Carlton lost to Fremantle by 77 points - Subiaco

Round 13, 2007

Carlton5.4346.6 428.115913.1896
Fremantle4.32710.76718.8 11627.11173
Venue: Subiaco
Date: Sat 30 June 2007, 2:10pm Result: Loss by 77 points
Umpires: M Avon, G Fila, S McBurney Crowd: 36,307
Goalkickers: Waite 5, Young 2, Lappin, Ó hAilpín, Bentick, Hartlett, Fisher & Fevola
Reports: - Injuries: -

Game Review

The Dockers had been in the news for all the wrong reasons leading into this Round 13 game against Carlton - players Tarrant, Headland and Farmer were all being talked about for off-field performances, and the resignation of Demon Coach Neale Daniher saw much speculation about the tenure of Docker Coach Chris Connolly. Of course, the Blues had also copped a hiding - both in the recent game but also in the press. Which team would come out on top?

The Dockers began well with the opening 3 goals, one from a double-50 metre penalty against Brendan Fevola who would have a shocker of a day, and the others from precise passing into an open forward line. The Blues fought back magnificently with incoming Ross Young booting 2 opportunist goals, Setanta, Lappin and Bentick all kicking others. We would kick 5 of the next 6 goals to end the opening quarter up.

The game was up for grabs as the Dockers shot out of the blocks in the second with a series of similar goals - gather at half back, rotate the ball until a marking or running option was free up field, and then precise delivery. The Blues were clearly trying hard but were unable to match the movement forward. Adam Hartlett scored our only goal for the second quarter with a hard-fought goal - Harts was playing at Centre Half Forward in the match.

The last half was a continuation of the second quarter. Carlton's inability to stop momentum of our opponents - and their goal scoring with Freo racking up a record score against us - came to the fore. This was the 12th game in a row that Carlton would give up 100 points or more, moving us into the Top 10 of all time (after 25 games to Sydney, 1992 - 1993).

Stand-in Skipper, Jarrad Waite had a quiet first half but managed 4 last quarter consolation goals, but the Dockers kept on pulling ahead.

Overall, it was a disappointing game for the Blues - this was a massive loss to a team that sat deep in the Bottom 8. Until that last quarter our much vaunted forward firepower was very quiet with Fev, Waite and Fisher all well held. In fact, the most likely option up forward was second gamer Adam Hartlett (who scored his first goal for Carlton) and fourth gamer Ross Young, although mainly in the first half. Anthony Koutoufides topped the stats with 27 from the midfield, with support from Andrew Carrazzo, Kade Simpson and Adam Bentick.

In the wash-up the the game, Fevola would be disciplined by the Club in the face of some on-field discretions, and would face disciplinary action from the Club in the form of a 1 week 'holiday'.


B:23 Adam Hartlett 9 Jason Saddington 31 Jordon Bannister
HB: 29 Heath Scotland 32 Bret Thornton 4 Bryce Gibbs
C: 33 Ryan Houlihan 7 Adam Bentick 6 Kade Simpson
HF:34 Simon Wiggins 30 Jarrad Waite (a/c) 14 Brad Fisher
F: 17 Setanta Ó hAilpín 25 Brendan Fevola 19 Eddie Betts
Ruck: 11 Cain Ackland 44 Andrew Carrazzo 3 Marc Murphy
Interchange: 2 Jordan Russell 12 Matthew Lappin 41 Ross Young
43 Anthony Koutoufides
Coach: Denis Pagan
Emg: 5 Josh Kennedy, 13 Luke Blackwell, 18 Paul Bower
In: Eddie Betts , Adam Hartlett, Ross Young,
Out: Lance Whitnall (knee), Andrew Walker (shoulder), Luke Blackwell (omitted)


Stand-in Skipper: Jarrad Waite would take the reins as part of a Captaincy rotation in the absence of Lance Whitnall. This would be the only game in the mooted rotational captaincy that Waite would skipper, with Simpson taking the reins until the return of Whitnall.
Score Records: This is Fremantle's highest ever score and greatest ever winning margin over Carlton

Brownlow Votes

3. Des Headland, Fremantle
2. Matthew Pavlich, Fremantle
1. Jeff Farmer, Fremantle

Best and Fairest Votes

Andrew Carrazzo 25, Adam Hartlett 9, Adam Bentick, Anthony Koutoufides 8, Jarrad Waite 7, Kade Simpson 6, Ryan Houlihan 4, Marc Murphy, Ross Young 3, Bryce Gibbs 2

Mike and Dan

R.13 - Play of the Week: Young not Restless

In any smashing it is inevitable that Carlton fans will look to the performances of our young players. Sure, Murphy, Simpson, Gibbs, Carrazzo and Walker perform under extreme pressure every game, but it was the goals of two newcomers with very different histories that were hard to separate for this week’s Play of the Week. In the end, Ross Young’s toe-poke of a goal won over Hartlett’s bustle-and-goal, and not just because it allowed us to come up with the above terrible headline (one of our objectives each & every week for carltonfc.com.au).

