Priority Picks

The "Priority Pick" relates to an AFL draft rule that grants additional draft selections offered to struggling Clubs to improve their list over time. Despite a relatively constant flow of rule changes of application of the 'Priority Pick', the Blues have been the beneficiaries of 4 such picks since 2003:

Actual PickPlayer
2003 National Draft Pre-First Round2Andrew Walker
2005 National Draft Pre-First Round1Marc Murphy
2006 National Draft Pre-Second Round17Shaun Hampson
2007 National Draft Pre-First Round1Matthew Kreuzer

Our first priority selection, Andrew Walker, was 'earned' even though our first and second round choices had been taken from Carlton due to salary cap penalties in 2003.

It should also be noted that the selection of Murphy and Kreuzer, with our 'notional' priority picks, were not in effect the 'additional player' that could be taken. Murphy was taken with Pick 1, which Carlton were always going to have after finishing last in 2005, with Josh Kennedy being the extra pick in the year. Similarly, Kreuzer was taken with Pick 1, and our Pick 3 utilised to trade for Chris Judd. The difference in 2007 being that Richmond finished last, yet Carlton's priority pick took precedent as it was a pre-first Round Pick from Carlton having won 16 points or less in each of the preceding years.

In 2006, the AFL changed the Priority Pick rules, moving our selection to the start of the Second Round despite Carlton meeting the requirements as per the year before (less than 5 wins). In this time, the AFL instituted a rule requiring a pre-first round pick to require two consecutive years of less then 16 points.

Thereafter the Picks became more discretionary in nature, with the AFL demanding formal requests for such a pick. In 2018, the AFL allowed priority picks in the form of access to State League players (of certain types) for both Carlton and the Gold Coast. Oddly enough, Gold Coast were granted 3 and Carlton 2 despite Carlton coming last. Alas, the Blues used their access in their trading processes whilst the Suns utilised them on VFL / SANFL talent for their list.

The National Draft
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