Statewide Cup

1981 Reserves

Reserves Season 1981
Coach: Serge Silvagni
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Trevor Keogh
Leading Goalkicker: Robert Dutton 51 goals (3rd in the competition)
Position: 6th
Premier: Geelong

Round 1: 28th March 1981

Richmond 21.11.137
Carlton 18.13.121

Goalkickers; David Collins 2, Robert Lawson 2, David Glascott 1, David Guest 1, Malcolm Mottram 1, Greg Sharp 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Trevor Keogh, Greg Kazuro, Malcolm Mottram, David McKay, Phillip McEvoy.

At VFL Park, the Tigers turned it on to defeat Carlton easily by 75 points. Richmond ran riot in the second half, kicking goals at will, and without real opposition from the Blues almost almost non existent backline. Carlton's forwards tried, on occassions, to get back in the game, but had only about three players capable of getting the ball down to them.

Richmond's Taylor marked well up forward and he did not let his teammates down with eight accurate kicks at goal. Rod Oborne was another Tiger to bag a few and capped off a good game with five goals.

Round 2: 5th April 1981

Hawthorn 13.23.101
Carlton 15.8.98

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 5, David Collins 3, Malcolm Scott 2, Rohan Burke 1, David Glascott 1, Scott Howell 1, Robert Lawson 1, Darren Linkins 1

Best; Darren Linkins, Robert Dutton, David Glascott, Kevin Heath, Scott Howell, Greg Sharp.

After some shocking kicking, Hawthorn was fortunate to narrowly down Carlton by three points. The Hawks were pressured continuously by Blues defenders and were hurried into many erratic kicks at goal. Although 10 players had a hand in kicking the goals for Hawthorn there was no real forward to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Round 3: 12th April 1981

Fitzroy 19.13.127
Carlton 15.12.102

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 5, David Guest 2, Wayne Johnston 2, Jim Buckley 2, Robert Lawson 1, Ken Sheldon 1, Malcolm Scott 1, John Watts 1.

Best; Robert Dutton, Darren Linkins, Geoff Hocking, Brendan Hartney, Greg Sharp.

Fitzroy had a convincing 25 point win over Carlton. The Lions with Les Parish and Ross Thornton kicking six goals apiece certainly quelled their opposition. The Blues with good players in Robert Dutton (five goals), Wayne Johnston and David Guest, just could not match the determination of Fitzroy. The Blues tried hard for the whole game but could not get on top of a tight defence. It was a good win to the young Fitzroy side and with young Chris Brent doing so well the Lions should be set for a good year.

Round 4: 19th April 1981

Carlton 28.17.185
Footscray 9.7.61

Goalkickers; Michael Jennings 5, Jim Buckley 4, Robert Dutton 4, Greg Kazuro 4, Mark Kerr 4, Darren Linkins 3, Wayne Johnston 2, David Glascott 1, Malcolm Scott 1.

Best; Trevor Keogh, Michael Jennings, Scott Howell, Mark Kerr, Robert Dutton, Geoff Hocking.

Dogs - nothing in Reserves

The Footscray reserves probably knew it was coming but not by 124 points. The poor bulldogs never had a chance as Carlton took a quick look at an empty Statewide Cup scoreboard before the first siren and then cut loose.

The Blues were simply far too strong for their undermanned rivals and enjoyed a picnic against a poor defence. By the second quarter it was all over.

The Blues dominated almost every position on the field, particularily Trevor Keogh, who was back to his best with a great exhibition of ball control. Michael Jennings with five goals and Jim Buckley, Robert Dutton, Greg Kazuro, and Mark Kerr with four apiece paved the way for a crushing win.

Round 5: 26th April 1981

St Kilda 17.12.114
Carlton 12.24.96

Goalkickers; Wayne Johnston 3, Robert Dutton 2, Michael Jennings 2, Mark Kerr 2, David Collins 1, Malcolm Collins 1, David Glascott 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, John Watts, Mark Kerr, Wayne Johnston, Michael Jennings, Trevor Keogh.

