2015 Pre-Season

Without a formal Pre-Season Cup this year, the Blues embarked on a 3 game NAB Challenge series.

NAB Challenge, Round 1 (Game 2)

Carlton 0.1.1 7 0.3.2 20 0.4.3 27 2.4.5 47
West Coast Eagles 1.2.6 27 1.4.7 40 1.8.10 67 1.9.15 78
Venue: Rushton Park, Mandurah WA
Date: Friday February 27, 2015
Result: Lost by 31 points
Crowd: 7,719
Goalkickers: Z. Tuohy 1.0.1, C. Wood 1.0.1, D. Armfield, 0.1.0, T. Bell 0.1.0, L. Jones 0.1.0, S. White 0.1.0, L. Casboult 0.0.2, M. Dick 0.0.1
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Dean Margetts, Jeff Dalgleish, Robert O'Gorman, Andrew Mitchell
Injuries: Nil

Game Review

The Eagles easily accounted for the Blues in front of a full house in Mandurah, 1.9.15 (78) to 2.4.5 (47). The Eagles controlled the match with ex Blue Josh Kennedy starring up forward kicking four goals, one of which was a supergoal. Mark LeCras showed his class with two goals. Matt Priddis was dominant in the midfield with 24 touches, seven tackles and a goal, while the running power of Andrew Gaff and Luke Shuey was prevalent throughout.

The Blues clearly missed the experience of Marc Murphy, Chris Judd, Bryce Gibbs, Lachie Henderson, Michael Jamison and Dale Thomas. Ed Curnow was busy in the midfield for Carlton collecting 18 touches, 15 of them contested. Tom Bell provided some run and dash and kicked their only goal of a poor first quarter. Chris Yarran showed some class in defence. Simon White and Levi Casboult worked hard around the ground throughout the night but there were few winners for the Blues.

West Coast took advantage of the strong breeze in the opening term. Kennedy slotted a set shot from the pocket before launching another from 60m for the game’s first supergoal. The Blues struggled to get past the centreline for large parts of the first term and only Bell's late goal cut the margin to 20 points at the first change. Carlton could only break even with West Coast in the second term despite the aid of the breeze. Ex Blue Kane Lucas also had his first hit with his new club the West Coast Eagles.

The Eagles midfield took control in the third with Priddis, Gaff and Shuey running amok to double the margin to 40 points at three-quarter time. If the West Coast forwards had kicked more accurately in the second half the margin could have been far greater.

The Blues depth really drops away when you take out the likes of Murphy, Judd, Gibbs, Henderson, Jamison and Thomas. They got slaughtered through the midfield with no one gathering more than 19 possessions and were stretched at both ends. There were plenty of recruits on show but none had a major impact. Blaine Boekhorst took the game on with some bold run. Liam Jones soccered a goal in the second term but was well held otherwise. Kristian Jaksch worked hard in defence. Tom Fields, Matthew Dick, Clem Smith, Jason Tutt and Dillon Viojo-Rainbow flashed in and out of the game.

Best for the Blues were; Curnow, Bell, Yarran, White, Casboult.


B:21 Ciaran ‘Gus’ Sheehan 17 Sam Rowe (a/c) 37 Tom Fields
HB:13 Chris Yarran 18 Kristian Jaksch 38 Ciaran 'Casey' Byrne
C: 12 Blaine Boekhorst 6 Kade Simpson 31 Matthew Dick
HF: 22 Jason Tutt 41 Levi Casboult 27 Dennis Armfield
F: 10 Matthew Watson 14 Liam Jones 7 Dylan Buckley
Ruck: 36 Cameron Wood 9 Patrick Cripps 35 Ed Curnow
Interchange: 15 Sam Docherty 25 Clem Smith 28 Tom Bell
Interchange:32 Nick Graham 42 Zach Tuohy 43 Simon White
Substitutes: 16 Dillon Viojo-Rainbow 30 Blaine Johnson
Emergencies: 29 Billy Gowers 2 Troy Menzel 34 Bradley Walsh
Coach: Robert Wiley

Substitutes: Viojo-Rainbow replaced Watson in the third quarter; Johnson replaced Fields in the third quarter.


First Game: Blaine Boekhorst, Ciaran Byrne, Tom Fields, Matthew Dick, Clem Smith, Dillon Viojo-Rainbow
First Pre-Season Game for the Blues: Sam Docherty, Blaine Johnson, Ciaran Sheehan
First Time for the Blues: Kristian Jaksch, Liam Jones, Jason Tutt
First Goal for the Blues: Liam Jones
First Game as Acting Captain: Sam Rowe
First Game as Coach: Robert Wiley
Interesting Fact - Blarney Boys: For the first time the Blues had 3 Irishmen play in the same senior game when Tuohy, Byrne & Sheehan were all playing in the defensive six for the Blues during the first quarter.
Super Goal Star: Zach Tuohy's super goal was his third pre-season game in a row in which he has kicked a supergoal for the Blues (and they have been progressively in the 2nd, 3rd and final quarters). This goal on the final siren has now placed Tuohy as the equal highest scorer at Carlton with 3. On recent history you would think he is only a game away from becoming our most prolific!

