1954 Reserves

Reserves Season 1954
Coach: 'Mick' Price
Captain: Harry Sullivan
Vice Captain: Max Thomas
Best & Fairest: Max Thomas
Position: 3rd
Premier: Richmond

Players (20), those known Ron Rhodes standing third from left, Peter Bevilacqua standing second from right.
Harvey Dunn jnr front row second from right.
Albert 'Mick' Price is the coach, seated.

Alex Boyle ? back row.
Dick Gill ? standing second from left. Tony Walsh standing third from right. Frank Munro ? standing far right.
Colin Holt ? seated third from left. Richard Pratt ? seated our right next Mick Price, Bob Crowe ? seated third from right, Jack Ellis ? seated second from right. Kevin Hunt ? seated far right.
Ron Robertson ? front row far left.
Possibly Rnd 3 v Richmond at Princes Park?
If anyone can name any of the players, officials, or trainers, please contact Blueseum

New & Supplementary List Players.

The Argus April 12, published the list of old and new players to the club.

Bill Arch (Ballarat Y.C.W.), Dave Cairns (Camperdown), Bob Crowe (Mentone), J. Doyle (Deepdene), Jack Hosking (South Bendigo, subject to clearance), Graham Kerr (Uni Blues amateurs), Frank Munro (seconds) Kevin O'Brien (seconds), Bernie Moran (Cobden), Noel O'Brien (Echuca), Denis Zeunert (Heywood), George Ilsley (Eaglehawk, subject to clearance).

Supplementary List;
J. Baxter, Peter Bevilacqua, Ted Blight, Alf Clarke, N. Cooper (McKinnon), H. Cornell (Coburg), Len Davies (Rainbow), G. Dawson (Bacchus Marsh), J. Dowling (Ivanhoe Amateurs), Harvey Dunn jnr, Jack Ellis, Jim Forsyth (Chiltern), Bryan Harding, Colin Holt, Kevin Hunt, Alec James, Brian 'Barney' Jones, J. Keon (Ivanhoe Grammar), Ron Nillsen (Carlton Thirds), Ossie Partington, Richard Pratt, Maurie Rossi (Oakleigh), W. Side (Brunswick Stars), Jack Sullivan, Edward Tucker, G. Walker (Rivoli).

Johnny Blake, Harry Dern (cleared to Kyabram), Don Calder (to Wodonga), Ray Martini (to Williamstown).

Reserves Players & Numbers from the Second Semi Final Football Record

1. Kevin Hunt, 2. Jack Ellis, 3. Harry Sullivan (Capt), 4. Bob Crowe, 5. Gerald Burke. 6. Alex Boyle, 7. Ossie Partington, 8. Ken McKaige, 9. Jack Sullivan, 10. Max Thomas (Vice capt.), 11. Graham Kerr, 12. Tony Walsh, 13. Brian Molony, 14. Ron Rhodes, 15. Frank Kenna, 16. Harvey Dunn jnr, 17. Doug Beasy, 18. Frank Munro, 19. Richard Pratt, 20. Dick Gill, 21. Ron Nillsen, 22. Kevin O'Brien, 23. Doug Guy, 24. R. Stebbing, 25. Dave Cairns, 26. Len Davies, 27. Alf Clarke, 28. Maurie Rossi, 29. L. James, 30. H. Cornell, 31. B. Wilson.

Reserve Major Goal Kickers

Jack Ellis finished fourth on the list. Richmond's Hart topped the list with 47.
Jack Ellis 38, Harvey Dunn jnr 36, Bob Crowe 22.

