Carlton lost to Collingwood by 9 points at Princes Park.

Round 16, 1933

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday August 19, 1933
Result: Loss by 9 pointsUmpire: BlackburnCrowd: 19,000
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 4, A.Clarke 3, M.Crisp 3, C.Davey 1, T.Downs 1, F.Gill 1, K.Shea 1.
Best: R. Cooper, J. Park, F. Gilby, F. Gill, M. Crisp, K. Shea
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

There was keen interest in this game. Carlton needed to win to clinch a finals spot, and Collingwood wanted to finish their season in winning form. Four changes were announced on Thursday night. Davey and Clarke returned from state duties and Little and Jack Green were included. Omitted were Quinn, Pollock, Opray and Street.

Carlton supporters gave loud applause when Charlie Davey ran on to the ground, due to his great game in the state team. From the outset, the game was a thriller. A southerly wind was blowing across the ground and Carlton was first into attack with a rushed behind. Collingwood went forward twice and scored their first goal and a behind. Play was rough, fierce and fast and being played at a furious pace. Both sides were displaying fine skills and great teamwork. Good work from Cooper and Davey resulted in Gill being freed near goal, and with a fine kick he scored Carlton’s first major. Neither team was completely settled and seemed over anxious at times. Carlton were slightly steadier and attacked again for Davey to mark and goal. Play was still fierce and seesawed for a while before a behind to Collingwood produced the first score in ten minutes of play. Cooper was winning in the centre and providing lots of attacks but Collingwood’s defence was sound. Two goals to Collingwood late gave them a nine point lead at quarter time.

Relentless attacking play from Collingwood at the resumption added two goals one behind to their lead. Carlton answered with a goal to Vallence who evaded three opponents to score. Collingwood, defending a Carlton attack, brought the ball the length of the ground along the flanks to score a great team goal, their sixth. Vallence promptly responded with a goal after Cooper and Clarke combined well. Cooper was in everything and passed to Crisp for his first, and then Cooper and Clarke again got the ball to Downs, who played on from a mark and goaled. The Blues had scored three goals in five minutes and were back in the game. Now Collingwood goaled, but Carlton again responded through Crisp, who kicked the seventh goal after breaking free of a pack. Shortly after, Vallence with a great kick from a difficult angle, goaled to give Carlton the lead. Carlton was now on top but a Shea shot at goal missed and Collingwood goaled to restore their lead. Gill was moved to defence and he, like Mackie and Park, became very prominent in repulsing Collingwood forward drives. As the bell rang for half time, Cooper was noticed limping. After a tremendous half from both sides, Carlton was only three points down. The crowd, hoarse and excited from such a great half, looked eagerly forward to the second.

Collingwood attacked as the quarter began, but Carlton, playing their straight-ahead style, repelled through Park and Crowe and the ball came to Kelly, who passed to Shea for Carlton’s ninth goal. Collingwood was pressing home attacks relentlessly and after several were defended by Carlton, they broke through for the lead once again. Crisp immediately responded, with a goal from a great mark, but again Collingwood hit back with their tenth goal and the lead. Desperate and willing play was shown by both sides, but Collingwood wasted a couple of chances with poor shots on goal, producing only behinds. Then Clarke, scouting cleverly, kicked Carlton’s eleventh to restore a one point lead. A late behind to Carlton gave a two point lead at the final change.

A goal to Collingwood after play resumed came after their forwards out-manoeuvred Park and Gill. Vallence received a doubtful free kick but he could score only a behind. Both sides were giving their all and the rough play continued, with spite being shown on occasions. Downs received a free and kicked to Vallence, who scored the twelfth goal. At this stage, Vallence was moved to half forward and Davey to full forward. Davey had aggravated an arm injury he received in the state game and he was clearly hampered. The atmosphere was electric as Collingwood attacked again for their twelfth goal. Carlton went forward immediately but a shot from Bullen went out of bounds. Then Collingwood produced some brilliant play and goaled twice to give a handy lead. But Carlton wasn’t done yet and went forward once again. A shot at goal by Little went out of bounds and Cooper was bumped as he kicked for another miss. Carlton had rallied and Clarke goaled, and when Crisp produced another the deficit was only three points late in the game. The excitement and the crowd were at fever pitch as a Collingwood attack was repulsed by Gill with a great mark. A shot at goal from Crisp was forced out by the woodsmen who were proving slightly steadier under pressure. Then a late goal to Collingwood gave them a winning buffer and a great game ended with Collingwood ahead by nine points. Despite losing, Carlton had played some splendid football and looked in good form as they approached the finals.

This loss sent the Blues tumbling out of the four, and South Melbourne stepped up after belting Essendon. Geelong’s shock loss to Fitzroy allowed Richmond to regain ladder leadership. The top four was now Richmond (10 wins, 139.5 %), Geelong (12 wins, 149.7 %), Fitzroy (11 wins, 110.9 %), and South Melbourne (11 wins, 117.1 %). Carlton was fifth, still very much in contention with 11 wins and a percentage of 107.4.


B: 23 Jim Crowe 26 Jim Park 29 Horrie Bullen
HB: 13 Steve Bloomer 24 Gordon Mackie 6 Fred Gilby
C: 7 Joe Kelly 19 Ron Cooper 28 Eric Little
HF: 8 Keith Shea 21 Frank Gill (c) 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp
F: 27 Alf Egan 22 Harry Vallence 3 Tommy Downs (vc)
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 15 Maurie Johnson 31 Ansell Clarke
19th Man: 14 Jack Green
Coach: Dan Minogue


50 Games: Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp
Last game: Tommy Downs
400th Goal: Harry Vallence

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