Season 1895


tblake.jpgPicture: Tom Blake

Carlton Captain. Tom Blake
Vice Captain. Harry Balharry
President. F. Bromley.
Secretary J. Melville
Home Ground. Various; University C.G., E.M.C.G., M.C.G.
Premiership Matches Played; 18 Won 5 Lost 11 Drew 2
Goals Scored; 55 for 77 against

At a charity game at East Melbourne on June 8th. the V.F.A. experimented with the use of boundary umpires, they had been used in Ballarat for some years.
It would not be until 1903 that the V.F.L. and 1912 in the V.F.A. that boundary umpires would be used full time.

A pre season match against Richmond was played at Easter.
Carlton 6.7 defeated Richmond 5.4

These two teams met in a third round match with Carlton winning its first game of the season.

Round 7.
Carlton defeated by Collingwood at University Cricket Ground.
Carl. 1.2 4.2 4.3 4.3
Coll. 0.2 3.4 4.7 5.8

Carlton also had wins against St.Kilda, North Melbourne, Williamstown and Port Melbourne.

Round 18.
Carlton defeated by Collingwood at Victoria Park.
Carl. 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.1
Coll. 1.1 1.3 3.5 7.6

Better players this year were, Blake, Balharry, Roberts, Hannah, Woodhouse, Breese (Breeze), Walton, Leith, Aitken, and
James Ingram.

1895. Premiers. Fitzroy, 2. Collingwood, 3.Geelong, 4. Melbourne.
Carlton finished eleventh.


Pos TeamPlayed WinsLosses DrawsGoals ForBehinds ForGoals AgainstBehinds AgstPoints
5South Melbourne18972841548213540
7Port Melbourne18783721058711734
8North Melbourne187101641227512030


1895 Carlton V.F.A. Fixture.

May 04 - Bye.
May 11 - Geelong at Geelong.
May 18 - Richmond at Carlton.
May 24 - St.Kilda at Carlton (moved to M.C.G.)

June 01 - Footscray at Carlton.
June 08 - V.F.A. Charity Match.
June 15 - Collingwood at Carlton.
June 22 - Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
June 29 - Melbourne at the M.C.G.

July 06 - North Melbourne at Carlton.
July 13 - Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
July 20 - Williamstown at Carlton.
July 27 - Essendon at E.M.C.G.

August 03 - South Melbourne at Carlton.
August 10 - St. Kilda at St. Kilda.
August 17 - Bye.
August 24 - Port Melbourne at Carlton.
August 31 - Williamstown at Williamstown.

September 07 - Richmond at Richmond.
September 14 - Collingwood at Collingwood.
September 21 - St. Kilda at Carlton. (game moved to Collingwood)


1895 season.
Some details are missing, team, reserves/second twenty, goal scorers etc., if anyone has these could they please contact the Blueseum.

January 25 Friday
"The Geelong Football Club is practically insolvent. They owe 700 pounds."
(Table Talk p15)

February 01 Friday


From this day, the governments of the eastern Australian colonies of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania have agreed to introduce a standard time based on the 150th Meridian. The 150th Meridian is 440km east of Melbourne, just off the coast where the Vic-NSW border meets the sea. Clocks and watches in Melbourne had to be set to 20 minutes earlier, from local to standard time.
This was an international agreement bought about by the new age communications of the telegraph, telephone and railways. Canada, USA, Japan and parts of Europe have already adopted the time zones.
Previously it was left up to the local shires and councils to determine the correct time.

March 30


The Leader (p18) in its 'Cricket Gossip' column by writer 'Mid-on' mentions that he saw Conway's Illuminated Address at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He talks about the the Address and some of the Carlton signatures that are on it and that it should be returned to the club.
'Mid-on' also reported that Mr. Phil Sheridan long time manager and trustee of the S.C.G. said, "that if the Carlton Football Club would like to have the relic - which he agreed with me would be more suitably located in this colony - he would certainly see that it was sent to them, provided they obtain Conway's consent."
Fast forward 115 plus years and this certificate has been tracked down to the vaults of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust. It has suffered water damage and hopefully the Trust will endeavour to restore the item. As of March 2017 it still remains in Sydney.
Jack Conway is the preeminent figure in the history of the club, and it is said that he put 'The Carlton into Carlton.'
Perhaps the Carlton Football Club should approach the Trust to have it returned to where it rightfully belongs and have it restored.

April 05 Friday
Carlton AGM held at the Carlton Hall.
Attendance was large, and Mr. Bromley MLA presided.
The club acknowledged with deep regret the death of Mr. William Ievers jnr. MLA in February, and the retirement of club President Mr. A. Gillespie, who had worked very hard for them over the years he held that position.
Acknowledgement also to the Carlton Cricket Club who had wiped off a debt of £30. ($60)
The chairman said although the club had had a bad season, it came through with a slight credit balance. He said a great drawback for the club was a lack of it's own ground, and now was a good time for another effort to secure one.
Cr. Pigdon said he had done all he could with the city council, and that they might fare better with the Minister of Lands, Mr. Best.
Election of office bearers;
President; Mr. Bromley MLA.
Vice presidents; Messrs, W. C. Donaldson, J. Donovan, R. H. Frayne, G. H. Ievers, G. Robertson.
Hon. Secretary; Mr. J. Melville.
Hon. Treasurer; Mr. M. B. Hearne.
Captain; Mr. T. Blake.
Vice captain; Mr. H. Balharry.
Committee; W. Bailey, H. Balharry, J. Blake, R. Barnes, E. W. Camm, J. Harrington, D. MacMurtie, J. Roberts, W. Woodhouse.
(The Argus April 6, p8)

April 13
Carlton played Richmond at Richmond City Reserve
The ground is the new City Reserve, North Richmond.
Crowd; 2,000
According to the Richmond Guardian (April 13 p3) this is the first time a senior match has been played on this ground.
Only about 5 or 6 regular Carlton players, the rest have all been promoted from the junior clubs.
The Australasian April 20 said the teams consisted of 21 players, also;
"A conspicuous worker all through the ranks of Carlton was T. Ryan, whose adroit manipulation of the ball was greatly admired, and whose accurately directed shot produced his side's first goal.
Loel was another youngster who shaped promisingly in the dark blue of the northern suburb, and he, too, had the satisfaction of driving the ball through the opening with a clever place-kick."
"Perhaps the most noticeable of the Carlton freshmen was Armstrong, one of the smallest and lightest of footballers, but as agile as an acrobat, and as quick in picking up and passing the ball as could be wished. Hewitt's form amongst the forwards both in marking and kicking was distinctly credible."
"Very capable work was put in by Currie (not the veteran of that ilk) roving, and by Rogers on the ball."
Umpire; Joe Shaw.
Carlton won; 6.5 - 5.3
Goals; Hewitt 2, T. Ryan, Loel, rest unknown.
Best; (12) Blake, Balharry, Patterson, Hewitt, T. Ryan, Shand, Loel, Armstrong, E. Walton, Currie, Rogers, Ingram.

April 20
Carlton played Alberton (25) at the Brunswick C. G.
No details.

April 27
Carlton (18) played Carlton Juniors (24) on the Brunswick Reserve.
Carlton team; (18 named)
Balharry (Capt.), Barrow, Breeze, Frost, Giles, Gillen, Ingram, Kidney, Leith, Leslie, Loel, Lovell, Murray, Roberts, Rolfe, Shaw, Smith, Walton
Carlton Juniors (23 named)
A. Dunn (Capt), Twomey, Moyes, Dillon, Cameron, Dhorman, Miller, Miller, Sigmont, Mouncey, Rawlings, O'Cock, Barclay, Hastings, Finley, Curtis, Armstrong, H. Dunn, Caples, Burns, Wilson, Mills, Morris.
Carl; 1.1 2.3 4.6 4.7
CJr; 0.1 0.2 0.4 4.8*
Match drawn.
Goals; Smith 2, Hannah, Loel.
In The Herald (April 27), the Juniors have only two goal kickers listed with one each.

