Season 1890



Captain. Billy Strickland.
Vice Captain. D. Hutchinson.
President. A. Gillespie.
Secretary. W. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Premiership Games Played. 19 Won. 13. Lost 4. Drew. 2.
Three other games played winning all.
Goals Kicked. 146 for. 71 against.
Carlton Goals. Peter Williams 20, J. Ross 16.

Retirement. Bill Moloney (Maloney).

1889 Carlton captain Tommy Leydin moved to Fitzroy F.C. (see April 03)

After 7 games, Carlton (together with a team from Tasmania) visited NSW for some exhibition games.
Team Manager; J. Melville is far right wearing top hat.
Umpire: P. G. Roy far left, in all white, standing next to the umpire is Henry J. "Bonner" McKay the head trainer. Standing between Russ and Sutton could be club secretary McArthur B. Hearne. Standing next to Sutton wearing a cap could be Bill Moloney. The tallest man at the rear could be Charlie Letcher.
There are two players in this team photo named McKenzie.

A. McKenzie was named on the outbound shipping manifest for the S.S. Arawatta.
Blueseum feels the other McKenzie maybe a misprint, and may actually be Wally McKechnie (front row, second from right) who was also named on the list.
The picture is very similar to the photo on Wally McKechnie's bio page.
W. McKechnie and A. McKenzie were named in the team line up in the Sydney Morning Herald (see June 21) and played in the matches.

(On the return journey on the S.S. Bulimba, a W. McKenzie appeared on the passenger list.)
As the lists grouped all the passengers together, it is difficult to separate the team members and officials from other travellers.
Until further information comes to hand, the Blueseum regards this player as Wally McKechnie. Waldron is Ernie Waldron brother of A. E. 'Topsy' Waldron.

To see a diagram of playing positions and rules of the game as depicted in the Sydney Morning Herald, June 19 1890,
Click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13785061

Led by Captain Billy Strickland, the Blues won both matches. The full story of this trip is explained here.

After winning 8 games for 1 loss and 2 draws,
Carlton 2.7 were defeated by South Melbourne 3.13 at the M.C.G.
Crowd 32,595. World record crowd, see August 2 below.

One writer of the period declared that,
"every rank and station in Melbourne society, from vice-royalty downwards, was represented in the gathering.
Ragged urchins, with flags and other devices indicating that they favoured Carlton, were strongly in evidence within the hallowed precincts of the arena itself."

Carlton and Fitzroy had played each other 15 times 1884-1890.
Carlton Won 7, Lost 6, Drawn 2.
Carlton; 53.150, Fitzroy; 51.111
( Jack Worrall Carlton's first VFL coach played with Fitzroy, and between 1884-1890 he kicked 107 goals for the Roys.
He missed the 1888 season because he was playing Test cricket for Australia in England)
1890 Ladder

Pos TeamG WL DGF BGABPointsProp Pts
1South Melbourne 191621 104220411006669.47
2 Carlton 19 13 4 2 11422558 89 5658.04
3Essendon 191045 92102591415052.63
4 Fitzroy 181161 112111611554651.11
5 North Melbourne1996 475142601564446.31
6 St.Kilda18873 73110681443842.22
7 Geelong1998 292135821534042.10
8Melbourne 19694 69121891673233.68
9Port Melbourne 20610491 121831813232.00
10Footscray 184131 45109751311820.00
11Richmond 18314 1421301141891415.55
12Williamstown 182142 42931041661213.33
14Ballarat Imperials852137-25-22-
15 South Ballarat817016-43-4-

Proportional Points:
"Port Melbourne has played the greatest number of matches, viz, 20 and the proportional points are worked on the assumption that each club should have played that number, thus;
South Melbourne;
Played: 19, Maximum: 20, Points Obtained: 66 Proportional: 69.47
Other teams:
Ballarat, South Ballarat, Ballarat Imperials, were still V.F.A. listed teams, but could not organise sufficient games to qualify.
As most people worked on Saturday mornings, trying to organise a team to travel to Melbourne by train in time for a game was a difficult proposal.
Ballarat and Ballarat Imperials tied for the "Golden City" premiership.
In addition to their local competition, the Ballarat clubs played some matches against the metropolitan clubs;
Ballarat, Played 10 Won 8 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 63 Against 31
Ballarat Imps, Played 5 Won 3 Lost 4 Drawn 1 goals For 27 Against 12
Sth. Ballarat, Played 4 Won 0 Lost 4 Drawn 0 Goals for 9 Against 17
The Age, September 19 1890;
"Throughout the country districts football has become established as the national winter pastime, and that many of the upcountry players are able exponents of the game has been frequently shown on their transfer to the metropolitan district.
The Ballarat clubs play at Maryborough, Clunes, and other townships in the district, and the game during the past season has been in full swing, not only in such important provincial centres of population as Sandhurst, Castlemaine, Beechworth, Sale, Benalla, Horsham and other leading towns, but in every hamlet throughout the length and breadth of the colony."

1890 Second Twenty Premiership Ladder

Pos TeamPWLDGFGAPointsProp Pts
3South Melbourne191243--5456.84
4North Melbourne18125133205055.55
6Port Melbourne1989237273637.89
11St. Kilda*161150106445.00

-* "These clubs, not having played a sufficient number of matches, do not rank."
Some of the details maybe wrong as the newspaper reproduction is very difficult to read.


1890 V.F.A. Fixture
April 12 - Britannia at Princes Oval.
April 19 - North Park at Princes Oval.
April 26 - Brunswick at Princes Oval.

May 03 - Melbourne at Melbourne.
May 10 - St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
May 17 - Port Melbourne at Melbourne.
May 24 - Footscray at South Melbourne.
May 31 - North Melbourne at North Melbourne.

June 07 - Essendon at Melbourne.
June 14 - Geelong at Melbourne.
June 21 - Tasmania in Sydney.
June 24 - N.S.W. in Sydney.
June 26 - N.S.W. in Sydney.
June 28 - South Melbourne in Sydney.

July 05 - Footscray at Footscray.
July 12 - Williamstown at Melbourne.
July 19 - Fitzroy at Melbourne.
July 26 - Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.

August 02 - South Melbourne at Melbourne.
August 09 - Ballarat at East Melbourne.
August 16 - North Melbourne at Melbourne.
August 23 - Essendon at East Melbourne.
August 30 - Williamstown at Williamstown.

September 06 - South Melbourne at South Melbourne.
September 13 - Melbourne at The Friendly Societies Gardens. (near the Lexus Centre)
September 20 - Geelong at Geelong.
September 27 - Fitzroy at Fitzroy.

1890. In March, The Melbourne Football Club was affiliated into the Melbourne Cricket Club.
Since 1885 Melbourne had played it's home games at the Friendly Societies ground, now it's home games would be played at the M.C.G. (except for Sept. 13)

1890 Carlton teams.

Some details are missing if you have these please contact Blueseum.

March 20


George F. Bowen writing under his alias "Olympus" in Punch (p11), was in Williamstown seeing off the the Australian cricket team for its tour of England when he spotted an old Carlton footballing friend.
"he had been seeing the Australians off, too, and in the course of train journey to Melbourne, of course, Football chatter was not neglected. "Ah!" he remarked, at one period of our conversation, "as I stood on that pier this afternoon watching Harry Boyle, Frank Walters and Jack Blackham and the rest of them departing on what is sure to be a splendid trip, I thought that if I had devoted as much as my abilities to Cricket (for I was always a pretty fair cricketer) as I did to Football I should have been a member of the Australian Eleven, and taken a trip Home, years ago."
And so he undoubtedbly would. Instead --- what has Football done for him? What has it done for George McGill? or Dick Frayne? or Frank Conway? or Jack Kerley? or George Galbraith? or Billy Strickland? What, indeed, but left them next door to cripples for life! And who will dare to say that when players accept such risks they are not entitled to share in the plunder? And the players are getting educated up to that fact, and therefore I say that for the Reds to attempt to regain their old status on purely amateur lines is to attempt an impossibility.
I am perfectly well aware that a number of Football enthusiasts, and some very old and esteemed friends of mine, will gaze with astonishment on these utterances of mine; but the words are written, and there they must stand. That a semi Professionalism exists is open and palpable. Why not acknowledge the fact, and have done with it? When hundreds of pounds are offered by individuals to certain clubs as inducements for their first twenty to come out on top, what does the thing resolve itself into pure and simple? Why, endeavouring to Purchase Football Talent. There are always a number of Free Lances knocking about with regard to whom the highest bidder becomes the purchaser. That they do any real good to a club is very problematical; but they can do an immensity of harm is a certainty. The club that sticks to its own district, and fosters its rising players, is the club that suceeds in the long run. But, then, it must be prepared to pay the piper. Look at the balance-sheet of any of the leading clubs and you will find that it is impossible to run through a successful season anything under a thousand pounds, even with a biscuit factory or a brewery behind its back. And it will continue to be so whilst the public demands trends in the direction of a first-class article at Football. To earn the thousand pounds you must engage the Talent. As I stated before, if it is Home-made Talent, so much the better; but whether Home- made or Imported the Talent must be engaged."
(The Reds are the Melbourne Football Club.)

March 21 Friday


At a committee meeting held at the Clyde Hotel held to receive nominations for office bearers, W. H. Moloney 's name was put forward for vice captain, a position he held last season. Moloney declined, and the motion was withdrawn.


March 21 Friday
V.F.A. meeting at Young and Jacksons Hotel.
The Hon. Sec, Theophilis S. Marshall's annual report, in part said;
"Carlton was an excellent second, but, had Dame Fortune only smiled a little more benignly on one or two memorable occasions - notably against Geelong - the "dark blues" should and would have been nearer the goal."
"In June last year the umpires requested the association to raise their renumeration, and this was done in the case of those who had served longest, those recently and all newly appointed ones having to serve an apprenticeship before receiving the extra fee. This, it is thought will induce good men to take to umpiring, as the game is now becoming so fast, and the playing grounds so perfect, that it requires an umpire of exceptional ability and tact to keep pace with the ball and the players.
Some of our leading umpires have told me they find little difficulty in doing so, but I am certain it is within your own knowledge that many of our games are spoilt through the painfully slow movements of the umpire, especially towards the finish of a hard fought contest.
This leads me to submit two former suggestions of mine for your consideration -- either to appoint boundary umpires, whose duty it shall be to throw the ball in when out of bounds, or two field umpires, one for each half or each alternate quarter.
Of late years, in my opinion, our game has a tendency to become too much of a followers' game, a very large portion of the playing time being wasted by the ball being forced or kicked out of bounds. The appointment of boundary umpires would reduce this out of bounds play to a minimum, besides giving the field umpire a very much better chance of watching the game.
On the other hand the appointment of two field umpires should give us a much wider field from which to choose eligible men, as there are many players who might easily umpire for an hour, but who would find the greatest difficulty in going the pace for two hours. I should advise our umpires to form themselves into a club, so they might confer from time to time on the merits or demerits of the game, and what is most important to players especially, endeavor to have the rules carried out in a strictly uniform manner."
"There are 15 clubs in the association. Divide these into two classes, eight and seven. Have first and second class premierships. The first class to consist of the eight highest on last years' list, the second of the remainder and the Ballarat clubs.
The first class to play two matches with each other, and one or more with each in the second. The second class two with each other, and one or more with each of the first. All matches to be reckoned for the premiership.
In the event of the record of the lowest in the first class being worse than the highest of the second, these clubs change classes for the following season. By dividing clubs into classes, places can be made for more clubs on the association, and such populous districts as Collingwood need no longer be debarred."
The Age, March 22 (p10)


March 27
The Argus' football writer "Observer" gives his response to Theophilis S. Marshall's annual report to the VFA.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8597325

March 28 Friday


Carlton F. C. AGM held at Hibernian Hall.
President Alexander Gillespie was in the chair and the hall was packed full of members.
The balance sheet was read, income was £1654 19s 4d. ($3,309.95)
Expenses were large, with £260 10s 8d ($521.09) being donated to charities.
Gymnasium; £53 ($106) Trainer etc; £62 ($124) Cabs; £52 ($104) Sundries;£35 ($70)
Office bearers were elected;
President; Mr. A. Gillespie.
Vice presidents; Messrs, J. Gardiner MLA, A. Geddes, Theophilis S. Marshall, W. Ievers, S. Bloomfield.
Hon. Treasurer; Mr. M. B. Hearne.
Hon. Sec; Mr. W. C. Donaldson.
Captain; Mr. W. Strickland.
Vice captain; Mr. D. Hutchison.
Committee; Messrs, J. Melville, J. G. McCatchar/McCutchan?, W. H. Moloney, W. Hemsworth, T. McInerney, R. Cooper, F. McIntosh, C. Lindsay, C. Letcher.
Illuminated addresses and other trophies were presented to W. Batters, T. (Tim) McInerney, A. Gellatly, gold lockets to J. Russ, J. Kelly, W. Hannah, W. Mears.
Mr. J. Gardiner then addressed the meeting about the situation with the Melbourne City Council and the club's use of Princes Park.
In 1887 the Minister of Lands had met with the club and promised permisive occupancy of a portion of the park, which they could fence off and provide accomodation for spectators.
The matter was brought before the council and it was passed by a majority of two votes. But a call of the council followed and the motion was recinded.
The club had waited patiently since then, and had been put off with various promises from the Government.
At last the Minister had granted permissive occupancy, and they were told they could go ahead erecting the fence. A contract was let, and work begun.
The council then retaliated, and served the contractors with a writ for trespass.
Immediate action had now become necessary, and Mr. J. Gardiner advocated the holding of meetings all over Melbourne to garner support for Carlton.
He hoped that every man would use their best influence with the members of the City Council to induce them to reverse their decision.
(To read full report click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8597895 )

At the AGM, Mr. Gillespie the Carlton President was hard on rough players and told the members "that a player who would stoop so low as to kick another was nothing better than a brute; one who would sling was a cowardly ruffian, it was the devil's invention, but he could not find a name bad enough for a man who would strike another on a football field, as it was so ungentlemanly and so opposed to the spirit of true sport."

