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Carlton Captain. R. Frayne.
Vice Captain. Jack Baker.
President. R. Robertson.
Secretary. M. Hearne.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Games Played. 24. Won. 14. Lost 7. Drew 3.
Honours. Champion of the Colony. Jack Baker.

Jack Baker was named Champion of the Colony and was also appointed the vice -captain of Carlton.

George Coulthard retired due to serious illness, his death occurred on October 22.

Opening game against a Waverley 23 saw Carlton win 7-0.
Among the new players to impress was a Robert Heatley who would later become President and work tirelessly for the Carlton Club.
The grandstand at Princes Park named in his honour.

Carlton then defeated Melbourne and South Melbourne.

Then came the July 21st. game against Essendon.
In a rough and vicious game Essendon 4.14 defeated the Blues 3.9 Carlton lost two of it's better players A. Wilson and Maloney to suspension.

This upset the balance of the team in mid season.

Following matches without these two resulted in losses to
Melbourne 1.10-0.11,
Geelong 4.14-3.10, and
South Melbourne 5.10-2.11.

Carlton visited Maryborough and defeated a local side 2.9-1.1

Rumours of Carlton players misbehaving was reported in the local and Melbourne papers. The Carlton Committee investigated and found two players guilty of misbehavior.
It was decided to leave these two players out of the side for the remainder of the season.

Nine senior players resented this move and promptly tendered their resignations.

(These disenfranchised players went to the Normanby Football Club, a Carlton off-shoot, which became the Fitzroy Football Club and was admitted to the V.F.A. the following year 1884.)

A team was built up with seconds and juniors. Jack Gardiner, former Carlton Captain, now a M.L.A of Victoria, came out of retirement to play for the Blues.

8,000 people attended Princes Oval to see Essendon slaughter the Carlton scratch team.

The Blues had different ideas and rose magnificently to the occasion.

Carlton 3.13 defeated Essendon 1.10

Carlton's best that day were Bloomfield, John Martin, Baker , M. Slattery , Fitzgerald , Frayne and (one of the brothers) Coventry.

1883 Ladder

PosTeamPlayedWinsLossesDrawsGoals For Goals Against
2South Melbourne241644--

OpponentPlayedWonLostDrawnGoals ForGoals Against
South Melbourne3120810
Port Adelaide110063
Sale (23)1100171
Waverley (23)110070
Star of Carlton (23)100111
South Yarra (23)110040
Williamstown (23)110030
Clifton (23)110050

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Image Image
James Sutherland's membership ticket.

January 16
The Argus classified advertisment;
A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the CARLTON FOOTBALL CLUB will be held in the Clyde Hotel, Carlton on the 23rd inst. at 8pm, to consider the following proposed addition to the rules : -
That nominations (together with the names of the proposer and seconder) for all office bearers be forwarded to the honorary secretary not later than one month prior to the date of the annual general meeting.
M. B. Hearne, Hon. Sec.

January 30 Tuesday
At the annual meeting of the Carlton Mechanics Literary' Institute, it was reported in the Age (Jan 31) that the Carlton Football Club had donated £10 to the Institute.

February 10


to be completed
A/asian p11/12

February 19 Monday
Special general meeting of the Carlton F.C. at the Clyde Hotel, at 8pm.
To consider alterations to Rules 9 & 10 with regard to "election of captain and vice captain," and suggested new rule for appointment of Match Committee.

March 13


"Athletes appear to accept marital discipline uneasily. We have had two lately in the divorce court, and now a third, a Mr. Nudd, a printer, who was deprived by a brother printer, he alleges, not only of his wife, but of the silver challenge cup of the Carlton Football Club, which Mr. Nudd pathetically remarked was highly prized by him." (Ballarat Star, March 13 p3)

March 16
The North Melbourne Advertiser reported that the Hotham Football & Cricket Clubs are to hold a Grand Ball at the local Town Hall. The footballers, as a mark of respect, have instructed their club secretary to donate three guineas to the Coulthard Relief Fund.
"Mr. Hearn, secretary of the Carlton Club, acknowledged the receipt of the same, and, thanks to the Hotham Football Club, for their kindness in time of need."

March 28 Wednesday
The Gippsland Times reports;
"... a match having already been arranged between the Carlton Football Club and the Sale Club to be played at Sale, on the 24th May, the Queen's Birthday."


Carlton captain Dick Frayne pictured in Adelaide 1881.

April 06 Friday
Carlton F. C. AGM held at Carlton Hall, Prince's Street.
A large crowd attended and Mr. R. Roberston presided.
The report said that last season the First Twenty had been incapacitated through illness and the Second Twenty had done good service in supplying players at a critical time.
Illuminated addresses were given to R. Frayne, N. Coventry, and J. Rickards.
Medals presented to Second Twenty players, I. Muir, J. Woods, J. Melville, and J. Doran.
At the annual sports meeting held on the oval James Rickards was the most successful competitor.
The Club Handicap was won by by J. Baker and N/A. Coventry, and Mr. Gardiner MLA's prize by Mr. Sutherland.
The V.F.A. was criticised for it's handling of the Coulthard disqualification, and for the fines imposed for a player who changed his residential address from Sandhurst to Melbourne.
A club room will be erected in Princes Park.
Balance Sheet; Credit balance of £6 13s 8d ($ 13.37)
Last season the First Twenty played 21 matches;
Won 12 Lost 4 Drawn 5
Top goal scorers;
Coulthard 14, Baker 12, Bailey 8, John Rickards 6.
Second Twenty played 13 Won 8 Lost 2 Drawn 3
Top Goal scorers;
Woodburn 5, Leach 4.
Office bearers were elected;
President; Mr. R. Robertson.
Patrons; J. Gardiner, M.L.A., J. Pigdon, E. Latham, John Bell, R. Gibson.
Sec. and Treasurer; M. B. Hearne.
Committee; G. Robertson, Smith, Coulthard, Bloomfield, McHarg, McIntosh, Brooks, Marshall, Murphy
Captain; R. Frayne, Vice captain J. Baker.
Hon. Sec. Second Twenty; W. C. Donaldson.
Second Twenty captain; W. C. Donaldson.
"Large framed illuminated addresses were then presented to Messrs. R. Frayne, J. Rickards and A. Coventry for long service in the first twenty team.
Messrs. Melville and Doran, of the second twenty, were awarded a gold ring and locket respectively, and Messrs. J. Muir and J. Woods were presented with medals for general excellence of play." (Leader April 14)
The President advised the team to play together, as it was hard that the Carlton Club which had been the first to adopt the tactics of little marks, should be defeated by it's own weapon.
A member asked whether the words in the report- "that punishment was meted out to the accused by the association without due and impartial consideration," should be allowed to remain, even if it was true and that the implication was undeniable.
The Chairman said Coulthard was not guilty of the offence imputed to him. Even if he had been, he should have been cautioned for the first offence. It was clear to the committee after taking evidence that the association had acted without due and impartial consideration, and they would not be acting a manly part if they did not put the words into the report. (Cheers) The words were not a bit too strong, as the association had allowed Tankard, the other combatant in the melee that occurred, to play, while they disqualified Coulthard.

April 06


May 05; Clyde at Royal Park
May 12 Hotham second at Hotham Recreation Reserve
May 19; Footscray at Prince's Oval
May 24; Malmsbury at Malmsbury
May 26; Fitzroy at Prince's Oval
June 02; Royal Park at Royal Park
June 09; South Melbourne at Prince's Oval
June 16; Britannia at Victoria Park
June 23; vacant (Geelong at Princes Oval)
June 30; Essendon second at Prince's Oval
July 07; Footscray at Footscray
July 14; Carlton Zingari at Prince's Oval
July 21; Essendon second at Prince's Oval
July 28; Melbourne second at Melbourne Football Ground
August 04; vacant (Geelong at Geelong)
August 11; Hotham second at Prince's Oval
August 18; Royal Park at Prince's Oval
August 25; Essendon second at Essendon
September 01; Melbourne second at Prince's Oval
September 08; South Melbourne second at South Melbourne football ground
September 15; Carlton Zingari at Royal Park
September 22; Fitzroy at Jolimont
September 29; Hawksburn at Albert Park
(The Age p7)

April 14
Practice match at Prince's Oval at 3pm
Teams selected by captain R. Frayne and vice captain J. Baker

April 21
Carlton played a scratch match at Princes' Oval at 3pm.
Old and new players are requested to attend to appear in uniform if possible.

April 21


"The list of matches arranged promises ample entertainment for the most ardent follower of the game. Carlton and Melbourne play their usual four matches together, and no one, remembering the services these veterans have rendered in advancing and maintaining the interest of football in Victoria, will be sorry to see the usual meetings between the old clubs
(Peter Pindar Australasian p15)

April 21


"I understand a club has been formed by some old country enthusiasts, with the object of introducing the English Association game into Victoria, and on the principle of chacun a son gout*, I wish them luck.
I do not think, however, they will be able to convert me from my allegiance to our own game, nor shake the faith of the many thousands in Victoria who regard it as the most attractive game extant. The association game may certainly be an improvement of the goold old "bullocking" of the Rugby one but it is no more to be compared to our game than shinty is to cricket.
(Peter Pindar Australasian p15)
.* everyone has their taste.