At Moorabbin, St Kilda was too fit for a fast finishing Carlton and won by 18 points. Con Gorozidis was the star for the St Kilda team kicking seven goals and paving the way for his team mates consistent attacks at goal.

John Bennett, Greg Burns, and Mordi Bromberg were other players who battled hard for the Saints and with their consistent displays over past weeks they should find themselves close to senior selection.

Carlton on the other hand was possibly a little unlucky kicking 24 behinds from 36 shots. The Blues had good players in Wayne Johnston who is back in top condition after injury.

Round 6: 3rd May 1981

Carlton 19.17.131
Collingwood 12.24.96

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 7, Wayne Johnston 4, Michael Jennings 3, Mark Kerr 2, Mark Hegarty 1, Robert Lawson 1, Darren Linkins 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, Wayne Johnston, Robert Dutton, Darren Linkins, David Glascott, Michael Jennings.

At Princes Park the Blues held off a desperate challenge by Collingwood to win by 10 points. The Blues with strong and accurate kicking for goal by Robert Dutton (seven goals), Michael Jennings (three) and Wayne Johnston (four) were very impressive. Michael Young, Brendan Hartney and David Glascott also played solid games for Carlton.

Round 7: 10th May 1981

Carlton 14.17.101
Melbourne 9.11.65

Goalkickers; Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, Greg Toma 4, Mark Kerr 2, David Collins 1, Wayne Harmes 1, David McKay 1.

Best; Mario Bortolotto, Brendan Hartney, Kevin Heath, Terry Dean, Scott Howell, Greg Toma.

At the MCG, Carlton obviously with too much experience, defeated the Demons by 36 points. In what was an even game until the final quarter Melbourne was showed the value of a few top senior players. Wayne Harmes played a great game as did Ken Sheldon, and David McKay. These players along with Spiro Kourkoumelis (five goals), Greg Toma (4 goals), and Mark Kerr (two) inspired team mates with a strong final quarter.

''Harmes a must -

Carlton will be eager to get star utility player Wayne Harmes back into its line-up as soon as possible. Harmes made an excellent return to football with the Blues Reserves on Saturday after missing the first six matches with an ankle injury.

He played with typical gusto and seemed untroubled by his ankle. Saturday's heavy ground conditions were made to order for Harmes, who is the ideal wet weather player because of his great tenacity and ball handling skills. With the winter fast approaching and wet grounds likely to be the order of the days ahead, Harmes will be a key player in Carlton's bid for the flag.

The Blues are struggling at the moment with several players well down on form. But the inclusion of Harmes into their side could be just the boost they need. In full flight he is one of the most dangerous players in the game - capable of ripping a side to shreds in a few minutes of explosive football. - Doug Wade Inside Football.''

Round 8: 17th May 1981
Carlton 18.10.118
Geelong 15.11.101

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 4, Wayne Johnston 3, Ken Sheldon 3, Robert Dutton 2, Trevor Keogh 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Wayne Harmes 1, Robert Lawson 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, Wayne Harmes, Wayne Johnston, Trevor Keogh, David Glascott, David Collins.

The Cats, with no cohesion on their forward line in the second and third terms, was overrun by a stronger Carlton side. Ken Sheldon, Wayne Johnston, Trevor Keogh and Wayne Harmes all fired for the Blues and look ready for senior berths. Mark Kerr with four goals and Spiro Kourkoumelis (three, also played their part in a good win).

Round 9: 24th May 1981

South Melbourne 24.15.159
Carlton 10.10.70

Goalkickers; Wayne Johnston 3, Ken Sheldon 2, Geoff Hocking 1, Mark Kerr 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Denis Lenaghan 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Mario Bortolotto, Brendan Hartney, Geoff Hocking, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Graeme Whitnall.

Reports: D.Winbanks (Sth Melb) by field umpire Russo and field umpire Howe for allegedy striking Geoff Hocking (Carlton) with the right clenched fist to the face in the third quarter.

Round 10: 31st May 1981

Carlton 14.15.99
Essendon 12.11.83

Goalkickers; Ken Sheldon 3, Denis Lenaghan 3, Robert Dutton 2, Darren Linkins 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Greg Toma 1, Ross Addlem 1.

