Season 1867


fhillsdenlarge.jpgCarlton Captain. Club led at different times by Harry Chadwick, Frank Hillsden, Dave Adamson, Jack Conway.
President. George Coppin
Secretary. R. McFarland.
Home Ground . Royal Park.

This year another unsuccessful move to adopt the dark blue and white as Carlton's colours to supplement the orange cap.

February 08
A report to the Melbourne City Council says the population of the city is 45,000.
This does not include those live in the suburbs not under the jurisdiction of the M.C.C.
There is 2,670 acres of parkland divided into eight parks. In addition, there are 453 acres of reserves for the use of cricket, football, bowling clubs, athletics, and recreational pursuits.

May 07 Tuesday
Carlton Football Club general meeting held at the Carlton Club Hotel, Grattan Street, Carlton at 8pm.
"There was numerous attendance, and the members present seemed determined to carry out the object of the club in great spirit."
More than 30 members attended and Mr. Bowen was in the chair.
"The colour of the uniform was arranged to be orange and blue." (Bell's Life May 11)
Office bearers elected for the coming season.
President: George Coppin.
Vice President: John Walls
Hon. Secretary: Robert McFarland.
Treasurer: Henry Chadwick.
Committee: B. James, T. Byrne, D. Adamson, T. P. Power, G. Bowen, H. Guy, and O. O'Brien.
Opening match of the season will be next Saturday against University.

May 11
A football scratch match at 2.30pm.
The Carlton Cricket Club held a end of season intraclub match with presentations held in a large marquee.

May 16 Thursday
Special general meeting of the Carlton Football Club held at 8pm. at The Stranger's Home Hotel, Swanston Street.- R. McFarland Hon Sec.

May 18
Carlton played University.
The Age said;
"The Carlton Football Club will practise this afternoon, on the ground at the rear of the University, at half past two pm."

May 23 Tuesday
A meeting was held at the Rose of Denmark Hotel Emerald Hill, to form a football club to be known as the South Melbourne Football Club.
South played Melbourne Grammar at South's ground, South Park opposite Three Chain Road on June 01, perhaps their first match ?

May 25 - June 01
Carlton played Melbourne on the Melbourne Football Ground.
20 players on each side, Carlton captained by Frank Hillsden.
The game was halted for a 15 minutes as the ball became lodged in the upper most branches of a gum tree. Despite throwing stones at the ball it could not be moved. Another ball was then called for and the game resumed.
The match continued next week on June 1 at 2.30pm.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Adamson, Bannister, Barfoot, Byrne, Clarke, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Forrester, Goodall, Guy, C. Hillsden, Frank Hillsden (Capt.), James, Lambert, McFarland, O'Brien, Reilly, Richardson, J. Williams, W. Williams.
Game played over two Saturdays, neither side scored.
The Age;
"The match between the Melbourne and Carlton Football Clubs was resumed on the ground of the former last Saturday, and resulted in a drawn game, both sides being so evenly matched that neither sided succeeded in obtaining a goal. The most noticeable feature of the day was the excellent play of Messrs. Ireland and Guy, the former of Melbourne and the latter of Carlton. During the last half hour the ball was kept constantly at the Melbourne goal, and it required all the exertions of Melbourne to defend the posts. The drop kicks of Mr. T. Ireland at this juncture materially assisted his side.
The Carlton Club played two men less than their opponents, as one of them named Clarke had a severe fall early in the day and was afterwards seized with a fit, and had to be taken off the ground."
"Carlton played a man short, as one of their members (Clarke) having fainted as a result of a heavy fall, at the commencement of the game, and although Mr. Barfoot was ready to take his place Melbourne would not allow him to play." (Australasian June 08 p12)
For Carlton, (12) Guy, Charlie and Frank Hillsden, Williams, Byrne, Goodall, Lambert, and O'Brien, Guy Duncan and Forrester were also mentioned as better players. Clarke was injured.

Match drawn; 0-0.

