1979 U19s

1979 U/19's Season
Coach: Bryan Quirk
Captain: Robert Hubbard
Vice Captain: Darren Linkins
Best and Fairest: Robert Hubbard
Leading Goalkickers: David Downing 56 goals (5th in the competition), Stan Gilday 45 goals, Robert Hubbard 39 goals, Stephen Banbury 34 goals, Spiro Kourkoumelis 32 goals, Darren Linkins 30 goals and David Guest 29 goals.
Position: 1st
Premier: Carlton

For the second year in a row, the Blues took out the Under 19's Premiership. This marked a great debut for Bryan Quirk who won consecutive Premierships at this level in his first two years in the job.

Carlton had finished the 1979 home and away season in second position and had won 15 from their 22 games with an average score of 117 points per game to 93 points against and a percentage of 126. 31%, they were half a game behind the topside in Geelong and had a better percentage that Geelong by 11.54 and had one more win than the fourth placed Fitzroy and a 14.79 advantage in percentage. Carlton had also lost the 4 premiership points from their round 3 win against Essendon when they had won by 18 points. They defeated Geelong and North Melbourne (with a young Andrew Demetriou in the North squad) in the early finals before defeating Fitzroy in the grand final.

The 1979 Under 19s Grand Final

Carlton 2.1 13 5.3 33 7.10 52 9.18 72
Fitzroy 2.2 14 5.5 35 8.8 56 8.9 57
Venue: MCG Date: September 29, 1979
Result: Win by 15 points Umpires: B. Hood & M. Westgarth Crowd:
Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 3, Robert Hubbard 2, Darren Linkins 1, David Glascott 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1 and Mark Hegarty 1.
Best: Darren Linkins, Terry Dean, Robert Dean, Mark Hegarty, Robert Hubbard, David Whillas, Stan Gilday, Stephen Banbury and Doug Caruana.
Reports: Mark Hegarty & B.Grimley (Fitz) for striking each other, Ian McKie (striking Alford), B.Grimley (Fitz) (striking Alan Hamilton ).
Injuries: Nil

Game Review

Carton again had two brothers playing in Robert Dean and Terry Dean and they both were recruited from Montrose in Carlton’s Eastern metropolitan zone.

This Carlton and Fitzroy Under 19 grand final was the curtain raiser for the Carlton versus Collingwood senior grand final and Carlton won both grand finals. (The North Melbourne and Collingwood reserve grand final was played at VFL Park, Waverley on the Friday night when North, coached by Ray Jordon defeated Collingwood coached by Ron Richards.) David Glascott (173 games, 81 goals, 1981-91), Spiro Kourkoumelis (62 games, 56 goals, 1981-86 and 35 games 15 goals at St Kilda between 1987 and 1990) and Mark Buckley (son of the team manager Brian and ex player played 27 games, 35 goals at Carlton between 1982 and 1985 and 7 games 4 goals at St Kilda in 1985 and 4 games and 2 goals at Brisbane in 1987) would all would later play senior football for Carlton. Eight of these Fitzroy Under 19’s would also later play senior football, seven would play with Fitzroy and were Shane Braddy (98 games, 3 goals, 1980-81 and Sydney 56 games, 83 goals between 1982 and 1985), Michael Coates (29 games, 5 goals, 1982-84), Glen Coleman (64 games, 7 goals, 1980-84, Sydney 61 games and 57 goals between 1986-89 and Footscray 69 games, 51 goals between 1990 and 1993), Darryl Cox 916 games, 8 goals, 1980-83, Melbourne 13 games, 7 goals 1984-86 and Brisbane 1 game and 1 goal in 1987), Brett Grimley (18 games, 2 goals, 1983-85), Andrew Merryweather (1 games in 1982 and 5 games at Essendon in 1988) and Andrew Veal (6 games in 1980), while Greg Fyffe played 1 game and scored 2 goals for Collingwood in 1983.

