Season 1891



Carlton Captain. J. Lorraine.
Vice Captain. W. Walton.
President A. Gillespie.
Secretary W. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Premiership Games Played. 21. Won 14. Lost 4 Drew 3.
Goals Scored. 113 goals 224 behinds for. 55 goals 108 behinds against.

Teams no longer lined up against each other at the start of play and after a goal had been scored, but took up their positions on the ground while the umpire bounced the ball in the centre.
All matches to be of four 25 minute quarters.
Goal Umpires to consult with the Field Umpire before signaling a score.
The wettest football season ever was in 1891. It rained on 13 of the 20 Saturdays, while the grounds were waterlogged on four of the other days because of overnight rain. - Football Record.

Mid season draws against Essendon, North Melbourne, and Melbourne cost the Blues the points for the 1891 Premiership.
Most consistent Carlton player of the year was wingman Jack Roberts.

Other better Carlton players for 1891 were,
"Gib" Currie, Peter Williams, Ted Sutton, Billy Strickland, "Jigger" Moorehouse, "Dolly" Batters, Billie Walton, Charlie Coulson, Islay McOwan, "Danny" Hutchinson, Keane, and Jack Geddes.

1891 Fixture
May 02 St. Kilda at St. Kilda C.G.
May 09 Fitzroy at Fitzroy C.G.
May 16 Port Melbourne at M.C.G.
May 23 Melbourne at M.C.G.
May 25 Norwood at South Melbourne C.G. (morning)
May 30 Williamstown at M.C.G.

June 06 North Melbourne at North Melbourne Rec. Res.
June 13 Ballarat at Ballarat.
June 20 Geelong at M.C.G.
June 27 Essendon at East Melbourne C.G.

July 04 Richmond at Richmond C.G.
July 11 South Melbourne at M.C.G.
July 18 Fitzroy at M.C.G.
July 25 Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.

August 01 Footscray at Warehouseman's C. G.
August 08 Essendon at M.C.G.
August 15 North Melbourne at M.C.G.
August 22 St. Kilda at East Melbourne C.G.
August 29 Footscray at Footscray C.G.

September 05 South Melbourne at South Melbourne C.G.
September 12 Melbourne at Warehouseman's C.G.
September 19 Geelong at Geelong C.G.
September 26 Fitzroy at Fitzroy C.G.

Carlton's 23 VFA fixtured matches; M.C.G. 8 games; E.M.C.G. 2; Warehouseman's 2; Fitzroy 2; South Melbourne 2; Footscray; Geelong; North Melbourne; Richmond; Port Melbourne; St. Kilda; Ballarat.
In addition Carlton played pre season matchs against the Combined Juniors at the East Melbourne C.G and also against Brunswick.
The Ballarat and Norwood games are not premiership matches.

1891 Ladder

Pos TeamPlayed WinsLosses DrawsGoals For Goals Against%
1Essendon 201712 1256679.2
4South Melbourne2214711207458.0
8North Melbourne20398558630.8
11Port Melbourne1931336110020.8
13Ballarat Imperials137427654-
15South Ballarat133823876-

The three Ballarat clubs played each other 8 times. 4 points for a win, and 2 for draw.
Ballarat Imps. 26 points, Ballarat 14, South Ballarat 8.
Local Ballarat club matches totalling 24 games, were played on the Eastern Oval 16 times, and Saxon Paddock 8.
One team would have had a bye each week which would have enabled them to play other matches.
The other games were against the metropolitan clubs, Ballarat 10 games, including a game against Carlton, Ballarat Imps 5. South Ballarat 5, including a game against Norwood.

The % column is a proportional method the V.F.A. had of determining the team position.
Not all teams played the same number of games against the same teams.
South Melbourne played 22 games, and Williamstown and Footscray had played 18 matches.
The proportional system was designed to equalise the points as if all clubs had played the same number of matches.
Some games were classed as first class games, and others not.

1891 Carlton Team


Top Row; W. Bailey, W. Batters, C. Coulson, J. Blake, H. Spedding, J. Geddes
Second Row; A. Richardson, G. White, W. Strickland, W. Walton, W. McKechnie, H. Simpson
Centre; D. Hutchinson, M. Owen, E. Sutton, J. Lorraine (Capt), G. Currie, R/P.Williams, "Jigger" Moorhouse, G. Moriarty
Front; W. Culmsee, J. Roberts, G. Williams.

February 12


"Than George Robertson (sometime Captain of the Carlton Football Club) no man is held is held in higher esteems in athletic circles in Victoria. He is such a burly, good-tempered giant, and withal such a warm-hearted ... (unreadable)... letting his left hand know what his right hand doeth,) that amongst his more intimate acquaintances he is reverenced its perfection (?) of the White Man. Friend George is about taking a trip to the "Continong," vid New Zealand, America, and Great Britain; and on Saturday evening the "Outcasts" intend to honour their chief by having a Smoke Concert at The Den - such den being Mrs. Rolfe's Bay View Hotel, Madeline-street Carlton. There's no need for me to attempt to delineate what sort of "send off" Sir Herky will receive, quite enough being said when it is stated that Wally Donaldson/Billy Donaldson and Charley Letcher/Charlie Letcher are the joint hon. secs of the "shivoo." A quarter to eight o'clock sharp is the appointed hour for the agony to begin, and carriages must be ordered in time to see George off by the Sydney express from Spencer street on Monday afternoon, whence he will depart to catch the Mariposa at Sydney.
He says he intends to enjoy himself, and somehow or other I fancy he will."
("Olympus" - Melbourne Punch p11)

February 17
Meeting of the Carlton Second Twenty at the Clyde Hotel at 8pm.
To discuss prizes for season 1890

March 20
Carlton Second Twenty AGM held at the Clyde Hotel, Elgin Street at 8pm.

March 25


Carlton F. C. AGM held at the Hibernian Hall Swanston Street.
Mr. A. Gillespie presided and a large crowd attended.
The club acknowledged with appreciation the work of Mr. J. Melville who managed and organized the club's trip to Sydney last season, and also the members of the N.S.W. Football Association who showed the team their hospitality during their stay.
Season 1890.
The First Twenty played 20 matches. Won 13 Lost 4 Drawn 3.
Goals For 118. Against 61.
Value of club's property £555 ($1,110.00) including a block of land in Princes Hill (valued at £380/$720)
Balance sheet; Receipts for the year, £1,554 4s 10d ($3108.48)
Expenditure, £1,508 4s 1d ($3,016.40)
Credit balance of £41 0s 9d ($82.10)
Illuminated addresses for long service in the First Twenty were presented to D. Hutchison, C. Coulson, J. T. Keane, and W. H. Moloney.
Gold lockets for excellence in play in the Second Twenty were presented to J. Adams and R. Carsons.
Mr. D. Scott said that Carlton had given more to the charities than any other club, and he had been surprised at the objections raised recently to the granting of 10 acres of land to the club, which it ought to have possessed long ago. He believed, however before long the Carlton club would have a ground of it's own.
Office bearers elected.
Patrons; Colonel R. Robertson, Major Ballenger, Cr. J. Pigdon, Mr. E. Latham.
President; Mr. A. Gillespie.
Vice presidents; Cr. J. Moloney, Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall, Mr. J. Gardiner MLA, Cr. W. Ievers, Mr. S. Bloomfield.
Hon Sec. Mr. W. C. Donaldson.
Hon. Treasurer; Mr. M. B. Hearne.
Captain; Mr. J. Lorrain.
Vice captain; Mr. W. Walton.
Hon. Sec second twenty; Mr. H. Marie.
Committee; Messrs, D. Hutchison, W. Bailey, J. Melville, J. McCutchan, W. Strickland, W. H. Moloney, J. Irons, W. Hemsworth, C. Lindsey.
(The Argus March 26 p8)

March 28
Carlton and Melbourne Football Clubs, and M.C.C. Sports Day at the M.C.G.
Crowd; approx 4,500.
The rain put off a larger attendace.
The ground was in good condition and 31 events took place.
Carlton F. C. First Twenty won the tug-of-war.
Carlton players were placed in other events.

March 31

PRINCES PARK AND THE RESERVE - To the editor of The Age


April 05


490,896 an increase of 206,000 in the past decade.

April 09 Thursday


"It is rumoured that "Duckey" McKenzie is going to sever his connection with Carlton, and throw his lot in with Melbourne; but, per contra, Will Moloney is about to don the Dark Blue jacket once more, and so, "honours are again equal."
(Melbourne Punch p11)

April 11
Carlton played Britannia at Victoria Park
Blueseum is unsure if this was the Carlton First or Second Twenty.
Carl; 0.0 1.0 1.0 2.2
Brit; 1.1 2.1 2.1 2.1

April 13 Monday


The Argus published a letter describing Carlton parklands.
To read the letter, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8630447

April 17 Friday


J. Ross transferred to Ballarat
Wally Watling reported to be leaving.
R. Robertson from North Melbourne
Geoff Moriarty back/follower from Britannia
William "Bill" Beggs forward/follower from Britannia
Jack McInerney from Britannia
George Headen a backman from Port Melbourne
H. Simpson from St.Kilda
Islay McOwan from South St.Kilda
Alf Spedding from Marlton
'Dolf' Berry former player returning.


"Melbourne Athletic Hall where the dark blues are being trained by Professor Miller.
Tuesday and Thursdays are the training days." (Evening Standard)
In 1886 Miller had a gymnasium in the Town Hall Chambers, Swanston Street.
Image; courtesy www.outofthiscentury.com web site

April 18
Carlton played Brunswick 23 on the Brunswick Recreation Ground.
Crowd; At least 3,000 with many young ladies attending.
The home side were expecting a good result as they had recently merged with South Brunswick.
Brunswick benefited from the gate takings to the tune of £10 19s 2d. ($21.93)
The Brunswick Town Band provided the musical entertainment.
Lorraine captained the Blues.
A decisive win for Carlton who were too skilled and fast for the local team.
Umpire; J. Mahoney
Carl. 1.3 3.5 4.6 7.8
Brun. 0.0 0.1 0.1 0.1
No goal scorers available.
Players mentioned; (7) Lorraine, Strong, Robertson, Moorhouse, Williams, White, Strickland

Carlton Second Twenty played North Carlton Juniors on Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (32 named)
Adams, Ashton, Armstrong, Brown, Beveridge, Brodie, Blundell, Burston, Buchanan, Carsons, Cook, Cossens, Ewart, Glennon, Grant, Hayson, Hannah, Kelly, Lennon, Lockwood, McKinley, Monk, McFee, O'Dwyer, Price, Rickards, Ryan, Randall, Stewart, Seedsman, Shaw, White.
No details

April 24 Friday


VFA meeting held at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
To read the report click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8623859

The Bendigo Avertiser (April 25 p5);


"North Sandhurst, the newly recreated senior club, has adopted a uniform similar to that of Carlton, blue jacket with white shoulders, blue knickerbockers and blue and white stockings."

April 25
Carlton played a Combined Juniors (23) team at the East Melbourne C. G.
The juniors are the best players from their competition.
This match is to raise money for the Victorian Junior Football Association.
The Combined Juniors wore a blue jersey, white knickerbockers, red socks and cap.
New rule; the game was started by the umpire bouncing the ball in the centre.
Crowd; 3,000
Robertson ex North Melbourne, Simpson a back player from St. Kilda, Spedding, G. Williams, Geddes, Richardson, and J. McInerney all played well.
The juniors surprisingly were taller and heavier than the Carlton men.
The Blues were overun after half time with the Juniors kicking an almost unbelievable 7 goals straight for the third term.
Albert J. Thurgood (Brighton) played for the Juniors he would go on to score more than 400 goals in the VFA, WAFA, and VFL. He would join Essendon in this their premiership year.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, J.Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Mackie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, J. McInerney, Islay McOwan, Roberts, R. Robertson, Richardson, Spedding, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Strong, Turner, P. Williams, G. Williams, White.
These players did not play; J. Lorraine, Walton, Strickland, Bailey, White, Mackie, and Turner.
Umpire; J. Hopkins.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.2 3.8 4.9 5.12
C.J. 3.2 4.3 11.3 11.8
Goals; McKechnie, Strong, P. Williams, G. Williams, Moorhouse.
Players mentioned; (20) Batters, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moorhouse, McKechnie, J. McInerney, McOwan, Roberts, Robertson, Richardson, Spedding, Sutton, Simpson, Strong, P. Williams, G. Williams.

