1925 Reserves


Coach: J. Goonan
Captain: J. Goonan
Best & Fairest: J. Parkhill*
Best New Player: J. Kelly
Best Old Player: J. Cahill
Able Leadership: J. Goonan
Services As Vice Captain: J. Robertson
Attention To Training: J. Vale
Brilliant Player: E. Martin
Improved New Player: C. Lewis
Best Clubman: H. Cornell
Services: J. Dees

President: Mr. Orr
Vice Presidents: Craig, Evans, Gordon, Middleton, Naughton, Newbold, O'Brien, Parr, Reyment, Ross
Secretary: F. Brody
Treasurer: E. C. Pethebridge
Committee: Brennan, Finch, Harrison, Henry, O'Shannesy Smith
Timekeeper: S. Ross
Position: 3rd
Premier: Collingwood

The names on this photo refer to those in the third row to the front row. The names of the two back rows, at this stage, are missing
.* J. Parkhill was presented with a silver cup for best player for 1925 at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Carlton Second Eighteen on March 02 1926. (Trove: Age March 03 p9)
Could this be Parkhill's cup in the photograph?

Note: J. Dee second front row third from left, seems to the only one wearing the 1923 - 26 guernsey with the white stripe. Perhaps the Reserves had to wear the Senior's cast offs.

Carlton Final List


Russell, Trebilco, Bell, Kennedy, O'Brien, Brew, Faust, Waston, Wilson, Charleston, Davies, Toole, Beasy, Goodrick, Credlin, Carter, McAlpine, Dunn, Blackman, Shaw.

New Players

Leitch (Tasmania), Sexton, F. H. Evans (Wodonga), Asked (Preston), O'Halloran, C. F. McSwain (Merbein/Mildura), J. F. Way (Brunswick/Carlton Juniors), E. J. Brewis (Maryborough), E. M. Kick (Dunnolly), W. S. Koop (Dimboola), F. P. Irwin (Brighton), R. F. Byrne (Lefroy TAS), W. H. Stone (Clifton Hill Tramways), Davis (Preston), Rumney (Brighton), Strahan, O'Donohue, Outtrim, Maher, Keller, Dickson, Dudley, A. Aken (Preston) F. Gilby (Coburg), J. McNamara, H. Bright (Coburg), J. W. Kelly, G. O'Halloran (NSW), T. V. Sheehan (Richmond), J. Dee (Port Melbourne), Vale (Carlton Juniors)
Jack Jones (Corowa) (Corowa Free Press Oct 14 p3 1924)


L. Sims (Collingwood seconds), O. Soderbloom (Rupunyap), F. Martin (Coburg), R. A. Harper (North Melbourne), M. Foster (QLD), T. J. Woodward (TAS), C. F. Bright (Brunswick), R? McAlpine (Hume Weir), C. E. Blackler (Brunswick), Hiskins (Brunswick) J. A. Shaw (Abbotsford), A. Boromeo (Richmond)
May 20 A permit was granted for G. Goodrick to Northcote, W. A. Blackman to Brunswick, J. Price to Hawthorn, & F. Pringle to Tasmania (Age May 21)

Starting this season the Carlton Football Club committee brings in a rule "compelling emergencies and senior reserves to play with the second eighteen."

The Leopold Football Club changed it's name to the South Melbourne Second Eighteen. (Trove: Age March 18 1925)
Three new clubs were admitted, Hawthorn, North Melbourne and Footscray. (Trove: Age March 25 1925)
Because of the addition of the 3 new clubs, the Coburg Football Club no longer took part in the Second Eighteen/Reserves Competition.