Ross, you win Play of the Week for your ability to get that leg through the tackle and to get the goal through the big sticks. Nice goal – was that your favourite of the 2?
I suppose so – but really, it was a bit lucky. The first one I got from a handball from Kouta, and then just snapped it through, and then the second came from a great handball from Lappin, which just fell on to my foot. That one was probably my favourite as it put us back in the game big time.

First rookied, then promoted, now Play of the Week - how good is your life going this year?
Not too bad I guess, I’m going OK, but I have to keep improving and getting better.

Two opportunist forward pocket goals - is that a role you are used to playing? At the 'Ants we generally see you in half forward / wing roles?
I’m usually at half forward for the Bullants – that’s where I feel comfortable in playing, so I’m happy with the role I had on the weekend…at half-forward, with stints in the middle, which was good.

In the first ¼, we were on top of Freo and pressured them into mistakes. How did they turn it around so comprehensively? What was happening amongst the Carlton players?
Like any team, if you get a run-on of goals you can get your confidence up. The Dockers got on a roll and we dropped our heads a bit.

We’re very disappointed with that – we talked about re-gaining respect all week but we didn’t deliver.

Tell us about the Dockers’ goals in the second half. They all looked the same – we would get the clearance, get it to half back, but they would have numbers there, find an option, and get it upfield. Watching on TV we couldn’t see what was happening – where were the Blues?
They work very well as a team – they slid into the match-ups and covered for each other very well. If we turned it over, they were able to get the ball at half back, we weren’t quick enough to pick up our man as they moved forward which is a fundamental part of the game.

A tough gig for Waitey to Captain over there in a 1-off match – how did he cope with it? Is he a vocal player out there and at the breaks?
Yeah, he’s pretty good out there. He is now one of the senior players and he is very good in the 1 on 1 discussions. He’s pretty positive and when he was able to get that run of goals at the end, he tried hard to lift us all after.

Did the loss against Hawthorn change the club's plans over the break? Was there anything done differently to the original schedule after the big loss?
No – it was always supposed to be a mid-season break. Some of the senior guys had a few days off, but I was in the Bullants so I had to play on the weekend. We all were back at the Club on the Wednesday and had a number of sessions about the Hawthorn game; about how we had to get the respect back from Friday night and how we couldn’t allow ourselves to get ahead of where we are at.

Yourself and Adam Hartlett were really having a go in and around the forward line. What can you tell us about Adam’s skills and his progress this year?
He’s a big kid, Adam, he has a good leap, some good pace and some good endurance. He is in his third year now and developing nicely. Some of the bigger kids take a while to develop.

On the TV he seemed to be limping at the end of the game?
I wouldn’t worry – its normal during a game to get a corky or a knock. He may have had a slight corky but he’s fine.

It’s a rare story to be drafted at 23. If you had to give advice to a 19-20 year old who has missed out, what would you say?
Look – it’s all about keeping up the effort and working on it. You have to be disciplined and you have to work on your deficiencies. If you do all of that, another door will open up.

The Carrazzo story is relevant here – twice rookied, worked his way through the Bullants and now clearly one of our best players. Don’t you just love stories like that?
Exactly…all the Rookies, they do well for themselves.

When we spoke to you earlier this year, your goals were to try and make the most of your opportunity if you got a spot on the list. Now that you are on the list, how have your goals changed? What are your goals between now and the end of the season?
Not really – it’s all about working hard and making the most of it.

Did you find that the gap between yourself and AFL players got wider each year because of your lack of access to AFL facilities?
There’s always a gap, you can see it at the different levels, but whilst at the Bullants we would train at Princes Park a lot and we would get to use the Carlton gym.

What has the early focus been on this week in preparation for the game against Melbourne? Defence is obviously a key concern, which other areas has there been emphasis on?
Working as a team and learning to slide for each other on the match-ups. We have to make sure all the danger men are looked after.

Training watchers are saying that some of the youngsters trained in the senior group during the week, including a rookie runner and ruckman. Any news you can tell us?
Were they? I didn’t notice it…I’m not sure. I’m sure there’s a few in the Bullants though who are about to come through.

We like to finish up with a Carlton history question from the Blueseum, and it’s not just shameless cross-promotion because we also volunteer on that site… There isn’t a bloke who has played 100 games in #41 yet, but can you name our one & only #41 premiership player?
My Carlton history isn’t great, but… but wasn’t there was a guy who played 40 games or so in the 1970’s?

Yes, there was – Peter Brown wore the #41 and played in the 1979 Premiership. All of the wearers of the #41 can be found here…. http://www.blueseum.org/cfc/tiki-index.php?page=Guernsey+41]

Young’s 2 goals, and indeed our opening quarter, raised the expectations of a grand away performance missing from the Carlton repertoire over recent years. We wish the boys well in the search for those missing ingredients in a tough week for the Club.

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