The Blues defeated the Suns in this close and hard-fought away game

Round 4, 2021

Carlton 2.4 16 6.6 42 8.9 57 9.16 70
Gold Coast Suns 1.2 8 4.4 28 8.8 56 8.11 59
Venue: Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast.
Date: Saturday 10th April, 2021 (7.25 pm).
Result: Won by 11 points.
Crowd: 11,618
Goalkickers: H. McKay 2.2, M. Murphy 2.1, E. Betts 1.3, P. Cripps 1.1, L. Casboult 1.0, M. Cottrell 1.0, E. Curnow 1.0, J. Newnes 0.3, M. Gibbons 0.2, L. Jones 0.1, A. Saad 0.1, M. Pittonet 0.1, Rushed 0.1.
Reports: Nil.
Umpires: Leigh Haussen, John Howorth, Mathew Nicholls.
Injuries: J. Silvagni (shoulder), L. Plowman (knee)
Ladder: 7th

Game Review

Blues prevail over Suns in a hard-fought win
It came down to the wire before Carlton notched its second win of the season - By Michael Whiting & Rose Zarucky.
Carlton huffed and puffed and eventually blew Gold Coast's house down. It took every bit of the four quarters at a slippery Metricon Stadium, but the Blues' deserved 9.16 (70) to 8.11 (59) victory has squared their season ledger at 2-2. The game was poised beautifully at the final change with the visitors leading by a solitary point. The final quarter wasn't pretty, but Carlton camped inside the Suns' forward 50 for the first 20 minutes of the term and kept the home team at bay. A Harry McKay goal after a brilliant Jack Silvagni tackle on Jack Bowes iced the game. The Blues led for much of the night and looked the better team, but struggled to put away the pesky Suns.

Ed Curnow led the midfield charge, gathering 32 disposals, while for the second straight week Liam Jones was impassable in defence. McKay was a handful for opponent Sam Collins on a tough night for forwards, while the three Sams - Docherty (28), Walsh (24) and Petrevski-Seton (23) – were all influential. Gold Coast had its moments, kicking three straight goals in the second term to pinch the lead, and again pushed hard in the third quarter, but simply made too many mistakes. It's another 'honourable loss', but Stuart Dew and his team will quickly tire of those. Hugh Greenwood (27 touches and 10 tackles) was immense, while Touk Miller, Noah Anderson and Jack Bowes all worked hard.

Quarter 1Gold Coast came out of the gates first at Metricon Stadium, kicking the first goal and dominating possession while Carlton struggled to mark the ball in humid conditions. Sam Docherty provided some good intercept work across half-back while Michael Gibbons did well setting up the forward 50. The Blues’ kicking efficiency gave them trouble early, unable to hit targets down the line. Lachie Fogarty continued his impressive form as a pressure player, producing handy clearances in contested situations. It was the veterans who got the ball rolling, with Eddie Betts setting up a Marc Murphy goal. The majority of the quarter was played in the Blues' forward half, however they were unable to make the most of their opportunities in front of goal.

Quarter 2 Betts opened the quarter with a dribbling goal from the pocket while the Suns tried to get the game back on their terms. Matthew Cottrell did well at moving the ball in transition while Murphy had plenty of the Sherrin, setting up scoring opportunities. Gold Coast ramped up the pressure, scoring three goals in a row and getting the better of Carlton in the clearances. Ed Curnow was important through the middle, getting plenty of the ball in transition, then followed up his own handy-work and slotted a goal. Murphy kicked his second classy goal of the night as the Blues started to rise to the challenge set by the Suns. Carlton were unable to lock the ball inside their forward 50, but repeat entries through Liam Jones’ dominant intercept marking gave the Blues plenty of chances to hit the scoreboard.

Quarter 3 Luke Parks administered intense pressure in defensive 50 as the Suns came surging forward early in the third. Sam Petresvki-Seton contributed pace and class while Curnow continued to battle it out in the centre of the ground. There was a lot of end-to-end play with neither side able to hit the scoreboard, resulting in a low scoring quarter. Gold Coast’s repeat entries into their forward 50 saw them close the margin before Matthew Cottrell answered with a quick set-shot goal. Will Setterfield was a welcome addition to the side, making an impact in the contest at either of the ground.Patrick Cripps played a tough physical game, leading the tackle count for the Blues. Carlton dominated the intercept mark count and centre clearances in a slippery contest, but Gold Coast were able to hang on in terms of scoring.