April 27


"The Carlton Football Club appears to have carried out some improvements at Princes' Oval without first obtaining the permission of the City Council. At the meeting of the Council on Monday, a report of the Health Committee is to be considered, recommending, with regard to a wooden structure which has been erected in Princes Park by the Carlton Football Club as a dressing-room, that permission be given for the same, but on the like conditions and with the same requirements as apply to the hurdles which this council has permitted to be placed in the Park, namely, that it is not fixed into the ground, and that it is to be removed along with and at the same time as the hurdles at the end of each football season, and not replaced until the commencement of the ensuing football season; and the representatives of the club be informed of and required to comply with these conditions."
(Herald p2)

April 28


'Sir in your issue last evening, in the town news, you have a paragraph concerning the room erected by the club in Prince's Park. The impression created by the notice is, that the club has erected the room without permission.
Would you kindly find space for the information of the club's numerous supporters that nothing has been done without the permission of the Parks and Gardens Committee, who have control of the parks.
The club first asked permission to erect a room which was granted. The plans and specifications had also been submitted to the Committee for approval, and after they had been approved of the room was erected. You will see from the above the club has done nothing without getting permission from the Committee appointed by the City Council and the Board of Land and Works.
By kindly inserting the above you will oblige." Yours, &c. CARLTON (Herald p2)

April 28


The Australasian reported on the comings and goings at Carlton.
Goer (to the Sydney F. C.) and O'Neill have gone to Sydney.
The Rickard brothers may leave. (John went to Melbourne, and James stayed with the Blues.)
Coulthard has had to retire because of a serious illness.
Frank Conway to Melbourne early in the season.
B. Murphy may not play
New players;
Cameron from South Melbourne.
Walker from Hotham.
Page from Williamstown.
J. Lowe from Geelong.
Elliott, Whelan, and Sherwood, from Star of Carlton.
Seebar (Sebire?) and J. Black, from Moonee Ponds.
Lyle from Richmond.
The Sportsman;
O'Donnell, may leave the Blues.
Fitzgerald, Heatley, and Sherwin/Shearwood/Sherwood, from Star of Carlton.
Clark from Hotham.
The Record (Emerald Hill)
Tully from the Star of Carlton
Shaw from Hotham

April 28
Carlton played a Waverley (23) at Princes Oval.
The Waverley club is a prominent Carlton junior club, they held one of their AGM's at an address in Madeline Street.
There was a Waverley Club Hotel in Lygon Street.
Crowd; 1,000
The game commenced at 3.30pm.
The Blues team composed of equal numbers of old and new players, proved far too strong for Waverley.
Carlton team; (20 named plus Emerg.)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Black, Conway, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, J. Lowe, Maloney, McIntosh, Page, Smith, Syle, Sebire, Shearwood, Westerman, Whelan,
Emerg; Walsh.
Umpire; George Robertson.
Carlton won; 7.12 - 0.1 (Half time Carl. 2.5 - 0.0)
Goals; Bailey 2, Doran, Baker, and new players Elliott, Whelan, Page.
Best; Frayne, Bloomfield, Cameron, Syle, Heatley, plus the goal scorers.
Players mentioned; (13) Whelan, Baker, Syle, A. Wilson, Bloomfield, Elliott, Bailey, Doran, Page, Heatley, Camerons, Frayne.

April 30 Monday


Melbourne City Council.
Permission granted for the erection of a portable dressing-room for players at Prince's Oval.
Like the fencing, it must be removed at the end of the football season and not put in place again until the commencement of the new season.

May 04 Friday


The North Melbourne Advertiser;
"Carlton the famous dark blue, are likely to have a team much better than they have had for years. Although they lose Goer who has gone to Sydney, O'Neil removed by distance, Coventry joined (South Yarra), Coulthard and O'Donnell retired, and probably Maloney will follow suit, but the club will be greatly strengthend by the addition of Cameron (S. Melbourne), Heatley, Sherwood, Trilly, O'Loughlen and Whelan (Star of Carlton), Fleming (Moonee Ponds), and others.
The club's ground (Princes Oval), is in good order, and the fence again erected.
The playing members are authorized to pursue constant training in the future, so as to enable the club to regain it's former prestige."
Also reported in the same paper is that the new Brunswick Club has been formed with the amalgamation of the East Brunswick and the Brunswick Clubs.

May 04 Friday


At a meeting, the VFA amended some of the rules. The main alterations are;
"If any player wilfully touch the ball before it reaches the ground when thrown in from out of bounds, the umpire may allow a free kick to the opposite side from the spot where the ball went out of bounds."

"If any player wilfully kick the ball out of bounds when kicking off after the ball has gone behind, the umpire may allow a free kick to the opposite side from the spot where the ball went out of bounds."

"Any club playing a member of another club shall lose the match in which it plays such member, and shall, in addition for the first offence, be fined £5, for the second £10, and for the third shall be disqualified from playing any of the associated clubs during the remainder of the season."
(Argus May 05 p11)
For a complete view of the 1883 Australian Football Rules see Pre VFL Rules of Football

May 05
Carlton played Star of Carlton (23) at Princes Oval.
A good attendance of 3,000, the game was played in windy conditions.
The Stars, who claim to be the leading Junior club, were confident even though four of their better players from last year were now with the Blues.
The Blues kicked to the eastern goal against the strong wind in the first half. The wind had abated a fair bit in the second half.
Defeat was looming, when Conway evened the score with ten minutes to go.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Conway, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, R. Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Page, Robertson, Smith, Syle, Sebire, Sherwood, Whelan, Wilson.
Umpire; George Robertson.
Match drawn; Carlton 1.16 - Star of Carlton 1.5 (Half time Carl. 0.1 - 1.1)
Result in The Age; Carlton 1.10 - 1.8 (Half time Carl. 0.1 - 1.7)
Goal; Conway.
Players mentioned; (18) Bailey, Baker, Conway, Smith, R. Frayne, Maloney, Joyce, Whelan, Sherwood, Syle, A. Wilson, Heatley, Coventry, Sebire, Murphy, McIntosh, and the Camerons.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Clyde at Royal Park.
Clyde is a local Carlton team probably associated with the Clyde Hotel in Cardigan Street which in 2018 is still operating.
48 years later in 1931 the railway station master of the town of Clyde (South Gippsland) a Mr. Brody, was in posession of a 1883 Carlton membership ticket. He showed the ticket to the Dandenong Journal (Aug 27 p4) which he mistakenly believed that Carlton had played the town of Clyde on May 05.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Aitken, Beere, Bedford, Bismire, A. Conway, Caterer, Cook, William Coulthard, A. Crawford, Graham, T. Hutchinson, Martin, Melville, Muir, Quilty, W. R. Robertson, Rickards, Samuels, Slattery, Woodburn, Wilmott , Westwood.
No details

May 12
Carlton played South Yarra (23) at Princes Oval.
Crowd; 1,500
The youngsters played well in the first half when they kicked with the wind.
The Blues played with 19 men in the second half due to the insubordination of one of the senior players who was promptly sent off the field.
The Australasian said that "the Carlton played together as they used to do in the olden days."
Bloomfield and Whelan scored the two first half goals.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Conway, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Page, Smith, Syle, Sebire, Sherwood, Robertson, Whelan, A. Wilson, Joseph Walker.
Carlton won; 4.12 - 0.6 (Half time 2-0) North Melbourne Advert. said 3 -0 at half time and result 5.13 - 0.6
Goals; Bloomfield 2, Whelan, Baker.
Best; Joyce, Walker, A. Wilson, Heatley, Frayne.
Players mentioned; (8) Baker, Bloomfield, Frayne, Heatley, Joyce, Walker, Whelan, Wilson.

Carlton Reserves played Hotham at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Aitken, Bismire, Beere, Conway, Crawford, Coulthard, Fairnie, Hadley, Hutchinson, Hutchinson, Muir, Martin, Murphy, McKay, Quilty, Robertson, Richards, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Westwood, Woodburn.
Match drawn; Carlton Reserves 0.12 Hotham Reserves 0.8 (other reports said Carl. 0.9 - 0.17 Carl. 0.10 - 0.17)
Players mentioned; Robertson, McCormack, Samuels.

May 16 Wednesday


A suggestion from The Sportsman;
"A matter that is well worthy of notice on the part of the Football Association is the appointment of some person to act as "Time-keeper," instead of allowing that duty to be performed, as at present, by the central umpire.
Just before a match commences, the respective captains decide as to what length of time they will play each way; the game then goes on until the central umpire thinks of looking to see if it half time; if so play is stopped, a few minutes for rest then takes place, then the second half begins.
If the game is at all exciting, the central umpire is kept too busily engaged in following the ball to think of what time it is, and it therefore not unfrequently happens that the play continues for some time after the hour agreed upon.
In a closely contested match a few minutes play might alter that state of the game.
It is therefore very desirable that the exact time should be adhered to, to prevent any unpleasantness."


May 19
Carlton played Williamstown (23) at the Gardens Reserve, Williamstown.
It was intended to charge for admission to pay for the cost of erecting fencing around the ground. However, the local city council would not allow it, much to the chagrin of the Williamstown Football Club.
Donation boxes were place outside the ground and a "good sum" was collected.
The Blues had met at Spencer street railway station at 2pm.
Carlton kicked off against a strong breeze. The Blues won a well fought game scoring 2 goals late in the second half, their fitness and experience eventually proved too much for the Villagers.
The Blues were thanked for coming to Williamstown and helping the local club pay off some of it's debt in setting up the ground.
The match created much interest, so much so, that 5 of the Williamstown Second Twenty stayed to watch the match instead of travelling to Royal Park to play The Avenue!
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, McIntosh, Robertson, Smith, Syle, Sebire, Sherwood, Whelan, Joseph Walker, Wicks.
Emergency; James Rickards.
Umpire; George Robertson
Carlton won; 3.5 - 0.7 (Australasian 3.8 - 0.6) (Half time 1.2 - 0.5)
Goals; Baker 3.
No other players mentioned.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Footscray at Princes Oval.
The Blues fielded a strong team which included 7 players who had played in the senior team last year.
Melville captained the Blues, he won the toss and kicked with the wind. The players adjourned to the newly built dressing room at half time. Heavy rain at half time extended the usual 10 minute break to 30 minutes.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Conway, Donovan, Hadley, Hutchinson, Hutchinson, Fairnie, Leach, Muir, Melville, Martin, Quilty, W. Robertson, Rickards, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Woods, Westward/Westwood, Woodburn.
Umpire; T. Anderson
Carlton won; 2.6 - 0.0 (Half time 1.1 - 0.0)
Goals; Leach, unknown
Best; Woods, Donovan, Muir, Slattery, Woodburn, Conway, Melville
To read the Independant's report click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article73244391

May 24 Thursday Queen's Birthday
Carlton played Sale (23) at Sale Cricket Ground.
The team left on the Wednesday afternoon train from Princes Bridge.
The weather was fine and a large crowd attended.
During the first half the ball only got close to home team's goal twice.
Sale's only goal was something of a fluke as the ball was kicked along the ground and bounced through the goals.
"The 'little marks' of the Carlton players was greatly admired, but their kicking was not very good, several easy chances at goal being missed for want of accuracy, and the only goal secured by a good kick was one by J. Baker at a very difficult angle."
The Carlton team was entertained after the match at the Criterion Hotel before they caught the train back to Melbourne.
Possibly the Blues highest score to date.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Baker, Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Daley, Elliot, Frayne, Heatley, Joyce, Mills, McIntosh, Maloney, Jas. Rickards, Robertson, Syle, Sherwood, Smith, Sebire, Whelan, Joseph Walker, Wicks, Lowe.
The Gippslander named 23 Carlton players, the same as above, except for Daley.
Umpire; H. O. Allan
Carlton won; 17.26 - 1.0 (another report in the Australasian said 17.35)
Goals; Elliott 5, Cameron 3, Bailey 2, Baker 2, Whelan 2, Robertson, Mills, Rickards.

