morgan, Garby
Forwards; Plummer, Baird, Oliver
Followers; Bourke, M. Mannix
Rover; M. Walker
Black & Gold team
Backs; Crump, Stapleton, Scarpalio
Half backs; Murray, Thorpe, Robinson
Centre; Irwin, Malone, B. Green
Half forwards; Adamson, Hone, Johnson
Forwards; Lewis, Webb, Synnott
Followers; Sneddon (Capt), Henderson
Rover; D. Whelan

April 05
"Sons of former captains made an impressive first appearance at Carlton last night. They were, Flynn of Yarrawonga and Kevin Fisher a Brunswick boy. If they are as good as their fathers, Carlton will be pleased. Flynn is a 6ft. centre half-back, and knows the game. Bamblett brothers of Devenish, are wingmen of promise. One of them competed in the recent Stawell Gift. Cyril Johnson, a wingman from Bendigo, showed intelligence and dash. He is aged only 21 years. With so much good material Carney and Green will have to fight for their places on the wing.
Jones who played two games last year, and who was seen as a half-back last Saturday, will be tried in the centre tomorrow. (Argus p17)

April 06
Practice matches
These are how they appeared in the newspaper, but they are mostly likely the team line-ups
Maroon & White v Black & Gold at 1.30pm
Maroon & White team;
Frankhauser, Sullivan, Dowling, J. O'Brien, H. Cooper, Heffernan, Wheatley, Collicoat, C. Johnston, Davison, N. Cooper, R. Johnston, Walker, Davies, White, Bavin, McIntosh, McGregor
Black & Gold team;
Lewis, Walsh, Synott, Denmead, Flynn, Scarpalio, W. Bamblett, Ash, J. Bamblett, Fisher, Adamson, Darby, Grieve, Thorpe, Murray, Beauvais, Henderson, Dean
Umpires; Beach & Durston

Blues v Blue & White at 3pm.
Blues team;
McIntyre, Gill, Rippon, R. Chitty, Fox, Anderson, Parker, McInnes, R. Green, A. Cooper, Wrout, Crisp, Mooring, Mann, Hollingshead, Diggins, Savige, Hale
Blue & White team;
Bignall, Park, Ryan, Sanger, Francis, Cameron, Malone, J. Jones, Butler, Shields, McTaggart, Rae, Mannix, Baird, McElroy, J. Bennett, W. Jones, A. Price.
Umpires; Ashmore & Allen

April 13
Practice matches
Maroon v Black & Gold at 1.30pm
Maroon team;
Backs; Frankhauser, Gardiner, Yeates
Half backs; O'Brien, A, Cooper, Dowler
Centre; Friend, Brown, Pumphery/Humphery
Half forwards; Wheatley, Heffernan, Murray
Forwards; Carmody, Taylor, Howard
Followers; McIntosh, Henderson (Capt)
Rover; Davies
Black & Gold team;
Backs; Lewis, W. Ross (Capt), Collacoat
Half backs; Denmead, Flynn, Cantor
Centre; Davidson, Wilson, Kruger
Half forward; Russell, Adamson, Malone
Forwards; White, Martin, Murrells
Followers; Beauvais, W. Johnson
Rover; Hoarey
Half time changes;
Witt, Capuano, Jenkins, Purcell, Clinneck, Dowell, Hyde, Oakley, Williams, Oliver, Sullivan, Smeddon/Sneddon, Green.

Blues v Blue & White at 3pm
Blues team;
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Rippon
Half backs; R. Chitty, Cameron, McInnes
Centre; Carney, Anderson, Green
Half forwards; Schmidt, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Mooring, Mann, McLean
Followers; Hollingshead, Diggins
Rover; Hale
Blue & White team;
Backs; Bignall, Park, Bavin
Half backs; Sanger, Francis (Capt), Mannix
Centre; Jolley, Jones, C. Johnson
Half forwards; Austin, Morgan, Shields
Followers; Butler, Baird, McElroy
Rover; Bennett, Savage, Price
Emergencies; Parker, Fox (for both teams)

