Carlton lost to Nth Melbourne by 20 pts - MCG.

Qualifying Final, 1975

Nth Melbourne4.6309.86212.108214.1296
Venue: M.C.G.Date: Saturday September 6, 1975
Result: Lose by 20 pointsUmpire: M.HenryCrowd: 74,015
Goalkickers: R.Walls 4, T.Keogh 2, D.McKay 2, P.Jones 2, R.Ashman 1, R.Austin 1.
Best: B.Doull, G.Southby, M.Maclure, C.Davis, R.Ashman, R.Walls, G.Crane.
Reports: NilInjuries: A.Jesaulenko (knee).
Replacements: S.Jackson by R.Ohlsen at half time. A.Jesaulenko (knee) by B.Quirk in last quarter.

Game Review

As soon as the rains came at half time, Carlton's chances were 'washed' away!!! Carlton was not a wet weather team in the mid 70's (this changed to some extent by the early 80's).

However, their poor form over the previous few weeks was an indicator of how this game would turn out.

Player Statistics


B: 19 John O'Connell 20 Geoff Southby 30 Vin Waite
HB: 25 Alex Jesaulenko (c) 11 Bruce Doull 36 Mark Maclure
C: 26 Ray Byrne 5 Syd Jackson 6 Garry Crane
HF: 21 Rod Austin 42 Robert Walls (vc) 43 David McKay
F: 3 Mike Fitzpatrick 23 Craig Davis 14 Rod Ashman
Ruck: 28 Peter Jones (dvc) 8 Trevor Keogh 12 Barry Armstrong
Res: 24 Russell Ohlsen 32 Bryan Quirk
Coach: John Nicholls


100 Games: Barry Armstrong
50 Games: Rod Ashman
Last Game: Bryan Quirk

Round 22 | Semi Final
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