Carlton Reserves played Malmsbury at Malmsbury (near Kyneton)
The team met at Spencer Street station at 6.45pm Wednesday 23 May.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Conway, Donovan, Fairnie, Hadley, T. Hutchinson, Leach, Melville (Capt), Muir, Martin, McKay, Quilty, Rickards, Robertson, Slatterly, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Woodburn, Woods.
Carlton won 6 - 0

May 26
Carlton played Hotham at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 12,000
This match was of two 50 minute halves with a 10 minute interval.
Normally matches were of two periods of 55 minutes with a 10 minute break.
The game began at 3.10pm and finshed at 4.58pm
"This was the first appearance of the Carlton team in a big match, and as soon as they took the field it was evident that the stoutness and physique for which they always have been noted - a characteristic favourably displayed by the dark blue uniform - had not been altered for the worse by the inclusion of this year's recruits."
Hotham have added a broad blue sash to their light blue and white uniform.
Heavy rains during the week have made the ground slippery.
Carlton won the toss kicking towards the city end and Rickards scored two quick goals and the Blues were playing all over Hotham.
Then all of a sudden a change came over the game, and Hotham's forwards got on top kicking three goals.
The Carlton backs played up the ground and when the ball was kicked long into Hotham's forward line, their forwards were unopposed.
Carlton had most of the play in the second half but couldn't score any goals, missing at least 8 easy chances to goal. The bell to end the game was rung a few minutes before it should have.
This was Hotham's first victory over the Blues in 7 years of combat.
The umpiring was not up to standard, and players were confused with the decisions. (See June 02)
"The win of the Hotham means the loss of a lot of money by the Carlton backers, who laid heavily on their men winning. The Carlton simply cannot kick goals, and they kicked away any number of chances last Saturday, as they did at Sale on the previous Thursday, when they scored seventeen goals and thirty-five behinds."
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, McIntosh, Mills, James Rickards, Smith, Syle, Sherwood, A. Wilson, Whelan, Woods, Wicks.
Emergencies; J. Lowe, Daley.
Umpire; R. Greig.
Carlton lost; 2.13 - 3.8 (Half time Carl. 2.3 - 3.6)
Goals; Rickards 2. (another report said Cameron scored 1 goal)
Best; A. Wilson, Baker, Frayne, Smith, Maloney.
Players mentioned; (19) Smith, James Rickards, Bailey, A. Wilson, Mills, Whelan, Cameron, Cameron, Frayne, Maloney, McIntosh, Baker, Woods, Joyce, Coventry, Elliott, Sherwood, Weeks/Wicks, Syle.

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Conway, Donovan, Fairnie, Hadley, Leach, Melville (Capt.), Muir, Martin, McKay, Quilty, W. Robertson, Rojo, Rickards, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Woodburn, Wilmott.

May 30


The takings from the Carlton - Melbourne match will be donated to Coulthard who has been in ill health for some time. He has been unable to take part in any active sports.
George will succumb to the effects of consumption (TB) within 12 months.

June 02
Peter Pindar of The Australasian had this to say about the umpiring at the Carlton-Hotham game last Saturday;
"The field umpiring was certainly a feature of this game, and any member of the Football Association present must have been convinced that it is high time that throughly trained and capable men should be employed and properly renumerated to save the public a recurrance of last Saturday's experiences."

June 02


"The Footballer" annual which was edited by Carlton's Tom Power will not be published this year.
The publishers hoped that it would be back in print in 1884.
"The Footballer" was the first publication dedicated to the Australian game and it ran from 1875-1882.


The Age June 02 had a column of bookmakers advertising gambling for racing & football.


June 02
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
All proceeds of this match are to be donated to Carlton champion George Coulthard who has been suffering a very serious illness, and for the last decade has been the most prominent player in Victorian football.
Coulthard's long association with the Carlton Football and the Melbourne Cricket Clubs, and along with the Melbourne Football Club, they urged all football supporters to attended and help ease Mr. Coulthard's medical expenses.
It was a cold and wet day, and the crowd was only around 5,000, about a third of what was expected.
£130 was donated to George Coulthard.
The Blues won the toss.
The playing conditions were atrocious.
The Record, (Emerald Hill) said;
"Carlton won the match five goals to three, but the outcome was no idication of the merits of the respective teams, as it was simply a matter of wading about in a pool of mud during the two hours the play lasted, not to metion the rain, which added much to the discomfort of both players and spectators." The Record said of George Coulthard "the best player who has ever appeared in the ranks of Carlton."
The Age, Monday June 4;
"Never before, during the histroy of football in Australia, was a game played under continuously adverse conditions as that between the Melbourne and Carlton clubs on Saturday last. Rain came down from start to finish without intermission. It was fully twenty minutes past three when the ball was kicked off, and consequently it was considerably after twilight when the game was concluded. In fact, so dark was it during the last 15 minutes that it was impossible to tell what the players were actually doing."
George Robertson was the umpire, "who must, however, have experienced some difficulty in distinguishing the players towards the end of the game, the light being so bad that only a few shadowy forms could be seen flitting about in the centre of the ground."
Former Blue John Rickards played for Melbourne and kicked 2 goals.
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Baker, Bailey, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Robertson, James Rickards, Syle, Sherwood, Smith, A. Wilson, Wicks, Joseph Walker, Whelan, Woods.
Emergencies; Daley, Mills.
Umpire; George Robertson.
Carlton won; 5.7 - 3.7. (Half time Carl. 3.5 - 1.3)
Goals; Baker 3, Elliott, Heatley.
Best; A. Wilson, Baker, Joseph Walker, Frayne, Wicks, Joyce.
Players mentioned; (14) A. Wilson, Whelan, Baker, Joyce, Heatley, Wicks, Elliot, Coventry, Walker, Bailey, Frayne, Rickards, Sherwood, Smith.

Carlton Reserves played Royal Park at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Coulthard, Donovan, Fairnie, Hadley, Leach, Melville, Muir, Martin, McKay, McIntosh, McIntyre, Quilty, Robertson, Rickards, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Woodburn.
No details

June 09
Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 10,000
The weather was fine, however the turf was greasy.
Carlton won the toss and the game began at 3.35pm. The Blues kicked to the railway end.
The game was one of the season's best so far.
Maloney returned, and Bloomfield played his first game for the year.
The Blues started agressively and after a few minutes Bailey had the first goal on the board. For a while the ball was continually out of bounds. Then Carlton scored their second major through Heatley and this stirred the Southerners into action. South were quite active in the final 20 minutes of the first half, but despite this the Blues scored another goal this time by Rickards.
During the first half it was reported that, "the 'punting' of the South Melbourne players who seemed to adopt this style of kicking in preference to the usual 'drop'."
Immediately play commenced after half time the Blues put through their fourth goal.
The Blues were then put on the defensive for much of the remainer of the match.
The Age; "Their style of play on Saturday was all but perfect, that is, as perfection in football in Australia goes."
Carlton follower H. Wilson sustained a fracture of the little finger in his right hand. (Weekly Times June 16 p5)
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, James Rickards, Robertson, Smith, Shearwood, Whelan, Joseph Walker, A. Wilson, Wicks, Woods.
Emergencies; Syle, Daley.
Umpire; R/G. Houston
Carlton won; 4.7 - 1.7 (Half time Carl. 3.2 - Sth. Melb. 0.5)
Goals; Bailey, Heatley, Rickards, Baker.
Best; Maloney, Baker, Heatley, Wilson.
Players mentioned; (16) Smith, Baker, A. Wilson, Bailey, Bloomfield, Walker, Maloney, Rickards, Heatley, Frayne, Sherwood, Robertson, Whelan, Joyce, Cameron, Coventry.

Carlton Reserves played South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Carlton team, (20 named plus emerg.)
Aitken, Bismire, Donovan, Hadley, Hutchinson, Leach?, Melville, Muir, Martin, McKay, McIntyre, Quilty, Rickards, W. Robertson, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Woodburn
Emegencey; Coulthard.
This copy of The Herald in Trove is very difficult to read in parts.
Carlton won; 2-0

June 09


The opening of the Hotham Recreation Reserve, Arden Street.
The first football match to be played at this venue was Hotham (North Melbourne) vs Melbourne.
The area that the ground is located was once part of the West Melbourne swamp.

June 13


The Herald (p3)
"Sir, - I beg to suggest that on Saturday next at the three cricket grounds the secretaries of the various clubs allow a collection to be made for J. Henry, an old Carlton player, who has been laid up for the last two years with lung disease, and who at the present moment in is very bad health. Yours, &c., CARLTON June 13"

June 16
Carlton played Clifton Union (23) at Princes Oval.
The Australasian;
"This contest took place on the Prince's Oval, in the presence of a goodly number of spectators, and, after a very one sided game, resulted in a victory for the senior club..."
The Age said;
"... but from the commencement of the game it was evident that the Juniors were completely over matched, and could not cope with the senior team. The first half of the game was an extremely one sided affair, the Carlton men scoring behind after behind in rapid succession, and also scoring 2 goals. During the second half the seniors placed 3 more goals to their credit, and the Clifton were beaten in a most ignominious fashion by 5 goals."
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Daley, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, McIntosh, Mills, James Rickards, Robertson, Syle, Shearwood, Joseph Walker, Whelan, Woods.
Carlton won; 5.18 - 0.1 (Half time Carl. 2 - 0)
Goals; James Rickards 2, Bloomfield, Mills, Joyce (another report said Baker)
No other players mentioned.