April 30 Thursday


"Certainly the Dark Blues struggled as manfully as they could; besides which Lorraine (their skipper) and Will Strickland were missing from their ranks. The very fact that they scored five goals against the overwhelming attack is proof positive that the "bulldogs" weren't defeated without a terrific struggle, Robertson, Moorhouse, Blake, Geddis, Keane, Hutchinson, McOwan, Spedding, Currie and George and Peter Williams deserving special commendation for their spirited efforts. But once the Juniors got well in advanced there was no withstanding their dashes McLaren, Alywin, Fleming, McMichael, Langridge, Moriarty, Armstrong, Alsop, Bromley, Benson, Madden and Thurgood coming more directly under my notice, the latter proving himself to be a marvellously accurate and long-distance kicker.
The final result was a win for the Juniors by 11 goals 8 behinds to 5 goals 12 behinds. The Carlton forwards were once more decidedly "off" in their shots for goal; and I cannot help thinking that if less Gymnasium training was indulged in, and more time spent in Field Practice at the posts (on moonlight nights if no other time were available) - a la poor George Coulthard - there would be a vast improvement in the prowess of the Carlton team.
For years past they have lost their chance of the premiership simply through their erratic goal kicking, and never on their all-round play. This should be looked to, at once."
(Melbourne Punch p11)

May 02


The Argus in it's season preview;
"Some amended rules will come into force in the matches commencing today.
One of the soundest alterations is that which abolishes the lining up of teams in the centre of the ground at the start of a game, and after each goal has been kicked.
It was one of those practices which came into the game no one exactly knew how or why.
If it were intended to counterbalance the loss the loss of the toss or a goal, it had really, as carried out, the opposite effect.
Some people regret it's abolition on the ground that it was an inspiriting feature of the game, but football is sufficiently inspiriting without artificial aids.
Further, football is an athletic competition, and is not a parade or a demonstration."

"In throwing in the ball from out of bounds, a little more should have been left to the discretion of the umpire.
He is required to walk in with it some distance, and bounce it.
This may mean, if strictly carried out, a loss of time and slower play, though, even rigidly enforced, it cannot prove more irritating than the delay under the old rule, caused by the players so frequently touching the ball.
What is the objection to throwing or rolling the ball well into the field whenever the umpire sees an opening, letting the players get it how and when they may.
Risk or accident can have nothing to do with it, for a ball on the ground, with some players trying to pick it up, and others kicking at it, is much more likely to lead to mishaps than when the players are trying to secure a ball in mid-air, as they are constantly doing during the progress of a match.
The defect in the new rule on this point is that it hardly goes far enough, and that is probably the reason why players object to it."

"Last year the association sought to eliminate a rough point in the play by making it punishable to push a player from behind while in the act of marking.
The result was that the less manly players deliberately waited until their opponent leaped to mark the ball, then doubled them up with a well timed push from the front.
Pushing in any way when a player is marking is now prohibited, and it has been decided to punish players for throwing an opponent down after he has marked.
This offence has in it's time caused many a volley of groans, and it is now widely discouraged.
Some other wholesome amendments have been made, and so far there is no indication of over legislation."

"The subject of training for football matches was dealt with a length by the honorary secretary of the association, who considers that with all the expense and trouble teams are not faster than of old, when there was no training.
It is a difficult matter to make a comparison between the recollection of events a good many years old and the actual present; but a good many who have seen the game played now and then-well, provided they are not like Mr. Marshall himself, retired champions of the olden time-will say that there is really no camparison at all.
The game is faster, and in all respects more exciting now, and it would be quite impossible for one of the old-time teams to live against a trained twenty of today playing under modern rules.
If they were allowed to use the best advantage that weight which was so important a consideration in bygone days, the light-weights of the present would have a remarkably uncomfortable two hours, but in pace and condition the "old identities" are now quite outclassed.
It may be pointed out that if over-training is the tendency it will bring it's own punishment, and all players will have to do is to resist some of the "fads" of emulative trainers. While the training is confined to sound and healthy work it can do them little harm.
Training cannot possibly be prohibited by a football law even if it was desirable that it should be, and, as long as one team trains, all must do so, or submit to see the premiership rather more a monopoly than it is at present."

May 02


Carlton played St.Kilda at the St.Kilda ground.
Ground in excellent condition, St.Kilda had the breeze in the first quarter.
Crowd; 15,000
Under the VFA's new law, the game commenced by the ball being bounced in the centre by umpire J. Shaw.
The Saints got off to a good start, Carlton were almost the equal but couldn't put the score on the board. Their lack of a reliable goal kicker let them down in the final quarter.
The Blues played as individuals and lacked team work.
"One had some difficulty in realising the fact that he was beholding the performance of a representative team of the illustrious dark blues, so frequent were the blunders and so inexplicable was the want of cohesion."
Bailey played well, but for some inexplicable reason took the ball the wrong way on occasions and the Saints scored. He also tried to beat the opposition by dodging instead of kicking the ball.
Strickland at times had difficulty picking out friend from foe.
Skipper Jack Lorriane was restricted with a leg injury.
The Blues played a little better in the second half, but the damage had been done.
One of the St.Kilda players Robertson played last week with Carlton against the Juniors. (The same Robertson named in this week's Blues 24 man squad?) He was seen by Carlton as a great acquistion from North Mebourne, but he has dumped the Blues, (or was he given his marching orders?) for the South of the Yarra club. (See May 15)
Carlton team; (24 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Lorraine, Moorhouse, G. Moriarty, Mackie, McInerney, McKechnie, Roberts, Robertson, Richardson, Salt, Spedding, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Walton, P. Williams, G. Williams.
Blake, Mackie, Robertson, & Salt did not play.
Carlton team line-up (M.P.)
Backs; Moriarty, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; Hutchison, Lorraine (Capt), Richardson
Centre; Simpson, Walton, Bailey
Half forwards; Strickland, P. Williams, Roberts
Forwards; Spedding, G. Williams, McInerney
Followers; Currie, Geddes, McKechnie, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.2 1.4 2.4 3.10
St.K. 3.1 5.3 5.5 6.6
Goals; G. Williams, Currie, Moorhouse.
Best; Moorhouse (BOG), Peter Williams, Currie.
Players mentioned; (20) Walton, Batters, Geddes, Richardson, Bailey, J. McInerney, Spedding, Lorraine, C. Coulson, McKechnie, Strickland, G. Williams, Roberts, Hutchison, Simpson, Sutton, Moorhouse, Currie, Moriarty, P. Williams.
New players, J. McInerney, Spedding, Richardson, G. Williams, and Moriarty showed promise.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton. unknown, not all clubs played this week.
Played 1 Won 0 Lost 1 Goals For 3 Against 6 Points 0

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played St. Kilda at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Beveridge, Burston, Brodie, Brennan, Carson, Cook, Dillon, Ewart, Grant, Hannah, Homewood, Kelly, Kimpton, Lukies, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Price, Ryan, Randall, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor.
No details

May 08 Friday


"The Carlton team will do well to go in for more outside practice. The exercises that they are put through at the Athletic Hall by Professor Miller are very useful, but last Saturday's play clearly showed that more activity in the field is necessary if the old club is to maintain its reputation."
(Evening Standard)

May 08


V.F.A. meeting;
North Melbourne delegate Mr. J. Gardiner named Carlton player Robertson as crossing from North Melbourne to Carlton where he would receive payment for his services.
As this is against the Association's amateur stance, a committee was formed to investigate. (See May 15)

May 09
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy C. G.
The Fitzroy ground has undergone a lot of improvements since last year, however, the ground is so flat that after rain drainage becomes a problem which made parts of the ground were very muddy.
After last week's effort against St.Kilda, it looked like defeat was staring the Blues in the face against Fitzroy.
The Blues were embarrassed by last Saturday's effort and during the week underwent "active" training and practice.
Crowd; 15,000
This week they seemed like another team and more importantly they played like a team.
Carlton's skipper and one of it's better backmen Lorraine was away and unable to play, and Walton captained the Blues.
However, future Carlton coach Jack Worrall was carrying an injury from the recent cricket season, and he was largely ineffectual for The Roys.
Intermittent rain fell throughout the game, but this didn't interfere with the extremely fast and brilliant match.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the railway (eastern) end.
Just before half time, a telephone rang near the time keepers box and most of the players thought it was the bell to end the quarter and started to walk off. Former Carlton captain, Tommy Leydin, now in his second season with Fitzroy, knew it wasn't the bell, and he played on and put the ball through for a goal. The umpire, wrongly disallowed the goal.
Peter Williams is suffering from a friendly knock received from Danny Hutchison in last week's game.
Umpire; Former Carlton player and Port Melbourne skipper, William 'Billy' Hannaysee.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Beggs, Batters, Blake, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Mackie, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McInerney, McKechnie, McPherson, Roberts, Richardson, Spedding, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Walton (Capt.), White, G. Williams.
McPherson ex St.Kilda
Batters, Blake, McInerney, and White did not play.
Berry played.
Carlton team; (Sportsman May 13 p6)
Backs; Spedding, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; Hutchison, Walton (Capt), Richardson
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Moritary, McPherson, Roberts
Forwards; Berry, W. Beggs, Williams
Followers; Moorhouse, McKechnie, Currie, Geddes
Rover; Keane
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.0 1.1 2.2 5.5
Fitz. 0.1 0.1 2.3 2.3
Goals; Moorhouse 2, Keane, Williams, Currie.
Best; Strickland, Moorhouse, Hutchison.
Players mentioned; (11) Moriarty, Moorhouse (BOG), Keane, Currie, McKechnie, Hutchison, Richardson, Strickland, Simpson, Walton, Williams.
Others that played; (9) Beggs, McPherson, Roberts, Spedding, Sutton, Coulson, Geddes, Berry, Bailey.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton sixth.
Played 2 Won 1 Lost 1 Goals For 8 Against 8 Points 4.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty vs Fitzroy at Princes Oval.
Edward Grant, 19 years age of 302 Madeline Street Carlton, playing for the Carlton club dislocated his elbow.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Burston, Brodie, Brennan, Carson, Cook, Grant, Hannah (Capt.), Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Monk, Meares, Price, Ryan, Randall, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor, Mapleston, Brown, Homewood.
No result details

May 09
The Australasian reports that football has become popular with the young settlers in the new irrigation area of Mildura.
Three clubs are up and running, South Mildura, Mildura, and North Mildura.

May 13 Wednesday


The Argus' "Observer", wrote about the practice of touting for players, the speed of the game, goal kicking, etc.
The read the article, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8619832

May 15


V.F.A. meeting;
The investigation into the payment to R. Robertson is ongoing.
R. Robertson is now playing for the St.Kilda club after representing Carlton against the Combined Juniors.
He had asked Carlton how much he was going to be paid, and was told "We had never paid anyone yet, Robertson, and don't intend to commence now." Robertson replied he had been offered 30 shillings a week by another club.
The committee with held their decision until the next meeting on Friday.

May 15
Carlton skipper Jack Lorraine is still out injured with bone bruising on his leg. Jack is also suffering from acute pain.
Berry and McPherson will both miss. Peter Williams may also be unavailable.