Mr. Gardiner MLA told the meeting "that he thought football was spoiled now-a-days by having too many followers on the field. Go to a match now, and you never see the brilliant runs that used to be made by Harry Guy, Jack Conway and other celebrities, who used to play in the days of old."

April 01
"J. Leydon/T.Leydin ex captain of the Carlton footballer's team, joins Fitzroy this season. It is rumoured he is piqued at not being re-elected Captain." (Colac Herald April 01 p3)

April 01 Monday
After the Fitzroy AGM, old and new players were invited to the Brunswick Hotel to drink to the success of the club. "Mr. T. Leydin spoke on behalf of the new men, and felt sure that under the able leadership of Mr. J. Worrall, the Fitzroy would go very near being premiers. After Carlton, Fitzroy had always been his favourite club, and whilst being sorry at having to leave Carlton he would do all he individually could to put Fitzroy on the top of the tree." (Fitzroy City Press April 04)

April 03


"The members of the Carlton Football Club cannot be complimented on their sense of gratitude - far from it.
Else most assuredly they would never have allowed Tommy Leydin to have fallen from his high estate as Captain without at least tendering him a hearty vote of thanks for the eminent services he rendered his club during the three years he led the C.F.C. first twenty on to the field. His record was a marvellously good one, too - a first, a third and a second. There's one flattering unction he can lay to his soul, though, that being the fact that he was the only Captain since the inception of the club to be elected three seasons in succession.
But King Leydin died on Friday night, and the universal acclaim rent the air in the Hibernian Hall - "Long live King Strickland!" And as the night wore on, and gazing at the hundreds in the room failed to hear one kind word said of the deposed hero, I could not help remembering the lines -

"Thou many-headed, monster thing

Oh, who could wish to be a King!"

As a matter of fact I would have liked to have seen Tommy Leydin to retire from the position of captain at the beginning of last season; only for the simple reason that I considered he cramped his own play whilst acting in that position. However, those who were best able to judge preferred him to Strickland, and, as the latter player had the misfortune to get placed hors d' combat through an injury to the kneecap early in the season, perhaps it was all the better that they did so.
But then W. Moloney was appointed Vice Captain, and what I want to know is - How comes it that he was not elected to fill the position of captain, when it was thought requisite to make a change? It strikes me that the oversight was a Terrible Blunder; because if once you begin to establish such a turn-about-and wheel-about-and-jump-Jim-Crow-system-farewell to allespirit de corps in a club!
Unless he has shown himself to be incompetent, I maintain a Vice Captain of a football team is entitled - as a Matter of Right - to the higher position as soon as it becomes vacant. And as Moloney accquitted himself more than creditably as a Lieutenant there was no loop or hinge to hang a doubt on as to his fitness to be a Commander.
Pray do not misunderstand me. No one holds Billy Strickland in higher esteem whether as a Footballer or a Man, than I do. providing his leg stands next to him, and his team work together as the true Carlton boys have always worked together (and never more so than when it looked as some friction was likely to disorganise them), I say, providing both these things to happen, then I am certain Strickland will not be found wanting in any one particular.
But, still it's a Bad Precedent to establish - the ignoring of a vice-captain's claims; ableit I am satisfied that W. H. Moloney has the interest of his club far too much at heart to allow the apparent insult to do aught else than pass by him as the idle wind, which he respects not. The very fact of his refusing to make "one of four" in a game for the captaincy proved that to demonstration.

The gentlemen who insisted on having the item of "training expenses' on the Carlton balance sheet fully explained last Friday night could never have been prepared for the pit-pat manner in which Secretary Donaldson had provided an answer to the query. "Gymnasium expenses, £53; cab hire to and from training (three cabs, three nights a week, at 10 bob a cab), so much more," and hey presto! the Mountain became delivered of a Mouse! I have been thinking over that matter ever since, and, between you and me and Jack Gardiner, I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing was a Put-up Job! There, now!
But, whether that be so or not, there certainly was no put up job about Messrs. Gillespie and Donaldson being again returned, as President and Secretary respectively,WITHOUT OPPOSITION! There is one thing that all the money of the Rothschilds could not buy, and that is - Respect.

The many, many friends and acquaintances of Tom Leydin will doubtless be surprised in the extreme on learning that he had severed his connection with Carlton Football Club and thrown his lot in with Fitzroy, Leydin is grand football player, and a decided acquisition to any club. Carlton's loss will therefore be Fitzroy's gain; but whether that will reverse the positions of the two clubs on the premiership list at the end of the season of 1890 is an open question. It is extremely probable that Leydin's defection will cause three or four other erstwhile Carltonians to join the Maroons; and at present the outlook for "t'ould club" is as deeply indigo as it's colours. But ableit

"Than Tommy Leydin no better, I ween, 

Has ever stepped on a football green,"

(ween=think, Blueseum)
Still it will be a very cold day for any team of players when it's fortunes rest upon the fads and fancies of any one man; and although personally I would have liked to have seen Tom Leydin act up to the spirit of the Moslem leader, who said

"Whate'er my fate,

I am no changelling - 'tis too late;"

yet if he is a Sinner, the bald-headed fact remains that he is far more of a Publican than a Sinner."
Olympus - The Melbourne Punch, April 03 1890 (p219)

April 05
Carlton held a practice match at Princes Oval.

April 12


Mick Whelan an old Carlton player returning.
A. Berry an former player has been in Tasmania.
Phil McShane from Geelong
Tom McShane from South Melbourne.
Moorhouse from St.Kilda
Salt from Williamstown.
Bonitcha a Tasmanian goal sneak.
Hegarty from Brunswick.
Ashton from Carlton East and North Park.
Pierce and Clancy from a Geelong club.
Minnis from Richmond
Warwick the Coburg cricketer.
Backhouse and Price from Camberwell.

Tommy Leydin to Fitzroy
Dodger O'Connor to Port Melbourne

April 12
The team will be chosen from these; (33 named)
Ashton, Batters, Bailey, Bonitcha, Berry, Brooks, Clancey, Coulson, Currie, Crapp, Green, Hegarty, Hutchison, Keane, Minnis, McInerney, McKenzie, McKechnie, Moor, Moorhouse, Phil McShane, Tom McShane, Pierce, Roberts, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, Walton, Waldron, Warwick, Whelan, White, Williams,
( Herald p4)

April 12
Carlton played Britannia (23) on Princes Oval.
The Britons were a strong junior team and were the forerunners to the present day Collingwood Football Club.
They were formed in 1876 and played their homes games on the Collingwood City Council owned ground of Victoria Park.
Strickland captained the Blues.
With the toss won, Carlton kicked to the eastern goals.
The Blues put a scratch team into the field.
"At Carlton the seniors, or eight or ten of them, assisted by as many youngsters seeking commissions under the dark blue standard, were assailed by twenty-three representatives of the Britannia Club, whose clamouring for admission to the association has attracted much notice to their district, Collingwood." (Weekly Times April 19)
Carlton team; (27 named)
Ashton, Backhouse, Bishop, Crapp, Currie, T. Clancy, Davis, Green, Geddis, Grace, Hall, Hamilton, Murray, Moorhouse, McInerney, P. McShane, T. McShane, McKeown, McPherson, Noonan, O'Day, Price, Pearce, Strickland, Sutton, Salt, Walton.
Umpire; M. Duffy.
Carlton won.
Carl. 0.1 0.1 1.4 2.4
Brit. 0.2 0.3 0.3 1.3
Goals; Price, unknown.
Best; T. McShane, White, Price, McEwan/McKeown, and Green.

April 14 Monday
The Geelong Advtertiser reported that Geeong footballing brothers Tom and Phil McShane will play with Carlton this season, other brother Joe McShane will play for South Melbourne.

April 19
Carlton played North Park (23) at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (33 named)
Batters, Bailey, Bonitcha, Berry, Brooks, Coulson, Currie, Crapp, Green, Hutchison, Keane, McInerney, McKenzie, McKechnie, McShane, McShane, Moor, Waldron, Walton, Whelan, Williams, Roberts, Sutton, White, Salt, Moorhouse, J. Hegarty, Ashton, Pierce, Clancy, Minnis, W. Warwick, and Strickland.
The Herald (April 18) has named; (27 named)
Ashton, Bishop, Backhouse, Currie, Clancy, Delahunty, Geddes, Hegarty, Hamilton, Hamilton, Humberstone, Hutchison, Johnstone, Lavell, Murray, Moorhouse, McShane, McShane, Noonan, Price, Pierce, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, Whelan, Walton, Watling.
Strickland was ill and did not play.
Umpire; B. Murphy
Carlton were easily defeated by North Park.
Senior players Hutchison, Whelan, White, Crapp, Moorhouse (ex St.Kilda) and Salt (ex Williamstown) took part.
In addition, McShane, Cooke and Price were mentioned in the Herald
Carlton lost; 0.2 - 4.4

April 26


The Australasian;
"The Carltonians have displeased their late skipper, who goes to Fitzroy, and Moloney will probably find that the calls for his profession are paramount to his love for football; but Strickland is again fit and well, Berry has returned from Tasmania, and these, with T. and P. McShane from Geelong, Salt from Williamstown. J. Morehouse (Moorhouse) from St. Kilda, the pick of last season's team, and one or two carefully selected juniors, promise to make a formidable a host, perhaps, as ever represented the famous northern district."

April 26
Carlton played Brunswick (23) at the Brunswick Cricket Ground.
A large crowd attended.
The ground was very hard and not suitable for football.
Strickland captained the Blues in a very fast game.
The Carlton Gazette says
"Carlton continued to walk around their opponents like a cooper around a barrel."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Backhouse, Bishop, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Green, J. Hegarty, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Murray, P. McShane, McInerney, Pierce, Price, Strickland, Salt, Sutton, Walton, Williams, White, Watling, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Thewlis.
Carlton won.
Carl. 2.4 2.9 4.14 7.16
Bruns. 1.0 2.2 2.2 2.2
Goals; Green, Moorhouse, Keane, Currie, others unknown.
Best; Salt, Walton, Currie, Keane, Hutchison, Backhouse, Greene, Moorhouse, Pierce, Williams, Sutton, Lorraine, Phil McShane.

May 02 Friday


At the V.F.A. meeting a proposal was well received for representative teams from Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales to come to Melbourne next year (1891) to decide an inter-colonial premiership.
(Trove; The Dead Bird May 03 p7)

May 03


"Carlton is the second club in the colony as regards seniority of formation, and during it's career it has consistently occupied a leading position, and frequently has been champion club of the season.
Last year it was only beaten by South Melbourne in points, and for some time before the season closed it was thought that it might prove the premier club, so good was the position it maintained throughout the season.
The only men who have declared their intention of leaving the team are Leydin and Maloney, the former having transferred his services to Fitzroy and the latter retiring from playing.
In addition to the other members of last year's team, the club will have a number of new players to select from, amongst them being,

Phil McShane from Geelong.
R. Salt and Don Murray from Williamstown.
J. Morehouse/Moorhouse from St.Kilda.
W. Warwick from Coburg.
Thomas Price and J/C Backhouse from Camberwell.
H. Pierce from East Geelong.
T. Clancy from West Geelong.
With so many good men the old club will have no difficulty in sending out teams this season that will maintain it's high character of the past, and very likely make it the leading club this season."
J. Hegarty from Star of Brunswick.
E. Bishop from Albion United.
Tom McShane from South Melbourne, brother of Phil McShane
Bonitcha - a famed Tasmanian goal sneak.
Ashton - Carlton East & North Park.
Minnis - Richmond

The Argus had this to say about Melbourne;
"All admirers of the game, especially those who remember the old club in the early days, when Mr. H.C.A. Harrison and others of it's members strove energetically to bring the Australian game-which they had created-into favour, will have great pleasure in learning that the club has now become affiliated with the Melbourne Cricket Club, the latter body having taken over the liabilities of their football friends, and having accepted all financial responsibility for the future."


Melbourne had amalgamated with the Melbourne Cricket Club and played their home games on the M.C.G. dislodging the Blues who had made the M.C.G. their home ground for the past five seasons.
Some V.F.A. football ladders published listed the M.C.C. instead of the Melbourne Football Club.

