Season 1880




Carlton Captain. G. Robertson.
Vice Captain. William Goer
President. R. Robertson.
Secretary. E. Prevot.
Second Twenty Secretary: W. C. Henry
VFA Delegates: T. P. Power & E. H. J. Prevot
Members; 300.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Games Played. 22. Won 16, Lost 2, Drew 4.
Goals Scored. 88 for. 20 against.

1880 saw the retirement of Carlton Captain Jack Gardiner and other top players - J. Melville, T.Souter , Tom Kelly , John A. Turnbull and J. Henry . G. Robertson appointed captain. "A strong and fearless player, Robertson was also an inspiring leader."

The Victorian Football Association revised 22 rules in 1880.

Among those were the prohibition of tripping, slinging, rabbiting and hacking. *
When the ball is not kicked it must be hand balled, not thrown or handed to a player, and must be bounced every 5 yards.
Goal umpires are to be the sole judges of scoring.
An admittance charge of 6d. (5cents) to go to ground improvements.

George Coulthard runner-up in the Champion of the Colony.

Better players for the year were, Dick Frayne , Edward 'Ted' Barrass, Paddy Gunn , Billy Goer, Alick Coventry , Harry Wilson , George Smith , Eddy M. Brookes, and newcomers George Bragge , Charles Nudd , and H. O'Donnell.

1880 V.F.A. Ladder

PosTeamPlayedWinsLossesDrawsGoals ForGoals Against
3South Melbourne2013255217
7West Melbourne144911828
8East Melbourne2261513360

1880. Premiers, Geelong, 2. Carlton, 3. South Melbourne, 4. Melbourne.

Fixture and Results

May 01 - v Star of Carlton (23). Won 5 Goals to 1.
May 08 - v Hotham United (23). Won 2 Goals to Nil.
May 15 - v Clifton Hill (23). Won 4 Goals to Nil.
May 22 - v East Melbourne. Won 6 Goals to Nil.
May 24 - v Kyneton. Won 11 Goals to 1.
May 29 - v Toorak. Won 6 Goals to Nil.

June 05- v Melbourne. Won 5 Goals to 1.
June 12- v West Melbourne. Won 4 Goals to 1.
June 19- v Essendon. Won 4 Goals to 1.
June 26- v Norwood (South Aust). Draw 1 Goal each.

July 03- v Sandridge. Won 8 Goals to Nil.
July 10- v Melbourne. Draw 2 Goals each.
July 17- v Geelong. Won 5 Goals to Nil.
July 24- v South Melbourne. Lost 3 Goals to 4.
July 31- v Hamilton District. Won 5 Goals to 1.

Aug.07 - v Ballarat. Won 6 Goals to Nil.
Aug.14 - v Williamstown (23). Won 3 Goals to Nil.
Aug.21 - v Melbourne. Won 2 Goals to 1.
Aug.28 - v West Melbourne. Won 3 Goals to 1.

Sept.04- v South Melbourne. Lost Nil to 2 Goals.
Sept.18- v Essendon. Draw 3 Goals each.
Sept.25- v Melbourne. Draw Nil All.

Matches Played; 22, Won 16, Lost 2, Drawn 4.
Goals For; 88 Against 20.
Goals Scorers;
G Coulthard 21, E. Brooks 18, H. Wilson 12, James Rickard 11, F. Gunn, G. Browning, A. Ford, G. Burrows, and Donovan 3 each, W. Goer 2, McWiliams, G. Smith, H. O'Donnell, E. Barrass, W. Sparrow, B. Murphy, Charles Nudd, John A. Turnbull, and Moloney 1 each.

Second Twenty (Reserves)

May 01 - v Clyde. Won 1 Goal to Nil.
May 08 - v Rising Sun. Lost 5 Goals to Nil.
May 15 - v East St.Kilda. Lost 5 goals to Nil. (The Argus reports 3-0)
May 22 - v South Melbourne. Won 2 Goals to Nil.
May 24 - v Daylesford. Won 2 Goals to Nil.
May 27 - v Eastern Hill* At Royal Park.

June 12- v West Melbourne. Won 3 Goals to 1.
June 19- v Essendon. Won 1.12 to 0.1 (Page 1 goal)
June 26- v Waverley. Lost 1 Goal to Nil.