May 02 Thursday V.F.A. Permit Committee.
F. Sigmont transferred from Williamstown to Carlton.
M. Blake transferred to St. Kilda.
Fairleigh Bernstein tranferred to Collingwood.
Ned Sutton tranferred to Melbourne.
H. Mitchell transferred to Melbourne.

May 02 Thursday


"Old members of the Carlton Football Club will regret to hear the death of Mr. J. A. Turnbull, which took place at his late residence, Homeville, Royal Park, on Thursday evening. In the days of Carlton's prosperity "Jack" Turnbull was a popular vice-president, and throughout the less prosperous subsequent experiences of the old club he continued to be one of its most loyal supporters." (Age May 04 p8)

May 03 Friday The Argus p7


By Observer

The football season opens tomorrow with matches for the premiership, and though I have heard much less discussion than usual as to the prospects of the teams, the interest will no doubt be quite keen enough for the continued success of the game. Owing to the reform in the method of arranging matches, we have no longer to wait a month for a really interesting game, and instead of the first three Saturdays being devoted to a unsportsmanlike slaughter of all the weaker clubs by the stronger ones, we have such games for the opening day of the season as Melbourne v South Melbourne, Fitzroy v Footscray, and Geelong v North Melbourne.
Year by year those entrusted with the control of the game have had to fight more keenly the one great evil of Victorian football, viz, the transfer of players from one club to another, and in this year's list of laws the conditions regulating permits loom more largely than ever. To my mind legislation on the subject has now gone quite far enough. The object is not to absolutely prohibit a player leaving one club and joining another if he has good reasons for his actions, but to check the traffic in good players and discourage professionalism - in short, that the clubs who brought out players shall no longer be pillaged by the clubs who only bought out players.
To deal briefly with the altered rules, one good move has been to make the decision of the permit committee in all case absolute. In doing work by sub-committees it is the custom to make the decision effective only when adopted by the larger body, but this lead to much log-rolling and underground mining that it became a nuisance.
Senior players are entitled to permits now under briefly these conditions: -
1. When he has not played with any club in the preceding season.
2. When he has not played with any senior club in the previous season, provided he satisfies the permit committee as to his reasons for changing clubs.
3. In the case of players from other colonies three months' residence beforehand is essential, as well as the clearance from his old association.
With so many restrictions imposed on the players it was wise, I think, to give them the right of appeal to the permit committee where they consider that the committees of their old clubs are unfairly withholding their clearance, for it is just possible that an executive might through pique or personal feeling use their power with regard to clearances unfairly. Of course, on the other side, there is always the fact that a committee so using its power would soon get a bad name, and their difficulty in enrolling new players of promise would be greatly increased. It pays a committee to be strictly fair. The determination to give a permit to any player who stands of all football for a season is not to my mind as liable to abuse as some critics of the new rules believe.
The game is a progressive one, and the best of footballers standing out for a year finds it difficult to catch up with it again, and may lose his form altogether. Let it be assumed even that clubs would endeavour to induce good players to stand out for a season in order to join them afterwards without let or hindrance. As such an arrangement would be purely a financial one, the club would have to pay their man to stand out, and after all their trouble a slight alteration of rules at the beginning of the following season might upset all their plans. Under all the circumstances it is doubtful whether either a club or individual would find a transfer under those conditions worth the risk. If it were possible for him to associate himself with a first class junior club for a year, as so many senior players have done, and thus conveniently occupy his time before going to another senior club, as a matter of course the new rule might be abused. As it stands, I don't think it will.
Valuable as this class of professional footballers have proved to some clubs in the past, their intolerable greed sooner or later becomes a nuisance and a fruitful cause of disorganisation and dissension in the team. Neither the wealthiest of the clubs nor the most open handed of its "supporters" have the money to throw about as freely as formerly, and this season I feel convinced that the Victorian game will be more free of this blot than it has been for many years past. It is beginning to be a question, too, whether unvarying success is a certain road to wealth that all have assumed.
The fact that the public only cared to see Essendon's best matches last year, and treated all others as uninteresting certainties had a serious effect on their revenue. I feel perfectly sure that if the clubs could agree to play fairly in these matters, something approaching equality, which is the ideal in all competitions, would suit their pockets quite as well as the public inclinations, in that a greater number of people would pay to see the games. Enough, however, on the subject of permits and transfers - some good work has been done, and the V.F.A. can halt for a while, or at any rate "mark time."

"The rumour that the V.F.A. was to lose the services of Mr. W. H. Williams, who has changed his residence from Williamstown to St. Kilda, and Mr. T. S. Marshall, the honoured honorary secretary, whose duties take him much into the country, has not, fortunately, proved correct. St. Kilda were quick to see the advantage of being represented by a first-class man, and asked Mr. Williams to become their delegate. Mr. Marshall in travelling round the country finds himself a perambulating court of appeal on football matters, and settling disagreements and deciding doubts is of much value to the game in the country districts. This fact alone, apart from his past valuable services, would have made it desirable that he should retain his connection with the association."

"Another retirement which I think merited some recognition from the V.F.A. was that of Mr. J. J. Trait ( John Joseph Trait), who for years has been recognised as the first umpire in Australia. No other umpire ever won anything like the same respect from players, and I am not over stating the case in saying that his retirement is the most serious misfortune that football suffers this season. To be a successful umpire requires that a man shall be an athlete, that he shall have long experience of the game, and that he shall unite with these high principle and firmness of character. The knowledge of the game and the physical powers are common enough, but one rarely finds them associated with the necessary promptitude and firmness of character. It is only an incentive to others the association should not, I think, have allowed Mr. Trait's retirement to pass without notice."
To read the article in full click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article9356656

May 04
First round of the 1895 Premiership season.
Carlton had the bye.
The Blues played a Carlton junior team at their own ground.
Carlton won; 13 - 3
No further details.

Crapp, a brother of the old Carlton player umpired the Fitzroy - Footscray match at Footscray, his first senior game.
This is former Carlton player Henry 'Ivo' Crapp who would soon become the best umpire in the land.
His older brother was William H. Crapp who also went by the nick name 'Ivo.' William used the 'Ivo' name before Henry and it was derived from the English cricket captain Ivo Francis Walter Bligh 8th Earl of Darnley.

May 04


"A change to the mean time since last winter will lead to matches being finished now in good light"
(The Argus 04 p9)
Melbourne Time was put forward by 20 minutes. This was the introduction of Australian Eastern Standard Time, on 01 February 1895.
Prior to this, each municipality organised it's own local time. (see February 01)

May 09 Wednesday
V.F.A. Permit Committee.
R. M. Rankin, St. Kilda to Carlton.
G. Webster, Fitzroy to Carlton.
William H. Halkerstone, Williamstown to Carlton.
Edgar Mc Clumpha/McClumpa, South Australia to Carlton.
A. Thompson, Carlton to Williamstown.
Permit Refused; Peter Williams, Carlton to South Melbourne.

Other new players this year for the Blues;
Hewitt, -Jones, and Rogers, - Collingwood Juniors.
Jeremiah "Tommy" Ryan and Arnott, - Richmond City.
Leach, - Surrey Hills.
Lovell, a centreman - Fitzroy Juniors.
Bob Armstrong, - North Melbourne Juniors.
Currie, Fleming, Cameron, Merrifield, Shaw - Ascot Vale.
Harry Gyles, - Richmond Juniors.
Barrow, - St.Kilda Juniors.
E. Walton, Hooper, - Austral.
James Kidney, - Carlton Juniors.
G. Duncan, - Broken Hill.