Best; Ken Sheldon, Mario Bortolotto, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Greg Sharp, Greg Kazuro, Kevin Heath.

At Windy Hill Carlton proved too strong and experienced to down a game, but slow, Essendon by 16 points. The brillance of Carlton showed out, through Ken Sheldon, Denis Lenaghan (three goals each), Spiro Kourkoumelis (two). The great play of Kevin Heath and Darren Linkins sealed victory for the Blues with a fine last quarter of pressure football.

Round 11: 7th June 1981

Nth Melbourne 15.18.108
Carlton 8.11.59

Goalkickers; Denis Lenaghan 2, Ross Addlem 1, Jim Buckley 1, Robert Dutton 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Malcolm Mottram 1, Greg Toma 1.

Best; Geoff Hocking, Kevin Heath, Robert Dutton, David Glascott, Ross Addlem.

Nth Melbourne led by 58 points at three quarter time at Princes Park and finally defeated Carlton by 49 points after a one-sided final quarter. Carlton's best player was Geoff Hocking aided by, Kevin Heath, Robert Dutton, Ross Addlem, David Glascott and Denis Lenaghan who kicked two goals.

Round 12: 14th June 1981

Carlton 21.17.143
Hawthorn 17.13.115

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 5, Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, Robert Dutton 3, Jim Buckley 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Ross Addlem 2, Peter Francis 1, Geoff Hocking 1, Trevor Keogh 1.

Best; Kevin Heath, Mark Buckley, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Rod Waddell, Trevor Keogh, Garry Williams.

Carlton moved into fifth place with a resounding win over Hawthorn at Princes Park. Spiro Kourkoumelis with five goals continued his good form from the previous week's Escort Cup game with a great game on the flank. Jim Buckley and Robert Dutton were also in fine form kicking three goals apiece, as did Denis Lenaghan.

Round 13: 21st June 1981

Carlton 25.17.167
Fitzroy 16.08.104

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 5, Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, Geoff Hocking 4, Denis Lenaghan 3, Robert Dutton 2, Trevor Keogh 2, Ross Addlem 1, Stephen Buckley 1, Greg Kazuro 1, Rod Waddell.

Best; Rod Waddell, Geoff Hocking, Rohan Burke, Des English, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Mark Buckley.

Blues Machine in top gear

Carlton, firing on all cylinders, ran right away from Fitzroy to win by 63 points at the Junction Oval. The Blues were on top throughout and never gave the Lions a chance. Attacking from the first bounce they opened up a lead of 38 points at the first change.

The Blues had great players who put in for the four quarters including Des English, on the backline, and Geoff Hocking who rucked magnificently to keep the Carlton side well in front all day. Jim Buckley and Geoff Hocking with four goals apiece and Denis Lenaghan, three goals looked particularily dangerous in front of the big sticks.

Round 14: 28th June 1981

Carlton 12.13.85
Footscray 9.18.72

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 5, Mark Kerr 2, Peter Francis 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Greg Kazuro 1, Rod Waddell 1.

Best; Rohan Burke, Trevor Keogh, Mark Buckley, Mario Bortolotto, Rod Waddell, Kevin Heath.

At Princes Park Carlton, too experienced and pacy, defeated Footscray by 13 points. The Blues had their hands full in this game especially in the final term when the Bulldogs attacked through all avenues. Carlton won across the centre and applied pressure constantly to the Footscray backline which forced its oppositiion into many erractic kicks at goal.

Mark Buckley with five goals played a good game for Carlton and was well assisted by Trevor Keogh, Kevin Heath, Rod Waddell, and Rohan Burke, who was Carlton's best player.

Round 15: 5th July 1981

Carlton 12.09.81
St Kilda 07.08.50

Goalkickers; Neil Robertson 3, Mark Buckley 2, Robert Dutton 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Mark Kerr 1, Mark Hegarty 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Rohan Burke, David Whillas, Rod Waddell, Graeme Whitnall, Denis Lenaghan, Neil Robertson.