May 03


Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
This was a Melbourne home game, they lost the toss and kicked towards the railway end at 3pm.
The Australasian preview said;
"Appropriately enough, those ancient rivals, Melbourne and Carlton, whose meetings in bygone days did more perhaps than anything else to popularise the game, will begin their year's work with an engagement upon the Melbourne Cricket-ground, and the fixture will doubtless attract a large attendance of spectators."
"The opening match of the season between these oldest rivals of Victorian football took place on the Melbourne Cricket Ground last Saturday, and naturally attracted a large attendance of spectators, amongst whom might be seen many who had taken part in many a lively contest in days gone by, but whose interests in the game and the clubs they played for was as lively and keen as ever." (Sportsman May 07 p2)
Carlton team; (22 named)
Bishop, Backhouse, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Phil McShane, McKechnie, Price, Pierce, Salt, Strickland, White, Watling, Williams, Walton.
Umpire; J. Mahoney, another report said Umpire Roy
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.1 2.4 6.6 7.9
Melb. 0.0 0.0 3.0 3.0
Goals; McShane 3, Bishop, Green, Hutchison, Salt.
Players mentioned; (18) Bishop, Phil McShane, McKechnie, Green, Crapp, Currie, Strickland, Salt, Pierce, Hutchison, White, Lorraine, Bailey, Watling, Coulson, Batters Walton, Keane .
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 1 Won 1 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 7 Lost 3 Points 4

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne on the Friendly Societies' Ground.
Carlton team; (28 named)
Adams, Brown, Beere, Banner, Dwyer, Dayie/Davie, Deely, Hannah, Gooddy, Gooddy, Kimpton, Kelly, Lemon, Monk, Mears, O'Dwyer, O'Neil, Russ, Rickards, Ryan, Ryan, Steele, Wycraft, Yourell, Young, Randall, Burston, Lucies.
No details

May 08


"Whilst looking at the Geelong and Fitzroy match I felt a burning desire to ascertain how Carlton and Melbourne were getting along, so at half time I hied me away to the Telegraph Office and got switched on by a telephone to the South Melbourne Cricket Ground, and had a couple of minutes chow with Mr. E. D. Heather, the worthy secretary of the S.M.C.C.
It's a marvellous thing that telephonic business. Through a mistake of the Exchange people I was switched on to the South Melbourne Ground instead of on to the Melbourne, and, do you know I could recognise Mr. Heather's voice."
Olympus - Melbourne Punch (p299)

May 10


Australian Town & Country Journal (Sydney)
"The football season was successfully opened in Melbourne on Saturday, and the great public interest taken in the game is shown by the fact that at the principal matches in the metropolis alone it was estimated that something like 30,000 spectators paid for admission.
Six thousand persons paid their sixpence admission to see the South Melbourne v Richmond match, and 4,000 paid to see the Geelong and Fitzroy play, and 10,000 to witness the struggle between North Melbourne and Footscray.
How our club treasurers like to have "gates" like these? Ten thousand sixpences, to say nothing of 30,000, in one day would set all the clubs of Sydney up for one season. But then there is too much division in the ranks of footballers here, and so long as that exists will football as played under any of the rules fail to arouse the widespread interest it evokes in Melbourne."


May 10
Carlton played St.Kilda on the St.Kilda Cricket Ground.
Weather fine and a large crowd in attendance.
The match was delayed as the Blues changed into their football gear in an adjoining hotel.
The Saints won the toss.
Strickland kicked off to the northern goal.
The Blues got off to a great start, but the Seasiders came back and played very well up to three quarter time. Carlton's more experienced players came to the fore, and the Blues came away with the four points.
Roberts played.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Backhouse, Bishop, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, McShane, McKechnie, McKenzie, Price, Salt, Sutton, Strickland, White, Williams, Walton, Watling.
Bishop, Hutchison, and Price did not play.
Carlton's starting 20 (Herald)
Backhouse, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, McShane, McKechnie, McKenzie, Salt, Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, White, Williams, Walton, Watling.
Umpire; J. Savage.
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.4 3.5 5.6 7.9
St.K. 0.0 4.2 4.3 5.3
Goals; Currie 2, McShane, Williams, Keane, White, McKenzie.
Best; McKenzie, Walton?, Williams
Players mentioned; (20) Strickland, McShane, McKechnie, Roberts, Bailey, McKenzie, Currie, Green, Salt, Williams, Keane, Lorraine, White, Crapp, Batters, Murray, Coulson, Backhouse, Sutton, Watling.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 2 Won 2 Lost 0 Drawn 0 Goals For 14 Against 8 Points 8

Carlton Reserves played St.Kilda at the oval Princes Park
Carlton team; (25 named)
Brown, Beere, Banner, Dwyer, A. Gooddy, Hannah, Lemon, Lawrie, Monk, Mears, O'Toole, O'Dwyer, O'Neil, Price, Russ, Rickards, Ryan, Ryan, Steele, Wallace, Young, Yourell, Kelly, Lucies, Randall
Carlton won; 4 - 1

May 14 Wednesday
The City Council refuses to meet with representatives of the Carlton Football and Cricket Clubs as it fails to see what the clubs have to do with the management of the parks.
The Council says that it has never thrown any impediment in the way of football or cricket being played in public parks, but at the same time it could not sanction or acquiesce in any portion of a public reserve being fenced off for that purpose to the exclusion of the public from what belonged to them.

May 17
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 20,000
A fast game highlighted with brilliant marking from both teams.
The Blues undid all their good work with 5 to 10 minute lapses which let Port in.
Port made the most of their opportunities.
The Blues wasted their chances in front of goal, particularly by McShane, Green, and Williams. A few shots went out of bounds.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Bishop, Batters, Bailey, Backhouse, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, Maloney, McKechnie, McShane, McKenzie, Price, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, White, Watling, Walton, Williams.
Bishop, Maloney, Murray, Price and Moorhouse did not play.
Carlton's starting 20 (Herald)
Batters, Bailey, Backhouse, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, McKechnie, McKenzie, McShane, Salt, Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, White, Watling, Waldron, Williams
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.4 1.8 2.9 3.10
Port. 1.0 1.1 3.1 4.2
Goals; McShane 2.4 , McKechnie 1.0, Green 0.2, Batters 0.1, Hutchison 0.1, Williams 0.1, unknown, rushed 0.1
Best; Crapp, Currie, Salt, McKenzie, Sutton
Players mentioned; (17) Strickland, Lorraine, McKechnie, Currie, Green, McShane, Williams, Salt, McKenzie, Batters, Crapp, White, Bailey, Watling, Keane, Hutchison, Sutton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 17 Against 12 Points 8

Carlton Second Twenty played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Beere, Brodie, Dwyer, Forman, Hannah, Kelly, Lucies, Lemon, Monk, Mears, O'Dwyer, Price, Pick, Russ, Rickards, Ryan, Ryan, Randall, Scott, Young, Yourell
Umpire; James Coyle
No result details.

May 20 Tuesday


Football Notes - Observer

The Argus' writer in his column, in part;
"The same meeting which rejected to proposal to limit the value of trophies repelled also a much more sensible suggestion, viz, to abolish the present farcical proceeding of keeping players behind the centre-line until the ball had been kicked off. It is reminiscence of Rugby, or how did it come into existence? One can understand it in Rugby, where the very essence of the game is contained in the rule relating to off side - which practically means that the whole team keep behind the ball.
The Australian game is, in that repect, the antithesis of Rugby. It is the one part of the Australian game about which, if a stranger were to ask the reason for it, no satisfactory answer could be given. The funny part of the thing is that this formula of keeping players behind the ball so seriously enforced by umpires every Saturday is not required by any rule of the game. It is simply a weak method of maintaining a weak rule.
So that the practice of kicking off from half way when either the toss or a goal has been lost might not be too great an advantage to one side, it was required that the other side should be enabled to mark the ball practically without opposition, and kick it back again. In nine cases out of 10 the privilage of a kick-off is a positive disadvantage to the side gaining it. Indeed, one incongruity has been heaped upon another in this connection until the whole proceeding has become in the first degree nonsensical.
Why should the side losing the toss or a goal have the kick-off from the centre point between the goals? At one time the side winning the toss gained a decided advantage, but that defect is now remedied by changing ends three times in a game instead of once. If the kick-off either in intention or effect gives one side even a momentary advantage it is a bad principle, and in opposition to the spirit of fair play which requires that two teams entering the field of play any game shall, as far as the rules of that game are concerned, stand exactly upon the same footing. For the kick-off after a behind has been scored there is some justification, as it is in part necessary to the further progress of the game, but otherwise it serves no end that is not more surely and fairly gained by bouncing the ball in the centre, and allowing players to go to their places when and how they pleased.
As the amendment is certain to be made before long, it would have been just as well for the association to have made it a reccommendation to the next intercolonial conference, for although players are not required by rule to keep behind the ball, it would be unwise to alter the practice until the rule about the kick-off has been altered, and this can only be done by the intercolonial conference."
To read Observer's column in full, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8607245

May 24 Queen's Birthday Holiday.
Carlton played Footscray at the South Melbourne C. G.
Footscray was admitted to the V.F.A. in 1886, however, this appears to be the first meeting between these two clubs.
This match started earlier than usual, at 11.15am, so the crowd could see a second match in the afternoon.
Crowd; 6,500.
Batters and McKenzie did not play.
The Blues kicked to the lake end goal.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Bishop, Backhouse, Blake, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Lorraine, Murray, Morehouse, McKechnie, P. McShane, Roberts, Salt, Strong, Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, White, Watling, Waldron, Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Mark Pennings)
Backs; Crapp, Sutton, Murray
Half backs; Lorraine, Strickland, Coulson
Centre; Watling, Bailey, Walton
Half forwards; Roberts, Strong, Williams
Forwards; McShane, Green, White
Followers; McKechnie, Currie, Salt, Hutchison
Rover; Keane
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.3 4.4 6.6 7.8
Foot. 1.0 2.1 3.2 4.4
Goals; Phil McShane 3, Keane 2, Williams, Watling.
Players mentioned; (20) Billy Bailey, Charlie Coulson, William Crapp, Gib Currie, W. Green, Dan Hutchison, Jack Keane, Jack Lorraine, Wally McKechnie, Phil McShane, Jack Roberts, Dick Salt, Bob Strong, Ned Sutton, Bill Strickland, Wally Watling, Peter Williams (others - Geordie White, Don Murray, Walton)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 4 Won 3 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 24 Against 16 Points 12

Carlton Second Twenty played Footscray at Footscray
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Beerd/Beere, Banner, Brodie, Carsons, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Laurie, Lemon, Lucies, Monk, Mears, O'Dwyer, Price, Pick, Russ, Randall, Rickards, Sutton, Tourel/Yourell.
No result details

May 31
Carlton played North Melbourne at the North Melbourne Recreation Reserve.
A large local crowd in attendance.
One report said 15,000, another said it was equal to the largest crowd ever seen at Arden Street.
The North Melbourne Advertiser put the figure between 17,000 - 20,000.
"The barrackers of course were wild with excitement. Players were urged "to watch their men" "play up" and a thousand other things, while soubriquets of favourite men such as 'Snowy' 'Dutchie' etc, were vehemently yelled out.
Money was being laid pretty freely, and there were some gentlemen on the ground we fancy we have seen at the great race course away behind the hill. Football excitement in this colony hardly needs the stimulus, one would think of 'a trifle on' but this tendency among sporting communities has always existed. Only it must be remembered that if it is carried to excess, the game will be as perilous to some as horsey pursuits."
Strickland won the toss and North Melbourne kicked to the gasometer end goal.
"North played a good game, and showed to advantage at long marking. The Carlton were really quick in all their movements, and the ruck showed fine play. In the final quarter Carlton had all the best of the game, but showed their usual miserable form at goal kicking, missing several easy shots."
Houston the North Melbourne captain accused the umpire of conducting his duties in an unfair manner.*(See July 25)
The umpire was surrounded by the hostile pro North crowd, he had stones and mud thrown at him, and he was struck when near the North Melbourne members reserve fence.
Several Carlton and North players with two mounted constables escorted the umpire from the ground.
This was the worst behavior seen at a football match.
The V.F.A. investigated these incidents. (see June 13)
J. Moorhouse, who was a leading player with St. Kilda made his impressive debut.
He and McKenzie were the Blues' better players.
"Bailey was likewise was a prominent factor in Carlton's excellence, for he seldom failed to get the better of his man, and his dodging, marking, and kicking were of the highest order. The sturdy Coulson was seen at his best in the making of many brilliant runs and in the general all-round work; and Batters in his own unobtrusive way, was also amongst his side's most useful men.
Walton's coolness and ability won him considerable applause; and Crapp, Sutton, Strickland, Roberts, White, Currie, Williams, Keane and Lorraine all showed up in first class style."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Backhouse, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Murray, McKechnie, McKenzie, McShane, Roberts, Strong, Strickland, Sutton, Salt, White, Watling, Walton, Williams.
Murray, Strong & White did not play.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton team line up - The Age (June 02)
Backs; Sutton, Crapp, Walton
Half backs; Coulson, Lorraine, Strickland
Centres; Keane, Hutchison, Bailey
Half forwards; Williams, Watling, Roberts
Forwards; Salt, McShane, White
Followers; Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Currie
Rover; Batters
Match drawn.
Carl. 1.1 2.2 2.4 3.7
N.M. 1.0 2.1 3.1 3.1
Goals; Williams 2, Keane. (Origins of Australian Football Vol. 3 (p457) has P. Williams, McShane, Keane)
Players mentioned; (18) Strickland, McKenzie, Roberts, Batters, McShane, Williams, Moorhouse, Walton, Hutchison, Currie, White, Lorraine, Coulson, Keane, Watling, Bailey, Crapp, Sutton. (plus Salt & McKechnie)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 5 Won 3 Lost 1 Drawn 1 Goals For 27 Against 19 Points 14

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Beere, Brodie, Banner, Carsons, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Laurie, Lucies, Lennon, Mears, Monk, O'Dwyer, Price, Pick, Russ, Rickards, Randall, Sutton, Yourell.
No result details



Estimated for June to be 458,470 (The Bunyip, Gawler (S.A.) August 08, 1890)

June 06 Friday


A special meeting of the V.F.A. was held at Young and Jackson's Hotel to consider the incidents at the North Melbourne-Carlton game last Saturday.
A letter was read from Umpire J. J. Trait who said he received threatening language from the North Melbourne players and also that he was threatened by the team's captain R. Houston.
Trait was also upset by the behaviour of another North Melbourne player, G. Sykes.
Umpire Trait wanted the matter investigated by the Association.
The North Melbourne committee and Houston also sent a letter charging Trait "with having displayed unfairness whilst umpiring the match."
The V.F.A. has formed a committee to investigate the charges and to report on them.