Quarter 4 In a relatively even contest, both teams struggled to hit targets in humid conditions. Jacob Weitering was able to keep Ben King quiet and Saad was consistent in moving the ball out of the defensive half. It was a game of kick-to-kick, with both sides going long down the line, unable to create space or gain territory in a sluggish final term. A goal from Harry McKay put the Blues in a positive position, while Matt Kennedy was subbed on for Jack Silvagni, who left the field following a tackle on the boundary line. Carlton owned territory in the final term, spending most of the quarter in its half of the ground and keeping Gold Coast goalless for the quarter.

McKay's goal, Silvagni's moment
Midway through the final term and with the game in the balance, Jack Silvagni changed the game. With Jack Bowes looking to clear the ball from alongside Gold Coast's behind post, Silvagni laid the perfect tackle, forcing the ball to spill free before it could be disposed of correctly. In the process of making the tackle, the young Blue hurt his shoulder and had to be assisted from the field, paving the way for Harry McKay to ice the game with a simple around-the-corner goal.

Cripps dealing with a double team
After a big game against Fremantle last week, there was no way Carlton star Patrick Cripps was getting an easy ride against the Suns. Hugh Greenwood manned him for much of the night, and when he needed a breather, Nick Holman took over. Cripps was anything but passive though, heading forward when he had the chance to try and shake the attention. His perfect front-and-centre first quarter goal helped level the ledger. Cripps finished with 21 touches and eight tackles.

Three things from the game
1. The veterans can still turn it on in the forward line for the Blues. The likes of Eddie Betts, Marc Murphy and Levi Casboult contributed four goals and made an impact in the forward half in terms of contested marking and score involvements. Ed Curnow also got in on the show, slotting a major and having plenty of the ball all over the ground.
2. Jack Newnes quietly goes about his business week in, week out. While he may not be drawing attention, Newnes is a solid role-player who gets plenty of the ball - especially in transition - and is a vital link in the Blues’ midfield chain.
3. The Blues half-back line was crucial tonight. Made up of Adam Saad, Sam Docherty and Sam Petresvki-Seton, the trio was fast and clean when clearing the ball from their defensive 50, allowing the last line of defence some breathing room, whilst also setting ball in the forward half.

Moment of the match
The opening goal of the game wound back the clock, as Betts set up a goal for Murphy. In a very clean passage of play, the Blues delivered the ball from half back to Murphy, who gave it off to Betts. Betts got the ball back to Murphy while on the run who produced a right-foot banana to snag the Blues first goal of the night.

Best: E. Curnow, L. Jones, S. Walsh, S. Docherty, S. Petrevski-Seton, J. Weitering


B: 26 Luke Parks 14 Liam Jones 20 Lachie Plowman
HB: 15 Sam Docherty (c) 23 Jacob Weitering 42 Adam Saad
C: 32 Jack Newnes 9 Patrick Cripps (c) 46 Matthew Cottrell
HF: 8 Lachie Fogarty 41 Levi Casboult 40 Michael Gibbons
F: 19 Eddie Betts 10 Harry McKay 1 Jack Silvagni
Ruck: 27 Marc Pittonet 18 Sam Walsh 35 Ed Curnow
Interchange: 2 Paddy Dow 3 Marc Murphy 5 Sam Petrevski-Seton
43 Will Setterfield
Medical Substitute 7 Matthew Kennedy
Coach: David Teague
Emergencies: 13 Liam Stocker 31 Tom Williamson 44 Matt Owies

In; Will Setterfield, Matthew Kennedy
Out: Zac Williams (calf tightness), Oscar McDonald (back)

Medical Sub; Matthew Kennedy (replaced Jack Silvagni) during the last quarter.


150 Goals: Levi Casboult


6 - Sam Docherty (CARL)
5 - Jacob Weitering (CARL)
5 - Ed Curnow (CARL)
4 - Liam Jones (CARL)
4 - Hugh Greenwood (GCFC)
3 - Jack Bowes (GCFC)
2 - Touk Miller (GCFC)
1 - Sam Walsh (CARL)

Brownlow Votes

3 - Sam Walsh (CAR)
2 - Sam Docherty (CAR)
1 - Noah Anderson (GC)

Best & Fairest Votes

Jacob Weitering 10, Liam Jones 9, Sam Docherty 7, Ed Curnow 7, Matthew Cottrell 6, Marc Pittonet 6, Lachie Forgarty 5, Patrick Cripps 5, Sam Walsh 5, Lachie Plowman 5, Sam Petrevski-Seton 5, Jack Newnes 4, Michael Gibbons 4, Adam Saad 4, Eddie Betts 4, Harry McKay 3, Marc Murphy 3, Jack Silvagni 2, Levi Casboult 2, Luke Parks 1

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