June 15
Carlton Football Club held a scratch-match at Royal Park at 2pm.
Players will be selected to play against Melbourne for the match on the June 22

June 20 Thursday
"The adjourned meeting of the committee of the Carlton Football Club will be held this (Thursday) evening, at the Glasgow Arms Hotel, Elizabeth-street, at eight o'clock."
(The Age p5)

June 22
Carlton played Melbourne on the Melbourne ground.
Carlton captained by D. Adamson.
The Age;
"After half an hour's play a goal was kicked for Carlton by Mr. W. Gorman in good style. In about an hour a second goal was kicked for Carlton by Mr. M. McCarthy. Both clubs had the best teams that have competed this season. Carlton had decidedly the advantage throughout the game, the ball being kept the whole afternoon at the Melbourne goals. Carlton was captained by Mr. Adamson, and Melbourne by Mr. Freeman, both of whom displayed great judgment in placing their teams."
This was the first recorded win of a Carlton side over Melbourne.
The Blues had "arrived" and a long series of do-or-die struggles between the two great clubs was underway.
Carlton played with 19 men throughout the game.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
D. Adamson (Capt), Barfoot, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Duncan, Forrester, T. Gorman, W. Gorman, Guy, Goodall, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, Lambert, M. McCarthy, McFarland, O'Brien, Phillips, Richardson, Williams.
Emergencies; Adamson, Bannister, Reilly.
Carlton won; 2-0
Goals; W. 'Bill' Gorman and M. McCarthy.
Players mentioned; (9) W. Gorman, M. McCarthy, Hillsden, Guy, Byrne, Forrester, Chadwick, D. Adamson, O'Brien.

June 29
No details

July 06
A letter to the Editor of Bell's Life.


- Sir - In your issue of the 29th ult you were pleased to notice the match played between the above clubs, and to testify to the spirited manner which the Carlton team worked throughout. As one who takes a lively interest in all athletic sports, and thinks he understands something appertaining to most of our outdoor amusements, you will please permit me to point out one or two inaccuracies that have appeared in your notification of the game alluded to. Mention was made that the Melbourne club played a very weak team, and had to enlist several inferior substitutes.
Without in the least, Sir, wishing to detract from the capabilities of our respected Melbourne Football Club, I am prepared to state, with two exceptions, that the gentlemen who played against Carlton on the 22nd. ult, were equal to the twenty who did battle on the Monday, the 1st. inst., against Geelong. Should they not have been the best that could be selected from out of their numerous club, that is a matter the blame of which must rest with the match committee. The latter portion of your notice states "that during play some objection was taken to the practice adopted by the Carlton men of holding the ball when there was no necessity, and that several of them were caught attempting to trip."
I know, Sir, your desire at all times to act impartially in publishing reports of any kind, whether furnished by a member of your stall or from a correspondent; and you will please permit me, who was an eye witness of the game, Melbourne v. Carlton, from its commencement to its close, to give an unbiassed opinion as to the objections stated. That there was unnecessary lifting and holding of the ball I quite agree with you; yet I am prepared to prove, beyond fear or contradiction, that the "lifting and holding" was more frequently was resorted to by the Melbourne team than that of Carlton. I refrain from furnishing names, otherwise I am perfectly acquainted with those gentlemen to whom I allude. One word, Sir, as to "tripping" It requires close attention at times to really define what may be called a trip. I have played in many matches in the old country, where tripping was allowed, and also in this country where tripping was not sanctioned, and I watched most minutely the progress of the game complained of. I will, Sir, if called upon, name three gentlemen who played on Saturday, the 22nd ult., for the Melbourne club, that did trip, although I am persuaded such was done in the excitement of the game, and without consideration. There was one gentleman on the Carlton side that did use the foot in giving the fall(?), and I also think he acted without being cognizant of doing so.
Accept my apology, Sir, for thus trespassing on your space, and I hope you would kindly give this a place in your columns. At a future time, with your permission, I will again refer to this exciting game.
I am, Sir, yours most respectfully. FREE KICK.
P.S. - There were only nineteen of the Carlton team throughout the game.
(Bells Life July 06 1867 p2)

July 06
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne ground adjoining South Park.
Players to meet at the Town Hall, Swanston Street at 2.15pm.
If the match is not concluded this day it will be continued Saturday next.
Game to commence at 2.30pm.
The game was terminated when a South Melbourne player struck his opponent a severe blow between the eyes, the Carlton players immediately left the field.
The Age;
"A match was played between the Carlton and South Melbourne clubs, on the ground of the latter. The Carlton Club played with great tenacity, and throughout had certainly the best of the game, though well opposed by the South Melbourne Club.
Neither side however succeeded in kicking a goal." (Age July 08 p5)
A letter to Bells Life July 13 (p3) said Chadwick captained the Blues.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adamson (Capt.), Armytage, Azzopardi, Bannister, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Forrester, Goodall, T. Gorman, W. Gorman, Guy, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, James Lambert, McCarthy, McFarland, O'Brien, Phillips, Power, Reilly, Richardson, W. Williams.
Match drawn; 0-0
Best; Guy, Hillsden, McFarlane/McFarland, Chadwick