June 07
Carlton played Essendon on the M.C.G.
The curtain raiser was a baseball match between the M.C.C. and Victoria.
Crowd; 25,000
The Broken Hill newspaper, The Barrier Miner said,
"The game was pretty fast, but Carlton excelled at little marks, and surprised everyone by their general smartness and superiority over such a recognised fast team as Essendon. During the game Ferguson and Driver, two of Essendon's best men, were laid out, and Essendon played 18 men for the remainder of the game."
Another report mentioned that the Dons played with 19 men for most of the game, and then 18 in the last quarter.
The Australasian's "Markwell" said;
"The success of the dark blues was due in large measure to the perfect manner in which they played together, and perhaps, in no less degree to the magnificent form displayed by nearly every member of the team.
Nothing could surpass the cleverness of McKenzie as a follower, and associated with him were McKechnie, who never during his long football career appeared to greater advantage, Currie, whose splendid marking was the theme of constant eulogy, and Moorhouse and Batters, both of whom were seen at their best.
Bailey on one wing, and Keane on the other seemed almost to do as they pleased with the men opposed to them, whilst Sutton's marking and general play in front of his side's goal were conspicuously excellent, not withstanding that Crapp and Lorraine in the same neighbourhood both performed grandly. Roberts and Walton were without doubt the neatest players on the ground, and they were likewise very effective.
Coulson and Strickland, halfbacks, and Hutchison in the centre, made no mistakes. The new man, Strong, confirmed the good impression created by his play against Footscray on Queen's Birthday, and Salt amongst the forwards was eminently successful, and besides doing a large quantity of fine work, secured two splendid goals with place-kicks. White and Green, the other forwards contributed a goal apiece, and the remaining one was kicked by Moorhouse.
White also merits special praise for his sterling play throughout the engagement. Last, but not least, Watling, half forward, was frequently the skilfull medium through whose agency chances of scoring were afforded his confreres."
Moorhouse with a lucky kick, scored the first goal before half time, and Green the second from a running shot out of a scrimmage in the third.
Crapp and Sutton's play on the backline was A1.
Green, who was not named in the 24 played, however, Blake, Backhouse, Kendall, Murray, and Williams did not make the starting 20.
"I did not observe the thing myself but Lachlan Bracken informs me that McKechnie (of Carlton) alone had seven free kicks awarded him; so that it is evident the game was not being contested with kid gloves on. That the best team on the day won is beyond question. Such marking as that exhibited by Currie and Lorraine; such as dodging as that practised by McKenzie and Roberts; such as brilliant rushes as those by Keane, Hutchinson, Wattling, Bailey, Walton, and Moorhouse; such a dogged and stubborn defence as that displayed by Crapp and Sutton; backed up by the sturdy work of put in by Salt, Green, Strong and White, could only be equalled - never excelled; that were impossible. It was Essendon's fate to meet such a team on such a day." (Melbourne Punch June 12 p11)
Carlton team; (24 named)
Blake, Backhouse, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Kendall, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, Sutton, Salt, Strickland (Capt), Strong, White, Watling, Williams, Walton.
Backhouse, Kendall, Murray and Williams did not play.
Carlton team line-up (Mark Pennings)
Backs; Crapp, Sutton, Walton
Half backs; Coulson, Lorraine, Strickland
Centre; Keane, Hutchison, Bailey
Half forwards; Roberts, Watling, Williams
Forwards; Salt, Green, White
Followers; Currie, McKenzie, McKechnie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; P. H. Roy
Free Kicks: Carlton 14, Essendon 10
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.1 1.6 2.10 5.10
Ess. 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.8
Goal scorers; Salt 2, White, Green, Moorhouse. (Strong instead of Green in other report)
Players mentioned; (20) McKenzie (BOG), McKechnie, Currie, Moorhouse, Batters, Bailey, Keane, Sutton, Crapp, Lorraine, Roberts, Walton, Coulson, Strickland, Hutchison, Strong, Salt, White, Green, Watling.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 6 Won 4 Lost 1 Drawn 1 Goals For 32 Against 19 Points 18

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Brown, Beere, Banner, Carsons, Carew, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Laurie, Lemon, Meare/Mears, Monk, O'Dwyer, Price, Pick, Russ, Randall, Rickards, Tubb, Tourell/Yourell.
Umpire; C. F. Drake
Carlton lost;
Carl 1.5 - Ess 2.9
No goal or match details.

June 13
At a meeting of the V.F.A. as a result of the Carlton match, the North Melbourne captain Houston was severley reprimanded and his fellow player Sykes was disqualified for the remainer of the season. (Sykes for foul language)
The North Melbourne members were severely criticised for their behaviour towards Umpire J. Trait.

June 13 Friday


"Strickland, Carlton's captain, expreses his entire satisfaction with the way in which his team are doing their work this season. He is pleased with them, and says they are better than ever, which is saying much. They put themselves in the very best condition previous to and for the meeting against Essendon. Their skipper thinks they played a grand game, as do those who saw the match. The men have kept hard to their training, and are now equally as fit to meet the Geelong.
Chatting over last Saturday's match, Strickland says it was played with splendid feeling throughout, and mentions that Fleming, the captain of the vanquished team, visited him the evening after the match, and though naturally sorry that Essendon had not won, complemented the skipper of the rival party on the manly and clever game they played.
Referring to to-morrow's tussle, the captain of the Dark Blues thinks that Geelong will go ahead at a very hot pace for the first quarter, and says they have always done so, but that Carlton will stay them out and be hailed victors. Green will not be in the team, and Blake, formerly of St.Kilda will fill the vacancy. This is about the only material change from last Saturday's team."
(Herald p4)

June 14
Carlton played Geelong at the M.C.G.
Former Carlton champion J. Baker captained the Geelong side and won the toss.
A sensational start by the Blues. After they kicked off, Roberts gathered the ball and kicked it to Williams who scored a goal within 30 seconds of the commencement.
Geelong looked the winner 15 minutes into the final quarter, then amongst great excitement the Blues through Moorhouse drew the game in the dying moments.
".... Blake (of St.Kilda) made his first appearance in the Dark Blue uniform." (Sportsman June 18 p6)
The Australasian;
"Carlton strove with more energy than they had anticipated being called upon to exert, but, nowithstanding their best efforts, the final quarter was within 10 minutes of terminating and the Geelongites were still two goals in advance.
Then did the dark blues electrify the onlookers with one of their irresistible rallies, before which the strongest of teams have frequently gone down, and the two goals were wiped off as if by magic."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, Sutton, Salt, Strong, Strickland (Capt), White, Watling, Walton, Williams.
Umpire; Thewlis
Match drawn.
Carl. 2.3 3.5 3.8 5.10
Geel. 2.1 3.2 5.2 5.3
Goals; Williams, White, Currie, Lorraine, Moorhouse.
Players mentioned; (20) Roberts, Williams, Strickland, White, Moorhouse, Currie, McKenzie, Lorraine, McKechnie, Crapp, Sutton, Bailey, Coulson, Keane, Hutchison, Salt, Watling, Batters.
William John "Billy" Walton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 7 Won 4 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 37 Against 24 Points 20

Carlton Reserves played Geelong on Princes Oval
Umpire; T. J. Comber

June 14


Carlton players and officials departed Melbourne on the 2114 ton S.S. Arawatta for Sydney.
W. Batters, J. Blake, C. Coulson, W. Crapp, G. Currie, D. Hutchison, J. F. Keane, R. Laurie, J. Lorraine, G. Mackie, J. Moorhouse, D. Murray, W. McKechnie, A. McKenzie, J. J. Ross, J. Russ, R. Salt, W. Strickland, R. Strong, E. Sutton, A. E. Waldron and/or, W. Waldron, W. Walton, W. Watling, G. C. White, P. Williams.
Manager; J. Melville.
Others, W. H. Maloney, G. McGill, C. Letcher, H. MacKay/McKay.
More people travelled with the team (see team photo top of page), however, with the ship's passenger lists it is difficult to separate the team and officials from the other passengers.

June 16 Monday
The Carlton team arrived in Sydney.
They were met at the wharf and escorted to their headquarters, the George Hotel.

June 19 Thursday
The Sydney Morning Herald published a diagram of Australian Football playing positions and rules.
To read the article, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13785061

June 20 Friday


"In justice to Phil McShane, who has been left out of the Carlton team for a few Saturdays past, we must say he courts the fullest investigation into any charges that can be bought against him for throwing over any match he has taken part in as a member of the first 20 of the dark blues.
Ugly rumours have circulated throughout the city in connection with the subject, and if they go unchecked and no inquiry be held, they will prove detrimental to the character and interests of the players in question. The Victorian Football Association should surely take in hand the task of fathoming the rumours to their source, and to that end it would be well if McShane laid his case before them, and asked for an inquiry into his conduct, with the view of determining whether he accepted a bribe not to kick goals in the Carlton v Port Melbourne contest.
Should the charge prove to be unfounded, then a grave injustice has been done McShane in circulation of the rumours which have reached us in all quarters. Should the charge, on the other hand, be sustained, then McShane should, to use common parlance, be 'wiped out' for the remainder of his existence.
We gave the Victorian Football Association the other week an instance which can within their scope for investigation, but the affair was squelched. Now they have a further case of a peculiar nature, if they feel desirous of tackling it. if the delegates shirk it and other questions which come to their knowledge, then the less they talk of upholding the purity of the game in its entirety the better. It is their bounden duty to themselves, the public, the clubs, and the player mentioned, to have the matter sifted to the bottom.
The Carlton committee will not give any other answer to the query - 'Why has McShane not been included in the team?' - than that he has been 'left out' Satisfactory indeed, is it not? The hon. secretary of the club refused to sign a certificate that McShane had stood out the requisite number of Saturdays, so McShane sent a personal application to the permit and umpire committee, requesting them to grant him a permit. As they could not see any reasonable obstacle in the way they complied with his request. we append McShane's letter to the EVENING STANDARD in reference to the rumours on which we have touched:-
'It has come to my knowledge that I am accused of having received money as a bribe to sell the football match, Carlton v Ports. I wish to state that I defy anyone to prove the accusation. I am perfectly willing to undergo an examination before the V.F.A., or a committee appointed, to prove my innocence. During my number of years as a footballer, I have always endeavored to play an honest and straightforward game, as I did for my late club (Carlton). I am desirous of quelling the ugly rumours I am constantly hearing. I should be glad if this manner was definitely settled.'
(Evening Standard)

"Phil McShane, whose permit was granted by the V.F.A. committee, will, it is rumoured, confine his choice of clubs between the Essendon and Port Melbourne." (Evening Standard)

June 20 Friday
The Carlton and the Southern Tasmanian teams were given a reception at the Sydney Town Hall by the Mayor of Sydney, Mr. Burdekin.
The Australasian;
"Over bumpers of champagne the healths of both teams were proposed, coupled with the names of their respective managers, Messrs. Melville and Marsdon, the former of who in return, proposed the New South Wales Association.
The latter toast was responed to by Mr. Walter C. Marshall, who twenty years since was closely identified with football and cricket in Carlton and North Melbourne.
He is the brother of the genial and popular hon. secretary* of the V.F.A., and, like the latter gentleman, he has always devoted his energies to the development of our national game.
In fact, it is mainly owing to his persistent efforts that our game has made any progress at all in New South Wales."
-*Theophilis S. Marshall.

Trove; The Dead Bird (Syd) June 21 p8

June 21
Carlton played Tasmania in Sydney at the Association Cricket Ground.
Tasmania's colours are, red, gold, and black.
Poor weather conditions, ground slippery.
Threatening weather kept many people away.
Carlton touring team managed by Mr. J. Melville.
Crowd; 2,000, another report from the Australian Star said 4,000
"Carlton's superior dash and absolute confidence that they displayed gave them an advantage over their opponents, who scarcely looked comfortable on the somewhat greasy turf."
To read the Australian Star's match report click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230608686
Carlton team; (Sydney Morning Herald June 23 p3)
Backs; W. Walton, W. Crapp, E. Sutton.
Half backs; W. Strickland (Capt.), J. Lorraine, C. Coulson.
Centre; J. Blake, W. Wattling, J. F. Keane.
Half forwards; R. Strong, R. Salt, D. Hutchison.
Forwards; G. White, J. J. Ross, P. Williams.
Followers; W. McKechnie, A. McKenzie, J. Moorhouse, G. Currie.
Rover; W. Batters.
Umpire; P. H. Roy
20 players took the field in those days.
If a player was injured there was no reserve or interchange to replace him.
(see team photo top of page)
"Carlton played with great brilliancy at times, and their confidence, readiness of resource, and prompitude in acting as opportunity offered, appeared in marked contrast to the hesitating and frequently sluggish play of their opponents."
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.4 4.7 5.10 9.14
Tas. 1.3 1.6 1.7 2.8
Goals; Williams 2, Currie 2, White, Strickland, J. Ross, Salt, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (14) Hutchison, Williams, Keane, J. Ross, McKenzie, Batters, McKechnie, White, Curry, Salt, Strong, Strickland, Blake, Wattling.

Carlton Reserves played South Melbourne at South Melbourne

June 24 Tuesday
Carlton played a N.S.W. team in Sydney at the Association Cricket Ground. (Moore Park Ground - The Australasian)
Strong wind blowing from end to end made good play difficult.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with the wind. A most unsuitable day for football, heavy showers fell throughout the afternoon.
Carlton won easily, even though they eased up during the second term.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Crapp, Currie, Batters, Blake, Hutchison, Keane, Lawrie, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, J. Ross, Sutton, Salt, Strickland (Capt.), Strong, Wattling, White, Williams, Waldron.
Umpire; Roy
Carl. 4.2 6.6 10.9 13.11
N.S.W. 0.0 1.1 1.2 2.5
Goals; J. Ross 3, Batters 2, McKechnie 2, Moorhouse, Currie, Crapp, Keane, Wattling, Strong.
Players mentioned; (12) J. Ross, Moorhouse, White, Keane, Currie, Crapp, McKechnie, Williams, Strickland, Batters, Strong, Wattling.
Other players; (8) Blake, Hutchison, Laurie, Murray, McKenzie, Salt, Sutton, Waldron.