July 03- v Brunswick. Won 1 Goal to Nil.
July 17- v Vaulcuse. Won 5 Goals to Nil.
July 24- v South Melbourne. Won 2 Goals to Nil.
July 31- v Brunswick. Won 2 Goals to Nil.

Aug. 07- v Melbourne. Won 5 Goals to 3.
Aug. 14- v Waverley. Won 2.2 Goals to 1.17
Aug. 21- v West Melbourne. Won 4 Goals to Nil.

Sept.04- v Melbourne. Lost 3 goals to 1.
Sept.18- v Essendon. Won 5 Goals to Nil.

Matches Played; 17, Won 13, Lost 4.
Goals For, 34, Against 17.
Goal Scorers;
Goding 7, Page 6, Slattery 3, Collins 3, Anderson, Boyd, Blackham, Hughes, Knowles, and Spear 2 each, Beere, Woods, and Tulley 1 each.

Firsts and Reserves fixtures from "The Footballer".
-* Sourced from The Argus

- Hacking is the kicking of an opponents legs to injure, or to trip him up. Hacking was outlawed from the beginning, but was difficult to enforce, especially in a large pack of players.

- Rabbiting is when a player ducks down in front of a running opponent and causes that player to fall.

- Slinging is the throwing of an opponent to the ground by his neck.



Carlton captain George Robertson

1880 Carlton teams published in The Argus newspaper.
Some details are missing, if anyone can provide them please contact Blueseum.

February 10
Special General Meeting of the Carlton F.C. 8pm, Clyde Hotel Carlton.- Important.
No details about this meeting.
There was a proposal from Sydney to send players from Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand as an Australasian team to play rugby in England. This month, Coulthard and the Robertson's names were mentioned in connection with the tour. Perhaps this was the reason for the meeting.
After 12 months of trying to organise the trip, The Argus 11 May 1881 reported that the Sydney based players returned from Melbourne having abandoned their plans for the tour.

February 23 Monday
50 young men who are members of the Carlton Football Club, were accused of disrupting a political meeting held in Carlton by Mr. Munro, a political opponent of Carlton captain John Gardiner.
Both men are standing for the same seat in the upcoming Victorian elections.

February 28


Former Carlton Captain John 'Jack' Gardiner defeated James Munro at the Victorian election.

March 13


"Footballers will regret to learn that the proposed match - Carlton v Albury - on Queen's Birthday, has fallen through.
On last Tuesday, Mr. J. Levin, captain of the B.U.F.C., while in Melbourne, had an interview with Mr. T. Power, hon sec, of the Carlton Club, and that gentleman stated that at a meeting of their club,
held the previous evening, it was found to be impossible, for various reasons, to send up a team to Albury on the date named."
(The Albury Banner and Wodonga Express p13)

B. U. F. C. is the Border United Football Club.
The first mention of the club is in 1877 (Corowa Free Press June 22 p3) when they report on a proposal to combine the Corowa and Wahgunya clubs to be called the Border Football Club.
July 13 of that year, the same newspaper on p2 named the players in the Border United team for a match between Chiltern. J. Levin (later their 1880 captain) is named as well as possible former Carlton player T. Marshall.
Theophilis S. Marshall was working in the North Eastern District since 1871 and played a major hand in establishing football clubs in the area. Actually T. S. Marshall did play, but captained the Chiltern team in that match.

March 25 Thursday


Former Carlton star Billy Dedman now in Adelaide, wrote to the editor of the Express and Telelgraph newspaper proposing the establishment of a Junior Football Association in that city.
Dedman mentions the Second Twenty competition in Melbourne and the way players from the Juniors prefer to play for their local club first and then go direct to the senior team, bypassing the Second Twenty comp.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article207587459

March 27


"A movement is on foot to present a testamonial to Geoge Coulthard, the well known footballer and cricketer, in recognition of "his manliness and brilliant efforts in the football field; and also for his gentlemanly conduct and unassuming demeanor as a member of the Carlton Football Club."
The presentation will take place at the annual general meeting of the Carlton Football Club, and in the meantime several leading members of the committee of that club are receiving subscriptions.
(Herald p2)
" The following gentlemen have agreed to act as a committee towards that object, viz:-
Messrs; John Gardiner, J. A. Turnbull, W. S. Clark, F. W. Gunn, E. H. Prevot, and T. P. Power."
(Weekly Times April 24 p20)

March 31


First meeting of the new South Melbourne club, at the Mechanics' Institute, Emerald Hill.
200 members attended and Alexander Brown elected president.
(Alexander Brown claimed to be the originator of Australian Football, see Pre VFL Rules of Football 1916 Orginator of Football?)
The new club was formed by the amalgamation of the Albert Park and the South Melbourne clubs.