Round 1
April 19 Easter Monday
Reserves first match of the season.
The Blues unfurled the 1953 Reserve premiership pennant.
Carlton played South Melbourne
Backs; Frank Munro, Ron Rhodes, Harry Caspar
Half backs; Ken McKaige, Peter Webster, Dick Gill
Centres; Kevin Hunt, George Stafford, Harvey Dunn jnr
Half Forwards; Jones, Bob Crowe, Bernie Moran
Forwards; Dave Cairns, Tony Walsh, Gerald Burke
Followers; Harry Sullivan, Kevin O'Brien
Rover; Jack Spencer
Reserves; Peter Bevilacqua, Jack Ellis
Emergencies; Bryan Harding, Colin Holt, Ossie Partington, Jack Sullivan, Edward Tucker.
At half time Harry Caspar had discussions with club officials, he took off his guernsey, dressed, and left the ground. He said he would seek a clearance. South's Reserves coach Don Condon was reported for striking Harry Caspar.
Carlton won; 15.12.102 - 14.9.93
Goals; Jack Spencer 5, Jones 3, Harry Sullivan 2, Gerald Burke 2, Tony Walsh, Jack Ellis, Peter Bevilacqua 1.
Best; Harvey Dunn jnr, Jack Spencer, Harry Sullivan, Frank Munro, George Stafford, Peter Webster.
Carlton fourth
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 102, Against 93, 109.6%, Points 4.

Round 2
April 24
Carlton played Melbourne at the MCG
Backs; Munro, Boyle, Moran
Half backs; Stafford, Rhodes, Gill
Centres; Thomas, Forsyth, Hunt
Half forwards; Ellis, Crowe, Dunn
Forwards; Cairns, Walsh, Webster
Followers; Burke, O'Brien
Rover; Spencer
Reserves; Bevilacqua, Partington
Emergencies; Rossi, Cornell, Holt
Carlton won by 28 points
Carl; 2.3 5.5 8.6 13.8.86
Melb; 2.5 4.8 6.9 8.10.58
Carlton first
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 188, Against 151, 124.5%, Points 8.

Round 3
May 01
Carlton played Richmond
Backs; Frank Munro, Alex Boyle, Alec James
Half backs; George Stafford, Dick Gill, Maurie Rossi
Centres; Kevin Hunt, Tony Walsh, A. Max Thomas
Half forwards; Ossie Partington, Jack Ellis, Peter Bevilacqua
Forwards; Dave Cairns, Bob Crowe, Richard Pratt
Followers; Gerald Burke, Ron Rhodes
Rover; Jack Spencer
Reserves; 19th. Harvey Dunn jnr, 20th Jim Forsyth
Emergencies; Ron Nillsen, H.Cornell

Carlton won; 13.15.93 - 10.17.77
Goals; Bob Crowe 6, Richard Pratt 2, Ron Nillsen 2, Jack Spencer 2, Ossie Partington 1.
Best; Alex Boyle, Tony Walsh, Bob Crowe, Alec James, Kevin Hunt, Maurie Rossi.
Carlton second
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 281, Against 228, 123.2%, Points 12.

Round 4
May 08
Carlton played Footscray
Match drawn; 9.11.65 - 9.11.65
Carlton second
Played 4, Won 3, Lost 0, Drawn 1, For 346, Against 293, 118.1%, Points 14.

Round 5
May 15
Carlton played Essendon
Team: Frank Munro, Ken McKaige, Ron Rhodes, H.Cornell, James, Maurie Rossi, A. Max Thomas, Frank Kenna, Harvey Dunn jnr, Peter Bevilacqua, Ron Nillsen, Doug Beasy, Dave Cairns, Dick Gill, Gerald Burke, Harry Sullivan, Harry Caspar, Ossie Partington, Richard Pratt (19), Jack Sullivan (20), Emergencies: Len Davies, R.Stebbings.

Carlton lost;
Carl; 0.0 0.7 2.8 6.11.47
Ess; 3.4 3.5 6.10 7.11.53
Goals; Harvey Dunn jnr 2, Ron Nillsen, Doug Beasy, Gerald Burke, Dick Gill 1.
Best; Harvey Dunn jnr, A. Max Thomas, Alec James, Ken McKaige, Ron Rhodes, Gerald Burke.
Carlton third
Played 5, Won 3, Lost 1, Drawn 1, For 393, Against 346, 113.6%, Points 14.

Round 6
May 22
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton won;
Carl; 7.4 12.4 -- 21.14.140
Fitz; 2.3 8.10 -- 13.14.92
Goals; Bob Crowe 7, Brian Molony 4, Peter Bevilacqua 3, Graham Kerr 2, Harvey Dunn jnr 2, Richard Pratt 2, unknown.
Best; Peter Bevilacqua, A. Max Thomas, Dick Gill, Frank Munro, Harry Sullivan, Alec James.
Carlton third
Played 6, Won 4, Lost 1, Drawn 1, For 533, Against 438, 121.7%, Points 18.

