Carlton lost to Collingwood by 24 points, after farewelling Anthony Koutoufides at the MCG.

Round 18, 2007

Carlton4.4287.6 4811.107614.1296
Collingwood4.0248.75510.10 7018.12120
Venue: MCG
Date: Saturday, 4 August 2007, 2:10pm Result: Loss by 24 pts
Umpires: M Avon, H Kennedy, M Stevic Crowd: 56,341
Goalkickers: Fevola 6; Fisher, Waite 2; Ó hAilpín, Russell, Saddington, Simpson
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Game Review

Carlton organised a ‘Tribute to Kouta’ prior to this match, and many of the 56,000 who turned up to the MCG on this Saturday afternoon were there for one reason - to say goodbye to one of Carlton’s greats. With both teams lining the boundary, Anthony was driven on a lap of honour as the cheer squad and many in the crowd chanted “Kou-ta, Kou-ta” one last time. Remarkably, even some of the Collingwood cheer squad were gracious enough to clap as he drove past.

This 235th meeting between Carlton and Collingwood was a typically tight encounter that was only broken open by the more fancied Collingwood team in the final quarter. In fact, the Collingwood line-up for the game - despite three late changes that Magpie fans would argue were important, but to the footy world at large were irrelevant - had almost double the experience of games played, compared to the young Blues line-up.

Carlton started the game very well and controlled much of the opening term. They were on top in virtually every statistical column with the exception of hit-outs. It was a joy early to see the kids, with Ryan Jackson impressive for a second straight week Debutant Michael Jamison also did some good things, and never looked out of place, whilst eighth-gamer Paul Bower managed eight stats and a couple of beautiful spoils in a strong first term. In reality, Carlton should have ended the quarter with a bigger lead, especially after an audaciously-dribbled goal from Jarrad Waite that was delicately placed between opponent and umpire from the left forward pocket. But finishing in front of goal let the Blues down, as the lead changed several times in a gripping contest.

The second quarter saw glimpses of Collingwood's on-paper superiority, although their lead was never too great. Carlton always had enough fight, and more importantly, talent, to keep their opponents within reach. Although the Blues rucks were being beaten, the midfield and defence were holding up well, and the Pies big forward Anthony Rocca was nowhere to be seen. Andrew Carrazzo, Heath Scotland and Kade Simpson were winning plenty of ball for the Blues, with the latter two mopping up in the defensive 50 time after time. Therefore, there was only a seven point deficit facing Carlton at the main break.

The struggle continued in the third term, as the Blues came out blazing to kick four goals and snatch the advantage at three-quarter time. Rocca was still being well held, but Travis Cloke was proving harder to contain as the match wore on, and it was the monster forwards of Collingwood that would eventually decide the outcome.

Collingwood opened the fourth quarter with an open forward line and the intent of isolating the smaller Jason Saddington against Rocca, and it worked. Rocca kicked two early goals, forcing the change of Saddington for the taller Setanta Ó hAilpín. That swap provided immediate dividends, as majors to Saddington and Brendan Fevola tied the game up at 95 points all, before the big effort began to take its toll on the young Blues and Rocca took over as Collingwood landed four unanswered goals in last eight minutes to run out victors by that margin

Despite the sour taste of another gallant defeat, some positive signs for Carlton included the debut of Michael Jamison who had the better of his opponent Paul Medhurst, while Brett Ratten’s astute coaching and his willingness to give his younger players real opportunities won him kudos from many supporters. In fact, Ratten would remark after the game that this team was the youngest for 37 years (although the team the following week was even younger still). The details and ages of the individual players who wore the navy blue on this particular afternoon are explored here.

Better players for Carlton included Jordan Russell, who was impressive in stages, as well as Andrew Carrazzo who again kept the stats men busy with 36 disposals. Heath Scotland racked up 31 touches, including a text book bullet-like pass to Fevola in the last quarter resulted in one of Fev’s 6 goals. All of a sudden, Carlton's list did not appear as poor as many media pundits had declared. There was some promising youth coming through, even if older and wiser heads were few and far between. Indeed, it was Jason Saddington - in his 157th game - who was the most experienced Blue on the day.


B:18 Paul Bower 31 Jordan Bannister 9 Jason Saddington
HB: 33 Ryan Houlihan 32 Bret Thornton 29 Heath Scotland
C: 30 Jarrad Waite 6 Kade Simpson (a/c) 3 Marc Murphy
HF:2 Jordan Russell 14 Brad Fisher 4 Bryce Gibbs
F: 17 Setanta Ó hAilpín 25 Brendan Fevola 13 Luke Blackwell
Ruck: 11 Cain Ackland 38 Ryan Jackson 44 Andrew Carazzo
Interchange:7 Adam Bentick 19 Eddie Betts 16 Shaun Grigg
40 Michael Jamison
Coach: Brett Ratten
Emg: 21 Mark Austin, 10 Dylan McLaren, 41 Ross Young
In: Adam Bentick, Shaun Grigg, Michael Jamison
Out: Matthew Lappin (hamstring), Simon Wiggins (hamstring), Anthony Koutoufides (hip, retired)


Debut: Michael Jamison
Stand-in captain: Kade Simpson continued in the role of skipper for this game
Interesting fact: This was the youngest Carlton team for 37 years, and amongst the 20 Youngest Carlton teams in history. Amazingly, the team in subsequent weeks would be even younger.