May 11
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong.
The Blues left for Geelong on the S.S. Edina from Queen's Wharf at 10am.
Departing Geelong at 6pm.
Weather fine.
Although the scores indicate an easy victory for the home team, the game was fairly even except for 10 minutes in each quarter when Geelong dominated.
The Blues' pair of Hannah and Patterson gave Carlton the edge across the centre.
Patterson scored the first goal of the game with a 'splendid drop kick.'
Breeze drop kicked the second goal.
Leith placed kicked the Blues third goal.
Geelong kicked three goals in four minutes during the second term.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Blake, Balharry, Breeze, Cameron, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Loel, Frost, Giles, Hewitt, Herman Hellwig, McClumpha, Park, Patterson, Rogers, Rolfe, Stuart/Stewart, Shaw, Smith, Spinks, Woodhouse, Walton.
New players Hewitt (who gave the Geelong backs a lot of trouble), Bob Cameron, and Rankin.
Rankin was not named in the above 25 players.
Herman Hellwig played his one and only game for the Blues.
Loel, Giles, McClumpha, Rogers, Shaw and Spinks did not play.
Carlton team line-up (Mark Pennings)
Backs; Park, E. Walton, J. Ingram
Half backs; Hellwig, Rolfe, G. Smith
Centre; Hannah, W. Patterson, Armstrong
Half forwards; Stewart, Hewitt, Leith
Forwards; Breeze, Cameron, R. Rankin
Followers; Blake, Balharry, Woodhouse, Frost
Rover; Aitken
Umpire; Tiernan.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.1 1.1 3.2 3.2
Geel. 1.2 5.6 6.9 10.15
Goals; Leith, Patterson, Breeze 1.1, Stewart 0.1
Players mentioned; (19) Tom Blake (Capt.), Hannah, Aitken, Patterson, Rolfe, G. Smith, Park, Walton, James Ingram, Hewitt, Cameron, Robert M. Rankin, Frost, Woodhouse, Stewart, Armstrong, Balharry, Breeze, Leith. plus H. Hellwig
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton twelfth.
Played 1 Won 0 Lost 1 Goals For 3 Against 10 Points 0.

May 18
Carlton played Richmond at the University Ground.
Richmond had already pencilled this in as a win when the fixture was announced.
Both Shaw and Loel were injured at practice.
Park and Cameron were knocked about in last week's match.
Giles ex Hawthorn will go into the team.
The Blues put in a performance reminiscent of it's better years.
The game was 20 minutes late in starting.
Carlton held Richmond out in the first quarter when the visitors kicked with the wind.
In the second term the Blues returned to the form of yesteryear,"the kicking, marking and passing in the field was par excellence, by far and away the best exhibition they have given of the game, as it should be played".
Jack Roberts, who umpired last year, returned to give the Blues invaluable experience on the forward line.
"Rolfe was first class, excelling in high marking and kicking. Giles a recruit from Hawthorn, gave great satisfaction to the executive, and so did Armstrong who comes from the North Melbourne Juniors." (Age)
This victory brought an end to a 13 game losing streak.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, Breeze, Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, Hannah, Hawkelston/Halkerston?, Hewitt, James Ingram, J. Leith, McClumpha, Park, Rogers, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, Strebor, Stuart/Stewart, Robert M. Rankin, E. Walton, Woodhouse, Shaw.
(6) McClumpha, Park, W. Patterson, Rogers, Strebor, Rankin and Shaw did not play
J. Roberts played.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, W. Halkerstone, B. Hannah, Hewitt, J. Ingram, J. Leith, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, W. Woodhouse.
In: H. Giles, William Halkerstone, J. Roberts
Out: Herman Hellwig, J. Park, R. Rankin
Umpire; McCoy.
Goal Umpires; Johnston, Shore
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 4.5 5.8 7.10
Rich. 0.3 0.3 0.6 1.9
Goals; Woodhouse 2, Cameron 2, Balharry, Leith, Breeze.
Players mentioned; (16) Tom Blake (Capt), Woodhouse, R. Frost, Leith, Balharry, F.
Rolfe, Breeze, James Ingram, Cameron, E. Walton, B. Hannah, R. Armstrong, W. Patterson, J. Aitken, Jack Roberts, Giles.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton sixth.
Played 2 Won 1 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 10 Against 11 Points 4.

May 23 Thursday


"I happened to be standing in front of the Herald office talking to Albert Coulson (one of Carlton's best men of yore) when the result was posted, and the yell of delight with which it was received convinced me that there were still a number of football devotees who followed the fortunes of 't' ould club' with watchful interest. I tell you it warmed-up the cockles of my old heart to hear it. And didn't Alby Coulson join in the yells, too! You bet he did! To get back to the details of the match, the Carlton goal-kicking was first-class right through the piece, whilst the Yellow and Black sharp shooters kept on scoring "outers" instead of "bullseyes."
Physique is not a strong point with the Carlton lads this season; but every week is helping to alter matters in that respect; and as Andy McHarg and Archie McHarg and Archie McFarland and Ben James and 'Lanty'O'Brien and Tom Power and Jim Byrne and "Chubby" Forrester will tell you if you ask them, the Carlton team never experienced more prosperous times than when it included in its ranks
"Such dapper little men
As Duncan, Guy and Hillsden."
Besides wasn't Jimmy Clark and even the great Billy Newing himself built on the "Nonpareil" lines of the Hannah and Co. ilk of to-day?"
(Punch May 23 p16) Former original Carlton player turned sports writer George F. Bowen

May 24 Friday Queen's Birthday holiday. (split round)
Carlton played St.Kilda at the M.C.G.
The game to commence at 3pm.
Carlton had their best twenty, while St. Kilda were missing some key players including former Carlton player M. Blake.
A fairly even game up until three quarter time. In the final quarter the Blues got on top and St.Kilda started playing the man and fights erupted.
Umpire Farr reported Ingram* and Archer. (St.Kilda)
-*See May 31 & June 14.
Both teams played a hard, determined game.
"With many of the players it was simply a case of funk, the Saints being no match for the Carlton ruck who simply ran over them, and frequently as a Carlton man rushed away with the ball, two St.Kilda players would be seen gazing after him with a hopeless and helpless look on their faces. At one time as many as twenty seven Carlton and St. Kilda players were on the ball, the rest of the field being comparatively deserted. The Saint's team was the weakest we can remember being sent out, and will certainly require altering if St.Kilda does not expect to relegated to the Junior division." The Chronicle also said Carlton was a second rate senior team. (Prahran Chronicle, June 01 p3)
"Where the Carlton won was across the centre line and in the ruck. Patterson, Hannah and Armstrong were an invincible trio about the centre." Age May 25)
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Breeze, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, Frost, Giles, Hannah, Hawkestone/Halkerstone, Hewitt, James Ingram, Leith, Loel, McClumpha, Park, Patterson, Roberts, Rogers, Rolfe, Smith, Stuart, Walton, Williams, Woodhouse.
Halkerstone, H. Loel, McClumpha, Rogers and P. Williams did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, Hewitt, J. Ingram, J. Leith, J. Park, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, W. Woodhouse.
Carlton team (Friday's Herald)
Backs; Giles, Hewitt, Ingram
Half backs; Smith, Rolfe, E. Walton
Centres; Armstrong, Patterson, Hannah
Half forwards; Stewart, Roberts, Leith
Forwards; R. Breese, Cameron, J. Park
Followers; T. Blake (capt), Woodhouse, Frost, Balharry
Rover; Aitken
In: J. Park
Out: William Halkerstone
Umpire; Farr.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.2 3.3 4.4 6.8
St.K. 1.0 2.0 3.2 3.3
Goals; Woodhouse 2, Breeze, Park, Leith, Frost.
Players mentioned; (15) Woodhouse, Blake, James Ingram, Cameron (rucks) , Armstrong, Patterson, Hannah (centres), Rolfe, Walton (backs), Leith, Armstrong, Breeze, Park, Frost, Stewart/Stuart.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton sixth.
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1 Goals For 16 Against 14 Points 8.