“Carlton Under 19s won their second successive premiership in a close encounter with Fitzroy at the MCG this afternoon. In a wet and fierce opening both teams struggled for supremacy. For three quarters it was goal for goal, with Fitzroy having a slight edge. When the rain stopped in the last quarter, Carlton gained the lead and held on to win by 15 points. . . At the two-minute mark of the last quarter Robert Hubbard goaled and Carlton hit the front for the first time. Carlton sealed the match when centreman Mark Hegarty kicked accurately.” - From the Sporting Globe September 29, 1979.

Robert Hubbard won the 1979 Carlton Under 19 best and fairest and is the only Under 19 player to win two Carlton Under 19 best and fairest awards (his other was in 1977) and was one of the Club’s two senior runners in 1999, when he ran through the mark against Essendon during the third quarter in the preliminary final, resulting in a 50-metre penalty and a goal.

Carlton Under 19s won their game against Essendon in round 3 by 18 points (final scores 19 goals 12 behinds 126 points to 15 goals 18 behinds 108 points) but lost the 4 premiership points with Essendon being awarded the win, due to Carlton playing an unregistered player?

“Season 1979 started with all full of enthusiasm after winning the flag in 1978. Coach Bryan Quirk instilled into the players at practice matches that all the other Clubs will be out to beat the Premiers. As the season progressed the Blues settled down into a formidable team. Injuries took its toll on the team during the season. The remainder of the season is now registered in the history books with Carlton Under 19 team winning its second Premiership in two years.” - From the Under 19’s report in the 1979 Carlton Annual Report

Carlton scored ten goals and six behinds in the last quarter of the 1978 grand final and in the 1979 grand final kept Fitzroy to 1 point while they scored two goals and eight behinds. These were the last two Under 19 premierships that Carlton won and this competition finished in 1991 after starting in 1946 and Carlton won a total of six Under 19 premierships in 1948, 1949 (both coached by Jim Francis), 1951 (coached by Arthur Sanger), 1963 (coached by Tom Brooker) and is the only Carlton Under 19’s premiership coach not to have play senior football at Carlton), 1978 and 1979 (both coached by Bryan Quirk). Bryan Quirk had replaced Chris Pavlou (Carlton player between 1958 and 1961 for 31 games and 9 goals and Under 19’s coach between 1973 and 1977) as Carlton’s Under 19s coach. Ray Ball (Richmond player between 1969 and 1970 for 12 games and at South Melbourne for 43 games between 1971 and 1974) became the coach for the 1981 season when Bryan was promoted to the reserve’s coaching position. Ray’s son Luke Ball was appointed St Kilda’s captain for the 2006 season and was the number 2 draft pick in the 2001 National draft, while his older son Matthew played for Hawthorn and was pick 51 in the 2003 National draft and played 13 games in 2003.

Reports: Mark Hegarty (Car.) and B.Grimley (Fit.) charged for deliberately striking each other by boundary umpire Taylor. Ian McKie (Car.) for striking Alford (Fit.) by boundary umpire Fitzgerald both in the 1st quarter. B.Grimley (Fit.) for striking Alan Hamilton (Car.) in the 3rds quarter by field umpire Westgarth.

It was Carlton's day, with former star finalist Bryan Quirk setting the pattern by coaching his Under 19's to victory over Fitzroy. Quirk, a once brilliant wingman for the Blues, had coached his team to a Premiership for the second consecutive season and then sat back to watch some former teammates tackle the senior flag. Carlton, following last season's victory over Collingwood, clinched the Under 19 Grade Premiership in the last term of a tough and evenly-contested final. Both teams opened fiercely in the slippery conditions, with continual rain marring the game and Fitzroy managing to be narrow leaders throughout. The Lions had quarter leads of one point, two and four points before Carlton's Robert Hubbard goaled two minutes into the final term to give the Blues the lead for the first time. The last quarter was a poor one for Fitzroy with only one behind being added, while Carlton scored 2.8 - their second goal from Mark Hegarty to seal the match. Mark Hegarty had been one of four players reported in this hotly-contested Grand Final but he was Carlton's best player. The game was delayed for some time in the first term when the youngsters tempers became frayed and a brawl developed. Carlton steadied the better with quick goals to Robert Hubbard and Stan Gilday to trail by one point at quarter-time. Heavy rain marred the second term with both teams even and despite Fitzroy breaking to a 15 point lead in the third quarter, Carlton persevered and finished far too strongly. - Finals Action 1979.