Round 7
May 29
Carlton played Geelong
Carlton won; 16.11.107 - 8.15.63
Goals; Harvey Dunn jnr 5, Richard Pratt 3, Doug Beasy 2, Graham Kerr 2, Peter Bevilacqua, Harry Sullivan, Denis Zeunert, Brian Molony 1.
Best; Tony Walsh, A. Max Thomas, Harry Sullivan, Frank Munro, Dick Gill, Harvey Dunn jnr.
Carlton third
Played 7, Won 5, Lost 1, Drawn 1, For 640, Against 501, 127.7%, Points 22.

Round 8
June 05
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton team;
Backs; Frank Munro, Ken McKaige, Alec James
Half backs; Frank Kenna, Dick Gill, Maurie Rossi
Centres; Denis Zeunert, Tony Walsh, Graham Gilchrist
Half forwards; Peter Bevilacqua, Harry Sullivan, Doug Beasy
Forwards; Dave Cairns; Graham Kerr, Kevin O'Brien
Followers; Harry Caspar, Ron Rhodes
Rover; Harvey Dunn jnr
19. Ossie Partington, 20. Richard Pratt
Emergencies; Jack Sullivan, B.Wilson, Davey
Carlton won; 14.16.100 - 7.9.51
Goals; Dave Cairns 3, Harry Sullivan 2, Graham Kerr 2, Richard Pratt 2, Harvey Dunn jnr 2, Doug Beasy, Tony Walsh, Peter Bevilacqua 1.
Best; Frank Munro, Dick Gill, Harry Sullivan, Ken McKaige, Tony Walsh, Harvey Dunn jnr
Carlton first
Played 8, Won 6, Lost 1, Drawn 1, For 740, Against 552, 134.1%, Points 26.

Round 9
June 12
Carlton played Hawthorn
Carlton lost; 7.9.51 - 12.6.78
Carlton second
Played 9, Won 6, Lost 2, Drawn 1, For 791, Against 630, 125.6%, Points 26.

June 19
No matches

Round 10
June 26
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Frank Munro, Alex Boyle, Ron Nillsen
Half backs; Frank Kenna, Dick Gill, Maurie Rossi
Centres; A. Max Thomas, Tony Walsh, Graham Gilchrist
Half forward; Alf Clarke, Harry Sullivan, Doug Beasy
Forwards; Dave Cairns, Bob Crowe, Richard Pratt
Followers; Brian Molony, Vin English
Rover; Harvey Dunn jnr
19. Jack Sullivan, 20. Len Davies
Emergencies; Stebbings
Carlton won; 17.18.120 - 15.14.104
Goals; Tony Walsh 4, Doug Beasy 4, Harvey Dunn jnr 4, Ron Nillsen 2, Bob Crowe, Dave Cairns, Alf Clarke 1.
Best; Harry Sullivan, Dick Gill, Harvey Dunn jnr, Tony Walsh, Doug Beasy, Jack Sullivan.
Carlton first
Played 10, Won 7, Lost 2, Drawn 1, For 911, Against 734, 124.1% Points 30.

Round 11
July 03
Carlton played St.Kilda
Carlton won; 10.13.73 - 9.11.65
Goals; Richard Pratt 3, Gerald Burke 2, Tony Walsh, M. Kerr, Bob Crowe, Len Davies, Alex Boyle 1.
Best; Richard Pratt, Maurie Rossi, L. Sullivan, Frank Munro, A. Max Thomas, McKenzie.
Carlton first
Played 11, Won 8, Lost 2, Drawn 1, For 984, Against 799, 123.2%, Points 34.

Round 12
July 10
Carlton played South Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Jack Sullivan, Alex Boyle, Ron Rhodes
Half backs; Doug Guy, Dick Gill, Maurie Rossi
Centres; A. Max Thomas, Doug Beasy, Kevin Hunt
Half forward; Brian Molony, Bob Crowe, Graham Kerr
Forwards; Dave Cairns, Ken McKaige, Richard Pratt
Followers; Vin English, Harry Sullivan
Rover; Harvey Dunn jnr
Emergencies; Ron Nillsen, Stebbings, M. Walsh, Atkinson, Wilson
Carlton lost; 12.14.86 - 14.12.96
Carlton second
Played 12, Won 8, Lost 3, Drawn 1, For 1070, Against 895, 119.6%, Points 34.