May 24 Friday
The Inquirer & Commercial News (W.A.) reports that the Rovers Football Club have recruited, "Jack Geddes, an old Carlton (Vic) player, and lately of Hawthorn (a splendid follower and mark)."

May 31 Friday
V.F.A. meeting at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
It was decided that Carlton's James Ingram, and St.Kilda's Archer should be cautioned. (See June 14)
Long time top umpire J. J. Trait "the prince of umpires" resigned as central umpire. He felt that he could not carry on for another season without injuring his health.
He suggested two improvements to the game, namely the appointment of boundary umpires, and the changing the rules to limit little marks to nothing less than 10 yards.

May 25
Essendon were defeated by Melbourne on the East Melbourne ground. This was only the Don's fourth defeat since 1890. Geelong 1891, Fitzroy 1892, and Geelong 1894.


June 01
Carlton played Footscray at the University Ground.
Cameron, James Ingram, and Breeze did not play.
The visitors kicked with aid of a strong breeze which abated in the second term.
The game should have been over at quarter time, but for Footscray's inaccurate kicking.
However, their accuracy improved with 5 goals straight, to Carlton's 3.8 after quarter time.
The Blues could not cope with the vistor's talls and their high marking.
Rules anomaly;
Leith kicked a "goal" on the run. The bell to end the quarter sounded while the ball was airborne and before going through the goal, it did not count.
However, from a mark, if the ball is kicked as the bell sounds, or after it, the goal counts! (see July 6)
The Carlton players complained about the umpire and some of his decisions.
Although he received some complaints, an umpiring legend began his art this season, Henry 'Ivo' Crapp is a former Carlton player and the younger brother of backman, William H. Crapp. 'Ivo' Crapp would soon become the top umpire in Victoria and years later in W.A. when he moved to Perth.
Edgar McClumpha played his one and only senior game for the Blues.
Carlton's Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, J. Balharry, T. Blake, F. Frost, H. Giles, W. Halkerstone, B. Hannah, Hewitt, J. Leith, H. Loel, Edgar McClumpha, J. Park, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, W. Woodhouse.
In: William Halkerstone, Herbert Loel, Edgar McClumpha
Out: R. 'Chic' Breese, R. Cameron, Jim Ingram,
Umpire; Henry 'Ivo' Crapp.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.0 1.3 2.6 3.8
Foot. 1.5 2.5 5.5 6.5
Goals; Loel 2, Blake.
Players mentioned; (11) Woodhouse, Leith, Hannah, Armstrong, Rolfe, Blake, Park, Loel, Walton, Aitken, Patterson.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton sixth.
Played 4 Won 2 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 19 Against 20 Points 8.

June 08
V.F.A. Footballer's Charity Saturday.
At the East Melbourne C. G.
No Premiership matches played.
£137 15s 9d ($275.58) was raised for charity.
Fitzroy plays Collingwood and Essendon will play Melbourne.
These games will consist of two quarters each, both umpired by Mr. Trait, probably his last match before retiring.
The curtain raiser was a baseball match.
A new innovation will be boundary umpires, four senior umpires will run the boundary.
A Footballers' Champion Race will be run over 130 yards. Eight trophies are to be won in an athletic competition made up of players from nine clubs including Carlton.

Fitzroy drew with Collingwood and Melbourne defeated Essendon.
Carlton's Aitken played with Fitzroy as they were a player short.

The boundary umpires proved to be a success, freeing up the field umpire to watch for ruck infringements.
Four were used in the first game and two in the latter, however it would not be until 1904 in the V.F.L. before they would be introduced.

June 14
V.F.A. meeting.
James Ingram and Archer (St.Kilda) had been reported for fighting by umpire Farr in the May 14 match.
The V.F.A. committee decided to reprimand Archer and suspend James Ingram for four weeks.
At the same meeting, Collingwood's Pannam (Lou Richards grand father) and St.Kilda's Spilker had been reported for fighting on May 18, both were reprimanded.
The Argus reports;
"At the same time the committee expressed the opinion that the primary cause of the disturbance was the weakness of the umpire. An amendment to the effect that James Ingram should be merely reprimanded was lost, and the report of the committee was adopted."

June 14

Professionalism & the "Honorary" Secretary of the V.F.A.

"Nunquam Dormio" is the non de plume of George F. Bowen. Bowen was the Melbourne sports correspondant for The Inquirer & Commercial News in Perth & other papers.
Bowen was one of the eight men who formed the Carlton Football Club. (The honorary secretary of the VFA is former Carlton captain and delegate Theophilis S. Marshall )
George writes;
"At the same time we in Victoria are too prone towards allowing quasi or semi professionals to pose as amateurs pure et simple. No doubt that great "cash amateur" W. G. Grace was mainly responsible for the evil taking root in the first place in the old country as regards cricket, and now the blight has extended towards other branches of sport.
Take the Victorian game of Football for example. That game was evolved from originally from old Rugby, and the Rugby rules are adamant on the point that any person (secretary or player) receiving money or other valuable consideration, directly or indirectly, for his services at football is a professional.
The football season in Victoria lasts from the 4th May to the 21st September - twenty weeks, for acting as secretary to Victorian Football Association during that period a gentleman is paid £75 in current coin of the realm. And yet he has the unparalleled effrontery to sign himself as "honorary" secretary; and some toadies in the press are only too anxious to allude to his services as such in season and out of season. Mind you, I have nothing to say against the gentleman as a secretary; it would be simply impossible to better him for the position, but he is the only individual in Victoria who is (and has been for years) making money out of the great winter pastime, and why should he be allowed to pose as an "honorary" individual whilist the poor devil of a player who risks life and limb every Saturday to provide the "honorary" man with a snug billet is stigmatised as something akin to a rogue and vagabond should he but be deemed guilty of endeavoring to turn his football ability to account in forwarding his prospects during after life?
Do you know why? I will tell you: Simply because from the earliest history of the world the Educated Few have always thrived and prospered on the credulity of the Uneducated Many. And when the press, instead of decrying and checking, aids and abets the injustice, then matters arrive at a parlous bad state - as they are at the present time in this special connection in our Queen colony of the South."
(The Inquirer & Commercial News p3)


June 15
Carlton played Collingwood at the University Ground.
Collingwood was expected to matriculate with honours.
There was a good attendance, and £40 was taken at the gate. (equates to a crowd of 1600 plus members)
An even and fast game until the final term when the Woods got on top.
Peter Williams put differences aside and decided to play.
New player G. Shaw, a recruit from Ascot Vale played well for a first gamer.
Rolfe and James Ingram did not play.
Blake changed his team around and had Leith at right back, Aitken half back, and Hannah roving.
Blake and Woodhouse played well in the ruck.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Blake, Balharry, Breeze, Cameron, Edwards, Frost, Gyles/Giles, Hewitt, Hannah, Leith, Loel, McClumpha, Park, Patterson, Rennie, Roberts, Robert M. Rankin, Stuart/Stewart, Shaw, Smith, Walton, Woodhouse, Williams, Rolfe.
(6) Edwards, Giles, E. McClumpha, Park, Rennie and F. Rolfe did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, R. Cameron, R. Frost, B. Hannah, Hewitt, J. Leith, H. Loel, W. Patterson, R. Rankin, J. Roberts, G. Shaw, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, P. Williams, W. Woodhouse.
In: R. Breese, R. Cameron, R. Rankin, G. Shaw, P. Williams
Out: H. Giles, William Halkerstone, Edgar McClumpha, J. Park, Fred Rolfe
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; Breeze, Leith, Shaw
Half backs; Aitken, Williams, Walton
Centres; Stewart, Patterson Armstrong
Half forwards; Smith, Roberts, Hewitt
Forwards; Loel, Cameron, Rankin
Followers; Blake (Capt.), Woodhouse, Balharry, Frost
Rover; Hannah
Umpire; McCoy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.2 4.2 4.3 4.3
Coll. 0.2 3.4 4.7 5.8
Goals; Hewitt, Frost, Smith, Balharry.
Players mentioned; (16) Frost, Balharry, Blake, Breeze, Woodhouse, Leith, Aitken, Hannah, Hewitt, Armstrong, Smith, Williams, Shaw, Roberts, Rankin, Loel
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton seventh.
Played 5 Won 2 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 23 Against 25 Points 8.

