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1904 Summary

After showing marked improvement in 1903 under the league's first full-time coach, Jack Worrall, Carlton would start the 1904 season as one of the favourites for the flag. Worrall’s stern discipline and unrelenting search for new talent continued to strengthen the side, although there was a major disruption in mid-year when he was stood down by the club committee over accounting irregularities in his role as Carlton Secretary.

While there were no allegations of dishonesty involved, various members of the club’s committee - and some players - resented Worrall’s authoritarian manner, and saw the situation as an opportunity to remove him. The matter dragged on for some weeks, before an extraordinary Annual General Meeting was called to resolve the situation, and an overwhelming majority of members (and players) supported Worrall’s reinstatement.

Throughout those weeks of dissension, Carlton played consistently good football, losing just three matches and drawing one during the 14-round home and away season. Two of these losses were by one goal or less. Despite two more defeats in the Sectionals (rounds 15-17), the Blues finished second on the ladder, and then made history by edging out Essendon by 3 points in a desperately close Semi Final.

Then, on Saturday, September 17, 1904 at the MCG, Carlton met Fitzroy in the Navy Blues’ first-ever Grand Final. After a spirited and skilful contest, the Maroons took control in the final term, and ran out winners by 24 points. This was Fitzroy's third flag, with another to come in 1905.

But Carlton, too, was now firmly established in the top echelon of the competition, and our glory days were drawing ever closer.


5Sth Melbourne100740109.177.831104.142.766108.5
8St Kilda301412100.108.708161.175.114162.1

Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne, April 09

Carlton lost by 23 points
Carl; 0.0 1.0 1.1 2.3.15
Port: 1.6 2.8 3.9 4.14.38
Goals; O'Sullivan, Snell
Best; Stewart, Flinn/Flynn, Hince, O'Sullivan

Carlton played North Mebourne at Princes Park, April 23

Moderate attendance. Both teams played 20 a side.
Carlton team; 18 players named.
New players; Kennedy (Essendon), Croft (Port Melbourne), Hardiman (Geelong), Cullen and West.
Backs; Newbound, Hince, McNamara
Half backs; Cullen, Scott, O'Connor
Centre; West, Lithgow, Kennedy
Half forwards; Tough, Hogg, Sullivan
Forwards; Crowe, Croft, Webber
Followers; Walsh, Hardiman, Elliott
Rover; Snell
Scores to three quarter time.
Carl; 4.4 5.8 8.12 --
NM: 1.0 1.4 2.6 --
No further details

Carlton vs Fitzroy Juniors (20) at Princes Park, Monday April 25

Players mentioned; E. Kennedy (ex Essendon), Marron (Xavier), Pitt (Parkville), Croft (Port Melbourne), Newbound (Collingwood Juniors), Eastman (Carlton Juniors), A. Ryan (Carlton cricketers), Crowe who played last year. McNutly also spelt McAnulty (Parkville) Jones, Robertson
Cullen and Hardiman (Port Melbourne) "are spoken of highly." did not play.
Boundary umpires were trialled.
Carlton team;
Backs; McNulty, Hince, Robertson
Half backs; White, McNamara, Newbound
Centre; Ryan, Jones, Kennedy
Half forwards; McShane, Foley, O'Donohoo
Forwards; Crowe Croft, Webber
Followers; Eastman, O'Connor
Rover; Marron
Umpire; Caris
Carlton won by 56 points
Carl; 2.1 3.3 8.4 11.5.71
F.J; 1.0 1.0 1.1 2.3.15
Goals; Crowe 4, Pitt3, O'Connor 2, Eastman, Marron

Carlton played West Melbourne at Princes Park, April 30

Carlton team
Backs; O'Connor, Hince, McNamara
Half backs; Newbound, H. McShane, Trimm
Centres; Stewart, Flynn, Kennedy
Half forwards; Marrow, Scott, Lithgow
Forwards; Crowe, Gough, Webber
Followers; Hardiman, Elliott
Rover; Snell
Umpire; Crapp
Carlton won by 88 points
Carl; 2.4 7.10 -- 15.20.110
W.M 2.1 2.1 -- 3.4.22
Goals; Scott 6 (report said he scored 6 times)
Best; Scott, Elliott, Flynn, Kennedy, Stewart (North Melbourne), Marron (St.Xavier College), Hardiman (Port Melbourne), Lithgow, Hince, Trimm, Snell, Rolands (second half)

Norwood vs Carlton, Adelaide Oval October 01

Crowd; 5,000
Norwood were the 1904 South Australian premiers. This was the first meeting between the two clubs for 16 years.
There was some controversy with the South Australian Football Association refusing its patronage, while the Victorian Football League sanctioned Carlton's visit. The S.A.F.A had passed a resolution earlier this year that no matches shall be played on the Adelaide Oval. Norwood was later reprimanded over its action, with the Association regretting that it could not inflict severe punishment on Norwood.
J. McShane, H. Chase, W. McNamara, were mentioned in the 20 man squad in Saturday's Register newspaper.
Carlton team (18);
J. Flynn, J. Newbound, H. Hince, W. Leeds, W. Payne, C. Roland, G. Bruce, R. Boyle, E. Kennedy, G. Topping, M. Grace, W. Prescott, P. Pitt, C. Ross, C. O'Connor, F. Elliott, A. Snell, R. Bradley.
Umpire; Kneebone
Carlton won;
Carl; 1.3 4.9 8.10 11.13.79
Norw; 4.0 6.2 7.7 8.8.56
Goals; Grace 4, Pitt 2, Flynn, Topping, Roland, Hince, Bradley
Best; Topping, Roland, Flynn, Elliott, Leeds, Kennedy, Boyle, Newbound, Grace.
Players mentioned; (12) Flynn, Grace, Pitt, Roland, Bruce, Boyle, Kennedy, Topping, Bradley, Hince, Leeds, Newbound.

People of 1904

Captain: Joe McShane
Coach: Jack Worrall
Leading Goal-kicker: Mick Grace - 26 goals


Debuts: Billy Payne, Ernie Ashton, Eddie Prescott, Albert Gourlay, Sam Marron, Bob Boyle, Pat Pelly, Jimmy Gaynor, Rupe Bradley, Percy Pitt, Henry Newbound, Henry Whight, Arthur Ryan, Jim Cullen, Ted Kennedy

New Players

Gough and Hardiman - Geelong Juniors; McAnulty - Parkville; West - Fitzroy Juniors; Delaney - Albury; Marron - St.Francis Xavier's College Kew (a cousin of Henry Young the Geelong captain); Newbound - Collingwood Juniors; Cullen - Leopold; E. J. Kennedy - Essendon (wingman); White and Eastman - Carlton Juniors; Strong and Pitt - Parkville Juniors; O'Keefe and Walsh who will be remembered as having played for Carlton two seasons back. (Herald May 04 p4 1904)

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