Carlton Reserves played Britannia at Victoria Park.
The team met at Mr. Coulthard's at 2.30pm sharp.
Carlton team; 20 named plus emerg.
Aitken, Bismire, Barrass, Donovan, Fairnie, Hutchinson, Leach, Melville, Martin, Muir, McKay, Quitly, Rickards, Robertson, Slattery, Slattery, Sutherland, Samuels, Watts, Woodburn.
Emerg; W. Coulthard
Carlton Reserves won; 1.9 - 0.4
Best; Aitken, Slattery, Donovan, Martin, Muir, Samuels.

June 23


Sir, - Would you kindly insert this letter on behalf of one of the best athletes this colony has produced (Henry of the Carlton Football Club), who seems past recovery, and in poor circumstances. So many old footballers and athletes want to do something for him; will you kindly help us this time, as you always do when asked. Seven years ago I had the pleasure of awarding him the Amateur Champion Cup for boxing (for Miller's benefit at the Princess Theatre) Henry's quiet ways always won respect.
J. P. Smith B.L.
(Herald p3)

June 23
Carlton played Geelong at the M.C.G.
The day was fine, but the cricket ground was sodden which made the ball very greasy and very difficult to handle.
Crowd; 13,000
Brownlow captaining Geelong kicked off.
Frayne won the toss and Carlton kicked with the wind in the first half to the eastern goal.
The teams were even with the expection of the Carlton centre line and forwards who had the better of their opponents.
"The Carlton team is much heavier than the Geelong, and this it was which caused the "blues" to be so much in the ascendent all through, excepting at brief intervals when Geelong bore down upon them with almost irresistable force." "Carlton's victory was on the whole well deserved, and that famous team, whose glory it was averred by some, had departed, is now to be congratulated on being at the top of the tree, though whether the coveted position will be long retained is another question."
(Record Emerald Hill)
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.),Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Fitzgerald, Elliot, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney/Moloney, Robertson, James Rickards, Smith, Shearwood, A. Wilson, Joseph Walker, Whelan, Woods.
Emergencies; Syle, Daley.
Umpire; Jos. J. Adams.
Carlton won; 4.14 - 2.7 (Half time Carl. 2.3 - 0.1) (A/Asian; 2.9 - 0.3)
Goals; Bailey 2, A. Wilson, Baker.
Best; Maloney (BOG), A. Wilson, Bloomfield, Coventry, Baker, Frayne, Cameron, Smith.
Players mentioned; (19) Frayne, Maloney, Baker, Walker, Coventry, Bailey, A. Wilson, Bloomfield, Elliott, Heatley, James Rickards, Smith, Camerons, Whelan, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Jock Robertson, Woods.

Carlton Reserves played Geelong at Princes Oval.
In the second half, Geelong struggled to get it over the centre into their forward line.
In fact, the only time they did, they scored the only goal of the game!
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Barrass, Clydesdale, Donovan, Hutchinson, Leach, Melville, Muir, Martin, Mills, McIntosh, O'Shannessy, Rickards, Robertson, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Woodburn, Westwood.
Carlton Reserves lost; 0.9 - 1.3
Best; Clydesdale, McIntosh, Rickards, Slattery, Donovan, Mills, Barrass.

June 23
After this weekend's round of matches;
Carlton topped the list, followed by Geelong, Melbourne, Hotham, South Melbourne, and Essendon.

June 28 Thursday


Sir, - Will you kindly grant me a small space your widely circulated newspaper re J. Henry the Carlton footballer's case. In looking up the list of football matches in your last Saturday's issue, I find no less than 42 matches arranged for and played on that day. I would suggest that each of these clubs subscribe a small amount, say 5s weekly, during the season. I am sure they would never miss the amount. With reference to such a monster turn-out as occured on the occasion of the match between Geelong and Carlton clubs last Saturday, I think those clubs should ante up a trifle of their "big takings" to assist an old comrade in his time of need.
Yours etc. B. H. MEYERS
(Herald p3)

June 30
The Australasian reported that during the week Essendon were defeated by Norwood in Adelaide.
The Dons now have the honour of being the first Victorian team to be beaten in that city.

June 30
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C.G.
Crowd; 8,000.
Strong northerly was blowing goal to goal, and the ground was in good condition.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with the wind.
" In justice to Frayne, the Carlton captain, it must be said that he evidently grasped the strength of his situation, and made the most of it, forcing the game during the first half, and making hay while not only the sun was shining, but more important still in football, while the wind was blowing. I am strongly inclined to the belief that the Carlton players owe this victory to the good judgment on the part of their skipper, for when the ends were reversed amarked change o'er the spirit of the game, and but for the heavy leeway Essendon had to put up, I might have had to record a second defeat to the redoubtable blues.
As in the Geelong match, Bloomfield and Wilson were eminently conspicuous from the start, worrying the Essendon backs by constantly repeated assaults, whilst Moloney and Smith did equally valuable service. I have seldom seen a better individual game than that played on Saturday by Moloney, whose ubiquitous nature enable him to gain possession of the ball, apparently twice as often as any other player in either team.
I am glad to notice that Wilson has almost entirely recovered from the accident he recently met with, and on Saturday the well known leather-topped guernsey was constantly conspicuous, as its wearer shot above surrounding friends and foes securing some wonderful marks. The duties pertaining to captaincy, although well and skillfully fulfilled, did not prevent Frayne showing brilliant flashes of play, whilst Heatley and Smith bore than a fair share of the battle's front." (Leader July 07 p21)
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Robertson, James Rickards, Shearwood, Smith, A. Wilson, Whelan, Joseph Walker, Woods.
Emergencies; Syle, Daley.
Umpire; Jos. Adams.
Carlton won; 4.16 - 3.16 (Half time Carl. 3.11 - Ess. 1.1)
Goals; Bailey 2, Baker, Heatley.
Best; Bloomfield, A. Wilson, Baker, Smith, Coventry, Frayne.
Players mentioned; (15) Frayne, Woods, A. Wilson, Maloney, Heatley, Walker, Baker, Bailey, Smith, Cameron, Elliott, Bloomfield, Coventry, Shearwood, Whelan.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Carlton Reserves won; 6.17 - 0.0

July 02 Monday
The VFA have donated £140 ($280) from the proceeds of senior matches, between fifteen charities

July 07


"Football is busy and the teams of the great clubs are about up to their best strength. The "boss" club will be either Carlton or Melbourne; Geelong, so long the premier, is weak for them.
Carlton represents the everyday footballers. Melbourne is of the gant glace' style, and is quite determined to second to none." (gant glace - kid glove)
(The Week Brisbane p15)

July 07


The Australasian reports that former Carlton player Joe Henry is suffering a serious illness.
A benefit concert has been arranged for him, and champions from the atheltic and gymnastic societies and old comrades of the Carlton Football Club have offered their services.
The concert will he held at the Athenaeum on Monday the 16th. July.
See also December 19

July 07
Carlton played Hotham at the Hotham Recreation Reserve, Arden Street.
Crowd; 2,000.
Carlton's first game at this venue.
Work has been carried out to improve the arena. The ground has been fenced with a row of seating around the playing space, but there is very little under cover accomodation.
Rain made playing on the newly formed ground very difficult as water covered most of the arena. Two thirds of the ground has been resurfaced and the remainder was turned into a swamp, the ground was unfit to play on.
Hotham won the toss and kicked off with a strong north wind, and the rain poured down in the first half.
In the second half, the water, at the end to which the Blues were kicking, was above the tops of the players boots.
In the dying moments a disputed goal to Bloomfield drew the match.
"Bloomfield was awarded a free kick, near the south west corner, and by a beautiful kick he landed the 3rd goal for his side, the ball bouncing clean through."
Bailey and Walker did not play.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Daley, J. Elliott, Frayne (Capt.) Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Robertson, G. Smith, Shearwood, A. Wilson, Joseph Walker, Whelan, Woods.
Emergency; Syle.
Umpire; R. Hutton.
Match drawn; Carl. 3.8 - 3.11
Goals; J. Elliott, G. Smith, Bloomfield.
Players mentioned; (14) Cameron, Whelan, Bloomfield, A. Wilson, J. Elliott, Maloney, Fitzgerald, Frayne, Woods, Joyce, Robertson, Baker, Smith, Coventry.

Carlton Reserves played Footscray at Footscray.
The team met at Mr. G. Coulthard's at 2.15pm.
A very fast and even game until the heavens opened before half time. The ground was quickly turned into a lake and the match was abandoned.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Bismire, Clyster, Donovan, Leach, Melville, Muir, Martin, Mills, McIntosh, Robertson, Rickards, O'Shannessy, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Woodburn, Westwood,.
Emergency; Fairnie
Umpire; J. Dean
Match drawn
Carlton 0.3 - 0.1

July 14
Carlton played Port Adelaide (South Australia) at the South Melbourne C. G.
Frayne won the toss and the Blues kicked with the aid of a moderate breeze which abated after half time.
Eliott, T. Cameron and Baker were the goal scorers in the first half.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, T. Cameron, Daley, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, Moloney, Robertson, Smith, Shearwood, A. Wilson, Joseph Walker, Whelan, Woods.
Emergency; Syle.
Umpire; George Robertson
Carlton won; 6.17 - 3.4 (Half time 3.12 - 0.0)
Goals; Muir, Cameron, Baker, Elliott, Heatley, Donovan.
The Age had goals; Elliot 2, T. Cameron, Baker, Bloomfield and Donovan
(Both Muir and Donovan were not in the selected team.)
Players mentioned; (10) Baker, Bloomfield, Cameron, T. Cameron, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne, Heatley, Muir, Wilson

Carlton Reserves played South Yarra at the St.Kilda Football Ground.
The Reserves were fixtured to play Carlton Zingari on Princes Oval, see James Sutherland's 1883 membership ticket near the top of this page.
The team met at Coulthard's at 2.15pm.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Bismire, Barrass, Donovan, Leach, Melviile, Muir, Martin, Mills, McIntosh, O'Shannessy, Robertson, Rickards, Samuels, Slattery, Slattery, Sutherland, Westwood, Watts, Woodburn.
Carlton Reserves lost; 1.6 - 4.12
Goal; Aitken.
Best; Aitken, Martin, Mackay, McIntosh, O'Shannassy.