1979 U19s Premiership Team

B: 25 Terry Dean 5 David Whillas 18 Doug Caruana
HB: 13 Robert Dean 27 Robert Lawson 19 Phil Campbell
C: 9 Garry Williams 22 Mark Hegarty 16 Stephen Banbury
HF: 28 Mark Buckley 17 Stan Gilday 7 Darren Linkins (vc)
F: 1 David Guest 12 David Downing 15 David Glascott
Ruck: 26 Ian McKie 2 Alan Hamilton 3 Robert Hubbard (c)
Res: 24 Greg Kazuro 6 Spiro Kourkoumelis
Coach: Bryan Quirk

1979 Under 19 Premiership Squad

Stephen Banbury
Mark Buckley
Phil Campbell
Doug Caruana
Craig Clements
Robert Dean
Terry Dean
David Downing
Stephen Gibson
Stan Gilday
David Glascott
David Guest
Alan Hamilton
Mark Hegarty
Robert Hubbard
Greg Kazuro
Spiro Kourkoumelis
Robert Lawson
Peter Lazzaro
Darren Linkins
Ian McKie
David Whillas
Garry Williams

1979 U/19's Season.

Round 1 - 7th April 1979

Geelong 18.25.133
Carlton 10.15.75

Result: Lost by 58 points

Goalkickers: Darren Linkins 3, David Downing 2, Alan Hamilton 2, Appostola 1, Stephen Banbury 1, Robert Hubbard 1.

Best: Scales, David Guest, David Downing, Bradley, Dean, Garry Williams.

Round 2 - 14th June 1979

Richmond 21.17.143
Carlton 21.06.142

Result: Lost by 1 point

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 7, Mark Hegarty 4, David Downing 3, Robert Hubbard 3, Stephen Banbury 2, Bradley 1, David Guest 1.

Best: David Guest, Stan Gilday, Mark Hegarty, Garry Williams, Darren Linkins, Harry Van Koll.

Round 3 - 21st April 1979

Carlton 19.12.126
Essendon 15.18.108

Result: Won by 18 points

Goalkickers: Robert Hubbard 4, David Downing 3, Darren Linkins 3, Stan Gilday 2, Mark Hegarty 2, Raleigh 2, Bradley 1, Greg Kazuro 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Dean, Robert Hubbard, Darren Linkins, Craig Clements, Doug Caruana, Stephen Banbury.

Round 4 - 28th April 1979

Carlton 13.14.92
Fitzroy 12.18.90

Result: Won by 2 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Banbury 2, Bradley 2, David Guest 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Darren Linkins 2, David Downing 1, Alan Hamilton 1, BIll Martin 1.

Best: Darren Linkins, Garry Williams, Dean, Doug Caruana, Craig Clements, David Downing.

Round 5 - 5th May 1979

Melbourne 13.09.87
Carlton 9.11.65

Result: Lost by 22 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Banbury 2, David Downing 2, David Guest 1, Hagg 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Darren Linkins 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Garry Williams, Bill Martin, Doug Caruana, David Downing, Alan Hamilton, Robert Hubbard.

Round 6 - 12th May 1979

Carlton 22.18.150
Hawthorn 14.12.96

Result: Won by 54 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Banbury 6, Robert Hubbard 6, David Downing 3, Alan Hamilton 3, David Guest 2, Peter Lazzaro 1, Raleigh 1.

Best: Robert Hubbard, Alan Hamilton, Stephen Banbury, Peter Lazzaro, Bill Martin, David Downing.

