1982 Reserves

Reserves Season 1982
Coach: Bryan Quirk
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Spiro Kourkoumelis
Leading Goalkickers: Michael Lenaghan 54 goals (2nd in the competition), Ross Ditchburn 44 goals (7th in the competition), Mark Buckley 43 goals (9th in the competition)
Position: 6th
Premier: Geelong

Best and Fairest Voting

1st - Spiro Kourkoumelis 90 votes
2nd - Mario Bortolotto 77 votes
3rd - Brendan Hartney 63 votes
4th - Paul Meldrum 53 votes
5th - Allan Montgomery 52 votes
6th - Barry Armstrong 51 votes
7th - Rohan Burke 44 votes
8th - Michael Lenaghan 43 votes
9th - Mark Buckley 42 votes
10th - Ross Ditchburn 40 votes

Round 1: 28th March 1982

Fitzroy 20.18.138
Carlton 19.18.132

Goalkickers; Ross Ditchburn 3, David Clarke 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 3, Paul Meldrum 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, David McKay 2, Rohan Burke 1, Chris (A) Jackson 1, Mark Kerr 1, Frank Marchesani 1.

Best; Spiro Kourkoumelis, Graeme Whitnall, Rod Waddell, Ross Ditchburn, David McKay, Barry Armstrong.

With a great fightback, Fitzroy proved too strong for Carlton and held on to win by six points in their game at Princes Park. A purposeful second half of football by Fitzroy, gave it the points in a game that could have gone either way. The Blues were first off the mark and had goals quickly on the board enabling them to lead by comfortably by 22 points at half time. Ross Ditchburn, the WA recruit, showed plenty of dash on the forward line and finished the game with three good goals. Former Geelong champion David Clarke, and Spiro Kourkoumelis, also applied themselves on the forward line, attacking the ball and finishing the game with three goals apiece.
Carlton's pace worried the Lions early in the game, as Paul Meldrum, Denis Lenaghan, David McKay and Rohan Burke picked up two goals each to leave the opposition floundering.

The Roys were not to be denied and came back fighting. They battled to be only two points down at the final change. Paul Roos played a great game for Fitzroy and capped it off with five goals. The Lions threw everything they had into the final quarter and came back with goals to John Cassin and Brendan Dobson (3 goals a piece). The final term was all Fitzroy. Ross Thornton, Dean Herbert and Peter Murnane were the mainstays of the side, and were responsible for the great fightback to snatch victory.

Round 2: 4th April 1982

Carlton 16.15.111
Essendon 15.17.107

Goalkickers; Michael Lenaghan 4, Denis Lenaghan 3, Gavin Exell 2, Graeme Whitnall 2, Garry Williams 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Mark Kerr 1, Michael Jennings 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Michael Lenaghan, Geoff Hocking, Brendan Hartney, Des English, Denis Lenaghan.

Carlton, with just that edge in experience, was too good for Essendon and held on to win by four points in their game at the Lakeside Oval last Sunday. The Blues excelled on the forward line and had two very good players in brothers Michael Lenaghan and Denis Lenaghan, who kicked seven goals between them, and Graeme Whitnall and Garry Williams with two goals each. It was a tough match with both sides giving their all. The Bombers appeared to relax a little and let the Blues in for some easy goals through good play by Barry Armstrong, Des English and Geoff Hocking. Essendon should have won this game in the third quarter but threw away easy goals with erractic kicking.

Round 3: 11th April 1982

Collingwood 18.19.127
Carlton 17.19.121

Goalkickers; Garry Williams 4, David Clarke 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Michael Lenaghan 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Ross Ditchburn 1, Mark Kerr 1, Rod Waddell 1, Marco Zanon 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, Rod Austin, Barry Armstrong, Spiro Kourkoumelis.

Collingwood fought back hard in the third quarter to boot eight goals to Carlton's three before winning by six points at Victoria Park. The Blues, well on top and leading by 43 points at half time, got the fright of their lives as Collingwood came back. Great play on the part of Peter Russell who kicked five goals, and Tony Shaw, Ian Ross, and big Derek Shaw, who all kicked three apiece paved the way for the Magpies great win. Carlton's forward brigade in Garry Williams (four goals), David Clarke (three), Spiro Kourkoumelis, Michael Lenaghan, Paul Meldrum (two goals) played brilliantly and had the Magpie defence around in circles. The Blues were well on top and appeared to be in no danger of losing, as Ross Ditchburn, Rod Waddell, and Rod Austin kept the side firing. The Blues appeared tired and slow and were completely outplayed, outrun, and out-thought as the game progressed into the final term.