June 26 Thursday
Return match of Carlton and N.S.W. to have taken place at the Association Ground, Sydney.
Due to heavy rain this match was abandoned.

June 27
The Carlton and South Melbourne teams were entertained with a picnic on board the steamer "Princess" for a harbour cruise by the N.S.W. Football Association despite the wet weather. After speeches by the Mayor and other dignitaries who expressed the opinion that Australian Football would become the national game, Mr. Heather of South Melbourne and Carlton's Billy Strickland responded.
That night the two clubs & N.S.W. representatives attended a smoke concert organised by the East Sydney Football Club at the Oddfellows Hall in Elizabeth Street, which was chaired by former Blue, Mr. Walter C. Marshall.



June 28


Carlton was to play South Melbourne in Sydney at the Association Ground.
Incessant heavy rain also forced the abandonment of this game.
Carlton returned for Melbourne that evening.
Trove; The Dead Bird (Syd) June 28 p8

There are two players in this team photo named McKenzie.

A. McKenzie was named on the outbound shipping manifest for the S.S. Arawatta.
Blueseum feels the other McKenzie maybe a misprint, and may actually be Wally McKechnie (front row, second from right) who was also named on the list.
The picture is very similar to the photo on Wally McKechnie's bio page.
W. McKechnie and A. McKenzie were named in the team line up in the Sydney Morning Herald (see June 21) and played in the matches.
Umpire P. G. Roy is far left (all white clothing), next to Roy is Carlton Trainer Henry J. "Bonner" McKay, Carlton secretary Billy Donaldson four from the right - without a hat and Team Manager Jack Melville is far right in top hat.

June 28


Blues' captain William Strickland is interviewed by the Australian Star (Sydney) p6 about the club's training methods.
Strickland was interviewed while on a cruise of the harbour with the Carlton and South Melbourne teams.
This is a reproduction of part of a longer interview (see below), parts of this article are difficult to read;

"Of course when you are at home you go through a pretty severe training, don't you? was asked.
Well, yes we do; it's all this way. During the season none of the team are allowed to indulge in knocking about. They've got to keep very quiet and touch no drink. Temperance is one of the chief virtues of a good footballer. Then we have the run of English's gymnasium. You remember English? He was an old fighter and a boxer, and is a splendid chap to keep the boys in order and fettle. We all go there on Tuesday night and take a run of a mile, or even two, then dumbbell exercise for from half an hour to three quarters.
Swinging the clubs follows, and then comes exercise on the rings and ladders. A spell of high jumping to bring into play one lot of muscles, and at long jumping to tighten up another lot, and skipping is indulged in. We are very expert skippers, and do some fine fancy work. When we have finished skipping we have another long run, then a bath and a rub down.
Besides the head trainer we half a dozen assistants, who as the men come back from their last run are ready with rough towels to rub down, and so on, and are especially careful to keep the men from catching cold.
On Thursday we have a little more gymnastic exercise, but on Friday don't do much more than just see if we are fit. On Saturday we play, and playing is the best training that it is possible to have. You see that chap over there. That's Keane. He is a schoolmaster at Woodend. He is our fast man, and has won a Gurney Handicap. There ----- att*, of Louth*, over there. He's ra (rather?)* fleet, too, and has pulled off a good many handicaps. Including Keane, who trains away, we have 24 men in constant training, and should we ever run short can draw on the second 20, who are also in constant training during the season, having their own trainer.
After the Saturday's match is over in Melbourne, and we get home, we don't mind the fellows having a bit of a fling, but not much. Every team in Melbourne goes through the same course as we do, and if any man habitually goes off on the loose we don't pick him. Playing premiership matches you don't want men who tire away to nothing during the last half. It's then the pinch comes in, and it was only on Saturday week this was strongly proved. We were playing Geelong, who, five minutes before the call of time, had five goals to our three. Well, our fellows pulled themselves together, went off with rushes as if the match, for their part, had only just begun, and made a draw of the game."
.* att maybe a misprint of Batters or J. Wyatt with the South Melbourne club who was a noted runner.
.* ra, maybe the word rather.
.* Louth/South?

To read the article in full about crowds, transport to and from the ground, club trips, little marks and the long kicking game, etc.
Click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230605308

July 02 Wednesday
The Carlton team arrived back in Melbourne aboard the 2613 ton S.S. Bulimba.


Something about The Players - by "A Has-Been"

(Courtesy of the NSW Australian Football History Society)

"So much space has been given to the Tasmanians who opposed the Carlton Team on the Sydney Cricket ground in 1890, I am going to say something about some of the latter's players.
The following were members of the party: -
W. Strickland (capt), D. Hutchison (vice-capt), J. Melville (manager), J. Kelly, Capt. Manning, J. Moorehouse, J. Blake, A. McKenzie, P. Williams, W. Crapp, J. Ross, R. Strong, R. Salt, C. Letcher, G. Currie, W. Walton, W. Wattling, D. Murray, C. Coulson, A. Mackie, R. Laurie, W. McKechnie, G. White.

The captain of the Carlton team of 1890 is our old friend Billy Strickland who has been living in Sydney for some years. Those who saw him play could not possibly forget his hard and dashing runs from the backline. Billy would have gone through a brick wall to get the ball. Fear! He didn't know the meaning of the word!
I had seen Billy play at Hobart with the Carlton Team a few seasons before, and was impressed with his virility. He was a keen student of the game, and particularly a fine type of man.
But where is that one-time enthusiasm which was wont to ooze from every pore of his skin? Billy's not old - never will be! What, then, has become of him on Saturday afternoons? Perhaps he has to work at that time, like your humble servant.
One could hardly think that he would be in any place where Aussie Rules are played without being present. Yet, some of my old friends tell me that billy has been conspicuous by his absence at the matches.
I, unfortunately, rarely see him nowadays. It has always been a delight to me to have a chat with him. Of course, our conversation is mainly on one subject - our great game of football. Billy's wide experience as player and judge make him an ideal pal to chat with.
If ever I do get a chance to see a match on Saturday afternoon I hope to meet my old friend at the ground and talk over old battles waged in the brave days of old.

George White was anything but big, yet he was uncanny in his ability to mark above his taller opponents. He gave a magnificent exhibition of football when playing for Victoria on the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1889. And prior to that at Hobart, playing for Carlton on the Risdon Ground, he also gave a superb display. White was a great footballer, judged on the three games in which I saw him perform. He was doing something serviceable all the time.

McKechnie was short and sturdily built. He was an adept at scooping the ball from the ruck and passing a "little mark" - the greatest asset of a follower in those days. He was always doing something serviceable to the side. Not notable for anything brilliant - neither in running, kicking, nor marking - he fer the "dashes," and enabled them to finish the job which he had so well started.

Playing for Carlton against Southern Tasmania a few seasons previously McKechnie, with comrade Mickey Whelan played remarkably well.

We had met Wally Watling the season before (1889) in the match against Victoria on the Melbourne Cricket Ground. He was certainly a splendid player: quick in his movements, clever in handling, and a good kick.

If memory serves, I fancy that Watling played in South Australia before going to Melbourne.

Charlie Coulson was a reliable back. He had a brother in the Carlton team which played at Hobart - Albert. The latter had the reputation of being able to "kick up a spout." And he was a clinking kick, too; but he had to fed a good deal. Charlie was a much better footballer, though he couldn't propel a ball as far or as accurately as Albert.

Danny Hutchison was probably the best know man to New South Welshmen, as he came to reside in Sydney soon afterwards, and he played in the club games here.

For years he kept an ironmongery shop in Oxford Street. Danny was a nippy player. He was chockful of energy, and, as he had a bit of "foot," and was skillful in handling the ball, he always caught the spectator's eye.

Amongst the names enumerated in the party are some famous players, but perhaps I have dwelt long enough on the good old footballers of the Carlton of 1890."
(Sydney Football Record August 06 1927)
Courtesy of the NSW Australian Football History Society - http://nswfootballhistory.com.au/

July 02


"Ha! The Boys of the Old Brigade (Football Brigade) foregathered in the Waterman's Arms on Wednesday 2nd July, to have a glass of wine with Lieut. - Colonel Robert Robertson, prior to his departure for England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, and America by the Parramatta on Saturday.
And didn't they have a High Old Time of it!
The Carlton Fat Man was in the chair; and amongst those present I noticed - Tom Power, Andy McHarg, Lanty O'Brien/Orlando 'Lanty' O'Brien, Loch Bracken/Loch J. Bracken, Jack Gardiner/John Gardiner, George McGill, Tom Aram, Bob Donaldson, Dick Frayne, Jack Kendall, Ben James, Jack Donovan, Gillespie/Alexander Gillespie, Hearne/McArthur B. Hearne, Fred McIntosh, Eddy Finn/Edmund Finn (jnr), Joe Williams, J. Bennie ("Old Specs"), Dave Scott, and many other old time acquaintances, whose names do not present themselves to me at present.
The toast of "The Guest" was honoured as it should be by such veritable Trojans of the past, and then the Old 'Uns vied with each other in recalling pleasant reminiscences of the grand winter pastime: the remarks of Jack Bennie and Harry Guy - two Old Enemies, as they dubbed each other, but being extremely careful to explain that they were only enemies on the football field - being received with tumultuous applause, which reached its climax when Harry Guy expressed himself as having always felt that if he hadn't belonged to Carlton he should certainly have been a Melbourne man.
Of course the opportunity was not allowed to let slip without some opinions being elicited from such undoubted authorities on the subject as to the advancement or otherwise of present day football; the genial consensus thereof being that although the game was undoubtedly more scientific nowadays it was getting hedged in with too many rules, and that the time appeared to be fast approaching when you couldn't put your hand upon an opponent without being mulet in a free kick.
Of course, as the intimation that Robert Robertson was going away so soon did not reach us until the previous Monday the thing was kinder hurried like, and so many people missed getting an invitation. I met Jimmy Slight (you know, South Melbourne Jimmy) the night after the kick up, and he expressed himself as awfully sorry he wasn't at the "shivoo." And then we began talking about what a time we would have if we could only get the Old 'Uns from all the clubs to meet at dinner some evening, and fight their battles o'er again. My word! It would be a case of "Old Times, Rocks!" with a vengeance."
("Olympus" ( George F. Bowen ) - Melbourne Punch July 10 p10)

July 05
Carlton played Footscray at Footscray.
Possibly the Blues first appearance at Footscray (or Stoneopolis as some sports writers used to call Footscray, famous for the abundance of bluestone in the area)
Crowd; 7,000.
The largest crowd yet to attended a match at the Western Oval. The ground was in excellent condition and the weather was perfect. The Footscray Brass Band played music selections during the match.
J. J. Ross, ex Ballarat, made his senior debut. (he did play for the Blues in Sydney)
Ten first quarter behinds of which five should have been easy goals.
The easier the shot at goal appeared, the further the ball missed it's target.
The Blues eventually got on target and scored goal after goal in quick time.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strong, Strickland, Sutton, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Carlton team line-up (M. P.)
Backs; Walton, Crapp, Sutton
Half backs; Strickland (Capt.), Lorraine, Coulson
Centre; Bailey, Watling, Keane
Half forwards; Roberts, Salt, Hutchison
Forwards; White, Ross, Williams
Followers; McKechnie, McKenzie, Currie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.10 3.12 7.13 9.15
Foot. 0.0 0.3 0.3 0.4
Goal; J. Ross 4, Williams 2, White, Lorraine, Batters.
Players mentioned; (14) Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Keane, Lorraine, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strickland, White, Williams,. (plus Coulson, Hutchison, Moorhouse, Sutton, Walton, Watling)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 8 Won 5 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 46 Against 24 Points 24

Carlton Second Twenty played Footscray
Carlton won; 7.5 - 0.3
Footscray were missing 13 of the named 23 players.

July 10 Thursday
Victoria played South Australia at the M.C.G.
Victorian uniform; Blue guernsey with gold/yellow sash, white knickers, blue cap and hose.
South Australian uniform; Red, white, and blue guernsey, hose, and caps, and navy blue knickerbockers.
Crowd; 20,000.
Victoria won; 13.8 - 6.4
Twenty players selected.
Carlton representatives;
Strickland, McKenzie, Moorhouse, Currie, Keane, Lorraine.
Ex Blue, A. E. 'Topsy' Waldron captained South Australia.