Brownlow Votes

3. Andrew Carrazzo, Carlton
2. Heath Scotland, Carlton
1. James Clement, Collingwood

Best and Fairest Votes

Heath Scotland 22, Andrew Carrazzo 19, Brendan Fevola 18, Brad Fisher, Kade Simpson 4, Jordan Russell, Bret Thornton 3, Michael Jamison 2

The Ghost

Collingwood and Deconstruction

Collingwood has, it must be said, an uncanny belief it its own worth. A chest stuck out strut, a gold jacket, flag waving, moccasin-wearing jig-a-jig (like the horrid old skinhead dance of my long ago youth). Much like the white males who once thought any person of a different skin colour must be less than whole, Collingwood supporters have this belief that they are more valuable than any other supporter. They think that they are somehow more than the sum total of their efforts.

And in many ways who can blame them. For years now they have had channel nine blowing their trumpet as if the AFL supporters of all clubs were surrounded by the walls of Jericho and Collingwood had come to set them free. Wasn’t it Collingwood who saved the Bulldogs? Didn’t they deliberately draw that final in ’77 and then throw the subsequent rematch just so the Roos would survive?

They have the MCG as a private providing ground every week while other teams must fly hither and thither to play football. Collingwood even allow teams the when and where’s of wearing jumpers – like this week, apparently it was Eddie who allowed us to wear our jumper for our home game. Oh gracious Magpie, oh benevolent black and white spirit!

There is a strong rumour that this wonderful club is even considering a name change to Collinggood – or is that Collinggod?

So it must have unnerved them to see the struggling Blues, the basket case, the infante terrible, go awfully close to defeating them last week. Here they were, the Mighty Magpies, the believers of the cake walk dream, ready to show the world how ready they are for September action (mind you the cake walk has more rotten boards than the blackened mouths of most Collingwood supporters) and the Bluebaggers gave them a fair dinkum contest. A goal for goal affair between their hardened stalwarts and the youngest guns we had fielded for 37 years! How their mighty hearts must have quaked, and no wonder the generous Mickey Malthausen (who had forgotten their own Dale Thomas, not that that’s not hard to do, he disappears from games like we wish umpires would sometimes do) quickly asserted the need to get rid of the priority – oh the fear! The aching, history-filled, fear they have of us!

How their bloated, unloved hearts must have quailed realising that the Blue juggernaut is far closer to their lofty sanitised-sandy shore than any of them thought. We have a forward line that kicks pressure goals, we have a young, mobile midfield and our backs are developing (congrats to young Jamo for an excellent debut, a bit like SOS with that ability of his to get the fist to the ball moments before the forward marked it).

So perhaps it’s time for Collingwood to deconstruct themselves, to accept the error of black and white thinking, to see the colours in the world and to realize, finally, that when spring comes, their cold beliefs fade into September ghouls.

Meanwhile, how good were our boys! I cannot wait for this week to see them take that spirit on the road. Ratts has them playing for each other and for the great navy blue jumper. He has the spirit rising like the pink clouds in a glorious new dawn - as Malcolm McDowell (a true blue bluebagger) was heard to remark in the film A Clockwork Orange and Navy Blue – ‘its not long now me lovelies ‘til we’re singing in the rain while kicking the carcass of a fallen Collingwood in September again!’

Oh cherish these last few weeks, see the kids strut their stuff, watch the young ‘uns give us the glimpses into next year’s coming! Perhaps this week we’ll see the giant Jacobs (has he been elevated?) or see Benjamin let loose to run as free as any lion.

I loved the efforts on Saturday and cannot wait to see how they travel interstate together – something we have not done too well of late (mind you this is true of many things, these past dark years that seem too close to Collingwood’s history to remain true for too much longer).

This is another game I think we can win. I think Port Adelaide have been playing above themselves and are due for a bit of deconstruction themselves – lets face it, they are little more than a sad echo of that Collingwood dream of imposed greatness that small souls dream while being overwhelmed by the truth of this Navy Blue multiverse – even Port Adelaide supporters have strange, prescient nightmares about Wayne Harmes.

I wish I was a Collingwood supporter this week, then I could see the boys at the G instead on the tellie, but then I think of 1970 and laugh at the thought, give me the tellie and the truth of September any day of the week.

So this week we’ll see more of the boys playing for each other, more tight contests and more run to assists. Who know we may even see if Fev can make it three from three and dob another one from out beyond 70!

