1984 Night Series

1984 ‘Night’ Series First Round

Carlton 1.1 7 2.3 15 7.5 47 10.6 66
Geelong 2.2 14 4.6 30 6.9 45 9.11 65
Venue: VFL Park, Waverley (Night) Date: Tuesday May 8, 1984
Result: Won by 1 point Umpires: P.Howe & D.Rich Crowd: 7,898
Goalkickers: W.Johnston 3, P.McConville 2, R.Austin 1, W.Blackwell 1, S.Howell 1, F.Murphy 1 & P.Rohde 1.
Best: B.Doull, W.Johnston, W.Blackwell, P.Rohde & B.Reid.

Game Review

Watching the Sterling Cup night match between Carlton and Geelong, I couldnt help admiring the superb leadership shown by the Blues captain, Wayne Johnston. Johnston, an early casualty with a jarred ankle, returned to the field in the second quarter with Geelong well in control. Through his own endeavour, Johnston lifted his flagging team-mates to a slender one point victory at the final siren. In the slippery conditions, Johnston fed the ball out of packs, supported both the defence and forward zones and capped off a fine game with three gutsy goals.

Geelong's chances diminished when full foward Mark Jackson, resorted to giving away free kicks and thus squandered opportunites in the tense final term. How frustrating for the Cat's workmanlike defence to drive the ball foward only to see it repelled by undisciplined play. Jackson's antics are amusing but he has great abilities and a good football brain, so why spoil it all by resorting to silly tactics when there is a game to be won. Perhaps the answer lies with Richmond, Melbourne and St.Kilda, so it's time to take stock, Jacko, and again be the match-winner we all admired against Carlton in round three. - Peter Hogan Inside Football.

Team 1984 'Night' Series First Round

B: 24 Brendan Hartney 11 Bruce Doull 21 Rod Austin
HB: 31 Tom Alvin 17 Bruce Reid 35 Peter Dean
C: 32 David Glascott 8 Wayne Blackwell 41 Peter Rohde
HF: 7 Wayne Johnston 12 Scott Howell 39 Mark Williams
F: 3 David Honybun 33 Peter McConville 30 Fraser Murphy
Ruck: 2 Warren 'Wow' Jones 13 Phil Maylin 34 Alex Marcou
Interchange: 55 Mick Kennedy 49 Darren Ogier
Coach: David Parkin

1984 ‘Night’ Series Quarter Final

Carlton 2.2 14 5.4 34 8.6 54 14.9 93
Melbourne 4.3 27 7.4 46 10.9 69 11.12 78
Venue: VFL Park, Waverley (Night) Date: Tuesday June 26, 1984
Result: Won by 15 points Umpires: C.Mitchell & K.Smith Crowd: 5,779
Goalkickers: T.Alvin 2, P.Meldrum 2, I.Muller 2, S.Gumley 1, D.Honybun 1, M.Kennedy 1, S.Kourkoumelis 1, J.Madden 1, McConville 1, Robertson 1 & Williams 1.
Best: A.Montgomery, P.Meldrum, I.Muller, S.Gumley, S.Kourkoumelis & P.McConville.

Game Review

The Demons were enjoying a good run and had won six in the row, the last, over Hawthorn had put them into the five. Carlton were the last side to beat them in round 7. Injuries meant the Blues went in with only five of the players who had played the seniors on Saturday and five who had no senior experience. Perhaps for this reason - though they only had 13 players from the previous Saturday - Melbourne had looked the better side all night, but they hadn't been able to open up a decisive lead and although they went to the last change with a 15 point lead the Blues soon booted three in a row to be in front. David Williams kicked his single goal of the evening on the run 19 minutes into the term and it looked like the Dees might steady to win after all, but the Blues fired again to put the match beyond doubt and end Melbourne's involvement in that year's night series.

Sterling effort by the boys
A young and enthusiastic Carlton side put an end to Melbourne's winning run in the Sterling Cup quarter final. The Blues took over in the last quarter, kicking six goals to Melbourne's one to win by 15 points. Carlton had only six players from last Saturday's side and five players with no senior experience. The youngsters were given great leadership by Peter McConville, Spiro Kourkoumelis and Paul Meldrum. Melbourne, also with senior players out, maintained the pressure for most of the game but came up short in the end. - Football Record.

Team 1984 'Night' Series Quarter Final

B: 24 Brendan Hartney 18 Allan Montgomery 52 Neil Gaghan
HB: 42 Paul Starbuck 17 Bruce Reid 39 Mark Williams
C: 41 Peter Rohde 13 Phil Maylin 43 Jon Simpson
HF: 31 Tom Alvin 3 David Honybun 23 Paul Meldrum
F: 29 Ian Muller 33 Peter McConville 55 Mick Kennedy
Ruck: 44 Justin Madden 28 Spiro Kourkoumelis 38 Shane Robertson
Interchange: 47 Stephen Gumley 46 Andrew Graham
Coach:David Parkin


1984 ‘Night’ Series Semi Final

Carlton 4.1 25 8.3 51 11.4 70 12.9 81
Sydney Swans 2.4 16 4.5 29 10.11 71 15.12 102
Venue: VFL Park, Waverley (Night) Date: Tuesday July 10, 1984
Result: Lose by 21 points Umpires: T.Bryant & S.Nolan Crowd: 5,303
Goalkickers: R.Ashman 2, K.Hunter 2, W.Johnston 2, J.Madden 2, F.Murphy 2, S.Kourkoumelis 1 & A.Montgomery 1.
Best: B.Doull, R.Ashman, D.Glascott, K.Hunter, B.Hartney & S.Robertson.

Game Review


Team 1984 'Night' Series Semi Final

B: 24 Brendan Hartney 29 Ian Muller 52 Neil Gaghan
HB: 27 Des English 11 Bruce Doull 39 Mark Williams
C: 13 Phil Maylin 7 Wayne Johnston 8 Wayne Blackwell
HF: 23 Paul Meldrum 36 Mark Maclure 32 David Glascott
F: 3 David Honybun 9 Ken Hunter 14 Rod Ashman
Ruck: 44 Justin Madden 28 Spiro Kourkoumelis 30 Fraser Murphy
Interchange: 18 Allan Montgomery 38 Shane Robertson
Coach: David Parkin

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