July 12
Carlton played Williamstown on the M.C.G.
Moderate attendance, approx 2,000, ground heavy.
Strickland won the toss and kicked to the railway end.
After a few minutes it was clear that the Williamstown team was out of their depth against the Blues.
The Blues were unselfish, and this element has characterized the team so far this season.
The 'Townsmen were half hearted in their efforts, but the Blues were workmanlike.
This is the highest scored recorded so far this season.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Carlton team line-up (M. P.)
Backs; Crapp, Sutton, Waldron
Half backs; Lorraine, Strickland (Capt.), Coulson
Centre; Blake, Bailey, Keane
Half forwards; McKenzie, Hutchison, Roberts
Forwards; Ross, Williams, White
Followers; McKechnie, Salt, Currie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.4 7.7 11.11 15.15
Will. 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.2
Goals; Salt 3, Williams 3, White 2, Hutchison, Batters, Keane, Currie, Moorhouse, J. Ross, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (17) Strickland, J. Ross, White, Salt, Currie, Hutchison, McKenzie, Batters, Williams, Lorraine, Sutton, Crapp, Bailey, Coulson, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Keane.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 9 Won 6 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 61 Against 24 Points 28

Carlton Reserves played Williamstown at the Williamstown C. G.
Umpire; J. R. Band
Carlton team; (23 named)
Ashton, Adams, Brown, Beere, Beveridge, Brodie, Carew, Carsons, Forman, Gooday, Hannah, Kelly, Laurie, Lennon, Lucies, Mears, Monks, McPhee, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Russ, Whyte
Match drawn.
Carlton 1.5 - 1.8

July 12


The Australasian published the premiership ladder for the Junior Football Association.
There are 28 teams in the competition from all over Melbourne. Players from senior clubs found the travel a problem. It's amazing considering the difficulty the players must have had with getting the Saturday half day holiday and the associated transport problems.
The clubs in order from the top are;
Camberwell, North-park, Albion United, Britannia, Napier Imperial, Marylebone, East Richmond, Preston, Star of Brunswick, Essendon District, Union Jack, Marlton, Parkside, Clifton, South-park, South St.Kilda, Brighton, South Brunswick, St. Kilda Esplanade, North Fitzroy, Brunswick, South Melbourne Juniors, Fernside, Moonee Ponds, Kew, Ascot Vale, St. Kilda Grosvenor, Coburg.

July 19
Carlton played Fitzroy at the M.C.G.
A large crowd 15,000 in attendance.
Both clubs had their strongest teams playing.
Last year's Carlton Captain, Leydin played his first game against his old club.
Fitzroy's Worrall won the toss and chose the northern goal, and Strickland kicked off in that direction.
"Williams contribution was a specially noteworthy one, as it resulted from the cleverest of clever running screw shots, and from a great distance."
Hutchison played on Leydin and broke even, although the Fitzroyite's greater speed worried Hutchison a few times.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKenzie, McKechnie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strickland, Sutton, Strong, Salt, White, Williams, Walton, Watling.
Umpire; J. Shaw
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.1 4.3 6.5 6.9
Fitz. 1.6 1.8 3.9 4.10
Goals; J. Ross 2, Moorhouse, Salt, Watling, Williams.
Best; Batters, Bailey, and Keane.
Players mentioned; (20) Walton, Strickland, McKenzie, Moorhouse, Bailey, Salt, Keane, Currie, Sutton, White, J. Ross, Roberts, Watling, Williams, Batters, McKechnie, Crapp, Coulson, Lorraine, Hutchison.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 10 Won 7 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 67 Against 28 Points 32

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
Umpire; C. F. Drake

July 25 Friday
The Horsham Times reported;
"J. Trait one of the Football Association central umpires has been honorably accquitted on the charge of acting with partiality in the match between Carlton and North Melbourne."
-*This accusation resulted from the May 31 match.

July 26
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the Port Melbourne C. G.
Very large crowd.
Port won the toss, and Watling kicked off to the railway end.
Ross kicked the first two goals, then he booted the first of the second term which was soon followed by one by McKenzie.
White kicked the only Carlton goal in the third term. Williams then McKenzie then added another minutes before the final bell.
The defence of Sutton, Crapp, and Moorhouse and Hutchison played well.
Roberts copped a nasty knock to the leg but played on.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Blake, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strong, Strickland, Sutton, White, Watling, Walton, Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Sportsman)
Backs; Sutton, Crapp, Walton
Half backs; Strickland (capt.), Lorraine, Coulson
Centre; Keane, Watling, Bailey
Half forwards; Roberts, McKenzie, Hutchison
Forwards; Williams, Ross, White
Followers; Moorhouse, Currie, Salt, McKechnie
Rover; Batters
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.3 4.5 5.6 7.13
Port. 0.4 0.6 1.7 1.8
Goals; J. Ross 3, McKenzie 2, Williams, White.
Players mentioned; (11) Batters, Currie, Hutchison, McKechnie, McKenzie, Moorhouse, J. Ross, Walton, Watling, White, Williams. (plus Bailey, Coulson, Crapp, Keane, Lorraine, Roberts, Salt, Strickland, Sutton
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 11 Won 8 Lost 1 Drawn 2 Goals For 74 Against 29 Points 36

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Port Melbourne.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beere, Brown, Brodie, Beveridge, Carsons, Carcur, Cunningham, Forman, Gooddy, Graham, Hannah, Laurie, Lucies, Lemon, Mears, Monk, O'Dwyer, Price, Kelly, Rickards, Whyte.
Umpire; J. Mahoney
No details.

August 02


There is a dearth of information about the Second Twenty or Reserves competition.
The newspapers completely ignore the teams and results. There is more information on the Junior Football Association.
However, The Australasian this day published the Senior Second Twenty Football Association ladder.
It is an eleven team comp.
1. Essendon, 2. North Melbourne, 3. Geelong, 4. Williamstown, 5. South Melbourne, 6. Fitzroy, 7. Carlton, 8. Port Melbourne, 9. Footscray, 10. St. Kilda, 11. Melbourne.
So far this season;
Carlton; Played 12, Won 4, Drawn 3, Lost 5, Goals For 29, Against 22, Points 22, Average 1.833

August 02


Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 32,595* World record crowd, see below. Gate takings; £907 ($1,814) Another report said £970.
The world record crowd was over whelmingly Carlton, blue and white flags most conspicuous.
"To say that the attendance was enormous, and that every inch of space surrounding the arena was occupied, is to state the simple incontrovertible fact as beyond a doubt the well appointed M.C.C. enclosure has never before, within the recollection of it's oldest frequenter been packed so densely from end to end."
A reporter said of the large crowd waiting for the start of the match,
"The crowd was quite good humored while waiting, although there was no baseball match to while away the tedium."
"every rank and station in Melbourne society, from vice-royalty downwards, was represented at the gathering.
Ragged urchins, with flags and other devices indicating that they favoured Carlton, were strongly in evidence within the hallowed precincts of the arena itself."
A coffin draped in red and white was carried through the crowd by Carlton supporters.
25,000 sixpences were collected at the gates! Add to this the thousands of Carlton, South Melbourne, M.C.C. members and guests.
The Blues kicked against a strong wind. South constantly attacked in the opening quarter, but couldn't find the goals. The Blues on the other hand, had only one shot at goal and scored. The Southerners prevailed in the second term against the wind.
Play was very equal in the third, Carlton played magnificently and South responded, both sides unable to score goals.
Early in the final term, J. Ross from a very difficult angle equalised the scores. This set the scene for the most desperate struggle of the season.
"Charge and counter charge, rally and reply were seen in rapid succession without material advantage to either side, though the Southerners had generally the better of the fray, until at last the deservedly popular Burns, with one of his phenomonal efforts, landed the winning goal admist a scene of unexampled excitement."
During the final quarter, the crowd was in a frenzy, the reporter had never witnessed such scenes.
"Certainly on one occasion the central umpire considered that Ivo Crapp was a bit too cool, calm and collected about kicking-off after taking a mark, and, although the ball was close up to and nearly in front of the Carlton goal, he incontinently took it away from him. Roy may have been perfectly within the scope of his functions as central umpire to do so without first warning Crapp about the danger of delay, ableit I am mainly ignorant of any law of the Victorian Football Association (there certainly isn't one in the Australasian laws of the game) which gives him such a tremendous power for good or evil. Of course it is well known that there are certain periods during a game at football when it is judicious to try and waste time as much as possible, and it is only right and proper that the central umpire should have the power to compel a man to kick at once. But he should certainly give him the benefit of the doubt as whether he was simply finessing (so as to fog the opposers in which direction he was going to kick off) or wilfully cutting time to waste; and the way to do so would be by calling upon him to at once kick."
Melbourne Punch August 07 (p91)
A South Melbourne player who had been forced near to the fence was struck by one one the spectators.
Few police were at the ground and this allowed many young boys to jump the fence onto the playing field and annoyed mainly the South Melbourne players! (Wagga Express)
The Weekly Times named Crapp as the Blues' best player
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Murray, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strong, Strickland, Sutton, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Mark Pennings)
Backs; Sutton, Crapp, Walton
Half backs; Strickland, Lorraine, Coulson
Centre; Keane, Watling, Bailey
Half forwards; Roberts, McKenzie, Hutchison
Forwards; Williams, Ross, White
Followers; Moorhouse, Currie, Salt, McKechnie
Rover; Batters
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton lost.
Carl. 1.0 1.2 1.7 2.7
S.M. 0.6 2.7 2.10 3.13
Goals; Currie, Ross. (another report said Currie, Salt)
Free Kicks; Carlton 25, South Melbourne 18.
Best; Crapp, Currie, Sutton, Moorhouse, Williams, Lorraine, McKechnie (BOG).
Players mentioned; (19) McKenzie, White, Roberts, Strong, Bailey, Strickland, Salt, Keane, Coulson, J. Ross, Batters, Williams, Lorraine, McKechnie, Currie, Moorhouse, Crapp, Sutton, Walton
The Age in its report, in addition, mentioned Hutchison and Watling.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 12 Won 8 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 76 Against 32 points 36

-*At the V.F.A. meeting on April 24 1891 the Hon. Secretary Theophilis S. Marshall in the annual report said of the August 2nd 1890 Carlton-South Melbourne match;
"Largest assemblage that had ever been present at a football match in any part of the world".
The previous largest crowd was 30,000 in Glasgow Scotland, at a Scotland-England match in April 1890.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beere, Brodie, Beveridge, Brown, Carsons, Carew, Forman, Gooday/Gooddy, Graham, Hannah, Kelly, Knox, Laurie, Lucies, Lemon, Mears, Monk, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Whyte.
Umpire; J. Mahoney
No result details.

CARLTON 1890 vs CARLTON 2017

Blueseum was kindly given a very rare set of statistics; the heights and weights of all the Carlton 20 who played in this match v South Melbourne.
These stats will be added to each players' bio page in the near future.
127 years on and one can see the dramatic difference in players' stature, but it's probably only been in the last 50 years that the height and weight have appeared to have noticeably increased. John Nicholls (1957-1974) by far Carlton's greatest player was a 6ft 3ins (189cm) ruckman, there are 19 players on Carlton's 2017 list taller than John.
In this 1890 line-up, the tallest Carlton player was Ned Sutton at 5ft 10.5ins or 178cm.
The shortest Carlton player was Billy Bailey at 5ft 5ins or 165cm.
Average Carlton height is 5ft 8ins or 173cm
Average Carlton weight is 10st. 8lbs or 69.1kg.

Carlton Team from the AFL Record Season 2017
The tallest Carlton player is Andrew Phillips at 6ft 8ins or 203cm (delisted rookie Matt Korcheck is 6ft 9.75ins or 208cm)
The shortest Carlton player is Zac Fisher at 5ft. 9ins or 175cm
Average Carlton height is 6ft 2ins. or 188cm
Average Carlton weight is 13st. 8lbs. or 86kg
Zac is taller, or the same height as15 of the Carlton team of 20 that played South on August 02 1890.

The average 2017 Carlton player is 6ins or 15cm taller and staggering 37lbs (2st.9lbs) or 17kg heavier!

SLV; Sportsman August 05

August 08 Friday


Victoria has beaten the English record for the biggest attendance at a football match. Over 32,000 people paid for admission to the Melbourne Cricket-ground last Saturday, to witness the South Melbourne v Carlton contest.
The editor of the SPORTING STANDARD points out that the best English record numbers 27,000 or a little over.
The proof is that Victorians are endowed with a greator love of athletic pastimes than were their British progenitors, or are their brethren 16,000 miles over the water. (Evening Standard)


August 09
Carlton played Ballarat at the East Melbourne C. G.
The curtain raiser was a game of lacrosse.
A large crowd witnessed the match.
Crapp, Watling, Batters and McKenzie did not play.
Ballarat with their best twenty were very impressive, as was their marking, kicking, and playing together.
Carlton have been seeking a forward all season and Berry was in the seconds being overlooked. He returned to the the team and played very well.
However, Berry was overlooked for senior selection for the remainder of this season.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Bailey, Batters, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, W. Strickland (Capt.), Sutton, G. White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Carlton line-up (Sportsman Aug 12)
Backs; Story/Strong, Walton, Sutton
Half backs; Strickland (Capt), Lorraine, Nunn
Centre; Bailey, Blake, T. White
Half forwards; Roberts, Salt, Hutchison
Forwards; Berry, Ross, Williams
Followers; Cleary, McKechnie, G. White, Morehouse
Rover; Keane
Umpire; Thewlis.
Match drawn.
Carl. 1.2 2.4 4.9 4.12
Ball. 2.2 4.4 4.6 4.7
Goals; Berry 2, Currie, Roberts.
Players mentioned; (11) Roberts, W. Strickland, Currie, Berry, Keane, Moorhouse, J. Ross, Bailey, McKechnie, Walton, Sutton.
Monday's Age listed the 20 who played, so the extra players; (9) Blake, Cleary, Hutchison, Lorraine, Nunn, Salt, Story, Strickland, T. White.
Games against the Ballarat sides do not count for the V.F.A. Premiership.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 12 Won 8 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 76 Against 32 points 36.

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beere, Brown, Brodie, Beveridge, Buchanan, Carsons, Carew, Curtis, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Knox, Laurie, Lucies, Lennon, Monk, Mears, O'Dwyer, Price, Whyte.
Umpire C. F. Drake
Carlton lost; 1.4 - 9.8
No further details.