Round 4: 18th April 1982

Carlton 27.16.178
Hawthorn 7.17.59

Goalkickers; Spiro Kourkoumelis 5, David Clarke 4, Ross Ditchburn 4, Michael Lenaghan 4, Rod Waddell 3, Ricky Nixon 3, Garry Williams 2, Mark Kerr 1, Allan Montgomery 1.

Best; David Clarke, Greg Kazuro, Ross Ditchburn, Brendan Hartney, Wayne Harmes, Ricky Nixon.

A brilliant Carlton handed out another hiding in the game against Hawthorn. The Blues won easily by 119 points. With eight players contributing to the goal glut it was Rod Austin who set the mighty Blues alight in the destruction of Hawthorn.

Round 5: 25th April 1982

Carlton 28.09.177
Melbourne 21.15.141

Goalkickers; Ross Ditchburn 7, Michael Lenaghan 5, Garry Williams 5, Wayne Harmes 3, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Marco Zanon 2, Mark Buckley 1, Paul Meldrum 1, Malcolm Mottram 1, Ricky Nixon 1.

Best; Ross Ditchburn, Greg Kazuro, Garry Williams, Shane Robertson, Wayne Harmes, Spiro Kourkoumelis.

The Blues, with too much brillance in their attack, stopped the Demons in their tracks, to win by 36 points at VFL Park. WA recruit Ross Ditchburn, looks ready to return to senior ranks with a great display at full-forward, kicking another seven goals. Garry Williams, another fine player, kicked five goals, while Wayne Harmes and Spiro Kourkoumelis contributed to the big score with four goals each. Melbourne, with six goals in the final term could not find enough players to go on with the job and make up the difference between winning and losing.

Round 6: 1st May 1982

St Kilda 24.25.169
Carlton 16.14.110

Goalkickers; Ross Ditchburn 4, Allan Montgomery 3, Shane Robertson 3, Gavin Exell 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Mark Buckley 1, Paul Meldrum 1.

Best; Allan Montgomery, Shane Robertson, Ross Ditchburn, Brendan Hartney, Stephen Miller.

The Saints had no trouble in disposing of a poor Carlton line-up with a great display of systematic football to win by 59 points. St Kilda continued in its explosive way to put together a complete game for its third win for the season. Dominating most positions on the field, the strong Saint line-up was too talented for anything the Carlton defence could muster. Glen Brown in top form again, put in another great performance at full-forward, booting six goals for the match and aiding other forwards in their approach towards goal. Peter Brown and Mark Kellett, two up-and-coming stars showed plenty of desire with strong play and marking both kicked four goals for the game. Ross Ditchburn with four goals for the game and Allan Montgomery with three goals, tried hard to lift their side but did not have enough support from their better players who were down on their game. Paul Meldrum, possibly the Blues best player, picked up kicks all over the field and used them to great benefit. Apart from Mario Bortolotto, Spiro Kourkoumelis and Mark Buckley, Carlton's attitude was non-existant and, at any stage of the game, did the Blues look like winning.

Round 7: 8th May 1982

Carlton 23.17.155
Geelong 19.10.124

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 5, Ross Ditchburn 5, Shane Robertson 5, Michael Lenaghan 3, Steve Easton 2, Ricky Nixon 2, Shane Baldwin 1.

Best; Mario Bortolotto, Shane Robertson, Ross Ditchburn, Paul Meldrum, Rod Waddell, Denis Lenaghan.

Carlton with a home ground advantage, was too good and never headed in its win at Princes Park by 31 points. Ross Ditchburn, Mark Buckley and Shane Robertson, who were creative forwards for the Blues - kicked five goals apiece and were of great assistance to other team-mates as they utilised their positions at centre hakf-forward, forward pocket, and on the wing. Mark Maclure at full back was also in fine form for his side and repelled many Geelong attacks. Carlton had more running players than its opponents and finished the good work up forward with goals by Steve Easton, Michael Lenaghan, Ricky Nixon and two apiece and Denis Lenaghan and Stephen Baldwin with one each. The Cats fought back in the final term to boot nine goals, but it was too late to avoid defeat.

