2020 Pre-Season

Carlton vs Collingwood Practice Match

Carlton showed many positive signs against Collingwood during Thursday’s practice match at Ikon Park. Playing in an altered format involving four 20 minute quarters and three ten minute terms, fans would have enjoyed what they saw on display from a new-look Blues.

Carlton - - - - - - - -
Collingwood - - - - - - - -
Venue: Ikon Park, Carlton.
Date: Thursday 20th February, 2020 (4.00 pm).
Result: TBA.
Crowd: TBA
Goalkickers: L. Casboult 4, E. Betts 2, M. Gibbons, L. Plowman, T. Williamson, L. O'Brien, E. Curnow, S. Philp, T. De Koning, C. Moore, M. Owies, M. Kennedy 1.
Reports: Nil
Injuries: Nil

Match Structure.
With both teams to play their first Marsh Community Series games the following week, it gives both clubs a head-start on their preparations for season 2020. The gameplay structure will be a bit different to an AFL regulation game, with the clash spanning across six quarters.

· QTR 1 Match Simulation
· QTR 2 Match Simulation
· QTR 3 Game Scenario
· QTR 4 Match Simulation
· QTR 5 Match Simulation
· QTR 6 Game Scenario

The Breakdown

T1 Breakdown:- A big cheer sounded around the ground as the boys took to the field in the first term. Fans would have been delighted to see the likes of Sam Docherty, Tom Williamson and Eddie Betts all out on Ikon Park. The Blues controlled the flow of play in the term, running well off the half-back line and entering cleanly into the forward half. With Matthew Kennedy, Eddie Betts and Levi Casboult all spending time up forward Carlton's midfield was spoilt for choice. While the Pies grabbed the first goal of the day, it was the Blues who dominated on the scoreboard. Goals to Gibbons, Plowman, Casboult and Betts gave the fans in the crowd plenty to cheer about. Williamson and Docherty were both solid off the backline for the Blues, while Marc Pittonet was a handy asset in the ruck and defence.

T2 Breakdown:- The Blues’ young midfield group got rolling in the second quarter, with Sam Walsh and Will Setterfield combining well on several occasions to send the Blues flying forward. A new-look forward line featuring the experience of Casboult and Eddie looked extremely solid with the two combining for three goals in the term. It would have been a special moment for Tom Williamson as he slotted a goal from outside 50m and celebrated with co-captain Sam Docherty.

T3 Breakdown:- Lochie O’Brien got things started in the third quarter with a sensational bending goal, which was almost outdone moments later by Ed Curnow from the opposite side of the ground. O’Brien was a standout for the term, moving well between the wing and half-forward and using his deadly left foot to help the Blues in transition. Young ruck Tom De Koning also entered the game for the first time and matched opposition ruck Brodie Grundy for athleticism around the ground. Sam Philp continued to impress with his ferocity around the contest, landing a big tackle to win the free kick and then finishing truly for his first goal of the day.

T4 Breakdown:- A few of the younger Blues got their chance in the fourth quarter with Josh Honey, Matthew Cottrell and David Cuningham all gaining valuable minutes ahead of season 2020. Co-captain Patrick Cripps was notable in his on-field presence, directing his teammates through both his actions and commanding voice on the field. De Koning and Pittonet did well to share the ruck duties in the absence of veteran Matthew Kreuzer, with the two also providing great versatility in their ability to float both forward and back. The quarter belonged to the Pies, however, who were able to flex some muscle for the first time of the day.

T5 Breakdown:- It was the young Blues time to shine in the fifth term, with Sam Ramsay, Ben Silvagni, Fraser Phillips and Finbar O’Dwyer all getting an opportunity out on Ikon Park. After spending the majority of the day up forward, Matthew Kennedy moved to the middle of the ground, while Hugh Goddard provided some valuable experience in the backline. In a shorter term, Collingwood were the only ones able to hit the scoreboard, finishing with two points.

T6 Breakdown:- Lochie O’Brien continued to impress as the game went on. The 20-year old worked hard up and down the wing, combining well with David Cuningham to add a touch of class to the final term. Cuningham was rewarded for his efforts at the bottom of the pack, fighting hard to kick the Blues’ only goal for the shortened term. De Koning held his own against a formidable opponent in Brodie Grundy who ran out the game for the Pies. Collingwood would finish the two-point winners of the term kicking 1.3.9 to Carlton’s 1.1.7.

