Carlton lost to Sydney by 62 points - SCG

Round 15, 2007

Carlton5.3337.4 4612.98115.10100
Sydney3.32111.77317.9 11125.12162
Venue: SCG
Date: Sun 15 July 2007, 1:10pm Result: Loss by 62 points
Umpires: H Kennedy, C Kamolins, S Meredith Crowd: 24,858
Goalkickers: Fisher, Lappin 3; Fevola 2; Houlihan, Bannister , S O'hAilpin, Betts, Simpson, Scotland, Koutoufides
Reports: Nil Injuries: Gibbs (ankle), Hartlett (hamstring), Kennedy (calf)

Game Review

A bright opening by the Blues seemed to go against the flow of history, in which the Blues had not won in NSW versus the Swans since 1993. Carlton started ferociously attacking the ball and opponent with great vigour. On top of starving the Swans from the ball, they kicked four goals to start the game, the first to Houlihan, then to Bannister who was minding the dangerous Goodes, then returning forward Brendan Fevola and to Setanta, and the Blues were on their way. The unfortunate Adam Hartlett suffered another injury, to his left hamstring, playing in key defence and he took no further part in the game. A shame as he had shown some reasonable signs to that stage. The Swans made their inevitable fightback, but the Blues kicked the final goal through Betts to go in 12 points up at the first break.

If the Blues could have maintained the intensity shown at the start of the game then an upset may have been possible. If. As it was, from the opening moments of the second quarter when the Swans negated Betts' late first quarter goal, Carlton was swamped by a running wave of Sydney Swans. The Swans kicked eight goals to two in the second to set up their win. A further six in the third, and eight in the fourth saw them kick a record score against the Blues as we again lost by more than 10 goals. The game was briefly in the balance in the third quarter, when the Blues kicked five of the first eight goals including two to Lappin, but again they were unable to maintain their momentum and could not stop the rampaging Swans.

If we cast the spotlight on Brendan Fevola's game, following his reintroduction into the team, the stats will show he kicked 2.4, half of which was scored in the first quarter. Despite a few hard running chases out of the defensive 50 he appeared mostly ineffectual. He certainly did, at times, show a much greater team focus and probably ticked enough boxes to keep his place in the side for Round 16 against the Lions in Brisbane. Stephen Kernahan, interviewed on television at half-time, declared that Carlton's priority was to keep Fevola beyond 2007 if he showed sufficient commitment to his teammates and the club.


B:23 Adam Hartlett 32 Bret Thornton 34 Simon Wiggins
HB: 6 Kade Simpson (a/c) 30 Jarrad Waite 18 Paul Bower
C: 29 Heath Scotland 7 Adam Bentick 1 Andrew Walker
HF: 31 Jordan Bannister 14 Brad Fisher 3 Marc Murphy
F: 33 Ryan Houlihan 25 Brendan Fevola 4 Bryce Gibbs
Ruck: 17 Setanta Ó hAilpín 43 Anthony Koutoufides 44 Andrew Carrazzo
Interchange:5 Josh Kennedy 12 Matthew Lappin 19 Eddie Betts
41 Ross Young
Coach: Denis Pagan
Emg: 2 Jordan Russell, 13 Luke Blackwell, 16 Shaun Grigg
In: Brendan Fevola, Jordan Bannister
Out: Jordan Russell, Shaun Grigg (all omitted)


50 Games: Adam Bentick
Stand-in Skipper: Kade Simpson continued in the role of skipper for this game.
Last Game: Ross Young
Score Records: This is the Swans' highest ever score against Carlton, replacing their 23.13.151 - a record which had stood for over 70 years
Losing streaks: This loss was Carlton's 8th loss in succession to Sydney in Sydney since 1993

Brownlow Votes

3. Brett Kirk, Sydney
2. Peter Everitt, Sydney
1. Adam Goodes, Sydney

Best and Fairest Votes

Jarrad Waite 21, Brad Fisher 18, Kade Simpson 17, Ryan Houlihan 7, Jordan Bannister, Heath Scotland 6

Mike and Dan

Simpson, oh Captain

There’s no doubting that Rounds 14 and 15 have hurt us all – probably not as much as the second-death that the Ghost seems to have gone through – but some severe abdominal pains have resulted nonetheless. But as always, shining in the mire and resplendent in Blue, is Kade Simpson, with his goals on the run and for the first time in AFL history, winning successive Mike & Dan Plays of the Week.