April 02


Carlton F.C. AGM held at the Clyde Hotel, Carlton.
200 members present.
The president Mr. R. Robertson occupied the chair.
After the report and balance sheet were adopted, the following offices bearers were elected;
Patrons; Messrs, E. Latham, J. Gardiner, J. D. St.Pinnock, J. Munro, J. Curtain, J. Pigdon.
President; Mr. R. Robertson.
Vice presidents; Messrs. T. P. Power, J. H. Guy, and A. Gillespie.
Hon-Sec; Mr. E. Prevot.
Second Twenty Sec; Mr. W. Henry.
Captain; Mr. G. Robertson.
Vice captain; Mr. W. Goer.
Committee; Messrs; John A. Turnbull, G. Coulthard, B. Murphy, B. James, J. Henry, O.T.L. O'Brien, F. Gunn, T. Kennedy, and E. Barrass.
Illuminated addresses were presented to, Messrs; G. Coulthard, John A. Turnbull, B. Murphy, and J. Henry.
Gold lockets presented to Second Twenty players; W. Robertson and J. Sutherland.
About 30 new members were proposed.

April 10
Annual match between the Carlton President and Vice President's teams on Princes Oval.
President's team; (23 named)
Burrows, Barrass, Bleasdale, Bragge, Butcher, Coventry, Frayne, Henry, Hughes, S. Kennedy, J. Lewis, Melville, H. Nudd, O'Donnell, Powrie, G. Robertson, Sutherland, J. Turnbull, Tyrell, Walters, Whelan, G. Wolstenholme, Wilson,
Vice President's team; (22 named)
W. Anderson, W. Boyd, Brooks, Coulthard, Ford, Harris, Goding, Goer, Kelly, McWilliams, McIvor, Meaney, Moloney, Murphy, Owens, Rickards, Robertson, Smith, J. Thornhill, F. Watson, Wheeler, Woods.

April 17
Captain vs Vice Captains teams on Princes Oval at 3pm.
Captain's team; (24 named)
Beere, Barrass, Bleasdale, Bragge, Bourke, C. Donovan, Ford, H. Goding, Hatch, W. Henry, Maloney, Meaney, Melville, S. Monie, Murphy, H. Nudd, Powrie, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, W. Robertson, Samuels, Sutherland, Tyrell, Whelan,
Vice Captain's team; (23 named)
Bruen, Burrows, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, A. Goding, Gunn, P. Hughes, McIvor, McLean, McWilliams, R. Murphy, Pryor, O'Donnell, O'Neil, C. Nudd, James Rickards, Sloman, J. Thornhill, Wolstenholme, Wheeler, Wilson, Woods

April 24
Carlton's 21 vs Carlton's Next 23 on Carlton Oval at 3 pm.
21 team; (22 named)
Bragge, Brooks, Burrows, Burke, Coventry, Coulthard, Ford, Goer, Goding, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, J. McWilliams, Nudd, O'Donnell, O'Neil, Powrie, G. Robertson (capt), J. Robertson, Rickards, Smith, Tyrell, Wilson.
Next 23 team; (26 named)
Agg, Anderson, Beere, Blackman, Boyd, Donovan, Evans, Goding, Henry, Hughes, Hyndman, Knowles, McEntee, McLean, McMillan, McNaughton, McWilliams, H. Nudd (Capt), Page, W. Robertson, Samuels, Slattery, Sutherland, Thornhill, Wolstenholme, Woods.

April 24
The Weekly Times (p20)
"Carlton, it is said, will be the premier football club this seaon, and from the talk that is going about, they will be expected to lick everything before them. That is to be seen.
They have four new men from their junior club, viz., Powrie, McKivar, O'Donnell, and Bragge, who played very well on the first day's practice they had. They have also secured Goding, from Essendon, who is a rising and brilliant player, and who did great service for his club last year, but has deserted them for this season to join the Carltonites."