Trove; Melb Punch July 12

July 16


Benefit concert for Joe H. Henry at The Athenaeum.
300-400 people attended.
There were displays of gymnastics "of every kind" and boxing matches. One of the boxers, McLaren, had come down from Ballarat at his own expense.
The Carlton Football Club underwent their dumb-bell exercises under the direction of their instructor Professor Miller.
The Naval Reserve and the H.M.V.S. Cerebus crew gave a demonstration of use of the cutlass and other exercises.
£25 was raised for Joe Henry.

July 21
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
Crowd; 10,000.
The crowd witnessed the Blues using rough-house tactics to try and defeat the Dons.
A. Wilson and Maloney and Essendon's Carter, and Aitken being the main instigators.
Umpire, ex Carlton player George Robertson was far too lenient and should have penalised players earlier. He allowed the Essendon players to hold onto the ball for too long and this started the pushing, shoving and slinging.
The Carlton goal umpire had to replaced as Essendon claimed he was too biased.
Frayne's similar goal attempt was also given as a no goal by the other goal umpire.
An altercation between A. Wilson and W. Hughes (Ess) saw a crowd invasion and the players left the field.
The players returned, but Umpire Robertson refused to as the crowd had not left the field.
W. Hughes surrounded by the crowd put the ball through, but the central umpire was not on the ground.
The match was not resumed.
The Illustrated Australian News (Aug 8);
"A most unseemly disturbance took place on the 21st July on the East Melbourne cricket ground, during a football match between the Essendon and Carlton teams.
Several of the men on each side appeared to lose their heads completely, and, quite ingoring the rules of the game, they persisted in rushing any player who had made a mark, hurling him to the ground and behaving generally in a disgraceful and ruffianly manner.
The umpire was unable to reduce the disorder, and the game degenerated into a rough-and-tumble scrimmage of a most malicious character."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Daley, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Robertson, Smith, Shearwood, Joseph Walker, A. Wilson, Whelan, Woods.
Emergencies; Syle, Fitzgerald.
Umpire; George Robertson.
Carlton lost; 3.8 - 4.15 (Half time Carl. 2.4 - Ess. 1.11)
Goals; Heatley, Baker, Bailey. The Australasian said Heatley, Whelan and Daly.
Players mentioned; (19) Baker, Bailey, Bloomfield, the Camerons, Coventry, Daley, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne, Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, Robertson, Shearwood, Smith, Walker, Whelan, Wilson.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Aitken, Bismire, Barrass, Henry, Leach, Melville, Martin, Mair, Mills, Muir, Murphy, McIntosh, O'Shannessy, Robertson, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Watts, Westwood, Woodburn.
Emergency; Ternan
Carlton Reserves won; 2.15 - 0.5
Clydesdale out shone all others on the ground.
Best; Clydesdale (BOG), Martin, Mills, O'Shannassy, Mair, Muir.

July 25 Wednesday


The newspaper in it's editorial said;
"Football is degraded and disgraced by such scenes as that witnessed on the East Melbourne ground on Saturday last, when the Carlton and Essendon teams met together. The game is now the most popular of all outdoor sports, but the respectable portion of the public will withdraw their support unless the practices which brought an afternoon's rough play to a discreditable close are put down.
What occurred has been circumstantially described by our reporter. It is scarcely possible to imagine anything worse. The Carlton players being overmatched, adopted unfair tactics from the first, and the rough play with which they began ended in downright violence and brutality. One Essendon player was deliberately "slung" and another was "savagely mauled" and a third overthrown.
At last W. Hughes, who had obtained a mark for Essendon, and who was preparing to try for goal, was rushed at, hurled violently to the ground, and kicked. The spectators, who had marked their disapprobation of the Carlton tactics all through, were unable any longer to restrain themselves, and rushed the ground, bringing the game to an abrupt termination.
If football is not to given over entirely to bullies and roughs, conduct like that exhibited by the Carlton players on Saturday must be resolutely put down. The umpires may do something by showing vigilance and determination in the field, and by visiting every sign of unfairness with the appropriate penalty. But when players break through all restraints, and treat their opponents with savage violence, as was done on Saturday, punishment of a severe kind is called for. The necessary power is possessed by the Football Association, which may disqualify offending players, and thus deprive them of the opportunity of repeating their misconduct. It is to be hoped that Saturday's proceedings will not escape the notice of this body, but a searching inquiry will be held, and that the offenders, upon proof being given of their guilt, will be dealt with in the severest possible manner.
There must be no trifling, or football will be in danger of sinking into ruffianism."

July 27 Friday


At the VFA meeting, Carlton's A. Wilson was disqualified for foul play in last Saturday's match against Essendon.
A. Wilson admitted part of the unfair tactics and apologised to the Association and to W. Hughes the player whom he was alledged to have kicked.
Mr. Marshall, a Carlton delegate, referred to Wilson's services as a veteran and brilliant player who had not been charged with an offence before.
The Association decided that an example had be made for the sake of the honour of football and disqualified him.
A. Wilson was disqualified for the remainder of the season.
A second case against Carlton's Moloney/Maloney who had been charged with throwing W. Hughes when he was about to kick, after he had marked the ball which had been awarded by the umpire.
This matter will be held over to the next meeting of the Association.
The Carlton Football Club will bring counter accusations of malpractice against Essendon's W. Hughes and Aitken.
(See July 30)

July 28


The Herald published the entire VFA meeting into this matter.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article241143148

July 28
Carlton played Melbourne at the East Melbourne C. G.
The Maffra Spectator;
"The unpleasant finish to last Saturday's football match had made many of the patrons of that game rather disgusted with the Carlton team. However, today a match is to be played between them and the Melbourne team, and it is hoped that there will be no repetition of last week's exhibition and that the Carlton team will regain their prestige for fair play. This is the match of the season and will no doubt attract a large crowd."
Crowd; 10,000.
A. Wilson suspended, and Maloney under investigation, did not play.
Rain had turned the entire ground to mud.
The second half became a farce, as players covered in slush tried to stay on their feet.
The winning goal, a 50 yard kick with a wet, heavy ball, came late in the day with only 10 minutes left. The Blues desperately tried to level the scores but ran out of time.
Carlton were loudly jeered by much of the crowd because of last weeks' indiscretions.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Clydesdale, Daley, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, Robertson, Smith, Shearwood, Whelan, Joseph Walker, Woods.
Emergency; McIntosh.
Umpire; M. Minchin.
Carlton lost; 0.11 - 1.10 (Half time Carl. 0.8 - Melb. 0.5)
Best; Followers Cameron and Smith. Frayne, Baker.
Players mentioned; (17) Bailey, Donovan, Smith, Bloomfield, Elliott, Frayne, Whelan, the Camerons, Walker, Baker, Clydesdale, McIntosh, Joyce, Heatley, Coventry, Robertson.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Melbourne on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Both sides played a good brand of football until the rain set in.
A Carlton player was pushed through the goals as he was kicking it to level the scores in the dying seconds. Carlton claimed a goal, but the umpire did not allow it.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Aitken, Bismire, Fairnie, Hutchinson, Leach, Melville, Martin, Muir, Mills, Mair, McKay, McIntosh, O'Shannessy, Robertson, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Watts, Westwood, Woodburn.
Carlton lost; 2.7 - 3.5
Goals; Woodburn, Favinie.

July 30 Monday


The VFA resumed it's investigation into the charges against Moloney.
He was found guilty and recieved a three week suspension.
This was a lengthy meeting with charges brought by the Carlton Football Club against Essendon players.
A charge against Essendon's J. Aitken was dropped.
W. Hughes (Essendon) was found guilty of using obscene language against Carlton skipper R. H. Frayne.
To read the full report that appeared in The Argus, Tuesday 31 July p5,
Click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page266165

August 02 Thursday


Sir - Your admirable leader with reference to the recent charges of misconduct bought against certain of the Carlton players I entirely endorse.
But, in justice to the Carlton club, I think some severe sentence should have been passed on Hughes for his bad language. Coulthard was disqualified for the same thing; but the former culprit, although admitting his offence, is allowed to get off "scot free." The association in Hughes's case simply passed a resolution affirming that the improper language imputed to him (Hughes) was used towards the Carlton captain whilst smarting under provocation.
Surely Coulthard's case was a much harder one, but it seems to me that extreme partiality is shown to all clubs except Carlton. Justice is justice; let the association stop bad language by all means, But it should do so without fear or favour. Trusting you will insert this letter - I am, &c.,
August 01
(Argus p4)

August 02 Thursday
The Maffra Spectator;
"The game of football, when properly played is beyond doubt one of the most exciting of British sports, but such an exhibition of brutality as it was my disgust to witness in a match between the Carlton and Essendon teams on Saturday, is a discredit to the spirit of our colonial youth.
Some of the members of the Carlton team seemed to devote their whole efforts to the one object of assailing in an unfair and cowardly manner certain members of the opposing team, and in one instance a Carltonian sprang upon an Essendon player and, after felling him to the ground, vented his cowardly spleen by jumping on the body of his prostrate foe. The match ended in a general fight, and the spectators, or at all events the respectable part of them, hurried away from the scene in disgust.
I am glad to see that the matter has been taken in hand by ther Victorian Football Association, who have disqualified one of the Carlton men from again playing during the season."

Trove; Geelong Advertiser August 04 (p3)

August 04
Carlton played Geelong on the Corio Cricket Ground.
500 Blues fans travelled on the special train from Melbourne.
Crowd; 8,000
The weather was fine and the ground was in good condition.
Geelong won the toss and kicked with a strong wind to the southern goal.
The Corio ground slopes considerably to the end to which Geelong were kicking to. The locals had 3 goals on the board within the first 15 minutes.
The Blues fought back a scored 1 goal before half time, and Bloomfield missed a sitter from 5 yards out dead in front.
Then put on 2 by Donovan within 3 minutes of the start of the second.
The Blues were not happy with umpiring of the local, J. J. Trait; as he awarded 12 free kicks to Geelong and only 2 to Carlton.
The Argus reporter said Whelan may have been reported for abusive language.
"The game was one of the fastest and best exhibitions of football ever witnessed here, and its enjoyment was marred only by a little rough play by Barrass and Baker, and by the bad taste of a number of non-playing visitors who hooted the umpire when his decisions were adverse to Carlton." (Geelong Advertiser August 06 p4)
John Martin makes his senior debut.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Barrass, Coventry, Cameron, Cameron, Clydesdale, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Heatley, Joyce, Robertson, Martin, McIntosh, Smith, Shearwood, Whelan, Woods.
Emergencies; Syle, Daley.
Umpire; J. J. Trait
Carlton lost; 3.8 - 4.14 (Half time Carl. 1.1 - Gee. 3.12)
Goals; Donovan 2, Heatley.
Best; Donovan, Baker, Coventry.
Players mentioned; (16) Frayne, Whelan, Baker Coventry, Bloomfield, Heatley, Donovan, T. Cameron , Syle, Joyce, Clydesdale, Robertson, Barrass, Martin, McIntosh, Smith.