Not only a Goal of the Week nomination but our Play of the Week, and then another Play of the Week for this week’s one in the third when it seemed like we were still in the game. Going back to the Melbourne game, that was some goal, a Captain’s Goal?
It was a good feeling, it didn’t come off right but went through. We needed some goals at the time too…I didn’t even know about the Goal of the Week nomination! Eddie won that a few years ago didn’t he?

Actually from that game you provided a few highlights – that run from Hartlett’s booming kick, pass to Kennedy and delivery to Waite was also pretty special. Was that a torp pass to Waite?
I didn’t mean for it to be a torp…

And then to the Swans game, you must have still thought we were in it in the third, with 5 of the first 8 goals. Were you confident you could make it?
I think we got the margin down to 14 points, and for a while there it was goal for goal, and it looked like we were still in it. But then – maybe we had spent all of our energy – but they kicked away in the last as we went all out attack. We felt we had to run forward at all opportunity to get back in the game, but that didn’t work, and they ran away with it in the end.

You enjoy carrying the ball and are …mostly… an excellent kick on the run. Is that something you've always been good at, or have you developed it in your time with the Blues?
I think it was something that I did all through my junior days – I can still remember running down the wings back at Emerald, so I probably always had it. But I think I lost it in my early days in the AFL, but since then Denis has given me license to run with the ball and create.

As a designated on-field leader, how do you motivate the side? Are you vocal out on the field or is it a case of leading by example? Any different as Captain?
Around the club I’m pretty quiet actually, probably pretty laid back, but out on the field I am more vocal – trying to lift the boys and push them on. I don’t know about differences as Captain…probably at the start of the game and the pre-game stuff I tried to do it a bit more.

Has training suffered after some losses like that?
Sure, during the year you have some flat patches – it was very flat after the Freo game, it’s flat after any of the big losses. But I think it’s back up this week – we’ve had a change of scenery at training and I think its worked.

What is it with you left footers and not using your right?
Hey, I don’t mind using it – that kick to Kennedy you were talking about before was off my right!

How do you use the accelerator and brake in the car without a right foot? Or do you reach your left foot over to do it?
(Laughs) I don’t know…

What are the goals for the rest of the year, both for you individually and for the team?
Respect is a big part to it – at the start of the year people were taking notice of us, after those 2 wins a row a while back, we were getting some attention. But since then, we’ve dropped off a bit, and people have forgotten about us. We’re aiming to win a few more games, don’t worry about that.

Which untried players should we be looking forward to seeing in action between now and the end of the year?
I didn’t get to see the Bullants this week, but I’m sure we’ll see some more players get a game this year. Maybe not this week – players just won’t be given games, they’ll have to earn them, as it should be – but I’m sure there’ll be some others…

Carlton considered you a steal at pick 45 seeing that you were All-Australian U18. Do you look back and compare your career to the 44 picked before you and think "You were wrong"?
It doesn’t really bother me – heaps of great AFL players were drafted later than I was. The important thing is that you get the opportunity to be on a list. I was thrilled at the time as I got to come to a great club like Carlton, and to stay in Melbourne where I am from.

It got even better when I got picked for some games quite early – which didn’t quite work out for me.

But then to get the Captaincy role – well, it’s definitely a big bonus and I am just thrilled to have a chance at it.

The AFL site has this picture of you with long hair - Is that like the old school days where you'd get your hair cut after the photo?
(Laughs) No, it’s not like that. I just let it go in the off-season.

You are originally from Emerald, can you tell us a bit about your junior career and your path through the Eastern Ranges?
Well, you’re right, I came from Emerald, and that’s where I played all of my junior footy. I went down to the Eastern Ranges at age 17, part way through a year. I played in a regional game where I caught their eye, and they said ‘No promises, but would you like to come down for a run’. They weren’t going too well, so I managed to get some games as a stepping stone to the next year.

Finally, we at Mike & Dan like to shamelessly cross-promote the Blueseum by asking a history question. How many names from the #6 locker can you recite?
There’s Jon Dorotich, Garry Crane, Bob Chitty…and then there’s 2 more. One guy’s name was Valentine – he’s on it…

In the end, we had to help Simmo out with Fred Gilby but 4 out of 5 definitely puts him ahead of his peers. For all information on Guernsey #6 please click here:

It’s been a tough month down at Carlton but there are some things you can rely on – you can rely on Pratt and his new Board making some more positive announcements in the months ahead, you can rely on Murphy and Gibbs becoming guns, and you can rely on Kade Simpson to run the lines, smash the kicks and continually be in our best players.

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