July 13


-- Sir, --
Having seen a paragraph relative to a football match between the South Melbourne and Carlton Football Clubs, played on Saturday 6th. instant, at Emerald Hill, and being a close observer of this game, I would wish to correct some statements made.
First, it is stated that, "The football match between Carlton and South Melbourne was played at South Melbourne, on Saturday afternoon, and the game was summarily concluded by a dispute between two members of the respective clubs." So far so good.
But the writer goes on to explain the cause of the dispute, which he affirms is thus, "One of the South Melbourne team so far forgot himself, as to strike one of the visitors from Carlton a severe blow between the eyes." This is a mistake.
The facts of the case are these:-
One of the Carlton men held one of the South Melbourne when he was not holding the ball; that player immediately appealed to the umpire, who awarded a free kick. The Carlton gentleman (?) then rushed up to him in a highly excited manner, and called him a liar. One of the South Melbourne being on the spot said that the umpire's decision was just, and immediately was told that he was a liar. This insulting language was reapeated twice, each time with worse injectives placed before the word "liar" He was struck by the insulted South Melbourne man, " a severe blow between the eyes." As to the last part of the paragraph in question, that "the carlton team immediately left the field," so far from their wishing to do this, some of them wished to make it a general fight, and were heard to express their wishes pretty loudly. It is a pity that a fine club like Carlton should be spoiled by one or two "rowdy fellows."

To be completed
Bells Life p 3

July 13
Last week's match was not replayed as South Melbourne played South Yarra
No Carlton details. (see August 10)

July 20
Carlton practiced at Royal Park at 2.30pm.

July 27
No details

August 03
No details

August 10
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne's South Park ground.
Players met at the Town Hall at 2pm
Carlton were two men short.
Chadwick captained the Blues
Play commenced at 3pm and ended at 5pm.
Umpire; Dunkinson
Match drawn; Carlton 1-0
Goal; Guy kicked the only goal after an hour's play.

August 17
Carlton played Geelong on the Argyle Street ground Geelong
The team left on the 11.30am train from Spencer Street.
Weather, a beautiful day and a good crowd of 2,000.
Carlton captained by D. Adamson and Geelong by T. W. Wills.
Despite the Blues fielding what The Leader newspaper called a "weak" team, the game was close and exciting.
The Geelong Advertiser said the Carlton team, "were very uniform in size; taken as a whole they were very much heavier than the representatives of the Pivot." "During the early part of the game the Carlton men resorted to the unfair practice of holding when one of their opponents had not the ball in hand."
Geelong won the toss and kicked with the wind which was blowing straight down the ground.
The Pivots scored the first goal after a hour then the ends were changed, and Gorman scored for the Blues after five minutes.
"The second (goal of the game) was obtained by Carlton by a mere fluke, in three minutes. The ball had been forced up to within five or six yards of the Geelong goal posts; (Carlton's scoring end) nobody being near it but Adams, the goal keeper and Gorman of the Carlton. Adams who had previously hurt his leg, charged Gorman, but before he was able to reach him, he put his ankle out of joint and fell, Gorman having nothing to do but to quietly punt the ball through."
Ends were again changed and Carlton had a battle on their hands against the strong wind.
The winning goal took 75 minutes to be kicked, (Gorman had another chance to goal but missed), and that was by the Pivot's E. S. Wills.
Bell's Life (August 24) said Carlton were weaken as 6 of their better players were missing.
Carlton team; (26 named)
D. Adamson, H. Adamson, Arnold, Azzopardi, Barfoot, Bell, Bowden, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Forrester, Freeman, Goodall, W. Gorman, Guy, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, James, Jones, McCarthy, McFarland, Phillips, Power, Robertson
Carton team; 20 named, (Geelong Advertiser Friday 16 p3)
Adamson, Adamson, Azzopardi, Barfoot, Bell, Byrne, Chadwick, Fitzgerald, Forrester, Goodall, Gorman, Guy, Hillsden, Hillsden, James, McCarthy, McFarland, Moody, Power, Reilly.
Carlton lost 1-2
Goal; W. Gorman.
Players mentioned; (13) Guy, Byrne, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, Goodall, Forrester, Williams, Gorman, Freeman, Samuel Dickenson, A. Azzopardi, Adamson.
Best; Angelo Azzopardi first named by Bell's Life among Carlton's better players, along with Freeman, Forrester, Adamson (Capt), Gorman, Guy, Goodall and Williams.