Carlton Reserves played Geelong at the Aberdeen Street Ground Geelong.
The team met a Spencer Street Station at 12.45pm.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Aitken, Bismire, Daley, Donaldson, Fairnie, Henry, Melville, Muir, Mills, Mair, McKay, McFarlane, O'Shannessy, Phillips, Rickards, Slattery, Samuels, Sutherland, Syle, Woodburn, Westwood, Watts.

August 11
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
Crowd: 3, 000
Bailey and Coventry did not play, A. Wilson and Maloney still suspended.
The team met at 2.15pm. Cabs at Boyle and Scott's and G. Coulthard's.
Carlton won the toss and play commenced at 3.15pm.
Heavy rain fell and cleared just before play commenced, the Blues kicked with the wind in the first half.
Too many good players were missing from the team, and the Blues could not take advantage of the wind in the first half.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Vice capt.), Bloomfield, Barrass, Cameron, Cameron, Clydesdale, Donovan, Elliott, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, McIntosh, Robertson, James Rickards, Smith, Shearwood, Whelan, Woods, Wicks.
Emergencies; Daley, Syle
Umpire; Mat. Minchin.
Carlton lost; 2.11 - 5.10 (Half time Carl. 1.8 - S. Melb. 2.2)
Goals; Rickards, Heatley.
Players mentioned; (13) Baker, Rickards, Bloomfield, Frayne, Heatley, Cameron, Whelan, Smith, Cameron, Robertson, C. Donovan, Elliott, McIntosh.

Carlton Reserves played Hotham at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Aitken, Bismire, Fairnie, Melville, Muir, Mills, Mair, Martin, McKay, McFarlane, O'Shannessy, Phillips, Rickards, Sutherland, Slattery, Slattery, Samuels, Syle, Watts, Westwood, Woodburn.
Carlton won; 6.13 - 0.2
Goals; Woodburn 3, Mair, Mills, Muir.

August 16 Thursday
Victoria played NSW under British Assocation Rules (soccer) on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The game was introduced to the NSW colony about three years ago. The Anglo-Australian club was formed in Melbourne earlier this year.
"Although fine weather, prevailed but little interest was manifested in the proceedings, the attendance being small."
The Weekly Times (August 18 p5) said the ground dimensions were 200 yards in length x 100 yards in width. Goal posts 8 yards apart with a cross bar 8 feet high.
Almost twice the length of today's grounds.

August 18


The Leader's "Follower" on page 19, reporting on the Carlton - South Melbourne match last Saturday.

"So far as the Carlton club is concerned, all true footballers must regret what it has had to suffer through the rash folly of a few, and those who at present juncture are only too willing to "cast the first stone" would do well to remember that in the days of yore, before the success of the game as a leading Victorian institution was well assured, the Carlton club had a big say in making Victorian football what it is."
(Blueseum's emphasis)

"The foregoing remarks are due to the contempt one naturally feels at the cowardly folly of those small souled persons who on Saturday boo-hooed Frayne for no other apparent reason than that he commanded the enemy and was playing well. It would, I fancy, be difficult to find a pluckier or more straightforward player than the Carlton captain; and if those persons who attempted a hostile demonstration against him on Saturday have really the interests of the South Melbourne club at heart they will either learn to treat an opponent like a man, or stay away from contests that are too much for their feelings.
This abomable "barracking" mania is becoming simply insufferable, and I cannot help expressing my firm conviction that for most of the rough and objectionable play too often witnessed, the spectators are more to blame than the offending players. What can be expected of men playing a game which is of necessity more or less rough in itself, in the heat of excitement incited by the yelling chorus one is too often compelled to listen to without intermission, and which not unfrequently assumes the form of hostility to a capable and impartial umpire, probably for fairly and strictly enforcing the laws which are supposed to regulate the game?"

August 18
Carlton played Maryborough at Princes Park, Maryborough.
The team met at Spencer Street station at 3.15pm Friday.
Crowd; 500
Heavy rain fell all day.
The locals won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Jack Baker captained the Blues in lieu of R. Frayne
Maryborough only had the ball on their forward line once in the first half, and a long kick assisted by the wind bounced through for their only goal.
30 minutes after half time Bloomfield despite the conditions took a great mark and from 40 yards booted the Blues' first goal. With 10 mintues remaining R. Cameron scored the second goal.
After the game the Carlton side were entertained at luncheon by the local team at the Bull and Mouth Hotel before catching the return train at 6pm.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Capt), Barrass, Bloomfield, R. Cameron, Cameron, Daley, Elliot, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Joyce, Maloney, McIntosh, Mills, Robertson, James Rickards, Smith, Syle, Shearwood, Whelan, Woods.
Emergencies; Jos. Rickards, Wicks, W. Slattery.
Umpire; Moon.
Carlton won; 2.9 - 1.1 (Half time Carl. 0.3 - 1.0) Bendigo Advertiser said result was Carl. 2.7 - 1.3
Goals; Bloomfield, R. Cameron.
Best; Baker, Bloomfield, Maloney, Heatley and Smith.
Players mentioned; (12) Baker, Rickards, Smith, McIntosh, Bloomfield, R. Cameron, Cameron, Maloney, Heatley, Syle, Daley, Joseph Rickards.

Carlton Reserves fixtured/played Royal Park at Princes Oval.
No details.

August 18


The Launceston Examiner's Melbourne correspondant writes;
"The winter pastime-football-has this year attracted greater interest, both inside and outside sporting circles than for many years past.
A few weeks ago at a big match between the Carlton and Essendon clubs on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground, terminated in an unseemly brawl, in consequence of the absolute brutal behaviour of some of the Carlton players.
At Geelong the other day some very violent language was used by partisans of the local club, then engaged in a match with Carlton.
For milder remarks than were then uttered persons have often been punished for attempting to disturb the public peace, and an outlooker writing to one of the papers expressed surprise that the players could restrain themselves under such incitements as were uttered by the spectators.
On another occasion, at Williamstown, an unfortunate goal umpire, who gave a decision that did not please the crowd, was compelled to run for his life to the railway station, with a howling mob after him, and had he not reached security he might have suffered seriously."

August 22 Wednesday.


From the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser;
"Some sensational paragraphs have appeared in the Ballarat and Melbourne papers alledged misbehaviour of Carlton footballers who visited this town last week, we have made inquiries into the matter, and find that a many great portion of the statements made are gross misrepresentations.
The visiting team were accommodated in the McIvor and the Bull and Mouth Hotels. In the former, one of the team was somewhat noisy until he was spoken to, when he subsided.
At the hotel last mentioned, some two or three of the players also indulged in horse play for a time, but of a no more serious character than might be expected from a lot of school boys let loose on a holiday. One of them was also guilty of an act which at least was not creditable, but it was not nearly so reprehensible as that described in the paragraphs.
Altogether it may be said that a great deal has been made of a very small matter, and so far from the hotelkeepers refusing the team accommodation in the future, they are annoyed at the publicity given to what they only regarded as almost an every-day occurrence on such occasions."

August 23 Thursday


The South Australian Register;
"The Carlton Football Club has commenced an enquiry into the grossly obscene and disorderly conduct of a number of it's members while visiting Maryborough last Saturday."
At a special meeting of the Club, it was found that Whelan and Barrass had been found guilty of misconduct on the visit to Maryborough.
The club found that their conduct was not as bad as stated.
However, so that the reputation of the Carlton Football Club would not suffer, it was decided that the services of these two players would not be required for the remainder of the season.
The Sportsman said Carlton intended to disqualify Barrass from ever playing with the club again.
The club also disqualified Whelan for rough treatment of the Carlton official Mr. Marshall on the return trip from Maryborough.
As a result nine (Sportsman said 12) other players tendered their resignations.
Most of the nine were new players to the club this year.
The nine who resigned are;
J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Shearwood, Elliott, Syle, Joyce, Daley, Woods, and Mills.

Nine years later George F. Bowen aka "Olympus" writing in the Melbourne Punch May 05 1892 recalls the resignations;
"It is some years now since twelve of the best men (that's best as far as football play was concerned) in the Carlton first twenty left the club in a body some 18 hours prior to an important contest taking place between the Dark Blues and Essendon. But the memory of that time is still vivid as I write, and the gathering years have only succeeded in strengthening my conviction that President Robert Robertson took the right path when allowed the recalcitrants to sever their connection with naught else but the curt, though courteous intimation - "Well gentlemen, we have no further need of your services." Those few words put new life and vigour into the Carlton Football Club, and from that day to this it has never ceased to progress and prosper."