Round 8: 15th May 1982

Carlton 25.22.172
Footscray 14.18.102

Goalkickers; Steve Easton 4, Wayne Harmes 4, Michael Lenaghan 4, Spiro Kourkoumelis 3, Paul Meldrum 3, Allan Montgomery 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Mark Maclure 1, Ricky Nixon 1, Shane Robertson 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best; Mario Bortolotto, Allan Montgomery, Mark Kerr, Barry Armstrong, Michael Lenaghan, Steve Easton.

Carlton gave Footscray a football lesson at the Western Oval and ranout crushing winner by 70 points. The Blues wrapped the game up in the second quarter when they kicked 10 goals to Footscray's measily 18 points. Wayne Harmes, back in business, kicked five goals and was well assisted by Michael Lenaghan and also Steve Easton who also kicked five majors. Peter McConville, Barry Armstrong, Mario Bortolotto and Spiro Kourkoumelis were great for Carlton and set up nemerous attacks to halt its oppositions revival.

Round 9: 22nd May 1982

Carlton 18.12.120
South Melbourne 18.16.124

Goalkickers; Paul Meldrum 5, Steve Easton 3, Shane Robertson 3, Barry Armstrong 2, Ross Ditchburn 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Ken Sheldon 1, Rod Waddell 1.

Best; Marco Zanon, Paul Meldrum, Shane Robertson, Mark Kerr, Steve Easton.

The Swans nine points in front at three quarter time, held on to defeat Carlton by three points in a thrilling game at Princes Park. In a game that zig-zagged until the final quarter, South Melbourne snatched victory in the dying minutes of the game. Carlton with Paul Meldrum in great form all over the ground, scouted the packs cleverly to finish the game kicking five goals. Steve Easton and Shane Robertson, other accurate goal-kickers, kicked three goals apiece and were well assisted by Ross Ditchburn and Barry Armstrong, whose good play allowed them to finish with two for the game. Although the Blues matched their opponents for most of the game, they had only a number of players who were really desperate for four quarters. Ken Sheldon, who also got amongst the action with a goal, had only two others in Mario Bortolotto and Mark Kerr who showed any dedication.

Round 10: 29th May 1982

Carlton 18.19.127
Richmond 18.19.127

Goalkickers; Spiro Kourkoumelis 4, Garry Williams 3, Mark Buckley 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Ross Addlem 1, Barry Armstrong 1, Darren Ogier 1, Shane Robertson 1, Marco Zanon 1.

Best; Mario Bortolotto, Greg Sharp, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Brendan Hartney, Paul Meldrum, Barry Armstrong.

Reports; M.Ross (Richmond) by field umpire B.Bietzel for allegedy striking Mark Kerr (Carlton) with the left and right open hands to both sides of the face in the second quarter.

Richmond, 27 points behind starting the final quarter, fought back to hold Carlton to a draw at Princes Park. Carlton with many players on top earlier in the game, succumbed to the aggression when the pressure was applied. Spiro Kourkoumelis four goals, Mark Buckley three, and Denis Lenaghan, Paul Meldrum, Garry Williams, with two goals each, were the Blues main goal scorers.

Round 11: 6th June 1982

North Melbourne 26.09.165
Carlton 23.18.156

Goalkickers; Ross Ditchburn 6, Mark Maclure 5, Paul Meldrum 3, Denis Lenaghan 3, Michael Lenaghan 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Robert O'Conner 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, Mario Bortolotto, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Ross Ditchburn, Mark Maclure, Greg Kazuro.

North Melbourne withstood a final term challenge from Carlton in an exciting game at the Lakeside Oval to win by nine points. Phil Carmen, the hero of the win, booted 12 goals in a magnificent display of marking and goal accuracy.


Round 12: 13th June 1982

Essendon 13.18.96
Carlton 11.09.75

Goalkickers; Stephen Buckley 3, Denis Lenaghan 2, Shane Robertson 2, Ross Ditchburn 1, Warren 'Wow' Jones 1, Michael Lenaghan 1, Marty McLennan 1.