June 22
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
Crowd; 7,000
An even game up until half time.
The home side could not find the goals in the second half.
Grace of Fitzroy took a mark within easy goal scoring distance, a dispute arose over where the mark was actually taken, and while the umpire was organizing the Carlton player on the mark, Grace who was between the goals and the Carlton player played on and kicked a goal. The umpire recalled him and made him kick over the mark, he missed. Fitzroy may make a protest to the V.F.A.
The Blues were leading up until the final few minutes.
Breeze*, Hewitt*, and James Ingram did not play.
In this match Gyles is named in the 20, it it most likey Giles. However, there was Harry Gyles who played his one and only game in 1897, if this was Harry Gyles, he would have 14 years and 359 days old.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Breeze, Balharry, Blake, Cameron, Edwards, Frost, Gyles/Giles, Hewitt, Hannah, Leith, Loel, Park, Patterson, Roberts, Rolfe, Stuart/Stewart, Shaw, Smith, Rennie, Chester, Walton, Woodhouse, Williams, Langley.
The Fitzroy City Press, Friday June 21, listed the Carlton team; (20 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, Blake, Breeze*, Cameron, Frost, Gyles, Hanna, Hewitt*, Leith, Park, Patterson, Roberts, Rolfe, Smith, Stuart, Walton, Williams, Woodhouse
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Leith, H. Loel, J. Park, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Shaw, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, P. Williams, W. Woodhouse.
In: H. Giles, J. Park, F. Rolfe
Out: R. Breese, Hewitt, Rankin.
Umpire; Molyneux.
Match drawn.
Carl. 1.2 1.2 2.2 2.3
Fitz. 1.2 1.4 1.10 2.12
Goals; Woodhouse, Loel.
Players mentioned; (15) Fred Rolfe, Walton, Park, Hannah, Armstrong, Jack Leith, Cameron, Blake (Capt.), Balharry, Bill Woodhouse, Jimmy Aitken, Herbert Loel, Shaw, Patterson, Stewart/Stuart.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 6 Won 2 Lost 3 Drawn 1 Goals For 25 Against 27 points 10.

Blueseum is not sure which 1895 match this photo is from, possibly Melbourne v Geelong July 27 on the M.C.G?
But what is of interest is the "goal square" which extends from behind post to behind post.
(Image: Trove, Illustrated Australian News)

June 29
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The Blues were not in the contest, only managing to score four times.
Former Blue, Ned Sutton played with Melbourne and one of the newspapers gave him BOG.
Woodhouse, Roberts, and Breeze did not play, they were replace by J. Ingram, Rennie, and C. Melville.
New player; Charles Melville (Brother of Carlton secretary John 'Jack' Melville ).
Rennie made his debut for his only game.
'They (Carlton) tried a couple of new men, and Melville, a brother of the Carlton secretary, showed good enough form on the ball to justify the trial given him. Aitken was quite lost on the soft ground.' (Argus July 01 p6)
Carlton team; (26 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, Blake, Cameron, Edwards, Frost, Giles, Leith, Loel, Hannah, Halkerstone, James Ingram, Merrifield, Melville, McClumpha, Park, Patterson, Piser?, Rolfe, Rennie, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Williams, Walton, Walton.
(6) Edwards, Halkerstone, Merrifield, McClumpha, Piser? and Ern Walton did not play.
Carlton's Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, J. Balharry, T. Blake, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, James Ingram, Jack Leith, H. Loel, C. Melville, J. Park, W. Patterson, Rennie, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, Ted Walton, Peter Williams.
In: J. Ingram, C. Melville, Rennie
Out: J. Roberts, G. Shaw, W. Woodhouse
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3
Melb.1.2 4.5 6.6 8.11
Goal; P. Williams.
Players mentioned; (15) Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, Blake, Cameron, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Melville, Patterson, Rennie, Rolfe, Smith, Stewart, Williams,
Plus (5) R. Frost, H. Giles, H. Loel, J. Park and Ted Walton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 7 Won 2 Lost 4 Drawn 1 Goals For 26 Against 35 Points 10.

July 02


'It is becoming quite a fashion, nowadays, for footballers to wear assumed names. At South Melbourne on Saturday two of one team played under the nomme de plume of 'Jones' and 'Nixon' - though many thought the latter was the ordinary Essendonian by that name - and on the South Melbourne side. 'Hindman' was an old 'un under a new 'moniker'. One of the South Melbourne team said quite seriously to me on Saturday night. 'We had a new man playing for us to-day. I didn't know until I saw the team in the paper after the match.' The new man was 'Hindman' who has played for them for years! (Sportsman July 02 p6)

Carlton had it's fair share of assumed names, captain Dan Hutchison would occasionally play under the name 'Alexander' His employment would take him to the country areas. Perhaps he would travel back to play and used an alias?
'Ramsay' was a name used by Walter 'Dolly' Batters and to confuse matters, 'Ramsay' has also been linked to Charlie Coulson.
Using an assumed name would hardly fool the most avid barracker and football reporter who would naturally recognise the player. The wearing of numbers was still 16 years away, they were introduced for the final series in 1911.

July 04


'BY-THE-WAY, I fancy that, incidentally. Dick of the Chest (at one time not altogether unknown to football fame as Dicky Frayne) mentioned the fact that on Monday he was going to act as 'mine host' at the Galloway Arms Hotel, Johnston-street, Collingwood; and that he would be pleased to meet any of his old football friends there, and supply them with 'creature comforts' equal to the best in the land. Dick ought to make the beau ideal of a hotel keeper; and, as far as 'Sampling' goes - well, the Carlton Old 'Uns are easily first.' (Melbourne Punch July 04 p16)
Dick Frayne was a former Carlton captain.
Former Galloway Arms Hotel delicensed - Flicker image

July 06
Carlton played North Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Game to start at 3pm.
This match was originally scheduled to be played at the University ground.
Woodhouse, Roberts and Langley returned.
The weather was poor as well as the attendance which the North Melbourne Gazette said "was probably the poorest ever seen on the Melbourne ground."
The ground was greasy and the ball was difficult to handle which resulted in a poor standard match.
North's poor goal kicking cost them the game and scored thie only goal in the final term.
The game was headed for a draw (only goals counted) when the ball fell into Langley's arms.
The final bell sounded, and he had the right of a shot at goal.
As the other's held their breath, from forty yards out Langley punted the ball through.
The win was a birthday present for the Carlton skipper Tom Blake who turned 23 this day.
It was Carlton's good fortune that won the game, as North had the Blues on the defensive for most of the match.
"A child might have picked the finest placed man on the ground, as little Armstrong, the Carlton wing player, was the busiest of busy all day long, and everything he did was done in a style that was unsurpassable." (Australasian July 13)
Loel, Park, and Rennie did not play.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitkin, Armstrong, Balharry, Blake, Cameron, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Loel, Langley, Melville, Park, Patterson, Rolfe, Roberts, Rennie, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, E. Walton, Ted Walton, Woodhouse, Williams, Edwards.
Edwards, Loel, Park, Rennie and E. Walton did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, Langley, J. Leith, C. Melville, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, Ted Walton, P. Williams, W. Woodhouse.
In: Langely, J. Roberts, W. Woodhouse
Out: H. Loel, J. Park, Rennie,
Umpire; Ryan.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.1 1.2 1.2 2.2
N.M. 0.3 0.6 0.9 1.9
Goals; Langley, C. Melville.
Best; Armstrong (BOG)
Players mentioned, (18) Armstrong, Blake (Capt.), Patterson, Hannah, Rolfe, Aitken, Woodhouse, Balharry, Frost, Giles, Smith, Charles Melville, L. Langley, Roberts, Walton, Stewart, James Ingram, Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 8 Won 3 Lost 4 Drawn 1 Goals For 28 Against 36 Points 14.