August 25


Carlton played Essendon at Princes Oval.
The first senior match to be played on this ground this season.
The East Melbourne C.G. and M.C.G. are unavailable as they are being prepared for the cricket season.
Crowd; 8,000.
With the loss of half of the team, (see resignations above) new and old players had to be brought in.
Out of retirement came former Carlton Captain, J. Gardiner, now a parlimentarian, to help out his old club.
No one expected Carlton to win.
It was an improbable win, a win against all the odds, 10 senior players and the rest of the team made up from the second twenty, plus an old timer.
The Blues were left with 19 men for most of the game as Watts was carried from the field 10 minutes after play began.
The weather was fine and a slight wind blowing which Carlton kicked with.
The Blues attacked and scored a couple of behinds then everyone expected Essendon to dominate, but the Blues went forward and scored a goal, then two more. In the first half the visitors had not managed one shot on goal, infact, they couldn't get the ball within 20 yards of their goal.
In the second half the wind died, but it looked like Essendon would soon wipe off the deficit, but their forwards could not find the target.
"indeed, it was really the Herculean exertions of of a few of the older players, coupled with the splendid play together of the second twenty men, that bought about what must be to the old club a most gratifying result. The way the team played together in the first half was a treat to witness, and will compare favourably with the best efforts of the Carlton club for years past.
The victory was a very popular one with the crowd, owing to the peculiar circumstances under which Carlton took the field, and the winning team received quite an ovation at the close of the game."
"But, surprisingly, this scratch Carlton team, 'a thing of threads and patches,' rose to the occasion in a magnificent way."
(The Carlton Story p55)
Baker wrenched knee.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Baker (Vice Capt.), Bloomfield, Coventry, C. Donovan, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Leach, Mair, Maloney, Martin, Melville, James Rickards, Joseph Rickards, M. Slattery, Smith, Watts, Woodburn and J. Gardiner M.L.A.
Emergencies; Joe Rickards, Martin
Umpire; Houston.
Carlton won; 3.11 - 1.10 (Half time Carl. 3.9 - Ess. 0.0)
Goals; Baker 2, Woodburn.
Best; Baker, Coventry, Slattery, Smith.
Players mentioned; (13) Fitzgerald, Frayne, Heatley, Baker, Woodburn, Martin, Slattery, Smith, Bloomfield, Watts, Rickards, Coventry, Maloney.
Others that played; (7) Aitken, J. Gardiner, Rickards, C. Donovan, Leach, Mair, Melville.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played Essendon at Essendon.

August 27 Monday
From The Age,


"A special meeting of the Carlton Football Club committee was held on Friday evening at the Clyde Hotel, to take into consideration the conduct of the players who visited Maryborough on the previous Saturday.
The necessity for this meeting arose from the publication of a paragraph which appeared in the Ballarat Courier on Monday last, and was copied into several of the Melbourne papers, reflecting in a most serious manner on the conduct of several members of the Carlton team while visiting Maryborough.
The committee considered that a strict investigation into the truth or otherwise of the charges was absolutely necessary, and with that end in view personal inquiries were made at Maryborough, and although the offences committed were nothing like so gross as represented yet sufficient information had been procured to justify the committee in citing several members of the team before Friday's night meeting to answer for their conduct.
After a very careful inquiry two of the team Whelan and Barrass, were unanimously found guilty of improper conduct, and the committee resolved that they should not be again chosen to play for the remainder of the season. Immediately on this decision being made known a number of the members of the first twenty, by a letter, took exception to the finding of the committee, and stated their intention not to play again for the club.
Those who signed the document were called in, and were informed by the president that the committee were quite willing to accept their resignations, but before doing so an explanation of the exact position would be given to them. This having been done they were asked if they still adhered to their signatures, and they, with one exception, answered in the affirmative. Their resignations were at once accepted, and they were told there be no occasion for their services against Essendon.
The club was then placed in the position of having it's team for Saturday considerably reduced, but so unanimous was the feeling, both in and out of the committee, that a firm stand was necessary to be taken, that no difficulty was found in filling up the ranks from the older playing members of the club and the more prominent second twenty players.
The following are the names of the first twenty who resigned: - J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Shearwood, Elliott, Syle, Joyce, Daley, Mills, and Woods.
The team which played against Essendon consisted of the following: - (20) Baker, Bloomfield, Coventry, C. Donovan, Frayne, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Maloney, Jas. Rickards, Smith, Woodburn, Jos. Rickards, Martin, Mair, Slattery, Aitken, Melville, Watts, Leach, and J. Gardiner."

August 29 Wednesday
The Camperdown Chronicle reports;
"Two leading members of the Carlton Football Club, expelled for life, for gross misconduct.
Verdict of the public, "serve them right".

August 29 Wednesday


The Argus editorial says;
"The committee of the Carlton Football Club has done good service to the game with the firmness it has shown in dealing with two of the members who misconducted themselves in the country.
It was felt that in order to preserve the credit the club and the game an example must be made of the players who had bought discredit upon themselves and their associates by their ungentlemanly conduct, and accordingly the delinquents were suspended from play for the rest of the season.
Nine or ten of the first twenty players endeavoured to influence the committee by sending in a letter objecting to the decision which had been arrived at, and stating their intention of not again playing for the club.
The committee, however, was not to be intimidated, and promptly accepted the resignations of the dissatisfied members. In taking this decided stand against rowdyism, the committee will have the sympathy of all true footballers and of the public generally. Recent occurrences in the football field have shown that there has crept into some of the clubs a very objectionable element, which must be put down if the game is to be any longer a reputable pastime.
Misconduct is now, it would seem, not confined to the field, but is practised by some of the players wherever they go, so that the visits of footballers are anticipated in the country districts with dread instead of pleasure. Why it should be necessary for footballers to thus misbehave themselves is hard to say.
Cricketers travel about the country freely enough during the season, but we do not hear of disreputable doings on their part. The fact, however, remains, and it rests with the football authorities - the association and the club committees - to purify the game from the taint of blackguardism which has infected it. Public opinion, we are sure, will thoroughly support the Carlton committee in the steps that it has taken to preserve the respectability of the game, and it's firmness in the matter cannot be too highly commended.
The pressure placed upon it was severe, and it will no doubt have to endure some unpleasantness for what it has done. But the members generally, and the public also, will approve of it's action.
It is better to weaken the club temporarily than to allow to go unchecked conduct which, in the long run, would destroy it altogether."

September 01
The Australasian said;
"I learn that apologies were received by the club last week from the refactory players - Joyce and Mills excepted - and their considerations were deferred for a week.
Last Tuesday evening the apologies were accepted; but the question of playing or not playing the transgressors was held in abeyance, some of the committee being for reinstating them and others for passing a formal resolution to exclude them from the team for the rest of the season."

September 01


Carlton played Melbourne at the Fitzroy Cricket Ground on Brunswick Street.
A local paper The Mercury and Weekly Courier, said that this is the first senior football match ever to be played in Fitzroy. (The North Fitzroy Cricket Ground)
Crowd; 7,000. Receipts; £131 2s 8d, as expected this was the largest crowd to have attended the ground.
The M.C.G. was unavailable due to preparations for the cricket season.
" The scene of operations was the Fitzroy cricket ground, past which the Brunswick-street omnibuses conveniently run every few minutes, and after Saturday's success I should think that Mr. Showers and his committee will make arrangements next season for a number of first class matches on their ground, which, although rather small, answers the purpose well and as neutral ground would doubtless often be selected for the decision of final matches of a rubber." (Leader Sept 08 p20)
The Fitzroy Cricket Club have enlarged the playing area and ringed the ground with seats. Further improvements are planned which will make it one of the most attractive in the suburbs.
The Argus reporter complained that the ground was too far away from central Melbourne.
He was also forced to watch the match from a lorry parked outside the Brunswick Street ground.
He commented on the fact that the clubs were able to charge entry, something he did not agree with.
"Donovan undoubtedly played the most effective game for his side, and bids fair to even excel his once redoubtable brother, having the advantage of a more lithesome figure, although not presenting perhaps that impregnable front which distinguished the ex-captain, whose charge used to be likened, and with some justice, to the action of a steam hammer."
".... but next to Donovan, little Martin, who was conspicuous in his light blue uniform, deserves first mention, playing as well as he had done against Essendon - which is saying a good deal." (Leader September 08 p20)
The Blues selected mostly the same players who had been victorious last last week.
Baker was unavailable (wrenched knee)
Frayne won the toss.
The Blues were very good in the first half, but the Reds dominated in the second and only their poor goal kicking kept Carlton in the game.
Scores were level late in the game when Charlie Donovan following the ball saw it go out of bounds and he gave up the chase. The umpire failed to see that it was over the boundary line. His opponent picked up the ball kicked it to in front of goals where it was marked. Melbourne scored what turned out to be the winning goal.
Towards the end of the game Frayne was forced to leave the round with an ankle injury. He returned to the field but was hampered and was just making up the numbers.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Bloomfield, Bailey, Coventry, Charlie Donovan, Frayne (Capt.), Fitzgerald, Heatley, Leach, Maloney, Melville, Mair, John Martin, McIntosh, James Rickards, Jos. Rickards, M. Slattery, M. Smith, Woodburn, Westwood.
Umpire; J. Slight
Carlton lost; 1.8 - 2.16 (Half time Carl. 1.5 - Melb. 1.3)
Goal; Bailey.
Best; C. Donovan, Bloomfield, Smith, Frayne, Coventry, Martin, Maloney, Heatley, William Westwood.
Players mentioned; (18) Bailey, McIntosh, Martin, James Rickards, C. Donovan, Frayne, Joe Rickards, Bloomfield, Smith, Maloney, Fitzgerald, Coventry, Heatley, William Westwood, Woodburn, Slattery, Clydesdale, Melville.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played Melbourne at Princes Oval
No details

September 04 Tuesday


"At a meeting of the Carlton Football Club, held last evening at Connor's Clyde Hotel, the players who had resigned their membership under misapprehension tendered their apologies to the committee. These were all accepted, with one exception, that was only on account of the wording of the apology, which will be amended before the committee sit again. The team picked for Saturday next will almost be identically the same as that played last Saturday against Melbourne, the committee not deeming it advisable to shunt the men who came to the rescue when they were in a fix, notwithstanding the return to the fold of the deserters." (World, 5th September) Ballarat Star September 06 p3

September 08
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
A fine day and the ground was in good condition.
Crowd; 8,000.
Frayne out with an injured knee.
C. Donovan did not play.
Carlton played mostly the same team of the last few weeks.
The crowd was expecting South to massacre the Blues.
But the Blues dominated the game and only their poor kicking for goal let them down.
The Blues inaccuracy was put down to them trying to kick goals using drop kicks instead of the more accurate place kick.
South had only one shot on goal in the second half.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker (Capt,), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Donovan, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Leach, Maloney, McIntosh, Mair, Melville, Robertson, Rickards, Rickards, Smith, Slattery, Slattery, Woodburn.
Emergency; Samuels.
Umpire; Ex Carlton player Barney Murphy.
Carlton lost; 2.16 - 4.4 (Half time Carl. 1.7 - S.Melb. 3.4)
Goals; Bailey, Baker.
Best; Woodburn, Bloomfield, Bailey, Baker.
Players mentioned; (17) Baker, Bailey, Bloomfield, Heatley, Maloney, Cameron, Martin, Fitzgerald, Woodburn, Melville, McIntosh, Smith, Clydesdale, Coventry, Rickards, Slattery, Maher/Mair.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
No details
South Melbourne Second Twenty played Melbourne Juniors (Herald Sept. 07 p4)