Opening round of the season.
May 02
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
"Carlton beat South Melbourne at Carlton before a fair attendance.
The play was close and scrambling, with little between the teams in the opening stages.
South lead by 6 points at the interval.
In the third quarter Carlton rallied, and added three goals.
Both sides were now playing splendid football, with Carlton forwards predominating.
Carlton, under the leadership of Goonan (captain and coach), who handled his strong side well, ran out winners by 14 points."
(Age May 04 p5)
Umpire; Hyland
Carlton won;
Carl; 11.15.81
S.Melb; 10.7.67
Goals; Blackmore 4, Cornell 2, Humphreys, O'Halloran, Dunn, McDermott, Lane.
Best; Clarke, Cahill, Goonan, Blackmore, Parkhill

May 09
Carlton played Essendon at Windy Hill.
The Blues got off to a good start with accurate goal kicking and led throughout the match, winning by 47 points.
Umpire; Lewis
Carlton won;
Carl; 16.14.110
Ess; 9.19.73
Goals; O'Halloran 6, Dunn 6, Humphreys, Robertson, McSwain, Lewis
Best; Humphreys, Martin, Parkhill, Goonan, Vale, Cahill, Dee

May 16
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park.
In front of a "fair attendance," the Blues had Melbourne on the back foot from early on in the game.
The Blues played Kick, Davis and Watson, omitting O'Halloran, Blackmore and Vale who were playing for the seniors..
The home team was too systematic with every player playing well and contributing to a big win.
Umpire; Woosman
Carlton won;
Carl; 20.18.138
Melb; 11.12.78
Goals; Davis 7, Dunn 6, Stone 4, Cahill 2, Kick.
Best; Davis, Dunn, Dee, Parkhill, McSwain, Lane.

Carlton second; Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, Drawn 0, Points 12

May 23
Carltton played Hawthorn at Hawthorn
Despite a wet ground the goal kicking especially in the first half was very good.
Just five points separated the teams at the last break.
Goal for goal in the last term with the Blues sealing the game with a goal on the bell.
Umpire; Bentick
Carlton won by 12 points
Carlton; 13.11.89 - 11.11.77 (Half-time Carlton 7.2 - 6.2)
Goals; O'Halloran 5, Davis 4, Cahill, Robertson, Trebilco, Callaghan
Best; Parkhill, Humphreys, Cahill, Martin, Trebilco, Callaghan.

Carlton second, 18 points

May 30
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
A high standard game played in good conditions and in front of a reasonable crowd.
Place kicks were still in vogue and a few shots on goal were made using them.
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, Callaghan, Davies
Half backs; Dee, Clarke, Trebilco
Centres; Kelly, Cahill, 'Snow' Martin
Half forwards; Humphries, Way, McSwain
Forwards; Bright, O'Halloran, Goonan
Followers; Koop, Vale
Rover; Robertson
Umpire; Woosnam
Carlton won;
Carl; 4.4 10.6 15.9 15.12.102
Geel; 4.6 6.10 9.14 12.15.87
Goals; Way 5, O'Halloran 4, Robertson 3, Davies, Goonan, McSwain
The Argus & Age had Way 5, O'Halloran 3, Robertson 2, McSwain 2, Goonan, Vale, Bright.
Best; O'Halloran, Way, Goonan, Martin, Davies, Dee (brilliant in defence), Kelly, Humphries.

Reserves Ladder;
Collingwood and Carlton 20 points, South Melbourne 16, Fitzroy, Essendon and St.Kilda 12, Geelong and Footscray 8, Richmond and North Melbourne 4, Melbourne and Hawthorn nil.

June 06
Carlton played Fitzroy at Brunswick Oval.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the railway end.
The Blues got out to an early lead of 7 points in the first quarter.
From there Fitzroy held sway.
Carlton lost by 47 points
Carl; -- 3.6 4.12 5.17.47
Fitz; -- 5.6 8.6 14.10.94
Goals; unknown
Best; Charleston, Parkhill, Way, Martin, Stone, Kelly, Robertson

June 13
Carlton played Richmond
Richmond were on top all day getting off to a good start with 3.4 to 1.1 in the first quarter. 5.7 - 4.2 at half time
Carlton lost by 38 points
Carl; 6.6.42
Rich; 11.14.80
Goals; O'Halloran 3, Davis, Koop, Humphreys
Best; Goonan, Cahill, Humphreys, Clarke, O'Halloran, Kelly,