May 16


The Australasian reported that former Carlton pioneer player Bill Williams had passed away aged 44.
See article, Old Carlton Footballer - The Origin Of Little Marks on Bill's bio page > Bill Williams

May 16
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The cricket ground was in excellent condition.
Crowd; 6,000.
"Markwell" of the Australasian;
"They are unfortunate that Lorraine, their dashing and experienced skipper is incapacitated with sciatica, as the task devolving on Walton, the vice captain, is a heavier one than so young a player should be called upon to undertake. A master-hand is necessary in the first few games of the year to fix men in their places best suited for them, and to regulate matters generally, and Walton though possessed of coolness and judgment, qualities that go a long way towards making a commander, is, through no fault of his own, lacking in the most necessary of all qualities, experience."
G. Williams was given an extra round of applause for kicking one of his goals from a very difficult angle.
"Hutchison excelled himself in vigour and effectiveness, and did more work than anyone on the ground."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Mackie, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Simpson, Spedding, Sutton, Syle, Strickland, White, Walton, P. Williams, G. Williams.
Blake, Mackie and White did not play.
Carlton Team line-up. (M. P.)
Backs; Richardson, Sutton, Coulson
Halfbacks; Hutchison, Walton, Geddes
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; P. Williams, Moriarty, Roberts
Forwards; G. Williams, Syle, Beggs
Followers; Moorhouse, McKechnie, Currie, Spedding
Rover; Keane
Umpire; J. Schaefer.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.0 3.5 6.6 10.8
Port. 0.1 2.1 3.1 4.1
Goals; Currie 3, G. Williams 2, Geddes 2, Syle, Beggs, Keane.
Players mentioned; (18/20) Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Geddes, Hutchison (BOG), Keane, Moorhouse, Moriarty, Richardson, Roberts, Simpson, Spedding, Strickland, Syle, Sutton, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams. (plus Coulson & McKechnie)
Coulson and McKechnie were named in Monday's Age starting 20.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 18 Against 12 Points 8.

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne Oval.
The team met at Kelly's at 2.15pm.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Beveridge, Brodie, Brennan, Burston, Carson, Cook, Hannah, Hamilton, Kelly, Kimpton, Lukies, Lemon, Monk, Manchester, Miller, Price, Randall, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor, Minogue, Ryan
Umpire; D. C. Junner.
Resullt unknown

May 16


The Australasian reported on the South Australian Football Association meeting held on Tuesday 12.
For this year's intercolonial football matches in Adelaide in June, it was decided,
"that the South Australian team should play in black and white jerseys and caps, white knickers and black hose, a costume suggestive of an undertaker."

May 22


V.F.A. meeting;
Until Robertson makes a statutory declaration that he never received any payment, he would be suspended from playing football.
(See May 30)

A proposal by Mr. Hunt to have an assistant umpire failed to get a seconder.

May 23
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The large crowd was treated to a fast and interesting game.
"...the dark blues entered into the contest with so much ability and vigour that they established a strong lead ere the quarter bell jingled."
"Moorhouse and Currie, marked, kicked and effected exchanges in a manner that bewildered their opponents.
Strickland, who is in his old form, and not burdened with the captaincy as he was last year, flew over the ground; and Keane emulated his brilliant example.
Sutton, back, was a veritable stone wall, over whom it was necessary to climb in order to reach the citidel, and Captain Walton throughly maintained his reputation for coolness and ablility."
Melbourne played very good football in the third term and pressured the Carlton defence, but just before three quarter time the Blues doubled their goal tally by slamming on 3 goals to Williams, Syle and Currie
The Blues missed easy chances in the final term, The Barrier Miner said;.
"The weakness of Carlton in goal kicking was again evident, no less than seven easy shots registering behinds only."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Beggs, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Mackie, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Syle, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Spedding, White, Walton (Capt.), G. Williams, P. Williams.
Umpire; J. J. Trait
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.2 3.5 6.10 9.17
Melb. 0.0 1.1 2.3 4.3
Goals; Beggs 2, Currie 2, Williams 2, Syle, Keane, Geddes.
Players mentioned; (15) McKechnie, Beggs, Keane, Moorhouse, Currie, Strickland, Sutton, Syle, Walton, Hutchison, Roberts, Coulson, Geddes, Spedding, G. Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 4 Won 3 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 27 Against 16 Points 12.

Carlton Second Twenty played Melbourne on the Warehouseman's Ground St. Kilda Road.
The team met at Kelly's at 2.15pm.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Ashton, Brown, Brodie, Broughton, Burston, Carson, Clancy, Cook, Ewart, Glennon, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Manchester, Maplestone, Minogue, Miller, Price, Ryan, Randall, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor
No details

May 25 Monday Queen's Birthday.
Carlton played Norwood on the South Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The gates opened at 10am. and the match commenced at 11am.
The early start enabled the crowd at attend the Queen's Birthday celebrations.
Norwood were fresh from defeating South Ballarat in Ballarat.
A beautiful day, the ground in great condition.
Crowd; 7,000.
Former Carlton player A. E. Waldron played for Norwood.
The Blues showed little respect for their opponents by resting these 9 players;
Hutchison, Coulson, Roberts, Walton, Spedding, Currie, P. Williams, Lorraine, and Mackie.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the lake goal, but they were out run, out kicked, out marked and out played.
The absence of so many good players was too much for the Blues, and Norwood had a brilliant and a decisive win.
The Blues played one man short until Brown joined in during the half time break.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Batters, Beggs, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Flynn, Geddes, Keane, Mackie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwen, Ryan, Richardson, Sutton, Syle, Strickland (Capt.), Simpson, Spedding, White, G. Williams.
Carlton team line-up (The Herald)
Backs; Geddes, Sutton, Mears
Half backs; Coulson, McOwan, Strickland (Capt.)
Centre; Simpson, Blake, McPherson
Half forward; Ashton, Flynn, Syle
Forwards; Beggs, G. Williams, Taylor
Follower; Moorhouse, McKechnie, Richardson, Brown
Rover; Keane
Umpire; Harvey.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.1 2.1 2.1 3.3
Nor. 3.3 3.6 4.10 6.10
Goals; G. Williams 2, Keane.
Players mentioned; (11) Keane, Beggs, Blake, Richardson, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Strickland, Simpson, Geddes, Sutton, G. Williams.

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne
Result unknown

May 30
Carlton played Williamstown at the M.C.G.
The Blues were superior to Williamstown in every aspect of the game.
However, the Blues only scored 8 goals from 26 attempts as once again their forward work was poor. They will need to improve this aspect when they play the stronger teams.
The first quarter goals were scored by Spedding & P. Williams. Currie scored the second quarter goal.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwen, Roberts, Richardson, Simpson, Syle, Spedding, Sutton, Strickland, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton, Watson.
Umpire; W. Hannaysee.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.5 3.9 6.11 8.18
Will. 0.0 1.1 1.5 1.5
Goals; P. Williams 2, Moorhouse 2, Spedding, McKechnie, Keane, Currie
Players mentioned; (12) Spedding, P. Williams, Roberts, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Moriarty, Hutchison, Currie, Simpson, Keane, Beggs, Batters.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 5 Won 4 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 35 Against 17 Points 16.

Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves played Williamstown on the Williamstown C. G.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Brodie, Beveridge, Burston, Broughom, Carson, Cook, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Miller, Manchester, Maplestone, Monk, Mears, Price, Ryan, Randall, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor.
No team details.
Umpire; F. J. Plant.
Carlton lost; 1 - 6
According to the Williamstown Chronicle (June 06 p2) one of Willy's better players was named Comben - a relation of Bruce Comben and John Comben?

May 30


The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill) wrote about the R. Robertson affair.
"To ask honestly for payment for honest services in the football field is, in the eyes of some clubs, a crime.
A certain crack junior, on joining the ranks of the Carlton F.B.C. (Carlton F.C.), is said to have openly demanded payment. Of course he was very young and innocent to do so. As he had not played in a single big match he was refused. Then he struck his colours, went over to the St.Kilda, and helped win the match, playing the game of the forty.
This was too much for the dark blues to stand, so an individual, who derives his nickname from his savage play in the old Hotham days, was put up as the champion of "honest football" to impeach the youngster and the whole affair will be brought before the V.F.B.A. (V.F.A.)
Now that the accuser is up he might ask, "how do half the footballers live throughout the year? Answer: "On the ball."

June 02 Tuesday


The Advertiser (Adelaide) has published the names of the 23 players in the Victorian squad to play South Australia in Adelaide.
The Carlton representatives are, Hutchison, Sutton, Keane and Walton.
The Sportsman (June 02 p6) says, "I hear the Carlton men are unlikely to go across, and that the expenses part of the business is not satisfactory. Decidedly the team will not be representative of the full strength of Victorian football."

June 05
Not Carlton related, but The Advertiser in Adelaide reports that the Adelaide Football Club is in financial trouble, with the coffers being empty, and it also lacks quality experienced players.
Without money it can't attract decent players.
The club has sunk to a new low in that it has recently been beaten by Menindie, a junior club which has a great nick-name, "The Dingoes".
In 1893 the Menindie Football Club changed it's name to the North Adelaide Football Club, it retained it's red and white colours and was known as "The Roosters".

June 06
Carlton played North Melbourne at Arden Street.
The Blues were the heavier team and they used their extra weight to their advantage.
The animosity that exists between the two teams has not quite subsided.
The VFA were criticised by not sending a more experienced umpire to the match.
North scored the first goal but Richardson soon equalized.
Once again the Carlton forwards were off target.
"Batters roved admirably."
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McOwen, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Simpson, Strickland, Spedding, Syle, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton.
Umpire; Hallett.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.5 3.8 5.10 8.14
N.M. 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.1
Goal; G. Williams 2, Currie, Geddes, Lorraine, Hutchison, Keane, Richardson.
Players mentioned; (12) Lorraine, Richardson, Batters, Moorhouse, Currie, Spedding, Roberts, Sutton, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, G. Williams .
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 43 Against 18 Points 20.

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Broughom, Brodie, Burston, Carson, Cook, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Miller, Maplestone, Manchester, Monk, McKinley, Meares, Price, Randall, Ryan, Stewart, Taylor, Tough.

June 13
Carlton played Ballarat at Saxon Paddock, Ballarat.
Monday's Age said;
"It is now 30 years ago since the Carlton and Ballarat clubs first met in a friendly contest, and among the spectators yesterday (Saturday) were several men who were included in the teams of long ago."
(Does that mean the Carlton club was around in 1861? see Formation Of The Club)
A large crowd attended.
Batters, White, Simpson, Lorraine, Roberts, Hutchison, Sutton did not play.
Drizzling rain fell most of the day.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Beggs, Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Keane, Lorraine, Mackie, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McOwen, McKechnie, Richardson, Simpson, Strickland, Spedding, Syle, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton.
Umpire; Schaefer.
Match drawn.
Carl. 2.1 3.4 4.5 4.6
Ball. 1.1 2.2 4.4 4.4
Goals; Geddes, others unknown.
Players mentioned; (3) Beggs, Geddes, McKechnie.

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon on Princes Oval.
The Blues scored the first goal but the Dons soon answered. Carlton scored a second goal late in the game.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brodie, Brown, Carsons, Cook, Gooddy, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Meares, Miller, Minogue, McAuliffe, McKinley, McKinley, Price, Randall, Ryan, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor, Tough
Carlton lost; 2.1 - 4.9
Goals; No details.

June 13
Victoria played South Australia on the Adelaide Oval.
23 players selected in the Victorian squad. Two matches to be played, the second on Tuesday June 16.
Uniform; Same as last year, blue guernsey with a gold sash, white knickers, blue cap and hose.
South Australia; White and black striped guernseys, white knickers, black hose.
(Collingwood's not so "unique" guernsey used before the Woods were formed, see May 16.)
Jack Baker now playing for Geelong.
Carlton representatives;
Hutchison, Sutton, Keane, Walton.
Crowd; 7,500.
Hutchison and Sutton played.
Umpire; Trait.
Victorian team;
Backs; Parkin (Geel), Sutton (Carl), O'Halloran (Rich).
Half backs; Fleming (Capt) (Ess), Wilkinson, Mouritz (Ess).
Centre; Wheatland (Geel), Cribben (Ess), Angwin (Ess).
Half forwards; Julien (Ess), Webb (Ess), Hutchison (Carl).
Forwards; Baker (Geel), Smith (Melb/St.K), McShane (Geel).
Rover; Wilson.
Followers; Rappiport (Fitz), Carroll (N.Melb), Fry (Melb), Williamson (Foots).
2 players named Smith.
Vic 2.3 3.5 5.8 7.8
SA 1.3 1.3 2.4 5.9
Victoria won; Vic 7.8 - S.A. 5.9
Vic. had 18 shots at goal, two of which were running shots.
S. Aust. had 20 shots at goal, three of which were running shots.
Vic. 90 marks.
S. Aust. 94 marks.
Vic. 8 frees.
S. Aust. 16 frees.
Goals; Webb 2, Baker, Julien, McShane, Carroll, Smith.