August 16
Carlton played North Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 3,000
The Blues played a man short until Peter Williams made a late appearance.
The ground was in very poor condition which made goal kicking very difficult.
North won the toss and Currie kicked off to the northern end.
Roberts was carried from the field during the second quarter with a severe injury over one eye.
The Blues quickly showed which team was the strongest and they maintained their superiority all day.
Ned Sutton, "fairly bringing down the house by stalking out from back, marching on to the enemy's goal, and popping the ball through with precison of machinery."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moloney, Moorhouse, Murray, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.3 3.8 4.14 5.18
N.M. 0.4 0.4 1.5 1.6
Goals; Salt, Batters, Williams, Currie, Sutton.
Best; Moorhouse, Currie.
Players mentioned; (16) Strickland, Currie, McKenzie, Batters, Hutchison, J. Ross, Salt, Williams, Roberts, McKechnie, Sutton, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Bailey, Coulson, Keane.
The other (4) who played were, Strong, Murray, White, Walton
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 13 Won 9 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 81 Against 33 points 40.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played North Melbourne at Arden Street
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Beere, Brodie, Buchanan, Beveridge, Carsons, Curtis, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Knox, Lemon, Laurie, Lucies, McPhee, Mears, Muldrick, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Whyte.
No result details.


August 23
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
The last match of the season on the East Melbourne ground.
Dry day with a strong wind blowing to one end.
The curtain raiser was a baseball match.
Crowd; 12,000.
The Blues kicked with the wind to the railway end and should have scored a handful of goals in the first term.
"With the wind in their rear, Essendon in the second quarter kept Carlton's backmen in a continual state of trepidation, but without being able to increase their lead, and the hearts of the dark blue warriors were "light as air" when, soon after interval, Roberts, with a cleverly executed run and a neat drop-kick sent the ball sailing between the posts and equalised the scores."
A fast game which was marred by rough play mainly instigated by the Blues.
The Essendon supporters were upset at some of the umpire's decisions and booed him from the ground.
At the end of the game the umpire was manhandled by someone in the crowd, some Carlton players stepped in to help umpire Wilson.
"Moorhouse, Currie, McKechnie, and Hutchison, with McKenzie roving, were individually and collectively in exceptionally fine fettle, and came out of the engagement, which, by the way, was mainly fought in the ruck, with great credit to themselves."
"Strong, who was included in the team in consequence of White's unavoidable absence, proved himself by no means a deadhead."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, McKenzie, McKechnie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Murray & White did not play.
Carlton line up (Age Aug 25)
Backs; Blake, Sutton, Walton
Half backs; Coulson, Lorraine, Strickland
Centres; Keane, Watling, Bailey
Half forwards; Salt, Roberts, Hutchison
Forwards; Strong, Ross, Williams
Followers; Currie, McKechnie, McKenzie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; Harry Wilson.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.7 0.7 3.13 3.14
Ess. 1.1 1.7 1.7 2.7
Goals; J. Ross 2, Roberts.
Best; Moorhouse (BOG), McKechnie, Currie.
Players mentioned; (16) McKenzie, McKechnie, J. Ross, Williams, Keane, Watling, Roberts, Currie, Moorhouse, Strickland, Bailey, Hutchison, Walton, Lorraine, Salt, Strong.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 14 Won 10 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 84 Against 35 Points 44.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon on the Carlton Oval.
Carlton lost; 2.6 - 5.10

August 30
Carlton played Williamstown at Williamstown.
Due to a derailment of a goods train, McKenzie, Keane, Crapp, Batters, and Hutchison did not play.
A strong north wind was blowing and the Blues kicked with it.
The Blues should have been well in front at half time, but for the wayward goal kicking of Williams.
Goodie/Goody played.
Umpire Miller had to escorted from the ground by the police.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Lorraine, Laurie, Murray, Moorhouse, Mackie, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, Strong, Salt, Sutton, W. Strickland (Capt), White, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Umpire; Miller.
The Sportsman September 03 (p6) named the Carlton team (20);
Blake, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Lorraine, Laurie, Murray, Moorhouse, Ross, McKechnie, Roberts, Strong, Salt, Sutton, Strickland, White, Walton, Watling, Williams and Goodie/Goody
Carton won;
Carl. 0.5 0.8 3.9 5.11
Will. 2.1 3.1 3.2 3.2
Goals; Moorhouse, Goody, J. Ross, Roberts, Strong.
Players mentioned; (15) Strickland, Williams, Blake, Watling, Currie, Moorhouse, Goody, J. Ross, Roberts, Strong, McKechnie, McKenzie, Bailey, Lorraine, Salt.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 15 Won 11 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 89 Against 38 Points 48.

Carlton Reserves played Williamstown Reserves at Carlton
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Beere, Beveridge, Brodie, Buchanan, Carsons, Forman, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Knox, Laurie, Lucies, Lennon, Minogue, McPhee, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Whyte.
No result details

September 06
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
A lot of interest with the top two teams playing, however with so few games remaining the Blues have little chance of overtaking South on the ladder.
The ground was in perfect condition and the grass has been cut and rolled.
Gates opened at 1.30pm and the Melbourne, and the Metropolitan baseball clubs played an exhibition game prior to the football match.
A large crowd of 20,000 attended, despite the cold ,cutting, wind.
Poor goal kicking by the Blues kept South in touch.
The Carlton Gazette raises questions about the Southerners endeavours, "either they were ill physically, or they gave the game away". It goes on to say that Association is sure to investigate. (see Sept. 12, 26, and Oct. 1)
The suspicion of foul play taints the fact that Carlton played a beautiful game.
The Barrier Miner said "South did not play up to form, and are openly accused of selling the game."
Bendigo Advertiser (Sept.09);
"Rumors are thick that the match was sold, and on Saturday night some of the players (South Melbourne) had their clothes torn off their backs in Clarendon street by some infuriated supporters. In one instance a number congregated in front of a business place and demanded the photo of a certain member of the team, which they trampled under foot. It was not safe for most members of the team to show out on Saturday night."
The Australasian;
"In the ruck, Currie, McKechnie, McKenzie, and Moorhouse, played themselves almost to a standstill, and the brilliant marking of the first, and the genuine hard work put on by all four of them, were big factors in Carlton's success.
Captain Strickland, half-back, delighted the supporters of his club with the brilliancy and consistency of his exhibition. His magnificent dashes were quite in keeping with his old-time reputation; and he had a throughly trustworthy ally in Lorraine, who seldom allowed the ball to pass him, and whose telling kicks repulsed many a Southern advance."
Blake played well in the centre, and Batters roved at his best.
"Mackie a recently promoted junior, distinguished himself by his coolness and dexterity amongst the forwards."
"The superb form of Carlton has not been shown for many a day, and their performance reminded onlookers of their brilliant career of 1887."
J. Ross, Strong and Watling did not play.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Mackie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, White, Watling, Walton, Williams.
J. Ross, Watling & Strong did not play.
Probable Carlton team line-up (Blueseum)
Backs; Blake, Sutton, Walton
Half backs; Coulson, Lorraine, Strickland
Centre; Keane, Mackie, Bailey
Half forwards; Salt, Roberts, Hutchison
Forwards; Murray, Ross, Williams
Followers; Currie, McKechnie, McKenzie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.6 3.11 4.16 5.19
S.M. 1.1 1.1 1.3 3.4
Goals; Williams 2, Currie, Roberts, McKenzie.
Players mentioned. (20) McKechnie, Hutchison, Bailey, Strickland, Williams, Currie, Batters, Moorhouse, McKenzie, Keane, Roberts, Mackie, Lorraine, White, Salt, Blake, Sutton, Walton, Coulson, Murray.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 16 Won 12 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 94 Against 41 Points 52 Percentage 81
Carlton 6 Premiership Points behind South Melbourne.

Carlton Reserves played South Melbourne on Princes oval
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beere, Beveridge, Brodie, Brown, Buchanan, Carsons, Forman, Gilbert, Goody, Hutchison, Jones, Kelly, Knox, Lemon, Lucies, Minogue, Monk, McPhee, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Whyte

September 08 Monday


Sir, - Knowing your constant support of all manly sport, I beg leave to trespass on your space in reference to the above match. Victorian football has by the care of a vigilant association been brought to a high pitch among athletic games, but if such irregular proceedings as were indulged in by several members of the S.M.F.C. team on Saturday are allowed to pass unnoticed, then goodbye to the popularity of football. Rumor is very busy with the names of certain players, who seemed entirely to have forgotton to play for honor. Let the Victorian Football Association look to this, and stamp out at the beginning what threatens to bring disgrace on the noble game.
6th. September

September 10 Wednesday
From The Age (p7)


By Follower, Of The Leader.
Last Saturday was in more respects than one a miserable day, the memory of which will never awaken anything but unpleasant recollections.
Dull, cold, and wet, the weather alone gave promise of a wretched afternoon, but the thousands of enthusiasts who braved the inclemency of the elements in order to be present as what was to been the match of the season experienced a shock which was much more severe than caused by the rainfall.
The humiliating (I use the word advisedly) defeat of South Melbourne has during the week been the talk of the town, and whatever may have been the actual cause of the ineffectiveness of some of the players, it is beyond doubt that the fiasco of last Saturday has dealt a blow at the popularity of the game which has made it tremble at it's base.
I have no sympathy with the spirit which is always imputing wrongful motives, and which invariably ascribes an unexpected result to foul play, and, moreover, I recognise the fact that there is nothing so very extraordinary in a team like Carlton, as it is as at present constituted, beating such a powerful combination as South Melbourne can put into the field.
So far, indeed, as that is concerned, I think that any good judge of the game who witnessed the former match played by the two clubs on the 2nd. of August must have felt satisfied that whenever they met again the victory of South Melbourne could by no means be looked upon as the dead certainy that some people were sanguine enough to declare it. Concerning Saturday's match, however, some of the attendant circumstances were of such a nature that to speak of the results as other than unsatisfactory would simply be endeavoring to make a presentable an unsightly object by gilding it's surface. For a day or two before the match, people were continually to be met with who declared with a knowing wink that it was a moral for Carlton. This bare fact admits of no denial.
Whether all those who pretended to "be in the know" really knew anything at all is, of course, another matter, which can best be elucidated by consideration of transactions which actually took place. In these days of universal wagering, there is always a general disposition to ascribe the downfall of a favorite to something "crooked," and therefore the open statements that were made to the effect that some of the South Melbourne players were not going to try to win would not under any circumstances have surprised anybody intimately associated with sporting matters.
The heavy wagering indulged in over present day football will naturally give rise to to similar rumors, frequently no doubt without the least justification. The trouble which has at last arisen has, however, long been looming darkly, and that one of the ominous clouds which have hovered threateningly over the game has burst with disastrous effect must unfortunately be admitted. The maladriotness displayed by some of the players certainly cannot be denied, though the cause thereof may for ever remain a matter of doubt. Each individual who feels an interest in the subject has a right to form his own opinion, but while deeply regretting the unsatisfactory surroundings of the match, I am in duty bound to refer to certain facts, the correctness of which I challenge anybody to disprove, and which in connection with any sporting event of similar importance would certainly have given rise to misgivings similar to those which have been so freely expressed since last Saturday.
The match for a couple of weeks past had been made the medium for heavier wagering than had ever previously taken place over a similar event, South Melbourne being pronounced favorites at 6 to 4 on, which price as laid to an amount that would stagger the uninitiated. It is a well known fact that one prominent member of the ring has always been a backer of the South Melbourne team, ever ready and willing to back them in each and all of their engagements, and it is equally a fact (though it will no doubt astonish many to hear it) that on this particular occasion he laid nearly £1200 on them. A wager of £750 to £500 was laid in one hand by the penciller referred to, another of £150 to £100, also £60 to £40, £30 to £20 and so on.
Before the day however sinister rumors (which at first were treated as idle gossip) filled the air. Supporters of South Melbourne ridiculed the report that some of the men were not going to try, and the wagering still went on. But during the few days immediately preceding the match a remarkable development occurred.
In betting circles supporters of Carlton increased and multiplied in a most astonishing manner, and included men who are not indentified at all with football or rarely either witness a match or bet on it but who are prepared to wager on Carlton until all was "blue". Backers of South Melbourne shortened the price, but still Carlton's supporters came on opened mouthed, and when they could no longer get odds laid even money "like water," and eventually (on the day before the match mark you) such bets as 20 to 18 and 20 to 16 were actually laid on Carlton.
At last came the fatal day, and then men who understand the betting market as an indicator spoke openly. What had caused the change in the betting? It was certainly not that South Melbourne's supporters are less enthusiastic than Carlton's, for no club has ever had more numerous or more confident following than the South. If the rain's effect on the ground could have affected the betting at all it would certainly not have been against South Melbourne, and yet several members of the betting ring whose faces are not familiar on football grounds had remained away from the Bacchus Marsh races and openly offered 6 to 4 on Carlton to big money before the ball was kicked off.
On the top of this came repeated instances of play on the part of some of the South Melbourne men unaccountably at variance with their usual form, not the result of bad luck, but incontrovertibly bad play, and this, coupled with the decided change which had previously come over the betting market, naturally enough gave rise to unrestrained comment of an unfavorable character.
These are facts, and whether the deductions that have been openly made are just, or unjust, warranted or foundationless, the unfortunate additional fact remains that heavy betting on football has at last done the game an injury which everybody with the least perception has long known to be sooner or later inevitable. However much individuals may (doubtless with the most generous motives) desire the whole matter to be hushed up as quickly as possible, the public will look to the Victorian Football Asociation to do it's duty and do it promptly. The matter has got far beyond the bounds of idle rumor, and has become to such an extent public property that nothing short of of a searching inquiry will be satisfactory.
If it can be reasonably established that nothing wrong has been done, and that any explanation can be given of the extraordinary wagering above referred to, every true supporter to the game will rejoice. If, on the contrary, malpractice can be exposed, the Victorian Football Association cannot stay it's hand with any degree of dignity, or without dealing the game it's death blow. I am pleased to think the president of the V.F.A., Mr. Best, and his coadjutors may depend upon in this matter to act in the true interests of the game, which certainly needs all the support and protection of it's best friends.

