Champion of the Colony

The Champion Of The Colony was an award compiled by C. C. Mullen (Cecil Clarence) and published in his 'History of Australian Rules Football' published several times during the 1950s. It can only be assumed that Mullen compiled the list from examination of his own personal collection of newspaper clippings and the match reports contained within. Despite Mullen claiming the award was decided by the newspapers of the day (he also claimed it was awarded by club captains but in later publications stopped claiming this) no evidence exists in any newspaper or publication during the time that the award was said to exist.

For the purposes of history we will still present the list below as a signpost to how footy history can evolve over time. One option would have been to delete this page and pretend this did not exist at all. However, it is more valuable that this quirk of history be recorded, spread and acknowledged.

For more detailed evidence of the Champion of the Colony topic in footy history please refer to this 2014 article in the Footy Almanac.

Pre-VFL Era

1868 Jack Conway
1873 Jack Donovan
1874 W. 'Bill' Lacey
1875 George Robertson
1876 George Coulthard
1877 George Coulthard
1879 George Coulthard
1883 Jack Baker
1889 Alex "Dookie" McKenzie

Post VFL Era

1917 Paddy O'Brien
1921 Horrie Clover

Carlton Coaching Legend Jack Worrall mentioned by CC Mulen twice - in 1887 and 1890 - whilst in Fitzroy colours. Also, Carlton VFA star Billy Strickland in 1896 after moving to Collingwood.

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