June 11 Thursday
"On Saturday the Old Indentities Of Carlton and Geelong meet in friendly rivalry on the M.C.G.
That wil be "Old Times, Rocks!" with a vengeance."
(Punch June p7)

June 12


Forth coming Carlton - Geelong Old Players Match
From the Carlton Gazette

June 13


Old players of Carlton and Geelong played at the M.C.G.
All takings donated to the Children's Hospital.
Crowd; 800
The game was played under the old rules as the former players reckon today's rules are too gentle for them.
J. Gardiner captained the side.
A farcical match with mostly unfit, overweight former players trying to do the impossible and play like they once did.
As a follower of Carlton's fortunes since pre historic times, Mr.Manichild surveys the scene with a mournful glance, and he soliloquises in fitful snatches like these;
"Good heavens! to think that Dick Frayne, that ran like a deer, could ever swell so big."
"and Billy Dedman, the lightning goal sneak, could ever come to waddle like that."
"Lanty O'Donnell-that's Lanty, is it? I mind him as a tough follower as ever took the ball out of the ruck; they ought to get him a Bath chair. Poor chap, he flops on his face everytime the ball comes near him."
"Billy Dedman didn't play in knickerbockers, -he stuck to pants; and as he didn't have any suspenders, he was occasionally to be seen,
'Giving a hitch
To his trousers, which
Is a trick all fat men larn.'

The famous Goalkicker had a marvelously-colored kind of maroon jersey on; but where it was built, or what it was originally intended for (except it were to keep the elephant at the Zoo warm during these winter's nights) must ever remain a mystery." (Punch June 18 p11)
To read the article from The Argus click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8618196
Billy Dedman managed to kick a 60 yard goal, all along the ground.
"Carlton was appropriately skippered by J. Gardiner, whose ancient glory as a commander of the dark blues still sheds a lustre round him in spite of years of absence from the field, and notwithstanding that during these years he has held and still continues to hold the proud and important office of representative of his district in the Legislative Assembly.
His voice and example in the olden days frequently roused his followers to victorious efforts, and there was last Saturday the same hearty ring to his tones, and the evident desire to do all that was in him to land his team in front. His most trusty and successful associates were the famous punter "Lanty" O'Brien, whose grip is heartier than ever, G. Smith, H. Heatley, Newton, Coventry, Johnston, E. Barrass, Frayne, Letcher, Spear, R. Donaldson, the goal makers, and last, but far from least, the same, "Jack" Donovan, whose prowess on the field did as much for Carlton in the past as has been accomplished before or since by any player privileged to wear her uniform." (Australasian October 04)
Carlton team; (25 named)
T. Aram, E. 'Ted' Barrass, A. Coventry, W. 'Billy' Dedman, R. Donaldson, C. M. Donovan, J. A. Donovan, E. Fitzgerald, Dick Frayne, Jack Gardiner (Capt), Billy Goer, Gunn, F. Johnston, C. Letcher, A. McMichael, F. McIntosh, J. Nairn, W. Newing, C. Newton, O.T.L. O'Brien, W. Robertson, Jas. Rickards, G. Smith, W. Heatley F. Spear. (Age June 13)
Umpire; Jim Woods
Match drawn
Carlton 5.9 - Geelong 5.6 (Another Argus report said Carlton's last goal was kicked after the bell, therefore?, 4.9 - 5.6 see http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article8619995)
Goals; C. Donovan, & W. Dedman did most of the scoring.
"Dedman, the dodger, the sneak A1
That hath ever sneaked 'neath Australia's sun."
(Punch June 18 p11)
Players mentioned; (18) E.'Ted' Barrass, Alick Coventry, W. 'Billy' Dedman, R. 'Bob' Donaldson, C. Donovan, "Jack" Donovan, Dick Frayne, J. Gardiner, Billy Goer, W. Heatley, F. Johnston, C. Letcher, Fred McIntosh, C. Newton, Lanty O'Brien, O'Donnell, Geo. Smith, F. Spear, "

The Carlton Football Club entertained both teams with a dinner at Clements Hotel.
Old and young players, and non players attended, presided over by Carlton's former captain, J. Gardiner.
Many songs were sung, speeches were made, and toasts were drunk. A pleasant evening had by all.

Carlton founder and former player George F. Bowen writing as "Olympus' in Punch has a humerous report on this match; http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article174597344

Carlton identity George H. Ievers composed and sung this song for the occasion at the request of the Veterans.


Air: "Sailing"

With joy, dear friends, we greet with cheers,
Those football heroes of bygone years;
Their day is past, but their hearts are true
To their dear old colors, the White and the Blue.
They meet today as they did in days of yore,
In Charity's cause, may they do so over more;
Then here's to the Captains Jimmy Wilson and Jack Gardiner too,
Who have play'd in the days of yore for the dashing White and Blue.
Football! Football! Our National game so grand,
When play'd not for gain, but for honor and fame,
'Tis the noblest game in the land.
Football! Football! for Charity's sake 'tis devine;
May we meet each year for a cause so dear,
And for Auld Lang Syne.

We see here again Newton, Smith and Frayne,
Jack Donovan, Goer, and Dedman live again,
Wilson, Crohan (?), Spear and Guy
Who could mark (?), dodge, and fly;
And Lanty O'Brien, who'd have his kick or die,
Murphy, Collins, Woods, and Johnson and Coventry so fast;
Jack Healy, McGill, and Bowen, and all heroes of the past.
Then three cheers for the Old Warriors of the dashing White and Blue,
Who play'd the game in Charity's name -- a cause so true.
Chorus - Football!, Football! &c.

Note: the microfiche film was difficult to read in parts, hence the (?)
Reproduced from the Carlton Gazette June 1891 (SLV.)

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon on Princes Oval.
The time keepers let the game run into overtime and it finished in the dark at 5.35pm.
Umpire; Mahoney
Carlton lost; 2.1 - 4.9

June 16 Tuesday
Victoria played South Australia in Adelaide.
Rain drizzled all afternoon, making the ground slippery and the ball greasy.
Play began at 3.10pm and a fast and even game commenced.
Former Blue, now Pivotonian Jack Baker selected in the forward pocket.
Sutton, back pocket, was the only Carlton representative.
Umpire; Plunkett.
Victorian team;
Backs; Sutton O'Halloran, Wilson.
Half Back; Fleming (Capt), Wilkinson, Fox.
Centre; Wheatland, Cribbin, Angwin.
Half Forward; Julien, Webb, Shore.
Forward; Jack Baker, Mouritz, McShane.
Rover; unknown.
Followers; Rappiport, Alf Smith, Griffen, unknown.
South Australia won.
Vic 2.1 3.4 4.6 4.7
SA 2.2 3.3 4.5 5.6
Goals; Mouritz, Baker, Webb, Smith.

June 20


The Argus says;
"The executive of the Melbourne Cricket Club have made special arrangements for visitors to the above match. (Carlton vs Geelong)
During the season a large number of extra seats have been placed on the embankment, which has been asphalted throughout.
A broad cinder path has been made right round at the back of the embankment, so that the people may get to the further side of the ground without pushing and crowding on the bank.
By these means several thousands more people can be accomodated, and everyone get a full view of the game."

Evening Standard June 19

June 20
Carlton played Geelong on the M.C.G.
Lorraine, Blake, Syle, and White did not play.
Crowd; 25,000 - 30,000
M.C.G. surface described as "sloppy", rain fell prior to the commencement.
Geelong, so far, were undefeated and the Blues had only lost the opening match.
Former Carlton captain and champion player Jack Baker played for Geelong.
Walton won the toss and the Blues kicked to the Richmond end goal.
"The ground was very heavy after the rains, which was all in favour of the dark blues and prevented the Geelong "flyers" from operating to the best advantage."
Markwell of The Australasian said;
"No player on either side did more brilliant work than Simpson, of the winning team. His speed and cleverness made him much more than a match for Wheatland, the famous Geelong flyer, and it was to him, more perhaps than to anyone else except the goal-kickers, that Carlton owed their victory, as he seldom in his position on the centre wing allowed the ball to pass him."
Peter Williams made effective use of handball.
Geelong made determined effort in the last quarter, but Sutton, like a brick wall in defence, did some splendid work to help hold out the Corio boys.
An unexpected result which proved the the Blues are a good team.
Carlton won in most departments of the game and the most striking feature was their pace.
One wonders how St. Kilda could have possibly beaten them in the season opener. This week the Saints were beaten by the weakest team in the V.F.A., Footscray. St. Kilda now sit on the bottom of the Association ladder. The Blues' loss to the Saints would prove costly.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Blake, Bailey, Batters, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Syle, Spedding, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton.
Carlton team line-up (Evening Standard)
Backs; Coulson, Sutton, McOwan
Half backs; Walton, P. Williams, Hutchison
Centre; Bailey, Strickland, Simpson
Half forwards; Geddes, Keane, Roberts
Forwards; G. Williams, Beggs, Richardson
Followers; Currie, Moorhouse, Spedding, McKechnie
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.2 2.5 3.5 4.7
Geel. 0.0 0.2 0.7 0.8
Goals; Currie 2.3, Keane 1.0, Moorhouse 1.0, Batters 0.2, Beggs 0.1, G. Williams 0.1
Best; Simpson (BOG), Sutton, Currie, Batters.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Beggs, Coulson, Currie, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moorhouse, Mackay/McOwan?, McKechnie, Ogle, Richardson, Roberts, Spedding, Simpson, Strickland, Sutton, Walton, Geo. Williams, P. Williams.
Both McOwan and Mackay were mentioned in the Geelong Advertiser's match report. Printer's error?
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 7 Won 6 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 47 Against 18 Points 24.

Carlton Second Twenty played Geelong at Geelong
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Brodie, Broughom, Brown, Burston, Carsons, Fariey/Farley, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Miller, Minogue, McKinley, Ogle, Price, Randall, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor, Tough, Woods

June 22 Monday
The Barrier Miner in Broken Hill reports;
"Walter Kelly of the Carlton Club was a visitor to Numurkah on Saturday. He played for the local footballers, and during the game broke his leg."

June 27
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
After a week of rain, the mud and slush conditions at times turned the game into a version of British Assocation football.
The Blues were favourites as the team were noted for being good "mudlarks."
The usual display of biceps was dispensed with as both teams wore long sleeves.
An immense crowd of 20,000 watched a surprisingly fast and one of the best games played so far this season, despite the state of the ground. The majority of the crowd were Carlton barrackers.
Lorraine was absent and W. Walton captained the Blues.
Umpire Trait, after 10 minutes of play was covered in mud.
"At half time," said the Argus, "the supporters of Carlton were naturally jubilant, and flags were waved, and a football song to the air of 'Little Annie Rooney' was sung by an enthusiastic crowd." (Adelaide Obersver July 4 p24)
The Blues were favourites, but their inaccuracy in front of goal cost them the game.
"The game was played on the East Melbourne ground (which is too small to give a team like Carlton full scope), and not withstanding that rain fell just prior to the game, 20,000 people were present."
Keane had chances to score at least 3 goals.
The Blues deserved to win, as they played the better football, or at least draw.
Essendon's late winning goal was something of a fluke as for the first and only time the Blues had left the goal unguarded. It was the only time during the quarter they had the ball in their half, and the ball was dribbled through the goals. The Blues scored five behinds in the final quarter to the Dons one goal.
After the match, Carlton players J. Lorraine, W. Walton, W. Strickland, Moriarty, and J/W. Beggs were entertained by the Essendon Club with a dinner, and a visit to the Theatre Royal to see a stage show.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Strickland, Simpson, Spedding, Syle, White, Walton (Vice capt.), G. Williams, P. Williams.
(Blake, Lorraine, Syle, White, and G. Williams did not play.)
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.2 2.7 2.7 2.12
Ess. 1.3 1.4 2.8 3.8
Goals; Moorhouse 2.
Players mentioned; (20) McKechnie, Jack? Moriarty, Moorhouse, Simpson, Roberts, Batters, Walton, Richardson, Geddes, Keane, Hutchison, Strickland, Bailey, Coulson, Sutton, Beggs, P. Williams, Spedding, McOwan, Currie
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 8 Won 6 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 49 Against 21 Points 24.