April 20
Practice Match
Maroons v Black & Gold at 1.30pm
Maroon team;
Backs; Dowell, Walsh, Scarpello
Half backs; Kennedy, A. Cooper, Sullivan
Centres; Davidson, Bodley, Parker
Half forwards; R. Johnson, Bradley, Hiskins
Forwards; McElroy (Capt), Jackson, Kelly
Followers; McIntosh, W. Johnstone
Rover; Martin
Emergencies; Heffernan, Lewis, Jenkins, Oakley, Williams
Best; W. Johnson, A. Cooper, McIntosh, Bradley (Silvan )
Black & Gold team;
Backs; Ryan, Dowler, Frankhauser
Half backs; O'Brien, Bradbury, Cantor
Centre; Kreuger, E. V. Brown*, Irwin
Half forwards; Denmeade, Marriot, Murray
Forwards; Oliver, Capuano, Murrells
Followers; Henderson (Capt), Synott
Rover; Hoarey
Emergencies; Ross, M. McInnes, Hyde, Carmody, Collicoat, Green.
Best; E. V. Brown (17yo son of Carlton premiership player), Murray, Henderson, Hoarey, Ross, Ryan

Blues v Blue & Whites at 3pm.
Blues team;
Backs, McIntyre, Gill, Park
Half backs; Chitty, Francis, Anderson
Centre; Carney, Paul Schmidt, Green
Half forwards; Cooper, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Mooring, Mann, Savage
Followers; Hollingshead, McLean
Rover; Hale
Best; P. Schmidt, Wrout, Anderson, Mann, Mooring
Blue & White team;
Backs; Bignell, Jones, Mannix
Half backs; McInnes, Cameron, Sanger
Centre; Friend, George Bates, Jolley
Half forwards; Adamson, Shield, Frankhauser
Forwards; A. Chitty, Morgan, McTaggert
Followers; Diggins, Bavin
Rover; Butler
Emergencies; Austin, Price
Best; G. Bates, McTaggart, Morgan, Jones, Mannix, Bavin, Shield, Cameron

April 27 Round 1
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Bavin, Mannix
Half backs; Sanger, Cameron, McInnes
Centres; Bulter, Brosnan/Broman, Austen/Austin
Half forwards; Adamson, Morgan, Davies
Forwards; Arthur Chitty, Shields, McTaggart
Followers; Savage, Henderson
Rover; Price
Emergencies; O'Brien, Ken Collicoat, W. Johnson, Murray, White, Hoarey
Carlton won; 24.19.163 - 8.11.59
Goals; Shields 10, Price 5, McInnes 5, Davies 2, Adamson, Broman/Brosnan.
Best; Shields, McInnes, Austin, Sanger, Davies, Bavin.

May 04
Carlton played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignall, Jones, McInnes
Half backs; Sanger, Cameron, W. Johnstone
Cenres; Skinner, Broman, Austen
Half forwards; Mann, Morgan, McTaggert
Forwards; Adamson, Shields, Davies
Followers; Savage, Bavin
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Ken Collicoat, White, Henderson, Denmead
Umpire; Nicholson
Carlton won; 14.19.103 - 7.7.49
Goals; Mann 5, Shields 4, Davies 2, Price 2, Bavin
Best; Cameron, Davies, Bavin, Broman, McTaggert, Price

May 11
Carlton played Collingwood
Umpire; Boundary
Carlton won by 50 points;
Carl; 5.4 12.7 16.12 22.17.149
Coll; 1.2 6.5 10.6 14.10.94
Goals; Price 8, Davies 4, unknown
Best; Price, Bignall, Broman, Davies

May 18
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton lost bt 40 points.
Carl; 0.1 2.2 4.6 8.9.57
Melb; 2.2 9.3 11.10 14.13.97
Best players and goal scorers unknown.

May 25
Carlton played St.Kilda
Carlton lost by 14 points
Carl; 5.6 6.9 7.11 9.16.70
St.K; 0.1 4.8 7.10 12.12.84
Best players and goal scorers unknown

June 01
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton won by 5 points
Carl; 2.3 8.5 10.6 14.12.96
Fitz; 3.3 5.5 7.17 12.19.91

June 08
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton team;
Backs; Bignell, Sanger, McInnes
Half backs; Arthur Chitty, McTaggert, Rippon
Centre; Skinner, Jones, White
Half forwards; Adamson, Shields, Connelly
Forwards; Davies, Baird, Savage
Followers; Hollingshead, Mannix
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Garrick, Morgan, Beauvaix, Synott
Carlton won;
Carlton 6.18.54 - 5.14.44
Goals; Price 2, Shields, Baird, Davies, Adamson
Best; Green, Bignell, Savage, Skinner, McInnes, White

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