Round 13
July 17
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Smith, Ken McKaige, Ron Rhodes
Half backs; Denis Zeunert, Alex Boyle, Doug Guy
Centres; A. Max Thomas, Doug Beasy, Kevin Hunt
Half forwards; Frank Kenna, Jack Ellis, Jack Sullivan
Forwards; Dave Cairns, Bob Crowe, Ron Nillsen
Followers; Dick Gill, Richard Pratt
Rover; Graham Kerr
Emergencies; Ossie Partington, Wilson, Len Davies, Stebbings, Atkinson
Carlton won; 12.12.84 - 11.16.82
Goals; Jack Sullivan 2, Doug Beasy 2, Ron Nillsen 2, Graham Kerr 2, Jack Ellis 2, Bob Crowe, Dave Cairns 1.
Best; A. Max Thomas, Jack Sullivan, Smith, Doug Beasy, Dick Gill, Graham Kerr.
Carlton first
Played 13, Won 9, Lost 3, Drawn 1, For 1154, Against 977, 118.1%, Points 38.

Trove; Sporting Globe July 21 1954

July 24

No matches

Round 14
July 31
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton lost;
Carl; 5.2 7.4 14.6 15.7 97
Rich; 8.2 14.6 16.8 22.11.143
Goals; Doug Beasy 3, Harvey Dunn jnr 3, Jack Ellis 2, Harry Sullivan 2, Richard Pratt 2, Tony Walsh 2, Dave Cairns 1.
Best; Harry Sullivan, A. Max Thomas, Richard Pratt, Graham Kerr, Jack Sullivan, Doug Beasy.
Carlton second
Played 14, Won 9, Lost 4, Drawn 1, For 1251, Against 1120, 111.7%, Points 38.

Round 15
August 07
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton won; 11.25.91 - 8.12.60
Goals; Doug Beasy 4, Tony Walsh 2, Harvey Dunn jnr 2, Jack Spencer, Kevin Hunt, Ossie Partington 1.
Best; Doug Beasy, Jack Sullivan, Jack Spencer, Frank Kenna, Ossie Partington, Doug Guy.
Carlton second
Played 15, won 10, Lost 4, Drawn 1, For 1342, Against 1180, 113.7%, Points 42.

Round 16
August 14
Carlton played Essendon
Carlton lost; 13.6.84 - 17.9.111
Carlton second
Played 16, Won 10, Lost 5, Drawn 1, For 1426, Against 1291, 110.5%, Points 42.

Round 17
August 21
Carlton played Fitzroy
Team from: Gerald Burke, Dave Cairns, E. Cunneen, Harvey Dunn jnr, Len Davies, Jack Ellis, Dick Gill, Gordon, Kevin Hunt, Frank Kenna, Graham Kerr, Ken McKaige, McKeown, Ron Nillsen, Kevin O'Brien, Ossie Partington, Ron Rhodes, Jack Spencer, R.Stebbings, Harry Sullivan, Jack Sullivan, A. Max Thomas, Tony Walsh.

Carlton won; 22.27.159 - 8.8.56
Carlton second
Played 17, Won 11, Lost 5, Drawn 1, For 1585, Against 1311, 120.9%, Points 46.

Round 18
August 29
Final round
Carlton played Geelong
Carlton team; (23 named)
Jack Sullivan, Ken McKaige, Frank Kenna, Dick Gill, Doug Guy, A. Max Thomas, Tony Walsh, Kevin Hunt, George Stafford, Harry Sullivan, Harvey Dunn jnr, Graham Kerr, Jack Ellis, Ron Nillsen, Brian Molony, Ron Rhodes, Jack Spencer, Kevin O'Brien, Colin Ridgway, Dave Cairns, Len Davies, Ossie Partington, Stebbings.
Carlton won;
Carl: 3.4 10.13 16.16 19.22.136
Geel: 2.1 4.3 6.6 9.8.62
Goals; Jack Ellis 5, George Stafford 5, Tony Walsh 2, Harvey Dunn jnr 2, Ron Rhodes, Brian Molony, Graham Kerr, Ron Nillsen, Jack Spencer 1.
Best; Tony Walsh, Kevin Hunt, Harvey Dunn jnr, Brian Molony, Jack Sullivan, Graham Kerr.
Carlton second.
Played 18, Won 12, Lost 5, Drawn 1, For 1721, Against 1373, 125.3%, Points 50.

