2012 Best and Fairest Votes        

2012 Best and Fairest Votes

2012 Best and fairest votes

1st Heath Scotland 362
2nd Eddie Betts 353
3rd Chris Judd 334
4th Brock McLean 321
5th Marc Murphy 299
6th Andrew Carrazzo 287
7th Kade Simpson 229
8th Bryce Gibbs 228
9th Mitch Robinson 205
10th Matthew Kreuzer 163

Voting System

All five members of the Match Committee voted independently for a minimum of three, and a maximum of eight players.
Players chosen received a maximum of 10 votes, meaning that the outstanding player each round could potentially be awarded 50 votes.

For Example: Player X received 8 votes from each of the 5 members of Match Committee, making his total 40 votes for the round (8 X 5 = 40).


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