" G. Robertson will captain the Carltonites in place of Mr. J. Gardiner, M.L.A., who, I am informed, will only play one or two matches."

"Friends of Mr. George Coulthard have resolved upon presenting him with a testimonial, not only as a recognition of his manliness and brilliant efforts in the football field, but as an appreciation of his gentlemanly conduct and unassuming demeanour as a member of the Carlton Football Club.
The following gentlemen have agreed to act as a committee towards that object, viz, :-- Messrs. John Gardiner, J. A. Turnbull, W. S. Clark, F. W. Gunn, E. H. Prevot, and T. P. Power."

April 24
The Australasian mentions that cricket grounds will be utilised for football for up to four months in the coming season.
This will be a great improvement and will solve the problem of crowd encroachment from the unfenced football grounds.

April 24


"The Victorian game must be making headway in New Zealand, judging by the fact that the Reform clubs of Wellington have written across with a view of arranging matches between 10 players from Wellington and 10 from Otago and a Victorian 20 during the Exhibition in the month of August. The Wellington contingent would contain several Maories, who are reported to be adepts at the game, and this is mentioned as likely to prove a special draw, which it no doubt would, despite the suspicion of show business."
(Australasian p19)

In 1879 May 30, the Reform Football Clubs, Te Aro and Thornton, played the first football game under lights in the Southern Hemisphere in Wellington NZ, it was a game of Australian Football.

April 30 Friday


To the Editor of The Argus (p6)

Sir, - Allow me tthrough your valuable columns to draw the attention of the Minister of Lands to the fact of the Melbourne Cricket Club charging for admission to their ground during the football season.
The Melbourne Football Club have been granted the use of a piece of ground adjoining the M.C.C. ground, and therefore should make use of it.
I do not object to paying the admission-fee charged to see a match against a good club like Geelong or Carlton, but I must say I do not see why the general public should have to pay every Saturday during the football season to see matches against school boys and second rate clubs.
I believe when the Hon. Duncan Gillies was in office as Minister of Lands he prevented the E.M.C.C. from charging exhorbidant rates for admission, and hope the present Minister of Lands will call upon the Melbourne Cricket Club to open their gates free to the general public during the coming football season.
Hoping the insertion of this letter will bring about the desired result. - Yours, &c,
April 29 NEMO

May 01


The Australasian reports the death of former Carlton star Tom Gorman from diphtheria in Hamilton.
"Tom was a "Triton among minnows" and figured prominently in many a charge and desperate scrimmage..."
Three of Tom Gorman's children also died in the diphtheria epidemic.
Tom was employed by the Victorian Railways as the station-master at Hamilton (Vic), he was just 35 years of age.
Just seventeen months earlier when he was the station-master at Euroa,Tom had a very close encounter with infamous Ned Kelly when the gang robbed the Euroa National Bank and kidnapped 14 hostages.
For a report see his bio page.
The Carlton Football Club organised a fund raising concert for his family, see May 26.

May 01


The Australasian.
"The first twenty of Carlton will undergo some change, as Melville, Turnbull, Henry, Souter, Gardiner, and Kelly will be out of sight, though the two latter may come to light now and again, and vacant places will divided among Goding, from Essendon; Bourke, Williamstown; Tyrell, Sandridge; Murphy, Maryborough; and O'Donnell, Powrie, Charles Nudd, and Bragge, from the Carlton juniors. It may be just possible that O'Neill, of Hotham, may throw in his lot with the club, but just as possible he will remain true to the old love."

Herald April 30;
Goding from Essendon
Burke from Maryborough
Burrows from Hawthorn
O'Donnell from the juniors
Bragge from the juniors

May 01
Carlton played Star of Carlton 23 on Princes Oval.
The playing surface was in good order as this week a flock of sheep had grazed on it to trim the grass.
A strong northerly blew which kept the play on the southern side.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the eastern goal.
Coulthard's five goals is a feat that has not often been equalled.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Burke, Burrows, Coventry, Coulthard, Ford, Frayne, Goding, Gunn, Goer, B. Murphy, Charles Nudd, O'Donnell, G. Robertson (Capt.), Jas. Rickards, Smith, Tyrell, Wilson.
Emerg. McWilliams, H. Nudd, Powrie, P/F. Spear.
Carlton won; 5-1 (Half time Carl. 2-1)
Goals; Coulthard 5
Players mentioned; (9) G. Robertson, Coulthard, Goding, Coventry, Wilson, Frayne, Gunn, Ford, Murphy.