June 20
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
J. Lane was the victim in a striking charge laid against a Collingwood player.
At half time Carlton 4.3.27 - 7.4.46
Carlton lost by 69 points
Carlton 6.9.45 - 16.18.114
Umpire; Lynch
Best; Goonan, Cahill, Robbins, Dick, Cornell,

June 27
Carlton played North Melbourne at Arden Street.
A very good game where either side at times held the advantage. The Blues scored several goals in time on in the last quarter.
Carlton won by 18 points
Carlton; 12.12.84 - 10.6.66
Goals; Cornell 5, Lewis 3, Kelly, Vale, McKay, Way.
Best; Goonan, Charleston, Vale, Dee, Credlin, Humphries, Clarke

Carlton fourth, Played 9, Won 6, Lost 3, Points 24

July 04
Split round due to Interstate matches.
Three matches played..
Carlton had a bye

July 11
Full round of games.
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park.
St.Kilda won the toss and kicked with the breeze on a heavy ground.
The Saints kicked 3 goals to 1 in the first quarter. The Blues got back into the game and ran out comfortable winners.
Carlton won by 19 points
Carlton 8.11.59 - 6.4.40
Goals; Lewis 4, Stone 2, Martin, Cornell.
Best; Lewis (BOG), Goonan, Robbins, Clark, Parkhill, Vale.

Carlton fourth, Played 10, Won 7, Lost 3, Points 28.

July 18
Carlton played Footscray at Footscray
The Blues outclassed Footscray especially in the first half.
Carlton won by 46 points
Carlton 13.14.92 - 6.10.46
Goals; Lewis 4, Cornell 2, Robertson 2, Clarke, Vale, Gilroy, Humphreys, unknown.
Best; Goonan, Robertson, Vale, Kapp/Koop, Humphreys, Lewis, Parkhill.

July 25
No matches
Victoria played Western Australia at the MCG..

August 01
Carlton played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
South held a 20 point lead at quarter time and again at half time.
They increased their lead in the third term and ran out winning easily..
Carlton lost by 43 points
Carlton 7.8.50 - 14.9.93
Goals; Robertson 4, Vale, Lewis, Way
Best; Parkhill, Goonan, Robertson, Lewis, Vale, Whannell.

Carlton fourth, Played 12, Won 8, Lost 4 Points 32

August 08
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
A good game of football, fast and open play.
The Blues had an excellent leader in Jimmy Goonan.and his play was a telling factor in Carlton's win.
Carlton won by 12 points
Carlton 10.15.75 - 9.9.63 (Half time 5.7.37 - 4.6.30)
Goals; Lewis 3, Hart 2, Way, Stone, Fitzgerald, Humphreys, Robertson.
Best; Goonan, Parkhill, Martin, Kelly, Cahill, Charleston, Dee (until injured)

Carlton fourth, Played 13, Won 9, Lost 4, Points 36 (One game clear of Richmond)

August 15
State football Victoria v South Australia on the MCG.
NSW v Victoria at Erskinville Sydney, VFL v Bendigo in Bendigo.
Only two reserve games played.
Carlton had a bye

August 22
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
Carlton won;
Carl; 12.18.90
Melb; 7.8.50
Goals; Lewis 3, Cornell 3, Stone 2, Dee 2, Noonan, Kelly
Best; Charleston, Kelly, Parkhill, Stone, Robertson, Dee, Credlin

Carlton fourth; Played 14, Won 10, Lost 4, Drawn 0, Points 40

August 29
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
Clarke and J. Wilson played for the Blues.
The Blues held a lead of 7 points at half time. Hawthorn equalized during the third term,
then Carlton kicked away by adding three goals. During the final quarter the Blues were on top and ran out easy winners.
Umpire; Bentick
Carlton won;
Carl; 12.12.84
Haw; 7.7.49
Goals; Cornell 6, Wilson 2, Stone 2, Lewis, Hart
Best; Goonan, Fitzgerald, Parkhill, Cornell, Callaghan, Vale.