Best; Greg Kazuro, Brendan Hartney, Garry Williams.

Reports; Ross Addlem (Carlton) by boundary umpire M.Kilduff for allegedy striking B.Hyde (Essendon) with a right elbow to the face in the second quarter.

The Bombers, too tall and talented all over the ground, won easily by 21 points over Carlton at Windy Hill on Monday. Although the forward lines of both sides contributed little to the match, it was Essendon overall aerial strength that gave them the four points. The Blues had only Stephen Buckley with three goals and Greg Kazuro, Brendan Hartney and Garry Williams to play well in the losing side.

Round 13: 20th June 1982

Collingwood 25.08.158
Carlton 19.13.127

Goalkickers; Ross Ditchburn 7, Gavin Exell 3, Michael Lenaghan 2, Allan Montgomery 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Mark Buckley 1, Paul Kane 1, Denis Lenaghan 1, Robert O'Conner 1.

Best; Ross Ditchburn, Michael Lenaghan, Greg Kazuro, Ricky Nixon, Mark Kerr.

Collingwood with a magnificent first quarter of pressure football, was never headed by its opponent, Carlton, and recorded its easiest win for the season by 31 points at Princes Park. The Magpies leading by a point at the first change, slammed on 11 goals in the second term to set up their fourth win for the season. Carlton came home in the final term with strong play when they kicked seven goals to their opponents two for the quarter. Playing with more desire than they had shown in the earlier quarters, the Blues looked like a big chance to capture the game. Ross Ditchburn, with seven goals, has now kicked 40 goals in eleven games for the seconds and, as the senior side is deperately in need of an extra player to add bite to the forward line, they must play Ditchburn in the main game against Hawthorn this Saturday. Although the Blues found kicks hard to come by in the third quarter, they did not stop trying against a very talented opposition. Gavin Exell with three goals and Allan Montgomery and Michael Lenaghan with two apiece, were Carlton's only other avenue of attack as they beat the Magpies defence to score. Denis Lenaghan, Ross Addlem, Mark Buckley and Barry Armstrong, the Blues other good players, showed that there is talent in the line-up but it lacks height and ability in the following and forward divisions.

Round 14: 27th June 1982

Carlton 21.01.137
Hawthorn 13.12.90

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 4, Ross Ditchburn 4, Ricky Nixon 4, Paul Meldrum 3, Steve Easton 1, Des English 1, Michael Lenaghan 1, Allan Montgomery 1, Shane Robertson 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best; Ross Ditchburn, Greg Kazuro, Garry Williams, Michael Lenaghan, Des English, Ricky Nixon.

Carlton firing on all cylinders, was never troubled by Hawthorn and went on to win quite easily by 50 points at Princes Park. With a well balanced forward line, the Blues got right on top of the Hawks defence from the first bounce and never looked back. Ross Ditchburn, with another four goals for the game and taking his tally to 44 in 12 reserve games deserves another crack in the seniors. It is evident from the way the senior line-up is performing, that they require a player capable of kicking goals and I believe Ross Ditchburn is the man for the job. The strength of Ricky Nixon and Mark Buckley, also booting four goals apiece, and Paul Meldrum. kicking three goals for the game, showed the overall class the Blues have in back-up players Greg Kazuro, Des English and Rohan Burke were other determined players who gave service for the four quarters of the match.

Round 15: 4th July 1982

Carlton 26.14.170
Melbourne 15.11.101

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 6, Michael Lenaghan 4, Ken Sheldon 4, Steve Easton 3, Ross Addlem 2, Gerard Geary 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Rohan Burke 1, Barry Finlay 1, Greg Kazuro 1, Garry Williams 1.

Best; Michael Lenaghan, Garry Williams, Gerard Geary, Steve Easton, Mark Buckley, Ken Sheldon.

Carlton in seventh place on the ladder, dictated the style of play to defeat Melbourne, by 60 points at Princes Park. The Blues had many attacking players. Mark Buckley, with six goals was amongst their best players. Barry Armstrong moved well to kick four goals, whilst Stephen Easton and Ken Sheldon added three apiece. Ross Addlem, Peter Geary and Michael Lenaghan, with two goals each, were in fine form all day for the Blues and were well backed up by Des English, Rohan Burke and Greg Kazuro.