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon on Princes Park
Umpire; C. F. Drake
Carlton team; (24 named)
Ashton, Brown, Beveridge, Brodie, Burton, Carsons, Farley, Hannah, Hodge, Kelly, Lemon, Lukies, Miller, Minogue, Maplestone, Manchester, McKinley, O'Dwyer, Price, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor, White, Woods.

July 01 Wednesday


Legislative Assembly.
Mr. J. Gardiner, (trying to get Carlton F.C. exclusive use of part of Princes Park), proposed a 10% tax on football to be paid to charities.
Mr. G. D. Carter in response;
"If the hon member could get the house to pass an act compelling the football clubs to pay 10 percent of the gross proceeds taken on the grounds to the Treasury that would be an excellent reason for getting exclusive right to the ground."
After much debate, Gardiner's proposal was adjourned.

July 01 Wednesday
A public service football team, it's members included Carlton's Simpson and Beggs and some other VFA players played a police team.
The Public Service won 14.7 - 6.3
A large crowd attended and all proceeds donated for the establishment of the Police Brass Band.
Venue unknown, possibly the M.C.G.

July 04
Carlton played Richmond on the Richmond Cricket Ground.
Blues' skipper, Jack Lorraine returned to the team, but Vice captain Walton was out with a rib injury.
Crowd; 6,000.
The fickle wind seemed to change direction each quarter.
However, it made no difference and the Blues cruised to an easy victory.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine (Capt.), Moriarty, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Strickland, Simpson, Spedding, Syle, White, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.0 5.5 5.6 8.8
Rich. 1.2 1.2 2.4 2.4
Goals; Williams 2, McKechnie, Spedding, Richardson, Roberts, Moorhouse, Gellatly.
Players mentioned; (12) Moorhouse, Currie, McKechnie, Batters, Keane, Roberts, Sutton, Richardson, Spedding, J. Lorraine, Williams, Gellatly.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 9 Won 7 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 57 Against 23 Points 28.

July 11
Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The wettest day so far in football history, the rain continually poured from 3am.
Over 1,000 people were forced to leave their homes due to extensive flooding in Collingwood, Richmond and South Melbourne.
"In Melbourne last Saturday the rain poured down at a marvellous rate, and every football ground in the city was soon under water, while that malodorous sewer, the Yarra, for once got a cleaning out and, overflowing it's banks, spread destruction far and wide."
The ground was covered in water. Most people thought that all the VFA matches would be cancelled, but all but two matches went ahead.
At midday a meeting between Major Wardill of the M.C.C., Mr. Angus Evans of South Melbourne, and Mr. W. C. Donaldson of Carlton agreed that the match should definately go ahead and start at 3pm.
Crowd; 5,000 turned up to brave the deluge.
At the M.C.G. the captains could not decide if the game should take place.
South Melbourne were reluctant to play, most Carlton players wanted it to go ahead.
The Blues were keen, because they knew that the only way they could have a chance to win this year's premiership was to defeat South Melbourne.
Umpire Trait decided that the match should be played.
Some players on both sides refused to take the field, those Blues were J. Lorraine, Batters, and P. Williams.
Hannah, a second twenty player was brought into the team to fill a gap.
All the players wore long sleeved woollen jumpers.
The game began at 3.30pm.
Rain pelted down and water covered the ground. When the ball hit the water it stopped.
Skillful football was out of the question with the ball being soccered, two early goals decided the contest.
Both sides were soon covered in mud and their colours were indistinguishable.
Moorhouse scored an early goal and soon followed up with a close miss. Geddes scored the Blues second goal just before quarter time.
Both teams seemed relucant to come out after half time break and play begun at 4.30pm
South suffered their first defeat of the season and their most severe in five years.
Many of the South's supporters were very bitter and felt the game not a fair contest, due to the state of the ground, and it should have not gone ahead.
(See end of season review, scroll down the page to Gambling, Professionalism, etc.)
The Blues are now 2 points behind both South Melbourne and Essendon.
Carlton could have led the Premiership race, and now must be rueing the unexpected loss to St.Kilda early in the season.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Beggs, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwen, McKechnie, Richardson, Roberts, Simpson, Strickland, Spedding, Sutton, Lyle/Syle?, G. Williams, P. Williams, Walton, White.
Batters, Lorraine, White and P. Williams did not play.
Carlton team line-up (M. P. )
Backs; Wilson*, A. Moorhouse, Spedding
Half backs; Richardson, Geddes, Roberts
Centres; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Hutchison, Walton (Capt), Moriarty
Half forwards; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Followers; McKechnie, Currie, J. Moorhouse, Hannah
Rover; Keane
.* Maybe G. Williams
Carlton line-up (Herald)
Backs; Wilson, Moorhouse, Spedding
Half backs; Richardson, Geddes, Roberts
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Hutchison, Walton, Moriarty
Forwards; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Followers; McKechnie, Currie, Moorhouse, Hannah
Rover; Keane
The Herald may have the Backs and Half back lines reversed with the forwards.
Sutton played at full back and Geddes was up on the forward line.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.2 2.2 2.5 2.5
S.M. 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.4
Goals; Moorhouse, Geddes.
Players mentioned; (19) Bailey, Coulson, Currie, Geddes, Hannah, Hutchison, Keane, A. Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Richardson, Roberts, Simpson, Spedding,Strickland, Sutton, Walton, Wilson. (plus J. Moorhouse)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 10 Won 8 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 59 Against 23 Points 32.

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at South Melbourne
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Brodie, Beveridge, Barton, Burston, Carsons, Carew, Hannah, Hodge, Kelly, Lemon, Monk, Miller, Maplestone, Manchester, Minogue, McKinley, O'Dwyer, Price, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor

The Maffra Spectator July 23;
"In the year AD, 1890, a football match was played between teams labelled as South Melbourne and Carlton respectively. Carlton won, and football's claim to be considered, like Mrs de Bazan "above suspicion," was fully justified, at any rate it was claimed and conceded. This justification was further assisted by the frantic efforts made after the match to prove that money had nothing to do with the result; in fact, gold and betting never did influence goals and behinds.
........ In this year of grace there has been another football match (really football,because picking up, holding, and throwing were impossible) between South Melbourne and Carlton. This was during the height of the storm that flooded Melbourne. Carlton won again, but this time it is put forward that they played on a ground resembling the Ballarat lake, at low tide, because a lot of money depended upon the match, and if they hadn't played the final result would have been a draw, which would have upset the "betting element," and, perhaps caused it to withdraw it's extensive patronage from the manly winter pastime.
All of which facts lead one into a vague suspicion that the betting element in football is to be denied or admitted according to the absence or existence of a mutual understanding - especially when South or Carlton are concerned - and also that earth, air, and fire, and water are powerless to squelch the national epidemic that sets in the winter, so long as the other element, money, clothes and feeds the amatuers who are hailed as heroes by a Tulloch ridden nation - with a hook in it."

The Horsham Times, 15 July 1924, recalls that on this day at the East Melbourne ground during a match between Essendon and Fitzroy, a count of players was made after half time.
Fitzroy was found to have had the correct number of 20 men on the ground when they ran out. However, it is thought that the 'Roys got wind of what was up, and smuggled a player out of a window in the changing rooms. Bars were were then placed on the dressing room window on the following Monday.


Since 1am Saturday, Melbourne's total rainfall has been 5.40 inches (137mm) in just 55 hours. At the Johnston Street bridge on Monday morning the water was 41 feet (12.5 meters) above the summer level. The storm was most intense in the Melbourne area and in Victoria's south east. (Argus Tuesday 14)
Just a drop kick from the 'G, Punt Road Richmond - The Great Flood July 1891
SLV Image

"From Princes Bridge, for several miles upstream the Yarra resembled an inland lake."
"Residents of Toorak looked out at breakfast on a great expanse of water, in which many of the cottages built during the "boom" period were buried, some of them up to their eaves."
At South Yarra the waters formed a serpentine lagoon, stretching away from the railway bridge and across Church-streeet and Toorak-road to the gully below Chapel Street. Toorak-road was covered by water for fully a third of a mile."
In Richmond, the waters extended past Punt Road railway bridge, and was many feet deep in that area."
(Argus July 14)

July 18
Carlton played Fitzroy at the M.C.G.
At last a fine day.
Ground was much improved since last week, although very heavy. One report said the soil was "the consistancy of semi liquid glue".
Crowd; 20,000.
The Blues were favourites and kicked towards the railway end, against the wind.
The Carltonians were over-confident and played as individuals, whereas Fitzroy played as a team.
A very fast game despite the conditions.
Geddes and Williams both missed easy chances to goal.
Simpson was injured in the first quarter and was not at his best.
Peter Williams tried to win the game off his own boot and overlooked his team mates in better positions nearer to goal.
Two of Fitzroy's goals, ironically, were kicked by former Carlton players, McInerney, and the last quarter sealer by former Carlton captain Tommy Leydin.
McInerney's goal came directly from Currie who kicked the ball the wrong way!* (see Aug 14)
"The comparatively new man, Richardson played sterling football throughout the match, but he was especially clever in the ruck during the last quarter."
The Blues' only goal came from a Richardson place kick after the bell to end the first quarter.
Umpire Trait paid 30 free kicks to Carlton.
This loss virtually puts the Blues out of the 1891 Premiership race.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Spedding, Syle, White, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Did not play, Blake, Syle, White, G. Williams
Carlton line-up (Evening Standard)
Backs; Lorraine (Capt), Sutton, McOwan
Half backs; Coulson, Walton, Hutchison
Centre; Bailey, Strickland, Simpson
Half forwards; Roberts, Williams, Keane
Forwards; Geddes, Moriarty, Richardson
Followers; Moorhouse, McKechnie, Currie, Spedding
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.1 1.5 1.6 1.9
Fitz. 0.5 2.8 2.9 3.10
Goal; Richardson
Players mentioned; (20) Lorraine, Moorhouse, Geddes, G. Williams, A. Richardson, Keane, Spedding, Roberts, Bailey, Currie, McKechnie, Walton, Simpson, Coulson, McOwan, Sutton, Batters, P. Williams, Hutchison, Strickland.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 11 Won 8 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 60 Against 26 Points 32.

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barton, Beveridge, Brodie, Brown, Burston, Carew, Carsons, Edwards, Farley, Hannah, Hodge, Hogan, Maplestone, Monk, Miller, Minogue, Kelly, Lemon, Price, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor.