At VFL Park , Carlton defeated an inexperienced, but game St Kilda side by 31 points. The Blues, in control throughout had the necessary players to chase hard and use handball to get them out of any trouble they had from the St Kilda defence.

Carlton's forwards handled the wet conditions very well and gave the team a 14 point lead at half time. St Kilda played too poorly to be a threat at any stage and its third quarter was a shocker - only three goals to Carlton's four goals.

The Blues with Neil Robertson (three goals), Robert Dutton, Denis Lenaghan, Mark Buckley (two apiece), Graeme Whitnall, Mark Hegarty and Mark Kerr showed the Saints the full advantage of a well disciplined forward line.

St Kilda badly lacked key players but battled hard in the second half to contain the Blues on either the forward or backlines.

Round 16: 19th July 1981

Collingwood 13.09.97
Carlton 08.21.69

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Garry Williams 2, Trevor Keogh 1, Frank Marchesani 1.

Best; Rohan Burke, Brendan Hartney, Kevin Heath, Mark Buckley, Frank Marchesani.

At Victoria Park Collingwood moved another rung closer to the five with a strong win over Carlton by 28 points. The Blues fell down badly on the backline and had no effective forwards. Spiro Kourkoumelis and Mark Buckley booted two goals each, and were their main goalkickers while Trevor Keogh, Barry Armstrong and Mark Kerr contributed with fine play.

Round 17: 26th July 1981

Carlton 15.17.107
Melbourne 08.09.57

Goalkickers; Phillip McEvoy 4, Michael Jennings 3, Mark Buckley 2, Robert Dutton 2, Neil Robertson 2, Mark Kerr 1, Frank Marchesani 1.

Best; Kevin Heath, Brendan Hartney, Ross Addlem, Darren Linkins, Mario Bortolotto, Phillip McEvoy.

Reports: G.Giles (Melb) reported by boundary umpire Brown and field umpire Gollop for striking David Whillas (Carlton) with right and left clenched fists to the body in the fourth quarter.

David Whillas (Carlton) reported by boundary umpire Brown and field umpire Gollop for allegedy striking G.Giles with right and left clenched fists to the body in the fourth quarter.

G.Giles (Melb) reported by field umpire Clayton for allegedy striking Mark Kerr (Carlton) with the left forearm to the face in the second quarter.

At Princes Park Carlton was never troubled at any stage to thrash Melbourne by 50 points. The Blues led comfortably by five goals at half time and then applied more pressure to win easing down.

Trevor Keogh proved his classy play is the difference between senior and reserves football and was well backed up by Kevin Heath, Robert Dutton (two goals) Mark Buckley and Michael Jennings.

Round 18: 2nd August 1981

Geelong 12.19.82
Carlton 11.14.80

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 4, Robert Dutton 3, Trevor Keogh 2, Adams 2, Stephen Buckley 1.

Best; Trevor Keogh, Garry Williams, Neil Robertson, Stephen Buckley, Michael Jennings.

Reports; D.Flanagan (Geel) reported by field umpire Russo for allegedy deliberately striking Mark Buckley (Carlton) with a right forearm to the face in the fourth quarter.

Blues late busrt fails

Geelong scraped home by two poinst to defeat Carlton in an exciting final quarter of their Statewide Cup match at Princes Park. Geelong, in control after half time, and leading by 24 points at three quarter time got the fright of their lives when the Blues kicked five goals to a solitary goal to reduce the lead to just two points in the final minutes of play.

Carlton tried hard in the final quarter but could not match their opponents desire and defensive strength. Mark Buckley was the Blues main goal kicker with four goals and was well backed up by Robert Dutton (three goals) and Trevor Keogh (two goals) who were very consistent.

Frank Marchesani also turned on a good game in only his third appearance for the Blues. Other players for the Blues to stand out were Neil Robertson and Michael Jennings.