Round 16: 11th July 1982

St Kilda 24.07.151
Carlton 17.15.117

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 4, Barry Armstrong 2, Mark Kerr 2, Michael Lenaghan 2, Darren Ogier 2, Garry Williams 2, Greg Kazuro 1, Spiro Kourkoumelis 1, Ricky Nixon 1.

Best; Greg Kazuro, Ricky Nixon, Allan Montgomery, Terry Dean.

St Kilda certainly moved into premiership contention with a 34 point win over Carlton at Princes Park. The Saints, opening the game with eight goals in the first quarter, moved further away and were never headed at any stage of the match. Mark Scott, in magnificent form at full-forward was again his side's focal point of attack, standing his ground to take some very strong marks. His accuracy rewarded him with 10 good goals. Carlton with a five goal burst in the final quarter, played what was to be its best football for the match. Mark Buckley, with four goals, was the sides only consistent forward, using his experience to pick up many kicks. He tried to motivate the side with constructive handball and footpassing to bring others into the game. Garry Williams and Ross Addlem, also showed their ability, whether in defence or on the forward line. Spiro Kourkoumelis, Michael Lenaghan, Mark Kerr, Darren Ogier and Greg Kazuro, all with two goals apiece, assisted the Blues to score, while Allan Montgomery, Barry Armstrong and Ricky Nixon tried to hold off the determined Saints challenges.

Round 17: 25th July 1982

Geelong 18.16.124
Carlton 18.07.115

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 7, Michael Lenaghan 4, Peter Bosustow 2, Spiro Kourkoumelis 2, Mark Kerr 1, Allan Montgomery 1, Greg Sharp 1.

Best; Peter McConville, Mark Buckley, Michael Lenaghan, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Peter Bosustow.

Reports; Ross Addlem (Carlton) by field umpire G.Hardinan for allegedy striking D.O'Keefe (Geelong) with the right forearm to the side of the head in the third quarter.

In a closely contested game at Kardinia Park, Geelong run out winners over Carlton by nine points. The Blues got the jump on their opponents from the first bounce and led comfortably at half time by 18 points. Mark Buckley, in good form at full-forward, nooted an impressive seven goals with intelligent forward play. Michael Lenaghan with three goals, often showed the way as he continued to break through the Cat defences and set-up team-mates with good foot passes. The Blues were looking all the way winners in the early stages of the third quarter, as they started the third term full of confidence with quick goals. The Cats with eight goals three points in this period, were running hot, this foem maintained in the last quarter enabled the Cats to win by nine points. Ex-Blue Rod Waddell was easily the Cats best player.

Round 18: 31st July 1982

Carlton 17.20.122
Footscray 9.15.69

Goalkickers; Michael Lenaghan 4, Denis Lenaghan 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Stephen Miller 2, Allan Montgomery 2, Marco Zanon 2, Terry Dean 1, Mario Bortolotto 1, Shane Robertson 1.

Best; Des English, Greg Sharp, Mark Williams, Martin Sloan, Mario Bortolotto.

Round 19: 7th August 1982

Carlton 20.17.137
Swans 11.10.76

Goalkickers; Mark Buckley 9, Michael Lenaghan 4, Shane Robertson 2, Graeme Whitnall 2, Barry Armstrong 1, Frank Marchesani 1, Allan Montgomery 1.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Denis Lenaghan, Mark Buckley, Mario Bortolotto, Greg Sharp, Martin Sloan.

Carlton, too strong and talented in the second half of its game, ran out winners by 61 points against the Swans. Best players for the winning Carlton team were Graeme Whitnall, Mark Buckley, Rod Austin, Greg Sharp, Ricky Nixon, Spiro Kourkoumelis, Mario Bortolotto and Frank Marchesani. The Blues also had a winning forward line and one of their best players Mark Buckley, kicked nine goals and is knocking on the door for senior selection. Michael Lenaghan performed well to boot four goals, while Graeme Whitnall and Shane Robertson finished with two goals. Frank Marchesani, Allan Montgomery and Barry Armstrong picked up one goal apiece for the game.