NAB Challenge, Round 2 (Game 18)

Carlton 1.5.1 40 1.7.3 54 1.8.6 63 1.9.8 71
Collingwood 0.4.1 25 1.6.5 50 1.6.10 55 1.7.13 64
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Oval, Bendigo
Date: Sunday March 15, 2015
Result: Won by 7 points
Crowd: 9,542
Goalkickers: A. Everitt 1.2.1, L. Jones 0.2.1, T. Bell 0.1.2, B. Boekhorst 0.1.1, A. Carrazzo 0.1.0, J. Tutt 0.1.0, S. White 0.1.0, T. Menzel 0.0.1
Reports: Nil
Umpires: Jordan Bannister, Robert Findlay, Simon Meredith, Robert O'Gorman
Injuries: R. Warnock (left shoulder), B. Gibbs (shoulder), C. Judd (eye)

Game Review

After Bell’s scored Carlton’s first goal in the first minute of the game the next six Carlton goals were scored by Carlton players who had previously played for ‘the Dogs’ (Footscray).

This was Carlton's fourth win from their six night/preseason matches against Collingwood, (the magpies had won the last 2 games).

Carlton only went into this match with 24 players (from a possible 26 players that they were able to use) and didn't use the two Substitutes players with the reasoning that the players get 'match miles' into their 'legs', Collingwood used one substitute in their 25 players.

In the last quarter only three field umpires were used with Robert Findlay sitting on the bench, for the other three quarters and their first round game four field umpires had been used in each quarter.

Best for the Blues were; Judd, Yarran, Carrazzo, Everitt, Jaksch, Simpson, Jamison.


B: 38 Ciaran 'Casey' Byrne 40 Michael Jamison (vc) 42 Zach Tuohy
HB:13 Chris Yarran 18 Kristian Jaksch 6 Kade Simpson
C: 22 Jason Tutt 5 Chris Judd 35 Ed Curnow
HF: 33 Andrejs Everitt 41 Levi Casboult 28 Tom Bell
F: 23 Lachie Henderson 14 Liam Jones 2 Troy Menzel
Ruck: 11 Robert Warnock 4 Bryce Gibbs (a/c) 44 Andrew Carrazzo
Interchange:9 Patrick Cripps 12 Blaine Boekhorst 15 Sam Docherty
Interchange:17 Sam Rowe 25 Clem Smith 43 Simon White
Emergencies: 7 Dylan Buckley 10 Matthew Watson 27 Dennis Armfield
Emergencies: 31 Matthew Dick, 32 Nick Graham
Coach: Mick Malthouse


First Goal for the Blues: Blaine Boekhorst, Jason Tutt
First Game as Acting Captain: Bryce Gibbs

NAB Challenge, Round 3 (Game 26) vs Geelong

Sunday 22nd March at Etihad Stadium.

Carlton 1.1.3 19 2.5.6 54 2.8.9 75 2.10.14 92
Geelong 0.5.3 33 0.9.7 61 0.15.7 61 0.17.9 111
Venue: Dome
Date: Sunday March 22, 2015
Result: Lost by 19 points
Crowd: 10,631
Goalkickers: T. Menzel 1.2.2, L. Jones 0.2.1, L. Henderson 0.2.0., M. Watson 1.0.2, P. Cripps 0.1.1, S. Rowe 0.1.0, T. Bell 0.1.0, D. Thomas 0.1.0, A. Everitt 0.0.2, M. Murphy 0.0.1
Reports: Nil
Umpires: David Harris, Andrew Mitchell, Shaun Ryan

Game Review


B: 43 Simon White 40 Michael Jamison (vc) 15 Sam Docherty
HB:42 Zach Tuohy 18 Kristian Jaksch 31 Matthew Dick
C: 33 Andrejs Everitt 5 Chris Judd 39 Dale Thomas
HF: 28 Tom Bell 23 Lachie Henderson 12 Blaine Boekhorst
F:17 Sam Rowe 14 Liam Jones 2 Troy Menzel
Ruck: 36 Cameron Wood 9 Patrick Cripps 44 Andrew Carrazzo
Interchange:3 Marc Murphy (c) 10 Matthew Watson 35 Ed Curnow
Interchange: 38 Ciaran 'Casey' Byrne
Substitutes: 22 Jason Tutt, 25 Clem Smith
Emergencies: 7 Dylan Buckley 13 Chris Yarran 27 Dennis Armfield
Coach: Mick Malthouse


First Goal for the Blues: Patrick Cripps, Dale Thomas

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