September 15
Carlton played Hotham at Princes Oval.
A beautiful day for football, the weather was calm, and the ground was in very good condition.
Crowd; at least 6,000.
J & T Cameron returned after resigning on 24th. August.
Frayne still injured.
Hotham won the toss and Baker kicked off to start the match.
The first half was all Carlton due their agility and discipline, and game was played in good spirits.
As soon as the ball was thrown up after the half time break, Hotham started playing the man which was instigated by one of their weighty followers.
The heavier blue and whites knocking over the lighter Carlton men until the Blues' heavies joined in the action.
Peter Pindar said;
"So rough and vicious often was the play that the players dare not attempt to pick up the ball lest their hands be seriously injured, and the scene remined one of the rough-and-tumble savagery of a dozen years ago, and was certainly not in keeping with the present civilised times."
"I hold to the belief that skill and judgment in football will always triumph over mere brute force, and that the Carlton men honestly earned their victory, as they showed undoubtedly the better form."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Baker (Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, J. Cameron, T. Cameron, Clydesdale, C. Donovan, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Leach, Maloney, Melville, Martin, Rickards, Rickards, Slattery, Slattery, Smith, Woodburn.
Emergencies; Aitken, Samuels.
Umpire; Fitzgerald, from the Star of Carlton Football Club.
Carlton won; 6.8 - 3.6 (Half time Carl. 5.1 - Hotham 1.2)
Goals; Bailey, Heatley, J. Rickards, Slattery, Bloomfield, Coventry.
Best; Baker, Bloomfield, Coventry, Donovan, Martin, J. Rickards.
Players mentioned; (14) Cameron, Baker, Bailey, Smith, Heatley, James Rickards, Woodburn, M. Slattery, Bloomfield, C. Donovan, Coventry, Martin, Fitzgerald, Maloney.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played Carlton Zingari at Royal Park.
No details

September 22
Carlton played Geelong at the Corio Cricket Ground Geelong.
Woods who had resigned, returned.
Crowd; about 3,000.
Around 300 Blues fans arrived on the special train from the city.
Carlton won the toss and elected to play down the ground in the first half
The Blues were outplayed from the start by the fitter, superior kicking, and better disciplined local team.
The game was played in good spirits by both teams.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker (Capt.), Bloomfield, Coventry, T. Cameron, Clydesdale, Donovan, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Leach, Maloney, Melville, Morton, James Rickards, Joseph Rickards, Smith, M. Slattery, Slattery, Woodburn, Woods.
Emergencies, Marr, Syle.
Umpire; P. G. McShane of the Essendon club. (Appointed by the Football Association.)
Carlton lost; 2.9 - 7.18 (Half time Carl. 1.5 - Geel. 3.11)
Goals; Baker, James Rickards.
Best; Coventry, Baker, Cameron, Martin, Bloomfield, M. Slattery, Smith, Fitzgerald.
Players mentioned; (15) Woodburn, Cameron, Bloomfield, Baker, Smith, Joseph Rickards, Coventry, Martin, Fitzgerald, Heatley, James Rickards, Donovan, M. Slattery, Melville, Maloney.

Carlton Second Twenty fixtured/played Fitzroy at Jolimont
No details

September 28


The Argus reports;
"The Normanby Football Club have concluded their season, and they have assumed the name of the Fitzroy Football Club, and will play their matches under that name next season."

September 29
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Joyce, one of the nine who resigned, returned.
Crowd; 7,000
The weather was a little too hot for football.
The last match of the season and it was a rather lack lustre game by both teams and Carlton's attitude to the earlier part of the match was described as, " The Carlton men looked as lackadasical as fops in sultry weather, and ignored any call for special exertion."
Maloney did not play.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Aitken, Baker (Capt.), Bailey, Bloomfield, Coventry, Cameron, T. Clydesdale, Donovan, Fitzgerald, Heatley, Maloney, Martin, Melville, James Rickards, Joseph Rickards, M. Slattery, Smith, Woods, M.Woodburn, Joyce.
Emergencies; Leach, W. Slattery.
Umpire; H. Wilson.
Carlton won; 2.14 - 0.6 (Half time Carl. 2.3 - 0.3)
Goals; Woodburn, Heatley.
Best; C. Donovan, Smith, Bloomfield, Fitzgerald, Cameron, Joseph Rickards.
Players mentioned; (18) Bloomfield, Donovan, Martin, Cameron, Baker, Woodburn, Smith, Bailey, Heatley, Fitzgerald, James Rickards, Joyce, Joseph Rickards, Melville, Slattery, Clydesdale, Coventry, Slattery.

Carlton Reserves were fixtured to play Hawksburn at Albert Park
No details

October 06


Peter Pindar of The Australasian writing the end of season review said;
"The football season of 1883 gave out it's dying kick on Saturday last, bringing to a termination one of the most brilliant and exciting epochs in the history of the game here - indeed, it is very doubtful if the annuals of football in Victoria furnish any period so full of life and genuine enthusiasm throughout as the one now gone, by reason of the splendidly matched condition of the senior clubs."
Mentioning the better players in the competition, Pindar selects these Carlton players among the best;
"Coming to the players, one of the first to command attention is Baker of Carlton.
Back, following, or forward, and nowhere out of place, he is undoubtedly one of the best players afield."
"For a good, honest, indefatigable follower, commend me to Bloomfield of Carlton."
T. Cameron was also mentioned among the best followers.
Better backmen Frayne and Donovan.
On the forward line Bailey,
Center line; in the center Maloney, along with wingman Coventry.
Another prominent Carlton player this year has been Smith.
Of Carlton's 1883 season he says;
"Starting ther season with one of the best, if not the best, twenties afield, the disqualification of two of the best players made a gap in the team, and no doubt seriously affected it in other ways. When added to this, the Maryborough fiasco and it's consequences, there was very little hope of the club keeping in the very first rank.
The action of the committee, however, in promptly putting down unruly conduct in it's own body corporate elicited the approbation of all interested in the maintenace of the character of the game, and will, no doubt, bear good fruit in time to come.
The leading players this year have been Baker, Bloomfield, Frayne, Donovan, the two Camerons, Smith, Clydesdale, Bailey, Coventry, Maloney, Heatley, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Sherwood, A. Wilson, Whelan, M. Slattery, the two Rickards, Martin, and Melville.
The chief goal-kickers were Baker with 19, Bailey 10, Heatley 10, Elliott 9, James Rickards 8 and Bloomfield 6."

October 22 Monday


Death of Carlton Football Club champion Mr. George Coulthard, after a long and painful illness he died at home at 233 Lygon Street Carlton.
He was aged 27 years 83 days.
His funeral took place on the 24th and a large number of people followed his remains to the Melbourne General Cemetery for his burial.
George was the acknowleded first 'super star' of Australian Football. He was awarded Hall of Fame status by the AFL

October 26


Mr. Arthur A. Brown writes: - "As one of the many admirers of our now deceased football champion, Mr. George Coulthard, I should like to see some steps taken either to assist his widow, or else to erect a suitable monument over the resting place of one of the most deserving athletes - one who has tended to make the Dark Blues occuply such a grand position in the arena of football. I therefore venture to suggest that photographs of our deceased veteran should be taken and sold, say, at one shilling each, and proceeds devoted to either of the above objects
I feel confident that a goodly number of supporters of the Dark Blues would not regard their albums complete unless it contained the likeness of our late veteran. Trusting that this subject will be taken up in good spirit by all the patrons of the noble game, thank you in anticipation for your kindness in publishing this."
(Herald p2)

November 09 Friday


An intercolonial meeting of the various football associations was held at Phair's Hotel.
The V.F.A. had sent out invitations to all colonies including Tasmania and New Zealand.
The Tasmanian delegate suggested the introduction of a cross bar across the goals, 10 foot from the ground, over which a goal had to be kicked. This proposal was defeated by a small majority.
The same representative also proposed the abolition of goals being awarded from free kicks. This was supported by another delegate, but the majority was against it.
The South Australian delegate suggested that behinds be taken into account for the game's total score. After much debate, no action was taken.
Some minor amendments to the rules were made, and further rule changes can only be made by an absolute majority of a meeting of the intercolonial delegates.
See Pre VFL Rules of Football

November 30


"A grand concert and ball, in aid of the widow and family of the late Mr. G. Coulthard, was held in the Carlton Orderly Room on Friday evening last, November 30. Mr. J. Gardiner M.L.A., in the chair.
The hall was crowded to the doors, numbers being unable to obtain admission. The ladies and gentlemen taking part in the concert aquitted themselves in a creditable manner.."
"Mr. Donaldson, as secretary and conductor, was indefatigable. Mr. F. McIntosh acted as M.C. for the ball, and dancing was kept up to the small hours of the morning."
(Fitzroy City Press Dec 08 p3)
Argus Dec 01



Death of former Carlton player J. H. Henry who played with the Blues 1876 - 1879.
Exact date is unknown

December 19


The Argus reports;
A meeting of the friends of the late Mr. Joe H. Henry, of Carlton, one time a prominent member of the Carlton Football Club was held on Monday evening at the Clyde Hotel, Carlton, when it was resolved to start a subscription list in aid of the widow and four children.
The following gentlemen with others, formed themselves into a committee: -
Mr. J. Gardiner MLA, Captain R. Robertson, and Messrs J. Turnbull, B. James, J. J. Whelan, and E. Elliott.
Treasurers - Messrs Gardiner and Whelan.
Hon. Sec. - Mr. W. S. Clark.

The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages. 53, 54, 55, 259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951 . Page. 66.
The History of the Carlton Football Club. B. Hansen. Page 57,59.
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The Australasian 1883 editions.
The South Australian Register.
The Launceston Examiner 1883 editions.
The Sportsman, 1883 editions.
The Age, 1883 editions.
North Melbourne Advertiser, 1883 editions.
The Williamstown Chronicle, 1883 editions.
The Record, Emerald Hill, 1883 editions.
The Leader, 1883 editions.
The Herald, 1883 editions.

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