Round 20: 14th August 1982

Carlton 28.11.179
Richmond 18.19.127

Goalkickers; David Clarke 6, Allan Montgomery 5, Ken Sheldon 5, Barry Armstrong 2, Michael Lenaghan 2, Frank Marchesani 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Stephen Miller 2, Denis Lenaghan 1, Graeme Whitnall 1.

Best; Martin Sloan, Brendan Hartney, Allan Montgomery, Graeme Whitnall, Mario Bortolotto.

Carlton surprised the Tigers with a 10 goal second quarter and raced away to record a crushing 52 point win at the MCG. Best Carlton players were Martin Sloan, Allan Montgomery, Brendan Hartney, Mario Bortolotto, David Clarke and Barry Armstrong. The main goal kickers were Allan Montgomery 5, Ken Sheldon 5, David Clarke 6, Barry Armstrong 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Frank Marchesani 2, Michael Lenaghan 2, Stephen Miller 2 whilst Graeme Whitnall and Denis Lenaghan kicked 1 apiece.

Round 21: 21st August 1982

Carlton 18.15.123
North Melbourne 21.10.136

Goalkickers; Stephen Gumley 4, Denis Lenaghan 3, David Clarke 2, Steve Easton 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Rohan Burke 1, Robbert Klomp 1, Michael Lenaghan 1, Frank Marchesani 1, Allan Montgomery 1.

Best; Brendan Hartney, Mario Bortolotto, Rohan Burke, Denis Lenaghan, Martin Sloan.

North Melbourne, too good for a game Carlton, cemented its position in the final five with a lucky 13 pount win at Princes Park. Best players for the Roos' were Kerry Good, who was in great form at full-forward with 10 goals. Andrew Demetriou, Rodney Wright, John Holt, Ross Henshaw and Glen Dugdale. Best for Carlton were Brendan Hartney, Mario Bortolotto, Denis Lenaghan, Rohan Burke, Paul Meldrum, Stephen Gumley, Graeme Whitnall, Mark Kerr and Robbert Klomp.

Round 22: 28th August 1982

Carlton 23.19.157
Fitzroy 15.07.97

Goalkickers; Michael Lenaghan 4, David Clarke 4, Allan Montgomery 4, Barry Armstrong 3, Stephen Gumley 2, Denis Lenaghan 2, Paul Meldrum 2, Graeme Whitnall 2.

Best; Graeme Whitnall, Terry Dean, Mario Bortolotto, Allan Montgomery, Michael Lenaghan.

Reports; T.O'Neil (Fitzroy) by field umpire K.Dargavel for alleged misconduct for headbutting Ross Addlem (Carlton) in the second quarter.

Carlton after being well held by a persistant Fitzroy side in the first half, cruised away to win by 67 points at VFL Park. The Blues with more system and desire in their game, kicked away in the third quarter and were never threatened. Allan Montgomery, David Clarke, Michael Lenaghan and Barry Armstrong, the main attack of the Carlton side fired the forward zone by booting four goals each and paved the way for many opportunities to team-mates, as they peppered the goals from every angle. Although the Blues won convincingly, their accuracy in front of goal was poor and stopped them from a far greater victory margin. Paul Meldrum, Graeme Whitnall, Rohan Burke and Denis Lenaghan also assisted the sides performance for the four quarters.

Ladder end of 1982 Reserves Home & Away Season.

1Geelong1408 562689 2341 116.3
2St Kilda1408 562698 2443110.4
3Richmond1219 502579 2323 111.2
4Hawthorn12010 482833 2732 103.7
5Nth Melb.12010 48 2536 2508 101.1
6Carlton11110 463022 2608 115.9
7Essendon11011 442640 2330 113.3
8Fitzroy11011 442481 2681 92.5
9Melbourne10012 402501 2864 87.3
10Footscray9013 362145 2643 81.1
11Swans8014 322301 2652 86.8
12Collingwood7015 282421 2751 88.0

1982 Reserves Finals Series

Elimination Final
Hawthorn 25.25.175 d North Melbourne 20.16.136

Qualifying Final
St Kilda 25.12.162 d Richmond 10.13.73

1st Semi Final
Hawthorn 16.13.109 d Richmond 15.10.100

2nd Semi Final
Geelong 16.13.109 d St Kilda 16.10.106

Preliminary Final
St Kilda 17.13.115 d Hawthorn 14.21.105

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