September 10 Wednesday.


Carlton played South Melbourne at Sandhurst Show Grounds. (Bendigo)
This non premiership match was played to raise money for the Bendigo Hospital, Benevolent Asylum, and for the District's injured footballers fund.
The teams were driven to Eaglehawk and inspected the South Street Mungo Mine.
They were then entertained at Burridge's Beehive Hotel with speeches Carlton's Mr. McCutcheon and from local MLA's, 100 people attended the luncheon.
Crowd; 5,000.
The small show grounds venue led to a cramped style of play with the ball being carried out of bounds frequently. Strickland captained the team. The great Peter Burns kicked off for the Southerners at 3.30pm.
Carlton team (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Mackay/Mackie, Moorhouse, McKenzie, McKechnie, Roberts, Ross, Strong, Salt, Sutton, Strickland, White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
20 minute quarters played, no half time break.
Carlton team; (from the Bendigo Advert. Tuesday 09)
Backs; Sutton, Walton, Murray
Half backs; Coulson*, Lorraine, Strickland
Centres; Keane*, Blake, Bailey*
Half forwards; Roberts*, Salt, Hutchison
Forwards; Mackie, Williams, White
Followers; McKenzie, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Currie
Rover; Batters*
.* Coulson, Batters, Bailey, Roberts, Keane; and Crapp, Ellis did not play.
Allwyn, Bromley, Geddes, McOwan, and unknown, were their replacements.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.5 3.6 5.9 6.12
S.M. 1.3 2.5 2.5 5.8
Goals; Williams 3.1, Currie 1.0, Murray 1.0, White 1.0, Bromley 0.2, McKechnie 0.2, Geddes 0.1, McKenzie 0.1, unknown 0.5.
Best: Allwyn, Strickland, McKenzie, Currie, Sutton, Williams (Sportsman Sept.17 p6)
Players mentioned; (16) Allwyn, Blake, Bromley, Currie, Geddes, Hutchison, McKechnie, McKenzie, McOrwin/McOwan, Moorhouse, Murray, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, Williams, White
The match raised £160. ($320)

September 11 Thursday.


A combination charity match between a North Yarra Team and a South Yarra Team at the Port Melbourne Cricket Ground.
This match is to raise money for the Dorcas Society and relatives of the late J. Tyrell.
Carlton players Currie, Lorraine, McKechnie, McKenzie, Strickland, and Williams were named in the squad of 24.

September 12


At the V.F.A. meeting, rumours of South Melbourne players taking bribes from bookmakers to "throw" last Saturday's match against Carlton were raised.
A reward of £100 is to be offered to people for information into these allegations.

September 13
Carlton played Melbourne at the Friendly Societies Gardens.
Poor weather, poor crowd, poor playing conditions.
"The gardens of the Friendly Societies are well worthy of a visit when the grass is green and the weather fine and bright, but footballers are not enarmoured of that trysting place when the wind blows strong and keen, the rain pelts down unpittingly and the unmowed grass is about a foot long.
The latter conditions were those under which Carlton and Melbourne played their return match of the season, and the onlookers were neither enarmoured of the surroundings nor of the play witnessed." (Sportsman Sept. 17 p6)
Melbourne scored the early goal, but then Carlton completely took over.
The Blues scored a huge win over their traditional rivals on Melbourne's home ground.
Every man in the Carlton team distinguished himself.
The Carlton ruck combination of Currie, McKechnie, McKenzie and Moorhouse did as they pleased.
Half-backs Strickland and Lorraine hardly let the ball pass them.
Williams (2) and Currie scored goals in the first quarter. McKechnie, Hutchison and Williams scored the second quarter goals.
"Keane's runs were worthy of high praise; the dodging and kicking of Bailey were first-class, and Hutchison, Roberts, and Salt lent great assistance to the team."
Coulson, Murray, Strong, & Watling did not play
Ross and Crapp played despite his injured leg.
Crapp was named in the Sportsman's starting 20
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, G. Mackie, Moorhouse, McKenzie, McKechnie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, Salt, Sutton, Strickland (Capt.), White, Walton, Watling, Williams.
Playing 20 (Sportsman Sept 17 p6)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Mackay/Mackie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, Ross, Salt, Strickland, Sutton, White, Walton, Williams.
Umpire; Roy
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.3 6.9 10.15 13.21
Melb. 1.0 1.0 1.3 1.5
Goal scorers; Williams 4, Hutchison 2, Currie, McKenzie, Salt, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Roberts, Keane. (another report said Ross instead of Roberts)
Best; Strickland, Moorhouse, Keane, McKechnie and Lorraine.
Players mentioned; (13) McKechnie, Moorhouse, Currie, McKenzie, Strickland, Lorraine, Keane, Bailey, Hutchison, Roberts, Salt, Williams, Ross.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 17 Won 13 Lost 2 Drawn 2 Goals For 107 Against 42 Points 56 Percentage 82

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Melbourne on Princes Oval.
No details

September 20


"It was announced that a reward of one hundred pounds, fifty pounds of which will be paid by the Victorian Football Association, and fifty pounds paid by the South Melbourne Football Club, is offered to any person who shall give such information as will lead to the conviction of any player in the late match Carlton v South Melbourne, who accepted a bribe to unfavorably influence his play."
(The Record, Emerald Hill p2)


The Australasian, September 20 (p3)


The Sportsman (Sydney) newspaper November 29 1902 (p4) published an open letter from it's editor to a Mr. "Bob" Phillips.
Amongst it's accusations the Sportsman mentions that Mr. Phillips was involved with the South Melbourne Football Club when they played Carlton and heavy betting took place on the match.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article167247525

September 20
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong Cricket Oval.
Keane, White, Strong, and Murray did not play.
Weather pleasant, large crowd.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the northern goal aided by the wind.
The Blues were the better team, but all the luck was with Geelong.
Salt played, but he was suffering from a poisoned hand.
R. Carsons played.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Mackie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, J. Ross, Strong, Salt, Sutton, Strickland, Walton, Waldron, Watling, Williams.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 2.1 3.2 5.7 7.10
Geel. 2.0 4.1 6.1 8.1
Goals; J. Ross 2.3, Williams 2.1, Carsons 1.1, Batters 1.0, Currie 1.0, Hutchison 0.2, Moorhouse 0.1, Salt 0.1 rushed 0.1.
Players mentioned; (18) Williams, McKenzie, Roberts, Hutchison, J. Ross, Salt, Strickland, Batters, Mackie, Lorraine, Moorhouse, McKechnie, R. Carsons, Currie, Bailey, Sutton, Walton, Blake. (Coulson, Waldron)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 18 Won 13 lost 3 Drawn 2 Goals For 114 Against 50 Points 56 Percentage .

September 24 Wednesday
The Argus reported on the sub-committee inquiry into the South Melbourne vs Carlton match.


To read the report click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8437060

September 26


At Young & Jacksons.
Several Carlton players were asked to attended a sub committee meeting to discuss the South Melbourne match and the allegations of bribery. These players failed to turn up, and now have been formally summons to appear at the V.F.A. meeting next Tuesday.


September 27
"How my soul grieves over the woes of that poor bookmaker Phillips, who lost £1,168 in bets on a football match between Carlton and South Melbourne. It is so hard and so unnatural that a "booky" who living depends on betting, should have to lose like one of the vulgar public. My imagination travels apace in a case like this, and shows me a family of little "bookies" curtailed of their weekly picnic by the seaside, and even paterfamilias himself deprived of the sweet consolation of his shilling cigars. Perish the constitution before such a thing shall happen, and let us summon every football player before the bar of public opinion to prove his innocence before a tribunal of blighted bookmakers. If Mr. Phillips can get his case properly taken up in this way, it will give several fillups to the drooping trade of the poor put-upon betting man."
(Trove: Advocate p16, 1890)

September 27
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
Steady rain throughout the afternoon.
Despite the weather, a large crowd turned out for the final match.
The Blues fumbled the ball and wasted their opportunities on the forward line.
The forwards let them down again.
The umpire was severe on Carlton for any breach of the rules, however, he was lenient on Fitzroy, and this upset the Carlton players.
McKenzie and Hutchison did not play.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blake, Bailey, Batters, Currie, Coulson, Keane, Lorraine, Murray, Moorhouse, Mackie, McKenzie, McKechnie, Roberts, J. Ross, Salt, Strong, Sutton, Strickland, Waldron, Walton, Williams, Watling.
Umpire; Roy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.4 0.6 0.7 0.10
Fitz. 1.2 2.4 6.4 8.6
Best; Moorhouse, Keane, Roberts, Batters, Mackie, Bailey, Lorraine, Strickland, Waldron.
Players mentioned; (20) Blake, J. Ross, Moorhouse, Bailey, Williams, Coulson, Currie, McKechnie, Sutton, Strickland, Salt, Keane, Roberts, Lorraine, Mackie, Batters, Murray, Waldron, Watling, Walton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 19 Won 13 Lost 4 Drawn 2 Goals For 114 Against 58 Points 56 Percentage .736, Proportinate 58.94

Carlton finished second, 10 Premiership Points behind South Melbourne.
Goals For 114, Behinds 225, Goals Against 58, Behinds Against 89

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy on Princes Oval

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves finished the 1890 season seventh out of eleven clubs.
Played 20 Won 6 lost 11 Drawn 3 Goals For 42 Against 48 Points 30
Essendon won the Second Twenty Competition, undefeated in all matches including two walkovers and one draw.

September 29 Monday


"Carlton suffered for want of effective forwards in the early part of the season, and eventually discarded both of the goal kickers from whom at starting they had expected a good deal. Before they had got the team fairly organized again points had been lost that they never quite managed to make up."
Better Carlton players;
Morehouse/Moorhouse and McKenzie.
"McKenzie, of Carlton, who was, perhaps the most effective player in the field last season, played sometimes brilliantly, at others indifferently;
while Morehouse/Moorhouse, of the same club, was distinctly at his best towards the end of the season."
To read the review in full click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8438148

September 29 Monday
The Age in it's season review mentions the junior club North Park which won the premiership for the fifth consectutive season.
What The Age says is possibly a world record, is that in the five years, North Park have played 100 matches, losing only three games.
The losses were to "imperial" clubs, twice to Union Jack and once to Britannia.

September 30 Tuesday


V.F.A. held a meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel to investigate the South - Carlton match.
The bribery allegations were put to rest.
Players from both the Carlton and South Melbourne clubs were interviewed as well as some bookmakers whom had taken large bets.
It was found that a few large bets were placed on South and when it looked like Carlton was going to win, these punter/s in panic, spread a rumour that South had thrown the game.
The Age;
"W. Strickland, the captain of the Carlton team, said that he believed the South Melbourne team did their very best to win. None of the Carlton players said that the match was a foregone conclusion, not did any of them want to go off the field in consequence. Carlton played an exceptionally good game on the occasion. The great spirit made by South Melbourne in the third quarter was evidence to him that they had tried to win.
On this occasion he had no bets on the match, although a bookmaker named Coleman offered to lay a new suit of clothes to the team to win. Coleman had also said to him that he had a good deal of money on the match, and hoped the Carlton boys would do their best."

October 04


"Second place has once again fallen to Carlton, whose record is a very good one, inspite of the poor exhibition they made last Saturday against Fitzroy.
They have not had to thank Dame Fortune for assistance in any of their encounters, and doubtless the knowledge that they have reached where they are entirely on their merits compensates to some extent for their having failed to get a niche higher.
Their most consistent workers all through have been Currie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, Batters, Bailey, Roberts, Hutchison, Walton, Sutton, Lorraine, and Salt.
Strickland, whose play in the early part of the season was less brilliant than in previous years, returned to form, and was seen to great advantage in the later matches, and Williams and J. Ross have sustained their reputations as goal-getters, the former heading the list with 20 goals, and the latter being a good second with 16."

October 23 Thursday


Mr. J. Gardiner said that the Carlton Football Club had been for years allowed to erect a 3 foot 6 inch fence around the enclosure for the six months of the season, but as soon as the season was over they were obliged to take the fence down. The consequence of this was that the improvements which were made to the ground during the season were quite thrown away, for cows were allowed to graze over the park, and the year's work was destroyed.
The Carlton club was the largest in Melbourne, and yet it had no ground for which it could invite other clubs, and none of the conveniences which all the other leading clubs enjoyed.
Since the application was made two acres of the park had been granted for a bowling green and a tennis court, and this enclosure had been permanently fenced.

December 02 Tuesday


Carlton footballer, nick named 'Duke' or 'Dooke' McKenzie was attacked outside the Coburg Hotel (opposite Pentridge Gaol) between 11pm - 12 midnight.
He was talking to two men when a drunk came out of the pub and assulted them. McKenzie was knocked down and kicked. Alex "Dookie" McKenzie was rendered unconscious, received a large scalp wound to the back of the head, severe concussion, facial bruising and a black eye. A policeman took him to his Sydney Road home and a doctor was called. (Herald Dec 04 p3)

December 10 Wednesday
The Melbourne Town Hall hosted a Grand Exhibition of Gymnastics to aid the Melbourne hospitals.
350 men from various clubs went through their gymnastic programmes.
The Caulfield and Elsternwick Leader in previewing the display said;
"..... there will be the usual apparatus work on the horizontal and parallel bars, buck and horse, storm jump by members of Carlton's last year first twenty football team, ....."

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