Suddenly, under Ratts, this team has found itself again – what will a summer do for this team? Only time will tell, and unlike the poor old Maggies and their fraying feathers, time is something that is definitely on our side.

Mike and Dan

Luke’s use of force

Luke Blackwell took on the ‘Pies in more ways than one in our close loss on the weekend, with 18 stats, a couple of close but unfortunate behinds but one sensational piece of play that wins Play of the Week for Round 18. Despite stiff competition provided by Fevola’s goal, Waite’s amazing goal and Jamison’s behind - goal, Blackwell was a deserving winner in this week’s review.

What did it feel like to take on those 2 Pies, pull out the ball and deliver lace out to the big Fevola?
It was great – I thought it was going to be close, I thought I may be in with a chance, and it came off.

Fev looked great on the weekend, but he got some beautiful passes from not just yourself, but also Houlihan and a few others. Have you guys been working on your forward entries at training?
We have, but it’s more about us kicking more during the games, especially around the forward 50. We have been kicking to each other more around goal, which opens up the forward 50 a lot better as it drags opposition players out of Fevola’s space.

You looked pretty annoyed when you missed a shot at goal in the second quarter. Does the disappointment put you off for a while or is the game just too quick to let that happen?
Yeah, that was very disappointing – it was an attempted snap that I kicked in the middle of the ball and it just didn’t curve around. Sure, I was disappointed for a second, but you have to put it behind you straight away.

No offence Luke but you look like you’re one of the youngest out there – when are you going to get arms like your Dad?
Hey, I’m working on it, I’m working on it! I think another pre-season under my belt will be important to let me build up. You have to remember I’m still only 20.

That was the youngest Carlton team in 37 years out there on the weekend – what does that mean to the players?
Ratts mentioned it before the game actually. We had a chat about it, and the fact that we could make our own history by winning. We hear a lot about the great teams of the past, and we want to become a great team of the future. That has to start some time, hopefully, we can become premiership contenders in the next few years.

In fact, it was the 20th youngest team in Carlton history. For more details on the 20 youngest teams, check out this page in the Blueseum

What can you say about the amount of game time you've got this year? You still manage to get stats, but sometimes you seem to be used rather sparingly. Has this changed of late?
You’re never happy unless you’re getting the whole game out there on the field, but slowly but surely I’m getting more time.

Every time you’ve been sent back to the Ants you seem to get 40+ stats. Each time do you set yourself for a big game to try to keep your name in front of the selectors putting it simply are you too good for VFL level?
I think it’s a bit of both really. I think at VFL level it’s a bit easier for me, as it’s a little slower. Plus I get a starting go in the midfield. At AFL level, it’s a bit faster and I’m still trying to get more game time.

There is a lot of talk in the media about tanking. How does it make the players feel when the attention is on that instead of some really improved efforts recently?
We talk about it sure, but once we cross we line we give it everything. Our name, and our jumpers, are on the line, so we can’t not give it our all because of it.

The club is very different from your Dad’s day. What has he told you about the club when he was playing? Do you talk to him much about footy and your career? Does he give you any good advice?
We talk a little bit about it, especially after a few beers. We talk about how footy is very different – how the draft has really evened up the competition, about Carlton’s history and how we used to be a powerhouse, and how we both hope to get Carlton back to that as soon as we can.

With yourself, Bentick, Carrazzo, Murphy and Nick Stevens returning in 2008, we seem to have the makings of small-medium sized midfielders. Is the club trying to rekindle the famous ‘mosquito fleet’ of the late 70s/early 80s?
We’ve got a young midfield group at the moment and we’re all sticking together on and off the field, trying to learn more about each other so hopefully we can become a better midfield group.

I’d hope that we can get a better name than the mosquito group though.

There’s a few West Australians on the list now. With house prices the way they are over west, do you think you could ever afford to go home?
    • laughs ** Probably not! I love Melbourne and Perth – I’d love to stay in Melbourne for a while yet. There’s a lot of money in Perth at the moment, maybe I could buy a house in Melbourne…

OK, one thing we like to do is test our players history knowledge. How many names can you remember from your locker?
Well I’m at the Club now if you want me to go to the lockers and tell you….Hanna is the last one, but not sure of the others.

There are 4 names on the #13 Locker. To check if you can guess all 4, click here.

We like to finish up with giving you guys the chance to pay out on some of your team-mates. Last week Ryan Jackson dished it out on Cam Cloke. Does anyone deserve a good bucketing, and why?
Well, I think both Jackson and Cloke deserve it – because of how much they love each other. They’re always hugging and cuddling – more than any boyfriend and girlfriend I’ve ever seen!

Not that there is anything wrong with that…

Luke Blackwell was a pivotal member of our young midfield group on the weekend, and was a deserved winner of Mike & Dan’s Play of the Week.

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