T7 Breakdown:- The young Blues would have it cut out for them with the Pies continuing to give more game time to a handful of their most experienced players. Sam Ramsay began to find rhythm off the half-back line, while Tom De Koning continued to take the challenge to Grundy. Kennedy lead through his actions on the field, demonstrating great accountability playing on the ball. His efforts were rewarded on the final play of the day, as he kicked a leveling goal to ensure the more experienced Collingwood didn’t steal the win.

Moment of the match:
While there were many impressive plays that had the crowd on their feet, there was an important moment for Blues’ defenders Tom Williamson and Sam Docherty in the second quarter. After receiving a 50m penalty, Williamson found himself with a rare shot on goal. Having spent a lot of time together on the sideline, there was arguably no better teammate to celebrate the moment with than co-captain Sam Docherty.

Three things from the game:
1. While it’s early days, Carlton looks to have truly found something special in 2020 draftee Sam Philp. The midfielder looked right at home when thrown into the mix, not missing a beat during the practice match. Finishing with one goal for his efforts, Philp did nothing to hurt his chances for a call-up early in the year.
2. It goes without saying that Eddie Betts’ return to the Navy Blue has added a touch of class to the forward line. Betts was lively throughout the practice match, finishing with two goals and a hand in a number of others. Combining well with Levi Casboult (who ended the day with four majors), Betts’ cool head and experience is certain only to aid a forward line which was missing the likes of Harry McKay, Mitch McGovern and Charlie Curnow.
3. Carlton’s ruck stocks are in a very strong position. Marc Pittonet and Tom De Koning both demonstrated their versatility filling in for Matthew Kreuzer. The two talls held their own against Brodie Grundy and were able to provide assistance for their teammates by floating into the backline and forward line.

New Blues: Carlton will have plenty of depth heading into the 2020 season, with recruits Jack Newnes and draftee Sam Philp slotted in comfortably against Collingwood. Marc Pittonet also looks to be a solid back-up option for Matthew Kreuzer, while Sam Ramsay and Josh Honey were able to find their rhythm late in the game.

Missing Blues: Carlton only stands to get stronger in the coming weeks with Jack Martin, Zac Fisher, Matthew Kreuzer and Sam Petrevski-Seton all expected to return for the upcoming Marsh Community Series.

Best: Carlton: Casboult, Newnes, Docherty, Williamson, J.Silvagni, Betts, Philp


Marsh Community Series Practice Matches

The 2020 Marsh Community Series is the AFL's pre-season competition played before the 2020 home and away season. It will feature 18 matches across three weekends with each club playing two practice matches. As has been the case since 2014, the competition will not have a grand final or overall winner.

Game 1.

Carlton 1.2 8 3.4 22 5.7 37 5.13 43
Fremantle 3.3 21 6.7 43 8.8 56 13.12 90
Venue: Rushton Park, Mandurah, WA.
Date: Saturday 29th February, 2020 (4.10 pm AWST).
Result: Lost by 47 points.
Crowd: 5,127
Goalkickers: L. Casboult, E. Curnow, T. De Koning, D. Lang, J. Martin 1.
Reports: Sam Docherty and Jack Newnes have both been offered a $1,000 fine for engaging in a melee during the second quarter of Saturday's game. Jack Martin has can also accept a $1,000 fine with an early plea for making careless contact with an umpire, also during the second quarter. David Cuningham was charged for striking Fremantle's Bailey Banfield. Classified as a $2,500 for a first offence, he can accept a $1,500 sanction with an early plea.
Injuries: Nil

Game Review

Carlton gained some valuable lessons in its opening Marsh Community Series hitout against Fremantle. The Blues went down by 47 points to the Dockers in Mandurah, with the hosts running over the top in the final term. The return of Sam Docherty and first-half showing from Jack Martin were key positives for Carlton, which will host Brisbane at Ikon Park next Sunday.

The breakdown
Q1: Jack Martin provided the spark and the scoreboard impact in his first hitout for his new club, taking a strong mark and kicking truly in front of goal. Paddy Dow was impressive on a number of occasions in traffic, while forward-turned-defender Cameron Polson had some bright moments — a high-flying intercept mark was the pick of the bunch. Fremantle’s short-kicking game had the better of the Blues in the opening term, with the hosts taking a 13-point lead into the first change.

