Richmond beat Carlton by 4 points in the Grand Final.


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1921 Summary

This season must go down as a missed opportunity for the Blues. After an impressive campaign in the home and away rounds, we lost to Richmond in the Preliminary Final and the Grand Final - despite having more scoring shots than the Tigers in both games.

The Blues got off to an indifferent start to the season, having a bye in round 2, and then drawing with Fitzroy and South Melbourne in rounds 4 and 5. From then on, we were the dominant side for the rest of the preliminary rounds, losing only once more - to Fitzroy in round 13. Highlights included a 57-point victory over Essendon in round 6, a 51-point win against Richmond in round 10, and a 98-point thrashing of St Kilda in round 12.

Finishing the home and away season on top of the ladder (two games and a healthy percentage ahead of Richmond) the Blues won a tight encounter against Collingwood in the second Semi Final by 13 points, after leading at every break. But we then blundered an opportunity to win the flag the following week against Richmond, in what was eventually the Preliminary Final. Despite having seven more scoring shots, the Blues lost 10.7 (67) to 7.17 (59). However, having finished top of the ladder, the Blues had earnt the right to challenge the Tigers to a rematch the following week in the Grand Final.

In our first Grand Final for 5 years (since our loss to Fitzroy in 1916) Carlton went down by a mere 4 points to the Tigers; Carlton 4.8.32 to Richmond 5.6.36. That 1921 decider would be our only major final for the entire decade, and come early in our 23-year Premiership drought between 1915 and 1938. Both games against Richmond were effected by extreme weather, and we are left to wonder whether the dominant Carlton side would have prevailed in better conditions, although it can be argued that poor kicking in the fair first half cost Carlton the Preliminary Final (which would have been the Grand Final if we had of won).

In a highlight of the season, Horrie Clover kicked 13 goals from centre half-forward in Round 12 against St Kilda.Charlie Canet was team captain for rounds 1 to 6, before being replaced by Gordon Green from round 7 onwards. Jack Greenhill was vice captain throughout.


7Sth Melbourne511022118.200.908149.179.107384.6
8St Kilda411118134.194.998185.185.129577.1


Captain: Charlie Canet / Gordon Green
Vice Captain: Jack Greenhill
Coach: Norman Clark
Leading goalkicker: Horrie Clover - 58 goals


Debuts: Frank Murphy, Dan Whannell, Harry Toole, Harry Bell, William Morgan, Jim Watson, Alex Duncan

Blue and Whites vs Blues April 09

Princes Park 3pm
No details

Carlton v Carlton District April 23

Carlton team;
Backs; Chappell, Fisher, McLennan
Half backs; Raleigh, Ewans, Clowe
Centres; Chandler, Blackman, Canet (C)
Half forwards; Daykin, McLatchie, Maher
Forwards; no details
Followers; Martin, Hiskins
Rover; McLatchie
Carlton District team;
Backs; Parkhill, Watson, Burgess
Half back; Davies, McCarthy, Dee
Centres; Soderbloom, McPherson, Whannell
Half forwards; Hambridge, T. Hyde, Boyd
Forwards; Aimes, Bell (C), Ram
Followers; Hughes, Dyer
Rover; A. Hyde
Umpire; Harvey
Carlton won by 71 points.
Carl; 11.21.87 - 2.4.16 (Half time 6.10 - 2.1)
Goals; McLatchie 3, Maher 3, Pickford 2, Green, Duncan, Crudon, Johnson

Blue and Whites vs Blues April 30

Blue and White team;
Backs; Wright, Fisher, McLennan
Half backs; Raleigh, Johnson Chappell/Kiely
Centres; Canet (Capt.), W. Blackman, Chandler
Half forwards; Burke, Beasy, C. Blackman
Forwards; Sharpe, Maher, Morgan/Downs
Followers; Martin, Hiskins
Rover; Baker

Blues team;
Backs; Dee, Watson, Clowe
Half backs; McDonald, Greenhill, Rogers/Dillon
Centres; Stephenson, W. Green, Drain
Half forwards; Bickford, Duncan, Wittman
Forwards; Cruddon, Soderbloom, G. Green/Daykin (Capt.)
Followers; Ewans, Boromeo
Rover; McLatchie
Umpire; Scott
Blues won by 30 points
Blues; 13.8.86
B&W; 7.14.56
Goals; McLatchie 5, Daykin 3, Cruddon 2, G. V. Green 2, Wittman
Goals; Downs 2, Burke, C. Blackman, Beasy, Martin, Morgan,

Carlton vs Norwood October 22

Norwood Oval, Adelaide.
The Blues were warmly welcomed onto the oval and were cheeered by the Norwood team. Carlton first played Norwood back in 1882 and had played each other many times since.
Carlton team;
From (22); A. Boromeo, F. Bickford, W. Blackman, H. R. Clover, E. N. Chandler, C. R. Crowe, A. Duncan, P. Daykin, C. Fisher, G. V. Green (Capt.), J. Greenhill (Vice Capt.), E. M. Jamieson, R. Hiskins, F. Johnson, F. Martin, H. Morgan, C. McKenzie, S. McLatchie, W. Raleigh, J. Stephenson, F. Murphy, H. Bell.
Clover, Green, Stephenson, and Jamieson did not play.
Carlton lost;
Carl; 2.8 3.12 9.13 10.14.74
Nor; 3.2 8.4 10.6 12.9.81
Goals; Fisher 4, Morgan 3, Bickford, Blackman, Duncan.
Best; Fisher (BOG), Chandler, Blackman, Boromeo, McLatchie, Duncan, Martin.
The Blues were entertained at the Norwood Town Hall after the match.

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