July 13
Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with a strong wind to the railway end. Balharry scored the first goal.
Smith with a brilliant run down the wing got the ball to Melville whose place kick bought up the second goal just before the quarter time bell.
In the second quarter Port added five goals from seven shots at goal virtually ending the game.
Walton returned to the team.
Williams did not play.
Monday's Argus review said;
"Blake and Woodhouse were the hardest pair on the Carlton side, while Aitken was a little if anything below his best. Some of their place-men played a first class game under a heavy handicap, notably Rolfe their willowy defender. Little Walton came into the team again, and I doubt whether at any stage in it's history the Carlton Club has had so many little men playing for it as now - certainly never so many good little ones. One of the smallest of them, Armstrong, was again fast and clever on the wing, and Patterson put in sound work in the centre, although "cribbed, cabined and confined" to an unusual degree. Young Melville keeps playing on, and he scored two of their three goals, while Roberts was a very useful man."
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Bailey, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Loel, Leith, Langley, Melville, Park, Patterson, Roberts, Rolfe, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Rennie, Walton, Walton, Williams, Woodhouse.
(5) Bailey, H. Loel, Rennie, E. Walton and P. Williams did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, Langley, J. Leith, C. Melville, J. Park, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, Ted Walton, W. Woodhouse.
In: J. Park
Out: P. Williams
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; Smith, Park, Giles
Half backs; Walton, Rolfe, Hannah
Centre; Stewart, Patterson, Armstrong
Half forwards; Leith, Roberts, Ingram
Forwards; Langley, Cameron, Melville
Followers; Blake (Capt.), Woodhouse, Balharry, Frost
Rover; Aitken
Umpire; Schaefer.
Calton lost;
Carl. 2.0 2.0 3.3 3.3
Port. 0.0 5.2 5.2 5.3
Goals; Melville 2, Balharry.
Players mentioned; (11) Tom Blake, Woodhouse, Aitken, Rolfe, Walton, Bob Armstrong, Patterson, Melville, Roberts, Balharry, Smith
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton ninth.
Played 9 Won 3 Lost 5 Drawn 1 Goals For 31 Against 41 Points 14.

July 20
Carlton played Williamstown at the University Cricket Ground.
The Blues played well against the wind for fifteen minutes, Aitken snapped the Blues' first goal out of a pack. Then Williamstown hit back with three quick goals.
Carlton had most of the ball in the second but couldn't kick straight. Loel scored the only goal. However in the second half they did not miss, kicking four goals straight to Willy's 1.2
Woodhouse, Cameron and Frost did not play.
New player; J. Patterson. (younger brother of the Carlton centreman W. Patterson)
No team details.
Carlton's Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, J. Balharry, T. Blake, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, H. Loel, C. Melville, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Shaw, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, Ted Walton, P. Williams.
In: H. Loel, J. Patterson, G. Smith, E. Walton.
Out: R. Cameron, R. Frost, Langely, W. Woodhouse.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; E. Walton, Leith, Giles
Half backs; Walton, Rolfe, Hannah
Centre; Patterson, Stewart, Armstrong
Half forwards; Melville, Williams, Roberts
Forwards; Smith, Loel, Shaw
Followers; Blake (Capt.), Balharry, Ingram, Patterson
Rover; Aitkens
Umpire; McCoy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.2 2.5 4.5 6.5
Will. 3.2 4.2 5.4 5.4
Goals; Loel 3, Smith, Aitken, Balharry
Players mentioned; (17) J. Aitken (roving), R. Armstrong, T. Blake, J. Balharry, B. Hannah, James Ingram, J. Leith, Fred Rolfe (back), C. Melville, H. Loel (forward), J. Patterson (following), W. Patterson (centre), J. Roberts, Ernie Walton, Ted Walton, G. Smith. Peter Williams,
Plus; H. Giles, R. Stewart and G. Shaw
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton seventh.
Played 10 Won 4 Lost 5 Drawn 1 Goals For 37 Against 46 Points 18.

July 27
Carlton played Essendon at the E.M.C.G.
The Blues surprised Essendon with a dashing game, it could have been a lot closer as James Ingram hit the goal post with two of his shots for goal.
A good game was marred by too many players on the ball in the final term.
Carlton had the opportunity to win but their goal kicking let them down.
Woodhouse, Frost, and Cameron did not play.
"E. Walton, Rolfe, and Smith made a fine defence, while Williams (half forward) and J. Patterson and Melville (ruck and forward) did well.
Aitken roved with his customary cleverness, while Balharry and Blake were a good pair of followers. Armstrong and Hannah on the wings, put in some creditable work." (Sportsman July 30 p6)
No team details.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, H. Loel, C. Melville, J. Park, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, Ted Walton, P. Williams.
In: J. Park
Out: G. Shaw
Umpire; Ward.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.1 1.4 1.6 1.7
Ess. 1.2 2.2 3.3 3.5
Goal; Park
Players mentioned; (16) Hannah, Armstrong, J. Patterson, Tom Blake, James Ingram, Balharry, Aitken, Rolfe, Roberts, C. Melville, E. Walton, Walton, Williams, Loel, Park, Smith,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton seventh.
Played 11 Won 4 Lost 6 drawn 1 Goals for 38 Against 49 points 18.

August 03
Carlton played South Melbourne at the University Ground.
South made good use of the wind and when it was the Blues turn they failed, and South kicked 3 goals against it.
The Blues rallied in the second half with the young team doing quite well. If they had applied themselves with the same endeavour in the first half, they would have been right in the game.
"Jimmy Aitken roved splendidly for Carlton, and the others of that team who performed well were J. Patterson, Balharry, Frost, Ingram, Rolfe, Leith and Blake."(Sportsman August 06 p6)
"There was a sad effort on Saturday to resuscitate an old-time custom at South and Carlton matches. Some "anti cremationists" of Carlton carried a coffin. But South won." (Sportsman August 06 p6)
Woodhouse did not play.
No team details.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Cameron, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, C. Melville, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, Ted Walton, P. Williams.
In: Cameron, R. Frost
Out: H. Loel, J. Park,
Umpire; Molyneux
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.0 1.1 3.2 3.4
S.M. 2.2 5.2 5.3 5.7
Goals; Frost 2, J. Patterson.
Players mentioned; (14) J. Patterson, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, J. Aitken, Leith, Rolfe, C. Melville, Roberts, Armstrong, Frost, James Ingram, Williams, Hannah.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 12 Won 4 Lost 7 Drawn 1 Goals For 41 Against 54 Points 18.