Carlton fourth; Played 15, Won 11, Lost 4, Drawn 0, Points 44

Geelong Advert. Sept 05

September 05
Carlton played Geelong at Corio Oval Geelong
The Blues' half back line was not published in Monday's Geelong Advertiser.
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, Humphries, Evans
Half backs; ?
Centres; Martin, Goonan, Kelly
Half forwards; Robertson, Credlin, Way
Forwards; Cornell, Lewis, Dee
Followers; Vale, Fitzgerald
Rover; Stone
Umpire; Woosnam
Carlton won;
Carl; 3.2 6.6 10.8 13.10.88
Geel; 1.5 5.6 8.10 9.11.65
Goals; Way 4, Lewis 2, Stone 2, Dee 2, Credlin 2, Cornell
Best; Credlin, Martin (BOG), Kelly, Humphries, Stone, Way

Carlton fourth; Played 16, Won 12, Lost 4, Drawn 0, 87.85%, Points 48
In the Geelong Advertiser, the percentage is reversed as what happens in SANFL with the team on top of the ladder having the lowest %.
The senior ladder is given as the same, (lowest % at the top).

September 12
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
The Blues rested several players as they will meet Fitzroy in the semi final next week.
The Royboys started the game well, but the Blues came back in the last quarter to win by 14 points.
Carlton finished the season fourth on the same number of points as Fitzroy, and also South Melbourne in second place.
Umpire; Woosnam
Carlton won;
Carl; 11.12.78
Fitz; 9.10.64
Goals; Cornell 4, Lewis 2, Robertson 2, Way, Credlin, Stone
Best; Parkhill, Humphreys, Vale, Robertson, Evans, McVay (until injured)

Carlton fourth; Played 17, Won 13, Lost 4, Drawn 0, Points 52

September 26
Carlton played South Melbourne in the Second Semi Final at the MCG
South protested at the result. Their full back was about to kick off after a behind. He was in the action of kicking when he twisted his ankle and fell over, a Carlton player jumped over him and booted the ball through for a goal.
Carlton won by 1 point
Carl; -- 4.8 -- 5.13.43
S.M; -- 3.8 -- 5.12.42
Goals; Dee, Robertson, Cornell/Connell, Lewis, Cahill
Best; Charleston, Evans, Kelly, Vale, Clarke, Way, Cahill, Goonan, Robbins, Robertson, Humphries, Credlin, Lewis.

October 03
Carlton played Fitzroy Reserves in the Reserves Preliminary Final at 12.30pm
The Maroons included 8 senior players and their experience told in the end.
Fitzroy kicked with the aid of the wind in the first quarter.
The Maroons forward line was on top and the Blues had trouble penetrating their opponents defence.
Carlton even with the wind in the second quarter only managed to equal Fitzroy's score against it.
After half time the wind freshened and the Maroons dominated the term to secure a match winning lead of 39 points at the last break.
The Blues fought back and with a few late goals reduced the margin to 16 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Parkhill, Humphries, Cahill
Half backs; Dee, Charleston, Evans
Centres; Martin, Goonan, Kelly
Half forwards; Robertson, Credlin, Fitzgerald
Forwards; Cornell, Way, Lewis
Followers; Vale, Clarke
Rover; Stone
Umpire; Caddy
Carlton lost by 16 points
Carl. 1.4 4.9 5.9 9.14.68
Fitz. 4.1 7.6 11.12 12.12.84
Goals; Lewis 4, Cornell 2, Stone, Fitzgerald, Robertson
Best; Martin & Goonan (centres), Charleston (half back), Cahill (back and following), Parkhill (back), Lewis & Way (forwards), Martin, Stone, Robertson

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