Carlton Reserves or Second Twenty played Clyde.
Clyde was a local Carlton club probably associated with the Clyde Hotel which stands on the corner of Elgin and Cardigan streets, where the Blues held club meetings.
Carlton won; 1-0

May 02


There is some debate as to whether T. W. Wills was the rightful "father of the game" of Australian Football. Perhaps it a legacy of his alcoholism and suicide at an early age that has resulted in this.
Australian born, he was educated at Rugby School in England.
He accompanied his father, brother and others to Queensland in 1861 to establish a property. While he and his brother were away for the day, his father and 17 other friends were massacred by natives.
A fine cricketer, he was captain of the Victorian Eleven cricket team.
He coached the Aboriginal cricket team that became the first Australian cricket team to tour England in 1868.
Wills was the instigator to establish the early games of Australian Football in 1858, and he assisted in writing the first set of rules along with his cousin H. C. A. Harrison and others.
T. W. Wills retired from playing in 1876 & played more than 210 games of football mostly for Geelong, and umpired many matches.
Wills committed suicide at his Heidelberg home after frequent bouts of excessive drinking, he was 44 years old.
He was buried at Heidelberg Cemetery. Wills was survived by his wife Sarah Teresa Barber, they had no children.
See October 09


Bendigo Advertiser's obituary


The Referee's (Sydney), writer "The Cynic" in 1908 debunks Harrison as the "father of the game."
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article120334382

May 08
Carlton played Hotham United 23 at Princes Oval.
(The Weekly Times May 15 p20 reported that the Blues played Carlton United (23) which Carlton won 2-0.)
Heavy rain had saturated the ground. The areas for viewing the match are not raised and the trampling of feet turned the standing area into puddles. The club could spread a few loads of gravel into the lower areas, presuming the City Council has no objections.
Carlton kicked with the wind at 3.30pm.
The Blues were very inaccurate in kicking for goal with at least 18 attempts in the first half, two shots hitting the post. Hotham United failed to get the ball into their half before half time.
In the second half, the juniors made a determined effort with the wind behind them, but the Carlton backs held them out.
Bragge and Spear played well, especially in the first half.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Burke, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goding, Goer (Vice Capt.), Gunn, B. Murphy, Edward 'Ned' Murphy, O'Donnell, G. Robertson (Capt.), James Rickards, Smith, Spear, Tyrrell, Wilson.
Emergencies; Burrows, Powrie.
Carlton won; 2.17 - 0.2 (Half time 2.14 - 0.0)
Goals; Gunn, Coulthard.
Players mentioned; Coulthard, Murphy, Bragge, Spear, Gunn, Wilson, Frayne.

Carlton Second Twenty played the Rising Sun at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Anderson, Beere, Boyd, Blackham, Bleasdale, Burrows, Donovan, Hughes, Goding, Hyndman, Knowles, McMillan, McNaughton, McWilliams, O'Grady, Page, Robertson, Robertson, Samuels, Slattery, Sutherland, Thornhill.
Carlton lost; 0-5

May 08
"The Daylesford Football Club having been reorganised, they have accepted a challenge from the Carlton second twenty, and the match will be played on the Daylesford Oval on the 24th. May."
(Weekly Times)

May 15
Carlton played 23 of the Clifton Football Club at Princes Oval.
Despite a cold, biting wind, the match was well attended.
Apart from some early resistance this was very much a one sided match.
Clifton rarely had the ball into their half of the ground.
Brooks scored the only first half goal, which was all of 60 yards.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Burke, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer (Vice Capt.), Gunn, E. Murphy, O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson (Capt.), J. Robertson, G. Smith, Spear, Taylor, Wilson.
Emergency; H. Nudd, Goding.
Carlton won 4.11 - 0.0 (Half time Carl. 1.6 - 0.0)
Goals; Brooks 2, Coulthard, James Rickards. (another report gave a goal to Smith)
Players mentioned; (8) Coulthard, Browning, Smith, Frayne, Gunn, Goer all played well; Brooks, and James Rickards.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played East St.Kilda in Albert Park.
Carlton lost; 0.7 - 3.13 (Half time 0.6 - 1.5)
Umpire; William Gray
Players mentioned; Donaldson, Robertson, Sutherland (Capt.)

