Carlton defeated St Kilda by 8 points - MCG. Carlton had their first victory in a final since 1921, winning without Vallence. Horrie Clover kicked 5 goals.

Semi Final, 1929

St Kilda0.114.4287.64811.773
Venue: M.C.G.Date: Saturday September 7, 1929
Result: Win by 8 pointsUmpire: R ScottCrowd: 58,481
Goalkickers: H.Clover 5.3, J.Green 3.2, R.Brew 1.0, N.Collins 1.0, T.Downs 1.1, H.Dunn 1.0, A.Doyle 0.2, rushed 0.1
Best: H.Clover, J.Kelly, C.Davey, C.Martyn, F.Gill, R.Brew, F.Williams.
Reports: Injuries: T.Downs (jarred hand), A.Duncan (ankle)

Game Review

Carlton went into the match without leading goalkicker Harry Vallence and met St Kilda who were missing Carr, Sanneman and Ludlow. The Blues dominated the Saints in the first quarter, scoring 4 goals to nil, but the Saints slowly clawed they way back into the game.

A dust storm hit the ground, making the players difficult to spot from the stands and conditions difficult for both sides. After this passed Carlton settled faster and kicked 4 goals, and while St Kilda kept trying they couldn't close the gap. The Saints weren't helped by injuries, losing a ruckman and wingman during the match.

Horrie Clover was the star for the Blues, kicking 5 goals and beating three different opponents, while Fred Phillips was St Kilda's best player. Other Carlton players to feature prominently were Joe Kelly and Charlie Davey.

"Viewing the possibilities dispassionately, and critically, after closely scanning the dispositions of the teams placed, one felt the result really depended on Clover, the former Carisbrook player, being what may be described as the king-pin centre half-forward of the League. It is a key position, and there was no Clover in the ranks of the opposition."
"Though there were many subsidiary causes, Clover won the game for Carlton. He was the centre of attraction for the Carlton followers and centre line, and when the magnificent play of St. Kilda's defenders prevented Clover from operating to the utmost limit of his power Green acted as a reliable and clever second string."
(Trove: Australasian September 14 p30)


B: 26 Ray Brew (c) 21 Frank Gill 4 Aubrey Martyn
HB: 27 Charlie Parsons 32 Alex Duncan 6 Fred Gilby
C: 7 Joe Kelly 2 Colin Martyn 29 Fred Williams
HF: 19 Alec Doyle 1 Horrie Clover (vc) 16 Harvey Dunn
F: 5 Norm Collins 14 Jack Green 23 Jim Crowe
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 24 Bill Lever 28 Tommy Downs
Coach: Dan Minogue

Free Kicks

Carlton: 9, 10, 9, 10 -- Total 38
StKilda: 12, 14, 11, 8 -- Total 45


Carlton: 80
St.Kilda: 72
C. Davey 15, C. Martyn 9, H. Clover 8, A. Doyle 6, J. Green 6, F. Gilby 5, F. Gill 5, J. Kelly 5, T. Downs 4, H. Dunn 4, F. Williams 3, A. Duncan 2, B. Lever, 2, A. Martyn 2, C. Parsons 2, N. Collins 1, J. Crowe 1.


The Semi Final was filmed using new cameras purchased by Australasian Films Ltd. These cameras provide full view as well as close-up shots.
The State Theatre screened the film this evening and throughout the week.

(Possible names) Back Row L- R; Joe Kelly, Frank Gill, Charlie Davey, Alec Doyle, Alex Duncan, Bill Lever, Charlie Parsons, Colin Martyn
Centre; Aubrey Martyn, Jim Crowe, Ray Brew, Horrie Clover, Fred Gilby, Fred Williams, Jack Green, Norm Collins
Front; Tommy Downs, Harvey Dunn


Pictures from: The Australasian,September 14th 1929, p 66.

Aub Martyn (4) Alex Duncan (32) Charlie Davey (rear)

Tommy Downs (28) and Charlie Davey. Images: Trove; Table Talk



Interesting Fact: This was Carlton's first finals win since 1921

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