July 21


"If the members of the Carlton team have any desire to have their play reported on they will do well to see that a member of their committee is in attendance to give all the information he can to the reporters."
(North Melbourne Advertiser July 21 p3)

July 25
Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
Crowd; small.
Sharp showers and wind gusts throughout the afternoon.
The ground was in poor condition.
A number of players from both sides were absent.
Coulson, Batters, Hutchison and Simpson did not play. The Blues were forced to play with only 19 men in the first half.
Debutant Culmsee from Rainbow, a Fitzroy junior club, scored the Blues' first goal and played well.
Towards the end of the match Currie was badly injured and had to be carried from the ground.
The Australasian (August 01) said; "Roberts was the hero of the match, and played magnificently all through, maintaining his position on the wing against all comers with grace and efficiency."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Syle, White, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Carlton team line-up (M. P.)
Backs; Lorraine (Capt.) Sutton, McKie*/McOwan
Half backs; Syle*, Walton, P. Williams,
Centres; Bailey, Strickland, Blake
Half forwards; Roberts, Richardson, Moriarty
Forwards; Geddes, Culmsee, G. Williams
Followers; White, Moorhouse, Currie, McKechnie
Rover; Keane
McOwan and Spedding named in Herald 20, but McKie and Syle mentioned in match peorts.
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.3 2.3 4.7 4.9
Port. 0.1 0.4 1.4 2.4
Goals; William E. Culmsee, White, Currie, Walton.
Players mentioned; (16) White, Walton, Williams, Keane, McKechnie, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Currie, William E. Culmsee, Roberts, Strickland, Bailey, Geddes, McOwan, Richardson, P.Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 12 Won 9 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 64 Against 28 Points 36.

Carlton Second Twenty played Port Melbourne on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Burston Beveridge, Brodie, Barton, Carsons, Carew, Edwards, Farley, Hannah, Hodge, Hogan, Kelly, Lemon, Miller, Maplestone, Monk, Minogue, McKinley, O'Dwyer, Price, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor.

July 28 Tuesday


Traralgon Record;
"The Wesleyans have been proferring some good advice to the managers of the various football clubs. They suggest that gambling and bad language should be prohibited on the convicing ground.
Every decent member of the community must regret that the bookmakers, and the foul mouthed barracker, are bringing discredit on what is really our national game. But to talk to these gentry is a waste of breath.
Perhaps one tenth of the interest displayed in football is legitimate, nine tenths is the outcome of wagers large and small, and of the larrikin's keen appreciation of the fact that he may convert the field, or at any rate certain quarters of it, into a pandemonium.
The craze shows no sign of falling off, and is not likely to abate till a game is discovered which, whilst it attracts the athlete, gives the barracker and the petty plunger a better opening than football.
The evening papers of Friday still devote much of their space to the sapient remarks of various club secretaries as to the prospects of their teams, and devote Saturday's issue to descriptions of the play. If there were a couple of Saturdays in the week the Standard would pay a very handsome dividend."

August 01
Carlton played Footscray on the Warehousemen's C. G.
Blueseum believes this ground is now the Albert Ground St.Kilda Road.
A fair crowd turned out to watch the game despite it being a very cold day.
Stewart debuted for the Blues.
Carlton won the toss and kicked with a strong wind towards the grandstand. The Blues wasted their opportunities in the first term managing only 1.7 out of 10 attempts.
At half time the Blues had allowed the Saltwater men to get out to a two goal lead.
The Australasian (August 08);
"Roberts for the winners, played magnificently throughout the match, and was justly entitled to first honours; Richardson forward and following, kept up his good reputation. Currie, Morehouse and McKechnie following were in fine buckle during the second half, and Hutchison, McOwan, Keane, Walton, Bailey, P. Williams, Strickland and Stewart, the last a recruit form the second twenty, all earned special commendation for the part they sustained in the engagement. Keane and Walton were conspicuous from time to time with effective runs, and the seven goals put up by the team were gained by Geddes, Morehouse, P and G. Williams, Richardson, Culmslee, and Currie respectively. Richardson's contribution came from the best kick of the match, and is on that account worthy of particular mention"
Carlton team; (24 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Spedding, Stewart, White, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Carlton line up (Age Aug 03)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Lorraine
Half backs; Williams, Walton, Coulson
Centres; Stewart, Strickland, Spedding
Half forwards; Hutchison, Keane, Roberts
Forwards; Richardson, Culmsie, G. Williams
Followers; McKechnie, Currie, Geddes, Moorhouse
Rover; Batters
Monday's Age had the Carlton Half back and Back lines reversed, but Blueseum believes this was an error.
Umpire; A. Harvey
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.7 1.8 5.14 7.17
Foots.0.0 3.4 3.4 3.5
Goals; Geddes, Moorhouse, Richardson, P. Williams, G. Williams, William E. Culmsee, Currie.
Players mentioned; (18) Moorhouse, Batters, Hutchison, McKechnie, William E. Culmsee, G. Williams, P. Williams, Geddes, Roberts, Currie, Richardson, Lorraine, Strickland, Bailey, Keane, McOwan, Walton, Stewart (see above line up for other players)
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton
Played 13 Won 10 lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 71 Against 31 points 40

Carlton Second Twenty played Williamstown on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Brodie, Barton, Burston, Carsons, Farley, Hannah, Hogan, Grant, Kelly, Lemon, Miller, Monk, Minogue, Maplestone, Noonan, O'Dwyer, Price, Randall, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor.


August 08
The Barrier Miner reporting on the Fitzroy - South Adelaide match on the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday 04 August, said that Fitzroy substituted former Carlton player 'Abe' Shearwood for former Carlton captain Tommy Leydin in this game.
Leydin starred, he was directly responsible for 6 goals, booting four of them himself.

August 08
Carlton played Essendon on the M.C.G.
A beautiful day in Melbourne and this was the match of the day.
The committee would not allow Lorraine to play due a painful bout of sciatica.
W. Walton captained the team in J. Lorraine's absence.
Crowd; 23,470 (17,670 paying, plus 5,800 members etc. - Herald Aug 14)
"The most brilliant and stubborn contest ever seen there."
Walton won the toss and Carlton kicked to the grandstand corner.
Keane scored the first goal with a somewhat lucky kick that went along the ground.
Carlton's defence was brilliant, the excitement of the spectators was intense and the barracking frantic.
Soon after the start of the second quarter Moorhouse took a great mark and passed the ball to Currie who made no mistake in adding Carlton's second major.
Carlton's ruckmen; "Currie's high marking was indeed beyond praise, and McKechnie was in the thick of the fray doing wonders all through the engagement."
Strickland in the centre, was dashing and brilliant, and Roberts and Bailey on the wing, contributed largely to the efficiency of the team as a whole."
"Sutton, McOwan, P.Williams, Coulson and Walton defended goal in grand style."
The Barrier Miner said, "Just as the final bell rang, Batters, of Carlton, was given a free kick from being pushed from behind, and had a possible chance. He placed the ball with the greatest of care, and every eye followed it's course, and hundreds of hearts were beating fast in anticipation of the result. The ball went straight as a die, and already the Carlton supporters had raised a tremendous cheer; but it was premature, for the leather swerved and hit the post.
The finest and most exciting match yet seen in Melbourne thus fitly ended in a draw."
That miss by Batters would prove very costly. Carlton would have most likely won the Premiership if the ball had gone through for a goal.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Moorhouse, Moriarty, McOwen, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Simpson, Sutton, Spedding, G. Williams , P. Williams, White, and Walton.
Blake, Lorraine, Moriarty, & White did not play.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton line-up (Evening Standard)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; Hutchison, W. Walton (Capt), P. Williams
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forward; Keane, Culmslee/Culmsee, Roberts
Forwards, Richardson, Williams, Spedding
Followers; Currie, Moorhouse, McKechnie, Geddes
Rover; Batters
Match Drawn;
Carl. 1.1 2.1 2.5 2.10
Ess. 0.1 1.5 2.7 2.10
Goals; Keane, Currie.
Best; P. Williams, Currie, Sutton, Hutchison, McKechnie, Strickland.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Currie, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwen, Roberts, Richardson, Spedding, Simpson, Strickland, Sutton, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 14 Won 10 Lost 3 Drawn 1 Goals For 73 Against 33 Points 42.

Carlton Second Twenty played Essendon at East Melbourne.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Brodie, Burston, Barton, Carsons, Farley, Grant, Hannah, Kelly, Lemon, Miller, Monk, Maplestone, Minogue, Mathewson, Noonan, O'Dwyer, Stewart, Shaw, Taylor, Hallan, Randall.
Carlton lost.
No details.

Image Image

August 14 Friday


The Inquirer and Commercial News (p3) (W.A.)
An article on the July 18 Carlton - Fitzroy match.
"There are terrible ugly rumours abroad anent the dissaffection existing in certain leading clubs owing to many of the players being under the impression that there are "traitors in the camp" to whom the football premiership is totally subservient to personal gain.
Without a doubt there have some extensively funny episodes of late; on one occasion in a principal match (Fitzroy vs Carlton) a player turning deliberately round and "roosting" the ball full fifty yards in the direction of his own goal, the consequence being that the other side immediately scored.
As a natural consequence the public are beginning to "tumble" to the little arrangement, and already a marked spirit of lukewarmedness is being evinced in our great winter pastime."

August 15
Carlton played North Melbourne on the M.C.G.
A bright sunny day, ground in excellent condition.
Large crowd.
Currie and McKechnie did not play.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the grandstand end goal.
The Northerners played very good football and in the final term the Blues had to struggle to come away with a draw.
Once again inaccurate kicking cost the Blues a victory.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Blake, Batters, Bailey, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hannah, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Strickland, Spedding, Simpson, White, Walton, P. Williams, G. Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; P. Williams, Walton, Spedding
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Hutchison, Keane, Roberts
Forwards; Culmsee, Williams, White
Followers; Geddes, Moorhouse, Hannah, Richardson
Rover; Batters
Umpire; W. Hannaysee
Match drawn;
Carl. 2.3 4.8 5.12 6.15
N.M. 2.2 3.3 6.3 6.4
Goals; Roberts, 2, Moorhouse 2, Geddes, Keane.
Players mentioned; (14) Batters, Roberts, Hanna(h), Keane, Moorhouse, William E. Culmsee, P. Williams, Geddes, Richardson, Hutchison, Sutton, McOwan, Bailey, Strickland.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 15 Won 10 Lost 3 Drawn 2 Goals For 79 Against 39 Points 44.

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne on the North Melbourne Railway Reserve
The North Melbourne Railway Reserve was near the North Melbourne railway station.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brodie Beveridge, Barton, Burston, Carsons, Farley, Grant, Hannah, Hallan, Kelly, Lemon, Maplestone, Mathewson, Miller, Minogue, Monk, O'Dwyer, Noonan, Price, Randall, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor

August 22
Carlton played St.Kilda on the East Melbourne C. G.
There was considerable interest in this return match, as St.Kilda had defeated the Blues in the earlier game.
Large crowd.
Currie, Keane, Moriarty and Simpson did not play.
Tne match commenced at 3.12pm. Carlton kicked with the wind.
St.Kilda made a determined effort in the last quarter but even with the aid of the wind they were repulsed by the Dark Blues.
Many people are perplexed as to how the Saints had defeated the Blues earlier in the season.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Leith, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwen, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Spedding, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; Spedding, P. Williams, Walton
Centres; Moriarty, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Hutchison, Blake, Roberts
Forwards; Culmsee, G. Williams, White
Followers; Geddes, Moorhouse, Leith, Richardson
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. Miller.
Carlton won;
Carl. 3.6 3.6 7.8 7.9
St.K. 0.1 1.2 1.2 1.2
Goals; P. Williams 2, Richardson, Geddes, Batters, McKechnie, Culmsee.
Players mentioned; (14) Geddes, Richardson, McOwan, Batters, Moorhouse, McKechnie, Hutchison, Walton, Strickland, Roberts, Sutton, William E. Culmsee, P. Williams, George White.
Others that played, (6) Leith, Spedding, Coulson, Bailey, G. Williams, Moriarty
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 16 Won 11 Lost 3 Drawn 2 Goals For 86 Against 40 Points 48.

August 28 Friday


V.F.A. meeting;
A charge of rough conduct brought by Umpire Miller against G. White of Carlton during last week's St.Kilda match.
V.F.A. committee to decide on 5 September.
The Britannia Football Club, which intends to form itself into a senior club next season under the title of the Collingwood Club, has applied to join the V.F.A.
Britannia had been a successful junior club for 15 years, and it's home ground is Victoria Park.
The Association will consider their application in late September.

