U19s (1946 - 1991)

There has been two newspaper accounts of a Carlton third twenty team far back in 1875 and 1879. Nothing else is known, was this was an age based team, or that simply the club had an excess of players?
In the 20th Century, Carlton Thirds or U19s were in existence before the 1946 VFL competition. Research so far, has found mention of the Thirds from 1936.

The Age April 07 (p7) 1936;
"Three league clubs, Collingwood, South Melbourne and Carlton have shown their interest in the Victorian Junior Football League by fielding third eighteens in the competition.
Collingwood - Abbotsford United, South Melbourne - Wayside Rovers, Carlton - Carlton Amateurs." (see below)

In 1946 what was known as the 'Third Eighteen' (or the Second Eighteen "B" Grade) was introduced by the VFL.

Carlton began very well in this competition winning 3 of the first 6 pennants (1948, 1949 and 1951), and twice being runner up. Overall, Carlton had won 6 Premierships at this level with one wooden spoon.

Eventually the Third Eighteen became known as the U19's competition.

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1991 was the final year of the VFL competition, with it being replaced by the Under 18's TAC Cup (Victoria).



Two Carlton players were injured in a car crash in Royal Parade. (Age April 08 1936 p7) Eric Huxtable a regular senior player, and Don Watson, a follower, of Railway Place East Brunswick, a Carlton third eighteen player.

1937 Victorian Junior League First Grade

Teams consisted of ;
Richmond City, Richmond Imperials, Burnley, Richmond Amateurs, Carlton third eighteen, and South Melbourne District. The first grade played three rounds of matches.

1937 April 06
Carlton Third Eighteen played Burnley
Carlton won by 55 points. 17.19.121 - 10.6.66
Goals; Macklin 4, McGregor 3, McMahon 3, Clydesdale 2
Best; Ellard, McMahon, Fogarty, Green.

1938 Victorian Junior League.

There were 10 teams; Burnley, Carlton, Die Casters, Payne's, Preston Excelsior, Richmond Amateurs, Richmond City, South Melbourne United, St. Georges, and Treadways.
Treadways were clothing retailers, with stores in Collingwood, Prahran, and Bourke Street .
Die Casters est.1926 a Richmond based company making door handles, window fittings etc.
Paynes, probably Paynes Bon Marche Stores they were drapers, clothing, millinery, est. in 1885.

June 04
Carlton Thirds v Richmond City at No. 4 Oval Royal Park
The match was neck and neck throughout with only a few points separating the teams.
However, Carlton lost two players late in the game and only then did City gain the ascendancy.
Umpire; Burrows.
Carlton lost by 10 points
Carlton 9.8. 62. - 10.12.72
Goals; Jones 2, Thonder 2, Cahill 2, unknown
Best; Dwyer, Cahill, Hoarey, Jones

Transfer: R. Henry Carlton seconds to Carlton thirds (Age June 07 p7)

June 11
Carlton Thirds played Diec
Carlton won by 52 points
Carlton 17.11.113 - 8.13. 61
Umpire; Hirst
Goals; Henry 6, Morgan 5, Gardiner 2, Baird 2, unknown
Best; Bavin, Dwyer, Henry, O'Brien, Hoarey.

June 18
Carlton Thirds played Burnley on the Ryder Oval
Umpire; Kilkenny
Carlton lost by 46 points
Carlton 7.9.45 - 13.19.91
Goals; Bavin 4, Flegg 2, unknown
Best; McIntosh, Bavin, Flegg

Transfers; H. Henderson and A. Sanger Carlton firsts to Carlton thirds. J. Jones Carlton seconds to Carlton thirds (provisional)

June 25
South Melbourne United v Carlton Thirds
Umpire; Thompson

1939 Junior League Second Grade

June 17
Carlton Thirds played Melrose Stars.
Carlton won; 9.11.65 - 6.12.48
Goals; Beauvais 2, Wilson 2, Davidson 2, Denmead, Jackson, Morgan.
Best; McIntosh, Green, Rae, Wilson.

June 24
Carlton Thirds played City at Carlton.
Probably South Melbourne City as the report was in Record (Emerald Hill) p5

August 05
Carlton Thirds played Fairfield District
Carlton won; 23.31.159 - 1.1.07
Goals; Beauvais 5, Morgan 4, Wilson 3, McIntosh 2 ,Durkin, unknown
Best; Beauvais, McIntosh, Synnott

1940 Junior League First Grade

May 05
Carlton Thirds played South Melbourne City
Carlton won;
Carl; 14.19.103
SMC; 5.8.38
Best; O'Brien, McRae, Carmody, Ceauois

May 10
Carlton U19 played South Melbourne U19
Carlton lost;
Carlt; 4.8.32
South; 5.9.39

May 11
Carlton Thirds played Tunstall
Carlton won; 30.20.200 - 6.5.35
Goals; McLachlan 10, Jackson 6, Jenkins 5, Parnaby 3, O'Brien 3, Jones 2
Other teams; Brunswick City, Collingwood Juniors, Melrose Stars, Richmond Amateurs, South Melbourne City, South Yarra.

May 18
Carlton Thirds played South Yarra
Carlton won
Carl; 21.21.147
S.Y; 5.12.42
McLachlan 5, Carmody 4, Jackson 3, Davidson?

1941 Victorian Junior League

A Grade
April 26
Carlton Thirds played Howe Crescent at Howe Crescent's home ground, a reserve on the corner of Bridport and Cecil Streets South Melbourne.

July 12
Carlton Thirds played South Yarra
Carlton won by 137 points
Carlton 23.19.157 - South Yarra 4.4.20

1945 Victorian Junior league

Jim Francis was the thirds' coach (Herald Jan 30 p12 1946)
May 12
Carlton Thirds played South Melbourne City at Royal Park.
Carlton lost by 70 points. 6.9.45 - 17.13.125

June 16
Carlton Thirds played South Melbourne City
Carlton lost by 86 points. 9.7.61 - 21.21.147

1946 Victorian Junior League

Carlton Thirds were to play South Melbourne City on the ground at the rear of the Technical School in Albert Park.
"Because they were deprived of their home ground in Royal Park which they had occupied for 11 years, Carlton Third Eighteen on Thursday night of last week informed the Victorian Junior League officials of their inability to carry on, with the result that South City (their opponents) received a walk-over on the opening day." (Record Emerald Hill May 04 p2)

The VFL Third Eighteen (U19) competition, which Carlton was a part of, would begin this year.

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