Round 7 - 19th May 1979

Carlton 21.12.138
Nth Melbourne 8.08.56

Result: Won by 82 points

Goalkickers: David Downing 8, Robert Hubbard 5, Darren Linkins 2, David Guest 2, David Glascott 1, Robert Lawson 1, Peter Lazzaro 1, Garry Williams 1

Best: David Downing, Bill Martin, Robert Hubbard, Hagg, Doug Caruana, Craig Clements.

Round 8 - 26th May 1979

Carlton 17.18.120
St Kilda 10.08.68

Result: Won by 52 points

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 8, Ian McKie 4, Peter Lazzaro 2, Stephen Banbury 1, David Glascott 1, David Guest 1.

Best: Greg Kazuro, Haag, Dean, Stan Gilday, Robert Lawson, Darren Linkins.

Round 9 - 2nd June 1979

Carlton 13.16.94
Footscray 8.13.61

Result: Won by 33 points

Goalkickers: Bonunda 3, David Guest 2, Peter Lazzaro 2, Strachan 2, Mark Buckley 1, Stephen Gibson 1, David Glascott 1, Ian McKie 1.

Best: Darren Linkins, David Guest, G.Campbell, Craig Clements, Dean, David Glascott.

Round 10 - 9th June 1979

Collingwood 16.10.106
Carlton 15.11.101

Result: Lost by 5 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Banbury 6, Dean 2, David Downing 2, David Glascott 2, Mark Buckley 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Harry Van Koll 1.

Best: Stephen Banbury, Craig Clements, David Glascott, Robert Hubbard, Harry Van Koll.

Round 11 - 16th June 1979

Carlton 20.10.130
Sth Melbourne 10.17.77

Result: Won by 53 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Gibson 5, Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, David Downing 4, David Glascott 3, Peter Lazzaro 2, Haag 1.

Best: Greg Kazuro, Dean, Stephen Banbury, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Stephen Gibson, Worley.

Round 12 - 23rd June 1979

Carlton 20.15.135
Geelong 12.08.80

Result: Won by 55 points

Goalkickers: Alan Hamilton 5, David Downing 4, David Glascott 3, Stephen Banbury 2, Stephen Gibson 1, David Guest 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Miles 1, Ian McKie 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1.

Best: Alan Hamilton, Stephen Banbury, Dean, Robert Hubbard, Craig Clements, Greg Kazuro.

Round 13 - 30th June 1979

Carlton 14.26.110
Richmond 10.13.73

Result: Won by 37 points

Goalkickers: Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, Mark Buckley 2, David Glascott 2, Stan Gilday 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Darren Linkins 1.

Best: Robert Lawson, Craig Clements, Alan Hamilton, Stephen Banbury, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Greg Kazuro.

Round 14 - 7th July 1979

Carlton 19.18.132
Fitzroy 8.13.61

Result: Won by 71 points

Goalkickers: Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, Darren Linkins 4, Stephen Banbury 2, Stan Gilday 2, David Downing 1, David Glascott 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Alan Hamilton 1, Ian McKie 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Alan Hamilton, Mark Hegarty, Darren Linkins, Garry Williams, Robert Hubbard, G.Campbell.

Round 15 - 14th July 1979

Carlton 23.19.157
Essendon 18.15.123

Result: Won by 34 points

Goalkickers: Mark Hegarty 5, Alan Hamilton 4, David Guest 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 3, Stan Gilday 2, Darren Linkins 2, Mark Buckley 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Robert Lawson 1, Ian McKie 1

Best: Mark Hegarty, Garry Williams, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Alan Hamilton, Stan Gilday, David Guest.

Round 16 - 21st July 1979

Carlton 16.14.110
Melbourne 8.16.64

Result: Won by 46 points

Goalkickers: Alan Hamilton 5, David Downing 2, Stan Gilday 2, Mark Hegarty 2, Dattiglia 1, David Guest 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Alan Hamilton, Garry Williams, Darren Linkins, Robert Hubbard, Mark Hegarty, G.Campbell.