Round 19: 9th August 1981

Carlton 9.14.68
Sth Melbourne 5.17.47

Goalkickers; Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Jim Buckley 1, Mark Buckley 1, Robert Dutton 1, Trevor Keogh 1, Mark Kerr 1, Alex Marcou 1, Greg Sharp 1.

Best; Trevor Keogh, Mark Kerr, Rohan Burke, Garry Williams, Greg Kazuro, Kevin Heath.

Reports; Whitzell (Sth Melb) reported by boundary umpire Turner for allegedy striking Spiro Kourkoumelis (Carlton) with a right clenched fist to the middle of the back in the second quarter.

In a low scoring game at the Lakeside Oval Carlton with far greater experience and talent defeated Sth Melbourne by 20 points. Carlton led all day to beat the Swans who are second the ladder but appeared to show no desire or desperation at any stage of the game.

Trevor Keogh and Barry Armstrong stood out with some intelligent play and were backed up well in the wet conditions by Kevin Heath, Greg Sharp, Garry Williams and Darren Linkins.

Round 20: 16th August 1981

Essendon 15.12.102
Carlton 15.10.100

Goalkickers; Robert Dutton 7, Stephen Buckley 2, Trevor Keogh 2, Ross Addlem 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Alex Marcou 1, Graeme Whitnall.

Best; Robert Dutton, Alex Marcou, Trevor Keogh, Kevin Heath, David Glascott.

In a thrilling final quarter at Princes Park Essendon kept fifth spot after holding out a desperate Carlton in the last 10 minutes to win by two points. Carlton full forward Robert Dutton, with strong marking and superb ground play finished with seven goals. Other Blues to stand out were Trevor Keogh, David Glascott, Rod Waddell and Mark Kerr.

Round 21: 23rd August 1981

Nth Melbourne 11.17.83
Carlton 5.10.40

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Robert Dutton, Kevin Heath, Stephen Buckley, Garry Williams, Neil Robertson.

North Melbourne, too powerful for Carlton in the second half at VFL Park, won easily by 43 points. Mark Kerr with two goals and Stephen Buckley, Neil Robertson and Spiro Kourkoumelis kicking one goal each, found goals hard to come by - the Blues scored a meagre five goals and ending their hopes of a finals berth.

Round 22: 30th August 1981

Richmond 16.7.103
Carlton 10.9.69

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 3, Robert Dutton 2, Trevor Keogh 2, Frank Marchesani 1, Denis Lenaghan 1, Neil Robertson 1.

Best; Peter McConville, Scott Howell, Barry Armstrong, Neil Robertson, Kevin Heath.

Richmond earned the double chance with a 34 point win over Carlton at the Lakeside Oval on Sunday. Carlton which looked good for three quarters succumbed quickly to pressure. Mark Kerr was a beaten player for the Blues but still finished with three goals for the game. Robert Dutton, and Trevor Keogh, also contributed with two goals each, and Frank Marchesani, Denis Lenaghan, added only one each.

Peter McConville, who was Carlton's best player, was well assisted by Barry Armstrong, Scott Howell, and Kevin Heath.


1981 End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Geelong1903 762844 1870 150.1
2Richmond1408 562681 2117126.6
3North Melbourne1408 562384 1883 126.6
4South Melbourne1408 562381 1975 120.6
5Essendon1309 52 2165 2091 103.5
6Carlton11011 442129 2090 101.9
7Collingwood11011 442216 2235 99.1
8Hawthorn11011 442173 2269 95.8
9Melbourne9013 362069 2673 77.4
10Fitzroy8113 342356 2669 88.3
11St Kilda4117 181909 2495 76.5
12Footscray3019 121846 2786 66.3

1981 Reserves Finals Series

Elimination Final
Essendon 15.13.103 d South Melbourne 13.14.92

Qualifying Final
Richmond 23.11.149 d North Melbourne 13.08.86

1st Semi Final
Essendon 14.16.100 d North Melbourne 13.12.90

2nd Semi Final
Geelong 23.20.158 d Richmond 16.10.106

Preliminary Final
Essendon 21.17.143 d Richmond 16.15.111

Grand Final
Geelong 21.14.140 d Essendon 18.06.114

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