August 29
Carlton played Footscray on the Footscray Cricket Ground.
A large local crowd.
Coulson & Keane did not play.
Walton captained the Blues.
Carlton got on top in the second quarter and ran all over the 'scrays.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwan, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Sutton, Simpson, Spedding, P. Williams, G. Williams, Walton (C), White.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.2 5.4 6.8 11.9
Foots. 0.0 0.1 2.5 4.5
Goals; Richardson 4, White 2, Moorhouse 2, Currie, William E. Culmsee, Geddes.
Players mentioned; (19) Bailey, Blake, Richardson, Moorhouse, White, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Currie, Walton, Hutchison, Roberts, P. Williams, Strickland, McKechnie, McOwan, Simpson, Sutton, Spedding, Batters.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 17 Won 12 Lost 3 Drawn 2 Goals For 97 Against 44 Points 52.

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne on the North Melbourne Recreational Ground
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brodie, Beveridge, Burston, Barton, Carsons, Farley, Hannah, Hallan, Grant, Lemon, Kelly, Maplestone, Miller, Minogue, Monk, Mathewson, Noonan, O'Donald, Price, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor

September 04


V.F.A. meeting;
The charge of unnecessary rough play against Carlton's George White had been investigated.
The St.Kilda player Charles Allard said that White had thrown him to the ground when the ball was not near, and had threatened to knock his head off.
The umpire and two spectators said White was holding Allard by the throat whilst Allard was on the ground.
White told the committee that there was a scramble, and what took place was purely accidental.
The committee decided there was not enough sufficient evidence to sustain the charge and dismissed it.

September 05
Carlton played South Melbourne on the South Melbourne C. G.
The weather was fine and a crowd of 12,000 attended.
A battle for second place on the ladder. As either team had litttle chance of taking out this season's premiership there wasn't much interest in the outcome.
The Blues kicked to the lake end with the wind, but they did not start well, and South scored the first goal.
Anyone expecting a high standard match was disappointed.
The goal kicking attempts from both teams was deplorable.
The Southerners only two goals came from free kicks.
Hutchison and C. Coulson did not play.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Stewart played.
Batters, Bailey, Blake, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Leith, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwan, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Simpson, Spedding, Sutton, Strickland, G. Williams, P. Williams, White, Walton.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.0 1.5 3.13 6.13
S.M. 0.1 1.3 2.4 2.6
Goals; Geddes, Richardson, Roberts, Currie, Spedding, Batters.
Players mentioned; (20) Roberts, Batters, Currie, Moorhouse, McOwan, Richardson, Spedding, Strickland, Stewart, Keane, Simpson, G. Williams, P. Williams, McKechnie, White, Walton, Bailey, Sutton, Geddes, Moriarty.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 18 Won 13 Lost 3 Drawn 2 Goals For 103 Against 46 Points 56.

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Beveridge, Barton, Burston, Brodie, Carsons, Cossans, Farley, Grant, Hannah, Hallan, Kelly, Lemon, Maplestone, Mathewstone, Miller, Minogue, Monk, McDonald, Noonan, O'Dwyer, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor

Carlton Second Twenty

Played: 18 Won: 8 Drawn: 2 Lost: 8 For: 60 Against: 51 Possible Points: 72 Points Scored: 36 Proportions: 36.00

September 12


The Barrier Miner reported that at the V.F.A. meeting;
"The committee reported that the club's balance sheet for 1890 showed the total receipts of the associated clubs, excluding Ballarat, to have been £8409, and expenditure £9035.
Severe comment was made regarding the expenditure in the case of the South Melbourne and Carlton clubs.
In the former the expenditure exceeded £100 per man, and a trip to an adjacent colony cost £923.
Carlton's expenditure was £75 per man.
A motion that professionalism in football be recognised was lost."

September 12
Carlton played Melbourne on the Warehousemen's Ground.
Fine day, large crowd.
The Blues kicked against the wind to the northern goal.
A strong wind was blowing and bottling up the play in one corner.
A rough and at times spiteful game. Melbourne say Moorhouse started the rough stuff and Carlton blame the Red Legs' O'Loughlan.
Poor kicking for goal, especially in the last quarter as they were running all over the Red Legs cost the Blues the match.
The report said of Carlton's goal kicking in the final term;
".... should have won hands down, but again they showed their weakness in the goal kicking department, and the spectators must have been horribly disgusted, as the dark blues gave an exhibition of the most miserable attempts at goal kicking witnessed in any match this season".
The Carlton Gazette reporter said because of the energy exerted, the game reminded him of the early days of football when these two side fought it out at Richmond Paddock, Royal Park, and at the Madeline Street ground.
Aitken played. The Australasian said of Aitken; "...a recruit of sterling promise".
Brodie a new player.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Aitken, Batters, Bailey, Brodie, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Strickland, Simpson, Spedding, Stewart, White, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Moriarty
Half backs; Williams, Walton, Spedding
Centres; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Richardson, Keane, Roberts
Forwards; Williams, Aitken, Brodie
Followers; Currie, Moorhouse, McKechnie Geddes
Rover; Batters
Umpire; P.H. Roy.
Match drawn;
Carl. 0.3 3.7 3.10 4.16
Melb. 1.6 1.6 4.7 4.7
Goals; Aitken, G. Williams, Brodie, Keane.
Players mentioned; (17) Spedding, Roberts, Batters, Aitken, Keane, Moorhouse, McKechnie, Currie, Sutton, Moriarty, McOwan, Bailey, Simpson, Richardson, G. Williams, Brodie, Geddes.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 19 Won 13 Lost 3 Drawn 3 Goals For 107 Against 50 Points 58.

September 19
Carlton played Geelong on the Corio Cricket Ground.
The Blues were so confident of winning in Sleepy Hollow that they rested Batters, Richardson, and Roberts, three of their better players back in Melbourne.
Despite light steady rain falling throughout the afternoon, a large crowd attended.
From a scrimmage Brodie scored the Blues' first goal
Carlton's poor kicking for goal, cost them the match.
Geelong kicked the winning goal moments before the bell.
All the other Carlton back men had left their positions which left only Sutton between the Geelong player Conway, and the goal. Sutton was in an indivious postion, should he remain back near the goal or take on the Geelong player? He chose the latter and took on Conway, but the Pivotonian punted the ball up over Sutton's head and fortunately for Geelong it bounced through for a goal.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Aitken, Batters, Bailey, Brodie, Blake, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McKechnie, McOwan, Roberts, Richardson, Sutton, Strickland, Simpson, Spedding, White, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; McOwan, Sutton, Coulson
Half backs; Williams, Walton (Capt.), Moriarty
Centre; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Hutchison, Williams, Aitken
Forwards; Spedding, White, Brodie
Followers; McKechnie, Moorhouse, Geddes, Currie
Rover; Keane
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.2 2.4 2.10 2.11
Geel. 0.1 1.2 2.4 3.5
Goals; Brodie, P. Williams.
Players mentioned; (19) McKechnie, Currie, Moriarty, G. Williams, Walton, Moorhouse, Simpson, Brodie, P. Williams, Coulson, McOwan, Strickland, Bailey, Hutchison, Sutton, Geddes, Keane, Spedding, White.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 20 won 13 Lost 4 Drawn 3 Goals For 109 Against 53 Points 58.

Carlton Second Twenty played Geelong at Geelong
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Barton, Beveridge, Burston, Carsons, Farley, Hannah, Hallam/Hallan, Grant, Lemon, Kelly, Maplestone, Miller, Minogue, Mitchener, Monk, Noonan, O'Dwyer, Price, Shaw, Stewart ,Stephens, Taylor
Carlton won? no details

September 24


V.F.A. meeting;
Umpire Roy charged Carlton players G. Williams and Moorhouse for rough play in the Carlton - Melbourne game on September 12.
A committee will investigate.
Britannia's application to join V.F.A;
Chairman Theophilis S. Marshall said that as the local council owned Victoria Park and had spent £700 on it and planned to build a grandstand, he fully supported the addition to the Association of the new club to be called Collingwood.
The resolution to admit the new club was unanimously carried.

Image Image
Evening Standard 25 September

September 26
Carlton played Fitzroy on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground.
The largest crowd for the year at Brunswick Street, and the weather was perfect.
Crowd; more than 20,000.
The Govenor of Victoria attended.
The winner today will be runner-up in the Premiership race and the loser fourth.
The cheers were deafening when the Blues ran out on to the ground.
A fast, rough game in which the Blues instigated most of the fights.
Spedding did not play, & Culmsee* replaced Aitken in the starting 20.
Walton made a tactical move at the commencement of the game by placing the speedy winger Roberts in the forward line. He used his pace and skill to great effect and scored the first goal.
The Carlton forwards played one of their better games for the year and did not waste their opportunities.
Carlton team; (20) Aitken, Batters, Bailey, Blake, Brodie, Currie, Coulson, William E. Culmsee, Geddes, Hutchison, Keane, Moriarty, Moorhouse, McOwan, McKechnie, Roberts, Richardson, Strickland, Simpson, Spedding, Sutton, Walton, G. Williams, P. Williams, White.
Carlton team line-up (Herald)
Backs; McOwan, P. Williams, Coulson
Half backs; Hutchison, Sutton, Moriarty
Centres; Simpson, Strickland, Bailey
Half forwards; Richardson, Walton, Aitken
Forwards; Roberts, G. Williams, Keane,
Folowers; Currie, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Geddes.
Rover; Batters
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.3 3.1 4.1 4.2
Fitz. 0.3 2.6 2.7 2.7
Goals; Roberts 2, G. Williams, McKechnie.
Best; McOwan (BOG), Strickland, Roberts, Currie, Bailey, Coulson.
Players mentioned; (20 named)
William E. Culmsee, Batters, Simpson, Keane, Geddes, Roberts, G. Williams, McKechnie, P. Williams, Strickland, Currie, McOwan, Coulson, Bailey, Walton, Richardson, Aitken, Sutton, Moriarty, Hutchison, Moorhouse.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 21 Won 14 Lost 4 drawn 3 Goals For 113 Against 62 Points.

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barton, Beveridge, Burston, Carsons, Cossens, Farley, Folletta, Hallam, Hannah, Grant, Kelly, Miller, Lemon, Maplestone, Minogue, Monk, Noonan, O'Dwyer, Shaw, Stewart, Taylor

The Blues finished second, 10 Premiership points behind Essendon.
This was the Same Old's first premiership.

September 28 Monday


The Age published "Follower" from The Leader newspaper's end of season review.
In part it said;
"Carlton would have assuredly made the boldest of bold bids for the premiership, which they last held in 1887, but for the lamentable lack of goal-kickers. Hardly a man in the team was worthy to be called a goal sneak, and so excerable was the kicking on many occasions that frequent mention of "old Billy Dedman" in terms of affectionate remembrance of bygone days was not suprising. That famous and deadly shot of old times would, in his form of the seventies, have been worth his weight in gold to Carlton during the past season.
Thus handicapped the old blues played a great game on frequent occasions and with kickers for goal (not goal kickers), who would have disgraced a junior team, it was a wonderful performance for Carlton to gain second place, which they had the honor of definately securing on the last day of the season in the presence of vice-royalty.
In other repects it is doubtful whether Carlton ever put a better team into the field. Their chief strength lay, perhaps, in the fine defensive play of Sutton and McOwan, who stood out in bold relief, but excellent work was also done by the followers McKechnie (the never tiring) Moorehouse, and Currie, Bailey and Simpson on the wings, Roberts and Hutchinson half forward, Batters (rover) and Walton (half back) have distinguished themselves at all times by effectiveness of their play, the latter also taking command of the team in the regrettable absence of the skipper, J. Lorrain, whose loss through an injured leg was severly felt during the season."