Round 17 - 28th July 1979

Carlton 21.09.135
Hawthorn 17.18.120

Result: Won by 15 points

Goalkickers: David Guest 6, Robert Hubbard 4, Stephen Gibson 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 3, Darren Linkins 2, Stephen Banbury 1, Ian McKie 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Robert Lawson, David Guest, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Robert Hubbard, Garry Williams, Stephen Banbury.

Round 18 - 4th August 1979

Nth Melbourne 22.14.146
Carlton 21.13.139

Result: Lost by 7 points

Goalkickers: David Downing 8, Ian McKie 4, Stan Gilday 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Stephen Banbury 1, David Guest 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: Ian McKie, Garry Williams, David Guest, David Downing, Dean, Spiro Kourkoumelis.

Round 19 - 11th August 1979

Carlton 12.12.84
St Kilda 11.12.78

Result: Won by 6 points

Goalkickers: Ian McKie 3, David Glascott 2, Darren Linkins 2, Miles 2, David Downing 2, Robert Hubbard 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1.

Best: Terry Dean, Darren Linkins, Murie, Robert Dean, Robert Hubbard, David Glascott.

Round 20 - 18th August 1979

Carlton 18.16.124
Footscray 5.12.42

Result: Won by 82 points

Goalkickers: Stephen Banbury 4, David Downing 2, David Glascott 2, David Guest 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Ian McKie 2, Shane Freeman 1, Stephen Gibson 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Peter Lazzaro 1

Best: Stephen Banbury, G.Campbell, Ian McKie, Robert Lawson, Mark Buckley, Robert Hubbard.

Round 21 - 25th August 1979

Collingwood 21.14.140
Carlton 10.19.79

Result: Lost by 61 points

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 3, David Downing 2, Robert Hubbard 2, Stephen Banbury 1, David Guest 1, Darren Linkins 1.

Best: Darren Linkins, Stan Gilday, Craig Clements, Dean, Garry Williams, Robert Hubbard.

Round 22 - 1st September 1979.

Carlton 21.14.140
Sth Melbourne 12.17.89

Result: Won by 51 points.



1979 U/19's End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Geelong1561 622308 2011 114.8
2Carlton1570 602578 2041126.3
3Nth Melb1471 582419 2114 114.4
4Fitzroy1480 562198 1971 115.5
5Melbourne1390 52 2161 1915 112.8
6Richmond1390 522486 2262 109.9
7Collingwood12100 482253 1983 113.6
8Essendon12100 482315 2376 97.4
9Hawthorn8131 342178 2141 101.7
10Footscray8140 321791 2264 79.1
11St Kilda4171 181806 2542 71.0
12Sth Melb2200 81869 2742 68.2

Elimination Final
Fitzroy 15.9.99 d Melbourne 11.9.75

Qualifying Final - 8th September 1979.

Carlton 11.22.88
Nth Melb. 8.11.58

Result: Won by 30 points

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 4, Stephen Banbury 2, Mark Buckley 2, Ian McKie 2, David Downing 1.

Best: David Whillas, Mark Buckley, Dean, Darren Linkins, Ian McKie, David Glascott.

1st Semi Final
Fitzroy 14.12.96 d Nth Melbourne 8.15.63

2nd Semi Final - 15th September 1979.

Carlton 20.20.140
Geelong 10.12.72

Result: Won by 68 points

Goalkickers: Stan Gilday 3, Alan Hamilton 3, Darren Linkins 3, Mark Buckley 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Stephen Banbury 1, David Glascott 1, David Guest 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Robert Hubbard 1, Ian McKie 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best: David Whillas, Mark Hegarty, Alan Hamilton, Stephen Banbury, Dean, Robert Hubbard.

Preliminary Final
Fitzroy 24.10.154 d Geelong 20.13.133

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