August 10
Carlton played St.Kilda at St.Kilda.
The Blues thoroughly beaten for three quarters, played better than the home team in the last but missed many opportunities to goal.
Carlton team; (27 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, Edwards, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Loel, Langley, Melville, Patterson, Patterson, Park, Roberts, Rolfe, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Shaw, Williams, Woodhouse, Weatherley, Walton, Walton.
(8) R. Armstrong, Cameron, Edwards, H. Giles, Langely, Park, Shaw and Weatherley did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitkens, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Frost, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, H. Loel, C. Melville, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, A. Thompson, E. Walton, Ted Walton, P. Williams, W. Woodhouse.
In:, H. Loel, A. Thompson, W. Woodhouse
Out: R. Armstrong, R. Cameron, H. Giles
Umpire; McCoy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.0 0.3 0.4 1.10
St.K. 2.6 3.6 5.9 5.10
Goal; Loel
Players mentioned; (13) Blake, Woodhouse, James Ingram, Balharry, Aitken, Leith, Rolfe, Williams, Patterson, Hannah, Loel, Charles Melville, W. Patterson.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 13 Won 4 Lost 8 drawn 1 Goals For 42 Against 59 Points 18.

August 17
Carlton had the bye.

August 24
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the University Ground.
Several Port players were struck with stones, larrikinism mainly young boys seem to be the staple product of Carlton and Collingwood.
"Long ago, in close proximity to the University ground, the scene of the recent trouble, the Madeline- street Reserve gained unenviable notoriety as a spot whereat visitors who won where sometimes treated to showers of road metal as they left the ground, but it was only when they were victorious that they had anything to fear.
The Carlton gutter-snipe of today, however, betters the instruction of his predecessors, and hurls his missiles at vanquished foes. This was the treatment Port Melbourne was subjected, and the Portsmen have good reason to complain, for several of them were struck by the stones, and neither their dark blue conquerors nor the local policeman rendered them the slightest aid. The rushing of the ground was, perhaps, capable of being accounted for, if not excused, but I fancy the residents of the district, the authorities of the University ground, and the Carlton Football Club will take every precaution against the recurrence of anything of the sort, and they will likewise unite in affording ample protection to visiting teams, whether the latter depart in victors or as vanquished."
(Australasian August 31 p18)
Leith was kicking off to the Sydney Road end with a strong cross wind, the ball travelled nearly the length of the ground, until it was forced over the boundary line.
Leith followed up his kick and then snapped a goal from the throw in.
Peter Wiliams, Rolfe and Melville did not play.
"Crouch and Collinson*, two new players who stripped for Carlton, inquired after a game with Ports during the week." (Sportsman August 27 p6)
.*Origins of Australian Football Vol. 5 has William Colson listed instead of Collinson. Most newspaper reports mention Collinson or Collison. so further investigation is required. Blueseum, for now, lists both Collinson and William Colson
Carlton team; (27 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, Couch, Collinson, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Jones, J. Leith, Loel, Langley, Melville, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, Park, Rolfe, Roberts, Stewart/Stuart, Smith, Woodhouse, Williams, Walton, Walton.
(8) Giles, Jones, H. Loel, Langley, C. Melville, Park, F. Rolfe and Williams did not play.
R. Breese played.
Carlton Starting 20
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, R. Cameron, Collinson, Crouch, R. Frost, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, Ted Walton, W. Woodhouse.
In: R. Armstrong, R. Breese, Cameron, Couch, Collison.
Out: H. Loel, C. Melville, F. Rolfe, A. Thompson, P. Willams.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; Leith, Breese, Patterson
Half backs; E. Walton, T. Walton, Blake
Centres; Armstrong, Patterson, Howard
Half forwards; Stewart, Roberts, Smith
Forwards; Collinson, Crouche, Cameron
Followers; Woodhouse, Balharry, Frost, Ingram
Rover; Aitken
Umpire; Ward.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.0 1.2 3.3 3.3
Port. 0.0 1.1 1.4 2.6
Goals; Cameron 2, Leith.
Players mentioned; (14) Armstrong, Leith, Blake, Balharry, Woodhouse, Aitken, Cameron, Roberts, James Ingram, Breese, Patterson, Walton, Crouch, Collinson.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 14 Won 5 Lost 8 Drawn 1 Goals For 45 Against 61 points 22.

August 31
Carlton played Williamstown at Williamstown.
An even game and Carlton played well, but Williamstown scored the last vital goal.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Breeze, Blake, Balharry, Cameron, Couch, Collinson, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Melville, Norwood, Park, Patterson, Patterson, Roberts, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Walton, Walton, Woodhouse, Williams.
(5) Armstrong, Cameron, Norwood, Williams and Woodhouse did not play.
Carlton's Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, Collinson, Crouch, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, C. Melville, J. Park, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, G. Smith, R. Stewart, E. Walton, Ted Walton.
In: H. Giles, C. Melville, J. Park,
Out: R. Armstrong, R. Cameron, W. Woodhouse
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; Smith, Leith, Giles
Half backs; Ed. 'Ted' Walton, Ern Walton, J. Patterson
Centres; Stewart, W. Patterson, Hannah
Half forwards; Melville, Roberts, Park
Forwards; Couche/Crouch, Breeze, Collinson
Followers; Blake (Capt.), Balharry, Ingram, Frost
Rover; Aitken
Umpire; Molyneux
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.1 2.1 2.4 2.6
Will. 1.3 2.8 2.9 3.11
Goals; Collinson, Breeze.
Players mentioned; (14) Rucks, Blake, Balharry, James Ingram; Rover, Armstrong; Backs, Smith, Leith, Giles; Half back, E. Walton; Centre, Hannah; Forwards, Roberts, Breeze, and Collinson, and Aitken
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eighth.
Played 15 Won 5 Lost 9 Drawn 1 Goals For 47 Against 64 Points 22.

September 07
Carlton played Richmond at Richmond.
The Blues started really well and it looked like they were going to run away with the game.
The home team fought back in a close and exciting match with just a kick in it.
The Leader (September 14) had Dobbin and Ross as two of the goal scorers.
Smith injured his head in a collision during the third quarter he went off the ground for a while then returned, "though injured he played a plucky game." (Sportsman September 10)
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Blake, Balharry, Breeze, Cameron, Frost, Giles, Hannah, Holt, James Ingram, Leith, Melville, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, Park, Roberts, Smith, Stuart/Stewart, Williams, Woodhouse, E. Walton, Ted Walton, Couch, Collinson.
(7) Cameron, Crouch, Holt, Leith, W. Patterson, Park and Williams did not play.
Dobbin and Fred Rolfe played.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, R. Breese, Collinson, Dobbin, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, C. Melville, J. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, R. Stewart, Ernie Walton, Ted Walton, W. Bill Woodhouse.
In: R. Armstrong, Dobbin, F. Rolfe, W. Woodhouse
Out: Crouch, J. Leith, J. Park, W. Patterson
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; Melville, Smith, Giles
Half backs; Dobbin, E. Walton, T. Walton
Centres; Armstrong, Hannah, Stewart
Half forwards; Roberts, Ross, Breeze
Forwards; Blake (Capt.), Patterson, Collinson
Followers; Woodhouse, Balharry, Ingram, Frost
Rover; Aitken
Umpire; Shaw
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.3 2.5 3.8 4.8
Rich. 0.0 3.1 3.4 5.6
Goals; Blake, Dobbin, Ross/Rolfe?, Roberts.
Players mentioned; (12) Blake, James Ingram, Armstrong, Hannah, Roberts, Woodhouse, Aitken, Balharry, Breeze, Melville, Dobbin, Smith.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton tenth.
Played 16 Won 5 Lost 10 Drawn 1 Goals For 51 against 69 Points 22.