Q2: It was the Blues’ big men getting the job done at ground level early in the second term. Martin turned the provider for an outstanding Tom De Koning goal, before some clean work on the deck from Matthew Kreuzer ended in a Darcy Lang major. Some ill-discipline and wastefulness cost the Blues going forward, but you couldn’t question the effort and intensity. Sam Walsh picked up exactly where he left off in 2019, amassing 15 disposals to be Carlton’s most prolific at the main break.

Q3: A customary mark from Levi Casboult got Carlton off to the best possible start in the second half, but a goal-for-goal pattern emerged. The Blues had the majority of the play with the breeze at their backs, but failed to make the most of it where it mattered most. Zac Fisher kept ticking along to reach the 20-disposal mark at the final change, while Ed Curnow showed the goalkicking wares which came to the fore in 2019 with a clever finish. New leader Jacob Weitering stood up on a number of occasions, intercepting at will in defence.

Q4: By way of a result, the game was taken away from Carlton with three early Fremantle goals — two as a result of 50-metre penalties. The Blues were wasteful at critical times, costing themselves big chances to hit back on the scoreboard (0.6 in the final term). In the absence of Kreuzer who was rested after half time (as was Martin), new Blue Marc Pittonet had some bright moments in the air.

Three things from the game:
1. There were some valuable lessons for the Blues - in particular, skill execution - over the course of the game which will hold them in good stead over the course of the season. In the absence of Eddie Betts, Patrick Cripps and Marc Murphy among others, the added experience will provide a boost for Carlton in next week’s Marsh Community Series game against Brisbane.

2. As forecast by assistant coach Dale Amos last week, he’s going to build into his football in the coming weeks. However, the sight of Sam Docherty (19 disposals, 10 rebound 50s) getting through unscathed was a welcome relief. It was Docherty’s first game since the final round of 2017.

3. At the earliest sign, it seems like Sam Walsh and Jacob Weitering have taken to leadership well. Walsh was Carlton’s best for the evening, finishing with 27 disposals and five clearances in a fine display. While Fremantle piled on the goals in the final term, it was no fault of Weitering, who finished with eight intercepts and seven rebounds.

Moment of the match
Carlton fans didn’t have to wait long to get a glimpse of Jack Martin’s quality. The new Blue was one of his side’s best in the first half before getting through his allotted game time. His finest moment came in the opening term, clunking a strong overhead grab and finishing with aplomb from the pocket. Playing the majority of the game up forward, Martin also had stints in the midfield.

Best: S. Walsh, Z. Fisher, J. Weitering, L. Jones, S. Docherty.


B: 24 Nic Newman 14 Liam Jones 48 Ryan Sturgess
HB: 15 Sam Docherty (c) 23 Jacob Weitering 6 Kade Simpson
C: 32 Jack Newnes 18 Sam Walsh 35 Ed Curnow
HF: 21 Jack Martin 41 Levi Casboult 1 Jack Silvagni
F: 40 Michael Gibbons 12 Tom De Koning 16 Darcy Lang
Ruck: 8 Matthew Kreuzer 43 Will Setterfield 25 Zac Fisher
Interchange: 31 Tom Williamson 28 David Cuningham 2 Paddy Dow
7 Matthew Kennedy 29 Cameron Polson 34 Sam Philp
34 Marc Pittonet 47 Callum Moore
Coach: David Teague
Emergencies: 44 Matt Owies 36 Josh Honey 33 Sam Ramsay


Debut: Sam Philp, Ryan Sturgess,
Debut (Carlton): Jack Martin, Jack Newnes, Marc Pittonet, Callum Moore
First Goal (Carlton): Jack Martin
First Game as Carlton Captain: Sam Docherty

Game 2

Carlton 5.3 33 7.4 46 9.6 60 10.6 66
Brisbane Lions 3.4 22 6.5 41 10.11 71 16.15 111
Venue: Ikon Park, Carlton.
Date: Sunday 8th March, 2020 (6.40 pm).
Result: Lost by 45 points.
Crowd: 7,148
Goalkickers: E. Betts, 2, M. Gibbons 2, L. Casboult, J.Newnes, E. Curnow, S. Silvagni, T. De Koning, W. Setterfield 1.
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Johansen, Hosking, Broadbent
Injuries: Nil