It had been 12 months since the football world was rocked by a scandal which followed from the South Melbourne vs Carlton game, when there were unproven allegations of South players taking a bribe from bookmakers to lose the game. (See September 1890)

"Follower" in his end of season review wrote;
"At the sound of the last bell which marked the close of Saturday's play the curtain fell upon the season of 1891, which in many respects has been one of singular importance, but in some aspects it must unfortunately be added not of a throughly satisfactory character. Until it became a certainty that Essendon could not lose the premiership, the principal matches again drew large crowds of spectators, the applause was as boisterous, and the excitement apparently as intense, as of yore; but those who will think and speak dispassionately must admit that the great winter game has lost many of its most desirable friends and supporters.
The atmosphere has been surcharged with troublesome rumors, and the unpleasant but irrefutable fact remains that public confidence has been shaken to its base. I may be excused for saying that to myself this is by no means surprising, but that, on the contrary, it is nothing more than the fulfilment of my own prediction. On the occasion of the notorious scandal of last season I lost no opportunity of warning those who persisted in trying to first pooh-pooh and then palliate it that they were pursuing a wrong course, and pointed out that the committee of the South Melbourne club showed a lamentable want of backbone. It will be remembered that when all South Melbourne was, figuratively, in mourning for the lost reputation and prestige of their club, the committee unanimously resolved that each member of the team should be asked to make a statutory declaration to the effect that he had not been bought over in connection with the match against Carlton. Through not having the courage to put into effect the resolution they had unanimously adopted the South Melbourne committee sapped the foundations of their own house, and the consequence is that it has tumbled about their ears, the once lordly structure having collapsed, leaving but a mixed up mass of debris.
In connection with that affair Mr. A. G. Major, South Melbourne's friend and trusty guide, philosopher and friend, said "If those declarations are not made the public will draw their own conclusions." I pointed out at the time that his warning should not be ignored, but it was, and his words have proved to be only too truly prophetic. At the close of last season, exactly a year ago, I wrote thus - "That the circumstances connected with that match may detrimentally affect the game next season is unfortunately too much to be feared by all except those who are absolutely blind." Since then 12 months have flitted rapidly by, and the final bell has rung upon an undeniable fulfilment of the prediction.
On occasions when teams or individuals have not played up to their best form the black spectre of last season's scandal as arisen, and people who before would never have harbored a thought of anything being crooked have not unreasonably (even though perhaps without actual justification) been perplexed by doubt as to whether all was fair and square. This, I repeat, is what has only to be expected, and it will be many a long day, if ever, before confidence is restored. Every lover of the manly sport must regret that such is the case, for the Australasian game of football as it used to be played in the old days, as a recreation, was a manly exercise, worthy of esteem and support.
Delegates to the Victorian Football Association, individually and collectively, have made some show of endeavoring to re-establish the purity and reputation of the game, but the effort is, I fear, somewhat analagous in trying to make a drunkard become temperate by an act of Parliament.
The great object sought to be achieved is the prevention of players being surreptitiously paid for their services, but under existing circumstances, despite the enforced production of those satirically named "balance sheets," delegates might as reasonably attempt to excavate Mount Macedon with a quill toothpick. Had the evil been foreseen it might possibly have been prevented, but it will certainly never be cured after reaching its present stage, even though the association (to borrow the words from Colonel John Hay) "may 'resolute' till the cows come home." Personally, I am strongly adverse to the enforced production of balance sheets.
The disposal of a club's funds is a matter that should concern only the members of that club, and when outsiders intrude and are permitted to poke their noses into other people's affairs it is not altogether unnatural that the other people aforesaid should lead them astray by misrepresentation, especially when it is understood that concerning the unlawful payment of players it may be said that with very few exceptions "they a' do't."
If the association, acting under of rules as they now exist met every day in the year to check this evil, all this legislation would be futile, and every evening devoted to discussing it has been and always will be an evening wasted.
The clubs themselves have made football a money making game by moving from the open field into the undoubtedly more comfortable cricket grounds in order that big entrance money may be taken. When the game was a recreation pure and simple we had no scandals, and it's deterioration has been brought about by clubs playing for revenues for which they have no legitimate use. It is simply absurd to suppose for a moment that a majority of those concerned positively wish to go back to the old and more reputable order of things, because if they did gate money would cease to exist, or become so minimised that there would be no pay available for the gentlemen amateur whose services cost so much per day or week, and those who only play the game for what they can make out of it sub rosawould be heard of no more. This, however, can never be expected, for to say nothing of the players, "honorary?" secretaries and committeemen do not find it particularly unpleasant to enjoy nice little outings, jovial junketing, cabs, drags, and occasionally a merry if short life on the ocean wave, all out of "the funds." The game has, however, been decidedly and admittedly scandalised by the illicit traffic in eligible players carried on by the wealthy clubs; and the question is, What if anything, can be done to remedy the evil? It will certainly never be remedied under the existing state of things, which is a distinct encouragement of humbug and sham.
Everybody knows that for years past the law relating to players receiving payments has been abused, defied and broken in wholesale fashion; and while law makers and law breakers are identical outbursts of indignation against one particular club (which is now under a cloud, but the success of which for three previously consecutive years made it the object of jealous antagonism) are ungenerous and unphilosophical. The house has so much glass about it that unless some of the stone throwers take very deliberate and careful aim they will assuredly smash their own windows! Verb sup!
I confess that I can see but one course, and that is to legitimatise professionalism. Surely it is preferable to have openly avowed professionals playing than those who take the pay and dare not admit it. I would let those who want to make a living out of the game do so by all means, and play for their share of the gate openly, instead of sailing under false colors as at present; nor would there be anything dishonorable or to ashamed of in such a course. There are few if any among the athletes of the world who bear themselves so creditably and honorably as professional cricketers, in whose ranks I have met some of the finest fellows one could wish to come in contact with; and, why should not be said of footballers?
There seems to me to be no reason why a man should be allowed to make his living openly as a cricketer and not permitted to do the same at football should he so desire. Our association has tried but signally failed to prevent players receiving renumeration, and as, moreover,everbody with a particle of common sense must know that it can never hope to accomplish the desired end, why not candidly admit the fact and say that as professionalism cannot be prevented, it shall at least exist fair, square, and aboveboard? Why should not professional footballers even play as a whole team together, openly and honorably, although for gain, as cricketers do? A magnificent series of matches could be played between the leading clubs and really good and well managed professional teams, and I am sure that men who took their pay openly and who would profit financially by winning, would go just as straight as those to whom it has to be paid in the dark, and put down in the balance sheet as travelling expenses, medical fees, or photographs.
The latest proposal to prevent a player changing clubs unless he obtains the consent of the club he purposes leaving cannot possibly give satisfaction if carried into effect, as it does not require a very active imagination to picture the demoralising influence upon a team that a player included against his will would exercise.
Beyond the bad feeling caused by players being enticed from one club to another, and the evil effects of last year's scandal already referred to, it is gratifying to know that the season has passed off satisfactorily, and few proven cases of foul or unfair play having been properly and promptly punished, and although, as usual, the play under exciting circumstances has become unnecessarily rough, serious injuries have happily been few and far between. This speaks well for the near approach to perfection to which the rules have been bought. The well considered alterations and additions to the rules have generally given satisfaction, and players and spectators agree that the systm of bouncing the ball is a decided improvement on the old fashioned kick off from the centre of the ground.
A feature of the season has been the continued excellence of Trait as field umpire, who was wisely appointed to act in a majority of the most interesting matches. He stands foremost as an able and impartial administrator of the laws; but a special word of commendation is also due to Hannaysee, who is beyond all question the coming umpire. The veteran Shaw is slower than formerly, but Schaefer has shown considerable capacity as an administrator of the law. The one great error of judgment which must be charged against Trait was his extraordinary ruling that the Melbourne cricket ground was fit for play on the well remembered 11th of July, when it was absolutely flooded, and to such a degree that attempting to play was worse than farcical.
That was the ocassion of South Melbourne's first defeat and the beginning of their subesquently rapid downfall. Up to that time they had played 10 matches without losing one, having scored 95 per cent. of possible points (one match having been drawn) against Essendon 85, Carlton 77, and Fitzroy 72. It was an inexcusable error of judgment on Trait's part to allow such an important match to be turned into a complete farce. The circumstance has led to a resolution being passed that a sub-committee shall determine the fitness of the weather next season, but through some incomprehensible eccentricity it is proposed that they shall decide at noon whether play shall commence three hours later. Surely Australian natives ought to have known more about the sudden changes for which the climate is remarkable than to have passed such a ridiculous resolution.
It is regretted that another season was allowed to pass without anything being done concerning the scoring of behinds. To have them signalled and recorded without having any bearing on the score seems a singular anomaly, and many will, I think, agree with me that they might either be given some tangible value or abolished altogether.
That the colony still holds its own well at the game of which it is the birth place was shown by a Victorian team again beating South Australia. The match was played in Adelaide, and resulted in a win for Victoria by 7 goals 8 behinds against 5 goals 9 behinds. The Norwood team from South Australia paid us a visit early in the season, and although some little friction was caused through Carlton sending a scratch team into the field against them, the visitors generally spoke in gratifying terms of their reception and treatment.
Club visits to other colonies were less frequent than in former seasons, only Fitzroy and Essendon going out of the colony. In each case the travellers met with unbounded hospitality, Fitzroy giving a good account of themselves in South Australia, and Essendon playing with still greater and unchecked success in Tasmania.
It is gratifying to be able to record that Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall, hon. sec. to the Victorian Football Association, and the central figure amongst leaders of the game, has again been found at his post, active and energetic as of yore and ever anxiously striving to minimise the evil effects of those nefarious influences respecting which he has in the past boldly and frequently spoken words of warning. His efforts to free the game from reproach have been unceasing, and what ever may be the future of Victorian football he will deservedly be recognised by posterity as one of the ablest law makers and worthiest supporters."

North Melbourne won the Second Twenty Premiership with Essendon finishing second.
There is very little information on the second twenty or reserves competition.
Carlton's season, win/loss, and ladder position at this time is unknown.

On the First Twenty performances;
"Since 1870;
Geelong have been premiers 7 times, second 3 times, third twice.
Carlton, have been premiers 6 times, second 6 times, third 6 times.
South Melbourne have been premiers 5 times, second twice, third once.
Melbourne have been premiers 3 times, second 6 times.
Carlton are, on the whole, the best performers having obtained a place 18 times in 22 seasons.
Three years in succession is the longest period any single club has held the premiership, Carlton, Geelong, and South Melbourne having performed the feat."

October 01 Thursday


The Illustrated Australian News published an article on Australian Football with sketches of play and crowd scenes.
To read the article, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article60444172
Note: Page 13 containing the sketches will appear, to read article click onto to page 16 from drop down box.

October 3
Theophilis S. Marshall has resigned from the Carlton Football Club committee.
He said that the night the meetings are held on makes it is impossible for him to attend.
He has also resigned from being the Carlton delegate to the Association.
Former prominent Carlton player W. Moloney will take his place.
Marshall will remain as Secretary of the Association, and not having direct club ties will leave him free of any conflict of interest.

October 03


The Australasian's "Markwell" end of season review;
"For the third successive year Carlton occupy the second place on the list, and it is but just to them to say that they have secured no more than their merit as exponents of the game has fairly entitled them to.
They opened the campaign badly with a defeat by St.Kilda, and they were subsequently vanquished by Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong; but they have as a rule performed in a style that has given great satisfaction to their supporters and to the public generally.
Like the premiers, they have been least strong in goal-getting, and like them, too, they have been throughly well provided with back, wing, and ruck men.
Their most brilliant and consistent performer has been Roberts who has shown himself about the best placed man of the year, and the rest, Sutton, Coulson, McOwan, P. Williams, Strickland, Bailey, Richardson, Spedding, Moriarty, Currie, McKechnie, Moorhouse, Batters, Keane, Walton, Hutchison, Simpson, G. Williams, and Geddes, have individually and collectively contributed to the success achieved by their club."

The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages. 68, 69 259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951. Page 66.
The History of the Carlton Football Club, Brian Hansen, p81.
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The Sportsman, 1891 editions.
Mark Pennings' records.
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The Referee, 1891 editions.
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