August 24
Carlton played Melbourne at the Melbourne ground.
Carlton without a dozen of it's best players, had to kick uphill, and against a strong wind all day- the Blues fought out another scoreless draw with Melbourne in what was described as "the hardest match of the season"
Bell's Life said Carlton played with 18 men.
Newspaper account says "From 3 o'clock until nearly 6 o'clock the game was kept up with unflagging energy, without a goal being obtained"
"The play of Guy for Carlton was a subject for admiration from all present, and was universally considered to be the finest specimen of skill in football that has been seen on the Melbourne ground. He seemed to make his way through "scrimmages" with an ease and grace that never failed to elicit shouts of appreciation from the whole body of spectators and players." (Bells Life August 31 p4)
Carlton team; (22 named)
D. Adamson, H. Adamson, Azzopardi, Bannister, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Duncan, Fitzgibbon, Forrester, Goodall, Gorman, Guy, Hillsden, James, Jones, McCarthy, McFarlane, O'Brien, Power, Reilly, Williams.
Result; 0-0 match drawn after two and a half hours play.
Bells Life; (24 named)
Adamson, Armytage, Azzopardi, Bannister, Bryne, Chadwick, Clarke, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Forrester, F. Goodall, Gorman, Guy, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, Ick, James, Jones, McCarthy, McFarland, O'Brien, Power, Reilly, Williams,
Best; Guy (BOG), Byrne, Hillsden, Azzopardi, Forrester Williams, Adamson.

August 31
A mixed team of Carlton Firsts and Reserves played the Pentridge Football Club (former name for Coburg) at Royal Park at 2.30pm.
This was the first game for the Pentridge Football Club.
Mr. Jones captained the Pentridge team, and Tom Power captained the Blues.
Duncan scored the first goal.
Carlton won 2-0
Goals:James Byrne and Dr. Jim C. Duncan
Best; Icke

September 07
Carlton were to play South Melbourne
Bell's Life said;
"This match, which was to have taken place this afternoon, has been unavoidably postponed until Saturday next, 14th inst."

September 07
Victorian Railways played the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway in Richmond Paddock.
Gorman captained the Victorian Railways.
Adamson captained the M. H. B. R. side.

September 14
Carlton were to play South Melbourne on the South Melbourne's South Park ground at 2.30pm.
Only a few Carlton players turned up for the game and the match was cancelled.
South were naturally disappointed and they did not receive an apology from the Blues.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adamson, H. Adamson, Armitage, Azzopardi, Bannister, Ben, Byrne, Chadwick, Clarke, Clarke, Duncan, Goodall, Gorman, Guy, Hillsden, Icke, Jones, McCarthy, McFarland, Power, Reilly, Robertson, Williams.
Result; match cancelled.
The Australasian September 07 said that this match had been postponed to September 17 (perhaps a misprint and should be the 14th.)

September 21
North of the Yarra vs South of the Yarra on the Melbourne ground.
10 players each from Melbourne and Carlton, vs 10 players each from South Melbourne and South Yarra.
Game due to commence at 2.30pm.
Play didn't get underway until 3pm
Frank Hillsden scored the first goal shortly after the match begun, and his brother Charlie Hillsden scored the second towards the end of the game after two hours play.
Carlton representatives; (10)
Adamson, Chadwick, Byrne, Duncan, C. Forrester, F. Goodall, Guy, C. Hillsden, F. Hillsden, O'Brien.
Emergencies; Williams, Clarke (two from Carlton and two from Melbourne)
The Northern team won 2-0
Goals; Charlie Hillsden and Frank Hillsden

October 02
Carlton General Meeting held at the Glasgow Arms Hotel, Elizabeth street at 8pm.

1867 Premiers. South Yarra, 2. Geelong, 3. Carlton

The Carlton Story, Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages 14,15,259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951 page 66
The Argus, 1867 editions
The Leader, 1867 editions
The Age, 1867 editions
Bell's Life, 1867 editions
Geelong Advertiser, 1867 editions

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