B: 6 Kade Simpson 22 Caleb Marchbank 14 Liam Jones
HB: 15 Sam Docherty (c) 23 Jacob Weitering 24 Nic Newman
C: 43 Will Setterfield 9 Patrick Cripps (c) 32 Jack Newnes
HF: 1 Jack Silvagni 41 Levi Casboult 40 Michael Gibbons
F: 19 Eddie Betts 11 Mitch McGovern 25 Zac Fisher
Ruck: 8 Matthew Kreuzer 18 Sam Walsh 2 Paddy Dow
Interchange: 29 Cameron Polson 20 Lachie Plowman 5 Sam Petrevski-Seton
35 Ed Curnow 12 Tom De Koning 3 Marc Murphy
21 Jack Martin 34 Sam Philp
Coach: David Teague
Emergencies: 28 David Cuningham 27 Marc Pittonet 31 Tom Williamson
7 Matthew Kennedy

Game Review

After a bright opening, Carlton was outclassed by Brisbane at Ikon Park. Carlton's final pre-season hitout has ended in a 45-point loss to the Brisbane Lions. After bringing the heat in the opening half, the Blues were outrun and outclassed by the Lions in the final practice match prior to the season opener.

Q1 breakdown: The Blues started the match with strong forward pressure, keeping the ball in their half but unable to convert. Will Setterfield worked hard in the middle, getting plenty of contested ball, while Sam Docherty provided great transition from the backline. Of course, it was Eddie Betts who got things going on the scoreboard to the delight of the Ikon Park crowd. Jack Newnes delighted his new fans with a clever finish, while it wasn’t long before Betts added a second. Levi Casboult and Mitch McGovern provided strong marking options as well as forward pressure, while Jacob Weitering and Kade Simpson stood up down back. After Carlton kicked the opening four of the game, a late Brisbane flurry saw the hosts lead by 11 points at the first change.

Q2 breakdown: Carlton’s defence held up well in the opening stages of the third term, with the Lions unable to convert under the pressure of Docherty, Liam Jones and Kade Simpson. Michael Gibbons kicked the first for the home side in the second, with the assist coming from Betts. The Blues started to find space in the forward line, as Will Setterfield - who enjoyed a bright first half - turned an uncontested mark into a goal. Patrick Cripps was working overtime at the coalface to collect 19 disposals in the first half, while Jack Silvagni continued to be a reliable marking target around the ground. Brisbane fired up and kicked three quick goals in a row, narrowing the Blues lead to just five points at the main break

Q3 breakdown: The pattern of the second quarter returned in the third, with Gibbons’ opening goal cancelled out by a Brisbane flurry. Three consecutive goals gave the Lions the lead for the first time in the match, before a Levi Casboult goal from a tight angle gave the Blues a spark. Brisbane was strong out of centre bounces, gathering possession more times than not and putting pressure on Carlton’s defenders. Jack Martin showed class with his ball-use while Lachie Plowman gave consistent effort down back. While Carlton showed some positive signs in transition, a few missed shots on goal left the Blues trailing by 11 as the siren sounded.

Q4 breakdown: Youngster Tom De Koning took to the field in the final term and provided the highlight for the Blues, taking a towering mark and converting with a banana. However, it was Brisbane who kicked the final four goals of the game to run away with a 45-point victory.

Three things from the game:
1. For the second straight game, Jack Martin proved exactly why Carlton went after his services so intently last year. The livewire collected 19 disposals and was a constant cool presence around the ground, showing his class going forward.
2. New year, same old Patrick Cripps. In his first official hitout in Navy Blue for the year, the co-captain started brilliantly, accumulating 19 disposals (nine contested) in the first half. While he ‘slowed’ down to finish with 30 disposals and 10 clearances, it was a typical performance first up.
3. Carlton’s best matched it with one of the best sides in the competition from 2019, but lapses in-game cost them over the course of four quarters. Twice kicking out to four-goal leads, the Blues showed that when they do things well, they can mix it with anyone.

Best: P. Cripps, L. Jones, S. Docherty, S. Walsh, E. Curnow, P. Dow.

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