September 11
Reserves Second Semi Final on the M.C.G.
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team;
Backs; Jack Sullivan, Ken McKaige, Ron Rhodes
Half backs; Frank Munro, Alex Boyle, Dick Gill
Centres; A. Max Thomas, Tony Walsh, Kevin Hunt
Half forwards; Bob Crowe, Harry Sullivan, Doug Beasy
Forwards; Graham Kerr, Jack Ellis, Ron Nillsen
Followers; Brian Molony, Kevin O'Brien
Rover; Harvey Dunn jnr
19th Kenna, 20th Richard Pratt
Emergencies; Ossie Partington, Dave Cairns, Stebbings
Umpire; Beitzel

One of the most sensational finishes ever witnessed at the M.C.G.
Melbourne were 5 goals down with less the 10 minutes to play, and with a burst, put on 4 goals to be 4 points behind late in the final quarter. Melbourne rover Rickards soared high over the pack for a spectacular mark, then the final siren sounded. The diminutive rover then went back and drop kicked the ball 50 yards through the centre of the goal from a difficult angle in a swirling wind.
Carlton players stood stunned.
Earlier the Blues were on top, they were steadier, winning in the ruck, across the half back and back lines, and were aided by the accuracy of Jack Ellis. The Blues won everywhere except in the last 10 minutes. 20 year old, 6ft. full forward Jack Ellis finished with 11 goals. "With a quick lead out, a nice pair of hands, and the ability to kick either foot, Jack Ellis looked good. He will be hard to keep out of the senior side next year."

Carlton lost;
Carl. 4.4 8.4 12.9 15.9.99
Melb. 2.2 3.9 6.13, 14.17.101
Goals; Jack Ellis 11, Graham Kerr, Harvey Dunn jnr, Richard Pratt, Brian Molony 1.
Best; Jack Ellis (a phenomenal performance), Harry Sullivan, Ken McKaige, Kevin O'Brien, A. Max Thomas, Alex Boyle, Harvey Dunn jnr 1.
Injuries; Ron Rhodes (ankle) replaced by Richard Pratt. Alex Boyle (back) replaced by Frank Kenna.

September 18
Reserves Preliminary Final on the M.C.G.
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton team;
Backs; Jack Sullivan, Ken McKaige, Kevin O'Brien
Half backs; Frank Munro, Alex Boyle, Dick Gill
Centres; A. Max Thomas, Tony Walsh, Kevin Hunt
Half forwards; Doug Beasy, Harry Sullivan, Bob Crowe
Forwards; Graham Kerr, Jack Ellis, Gerald Burke
Followers; Brian Molony, Frank Kenna
Rover; Harvey Dunn jnr
19. Richard Pratt, 20. Ossie Partington
Umpire; Robinson,

The Blues looked great early on in the game and gained a lot of drive from Jack Ellis in attack. At quarter time Carlton led 5.2 - 1.4.
The Tigers settled and took a 1 point lead at half time.
The second half was a transformation with Richmond in complete control, the Blues quickly becoming a rabble. Carlton were slow, fumbled the ball, and were beaten in the ruck. Richmond scored 16.8 to the Blues 3.3 in the last two quarters. Future legendary Tiger coach Tom Hafey was named in the back pocket for Richmond.

Carlton lost;
Carl. 5.2 7.5 8.6 10.8.68
Rich. 1.4 7.6 11.11 23.14.152
Goals; Jack Ellis 6, Doug Beasy 2, Tony Walsh, Brian Molony 1.
Best; Tony Walsh, Kevin Hunt, Jack Ellis, Frank Munro, Harry Sullivan, Graham Kerr
Injuries; Alex Boyle (back) replaced by Richard Pratt third quarter. Bob Crowe (neck) replaced by Ossie Partington last quarter.

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