September 14
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park.
The Blues fielded a weak team.
Captain Tom Blake and Bill Woodhouse were absent, they were both training for the cross country championship to be held next Saturday.
(Blake went on win this event becoming the Victorian Cross Country Champion of 1895)
An even game up until three quarter time.
The Blues became demoralised in the final team when the home team piled on the goals.
J. McGrath played his only senior game (Origins Of Aust. Football. Vol. 5)
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, T. Blake, Breeze, Cameron, Frost, Dobbin, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Langley, Melville, Patterson, Patterson, Rolfe, Roberts, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Park, Williams, Walton, Walton, Woodhouse.
(8) T. Blake, Cameron, Langley, C. Melville, Stewart, Park, P. Wiliams, and Woodhouse did not play.
Collinson, Crouch and J. McGrath played.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, R. Armstrong, H. Balharry (Capt.), R. Breese, Collinson, Crouch, Dobbin, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, J. McGrath, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, E. Walton, T. Walton.
In: Crouch, J. McGrath, W. Patterson
Out: Cameron, C. Melville, W. Woodhouse
Umpire; Molyneaux.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.0 2.0 2.0 3.1
Coll. 1.1 1.3 3.5 7.6
Goals; J. Patterson, James Ingram, Leith.
Players mentioned; (11) Hannah (wing Carlton's best), Giles, Leith, Patterson, Roberts, Breeze, Balharry (Capt.), Smith, Ingram, Armstrong, J. McGrath.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eleventh.
Played 17 Won 5 Lost 11 Drawn 1 Goals For 54 Against 76 Points 22.

September 21
Carlton played St.Kilda at Victoria Park.
The lack of a permanent home ground forced the Blues to call Vic Park "home".
The curtain raiser was the baseball premiership match between Melbourne and East Melbourne at 1pm.
Carlton captain Tom Blake did not play, he was running in the 10 mile cross country championship which he won in 59 mins. 44 1/2 secs. Woodhouse was also unavailable.
The Blues were the better side, but couldn't find the goals.
Carlton team; (29 named)
Aitken, Armstrong, Balharry, Bennett, Breeze, Cameron, Clarke, Frost, Giles, Hannah, James Ingram, Leith, Langley, Dobbin, Melville, Park, Patterson, Patterson, John Norris, J. McGrath, Roberts, Rolfe, Stuart/Stewart, Smith, Walton, Walton, Love, Deleganna, Tough.
(9) Armstrong, Cameron, Dobbin, Langley, Love, Norris, McGrath, Stewart and Tough did not play.
Carlton Starting 20 (Mark Pennings)
J. Aitken, Balharry, Bennett, R. Breese, Clark, Delagana, R. Frost, H. Giles, B. Hannah, J. Ingram, J. Leith, C. Melville, J. Park, J. Patterson, W. Patterson, J. Roberts, F. Rolfe, G. Smith, E. Walton, Ted Walton.
In: Bennett, Clark, Delagana. C. Melville, J. Park
Out: R. Armstrong, Collison, Crouch, Dobbin, J. McGrath
Umpire; Molyneaux.
Match drawn.
Carl. 0.2 0.7 0.9 1.10
St.K. 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.5
Goal; Balharry.
No other players mentioned.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton eleventh.
Played 18 Won 5 Lost 11 Drawn 2 Goals For 55 Against 77 Points 24.


34 years after this match, The Age June 29 (p6) 1929 writes;
"As Carlton play StKilda tomorrow, it is a strange coincidence that the St.Kilda club this week would have secured possession of a historic document relating to a match played between Carlton and St.Kilda on 21st September, 1895.
A receipt reading,
"Received from Carlton Football Club, the sum of £2/0/6, being the amount of one-third share net proceeds of match St.Kilda v Carlton FC., at Collingwood ground, 21st September, 1895." is now in the possession of Mr.Cantwell, the present treasurer of the St.Kilda Football Club.
The statement shows that the amount taken at the gates that afternoon was £12/5/0, that the expenses for the police totalled £1/1/6, that the fees for the three umpires amount to £1/15/0, that printing and advertising cost £1/2/0, and that the ground management received £2/5/0, the whole of the expenses totalling £6/3/6.
Thus, there was an amount of £6/1/6 to be divided between Collingwood (ground), St.Kilda and Carlton football clubs, and they received £2/0/6.
The interesting document is to be placed among the club records which are to be collected by club officials."

September 23 Monday
The Age's "Half Back" end of season review, in part;
"The champion follower is a hard matter to decide, so many having claims on the title.
The genial Carlton skipper, Tom Blake, is an ideal follower, and I shall not be far wrong in giving him first place."
Carlton's Hannah was named among the competition's better wing players.
"The tone of the game has, I regret to say, not improved. The esteemed secretary of the association remarked sadly to me in talking over the season's doings "that it would be well to sink the game for 12 months," and there are many who must be forced regretfully to the same conclusion.
That manliness, which is one of our most pleasing features of our outdoor sports, has been conspicuous in many instances by it's absence. Petty tricks of spitefulness has marred many of our games, and complaints of unworthy tactics in wasting time, both on part of the players and spectators, have been rife. On several occassions players have mistaken the football field for a boxing saloon, and the language used by players and supporters has been hardly in biblical tone.
Some umpires have had the temerity to report offenders, but in the majority of cases umpires are loath to do so, on account of the odium incurred in connection therewith. The association will have to give their serious attention to reforming these abuses in our game, which we delight in calling our national winter game, or the class of young men whom we wish to see playing it will be debarred from taking part in it."


For the 1895 season Carlton scored For 55.96 Against 77.135
On the list of the VFA goal kickers, 22 players from 10 clubs scored goals ranging from 42 goals down to 10 goals. Carlton failed to have a player register 10 goals.


Above; 1895 Carlton leading goal kicker Herbert Loel pictured in the Fitzroy team..
H. Loel 7, Leith, Woodhouse 5, Breeze, Cameron, Balharry, Frost 4, J. Patterson, Melville 3, Park, Blake, Smith 2, Hewitt, Williams, Langly, Aitken, Collison, Ross, Roberts, Dobbin, James Ingram 1. (Melbourne Punch)

September 27
V.F.A. meeting.
Carlton's Armstrong and Port Melbourne's Drew were suspended for the first two games of season 1896.

October 12
The West Australian (p10)
The paper's Melbourne correspondent;
"The end of the football season has called forth a number of "jeremiads" from writers of the press as the decadence of football of late years, the cause being specially assigned to the undue interference of members of the Victorian Football Association with field umpires whenever the latter have to complain about players. There's a lot of truth in this, but when I proposed years ago that on Messrs. H. C. A. Harrison (Melbourne) , H. H. Budd (Essendon), and T. P. Power (Carlton) being elected life members of the V.F.A. for services rendered to the winter pastime, they should be utilised in the form of a privy council outside of club influence, to adjudicate on all matters connected with players, I was looked upon in the light of an "old fossil."
What could such men possibly know about football nowadays? Spare my days! They have forgotton more about the game than two-thirds of the present generation are ever likely to know.
I gave you the straight tip at the beginning of the season as to what football in Victoria was likely to degenerate into; and if your association over West don't mind your "p's" and "q's" history will repeat itself over your way ere many seasons have past.
Mind you I am a great believer in the maxim that the labourer is worthy of his hire - in football as in anything else. But let us know who the labourers are, and what are they're labouring for."

October 19


"It is the intention of the Minister of Lands to give immediate effect to the decision of the City Council by granting a permissive occupany license over 10 arcres in Prince's park to the Carlton Football and Cricket clubs. The latter have for years been endeavouring to secure the exclusive use of that area while it is being used for cricket and football matches, and are now within reach of their desire. The regulations are to be gazetted for the management of the park."
(Argus 19 October p7)

A slight improvement for the Blues this season, winning two and drawing two more games.
However, for the young Carlton side a better year in 1896 was not to be.

Fitzroy won their first Premiership.
St. Kilda started their wooden spoon collection which in the twentieth century would become almost an obession.

Player Games Goals
Jimmy Aitken18-
R. Armstrong15-

Table to be completed.

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