May 22
Carlton played East Melbourne at Princes Oval.
A good crowd turned out to watch.
Despite expectations, the match was uninteresting, the Blues did pretty much as they liked.
"The Carlton men were too heavy and determined for their lighter opponents, Coulthard being in great form.."
The Age;
"The Carlton men all round played a cool and effective game, and the East Melbourne only once had a chance for goal."
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Burke, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, E. Murphy, B. Murphy, O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Emergency; McWilliams.
Carlton won. 6.15 - 0.3
Goals; Gunn, Coulthard, Brooks, Bragge, Browning, Wilson.
Players mentioned; Coulthard (BOG), Robertson, Gunn, and Goer all better players, Brooks, Bragge, Browning, Wilson.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played South Melbourne Reserves at Albert Park.
Carlton won 2 - 0

May 24 Monday Queen's Birthday.
Carlton played Kyneton at Kyneton Racecourse.
Crowd; 800
The Blues arrived on the morning train.
The game began at 3.00pm because some of the locals were late.
Carlton won the toss and kicked with a slight breeze.
Four goals and numerous behinds were kicked in the first 23 minutes.
Kyneton played a little better in the second half and their only attempt on goal was successful.
After the match the Blues were entertained at Mrs. Coulson's Commercial Hotel.
The team left on the 9pm train.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Burke, Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Gardiner, Henry, O'Donnell, Melville, McWilliams, Jas. Rickards, G. Robertson (Capt), J. Robertson, Smith, Wilson.
Emergencies; Burrows, Powrie.
Carlton was represented by (20) Bragge, Barrass, Brooks, Burrowes, Browning, Burke, Coventry, Coulthard, Goer, Gunn, Frayne. Murphy, McWilliams, G. Robertson (Capt), J. Robertson, Melville, Wilson, O'Donnell, Rickards, Smith.
(Kyneton Observer May 25 p2)
Umpire; Thomas Flynn jnr.
Carlton won; 11.21 - 1.0 (Half time 6.11 - 0.0)
Goals; Burrows 3, Brookes 3, Coulthard 2, McWilliams, Smith, Rickards.
Best; G. Robertson, G. Coulthard (following), Goer, Smith, Barrass and Robertson (backs), Gunn, Brooks, Frayne, Coventry, Rickards, and Burrows (forwards).
Players mentioned; (14) G. Robertson, Coulthard , Goer, Smith, Barrass, Jas. Robertson? , Gunn, Burrows, Brooks, Frayne, Coventry, Rickards (forwards), Bragge, McWilliams.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Daylesford on Daylesford Oval.
Carlton won; 2 - 0

May 26 Wednesday


Under the auspices of the Victorian Football Association, the Carlton and Melbourne Football Clubs and the Metropolitan Rifle Corps, a benefit concert was held at the Athenaeum Hall, Collins Street, to aid the surviving family of the late Thomas Gorman who died from diphtheria in painful circumstances on April 28.
Three children from the Gorman family also died in the epidemic in Hamilton.
Tom Gorman was one of the pioneer players for the Carlton Football Club playing in the club's formation year 1864.
The people of Hamilton have raised £100 to help the Gorman family. The Melbourne Football Club has donated 10 guineas.
Apart from the many musical artistes, Mr Edmund Finn at the request of the Carlton Football Club, delivered an original address specially written for the occasion.

May 29
Carlton played 23 of the Toorak Football Club at Princes Oval.
A one sided game and an easy victory for the Blues, on a very muddy ground.
(Toorak's home ground is Como.)
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Burke, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, McWilliams, B. Murphy, O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Emergency; E. Murphy.
Carlton won; 6-0
Goals; Brooks 2, Wilson 2, Coulthard, Ford.
Players mentioned; Coulthard, Wilson, Gunn, G. Robertson, Bragge, Murphy were all better players, plus Ford, Brooks.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Eastern Hill at Royal Park.

June 01


An interesting letter by "Lobsider" to The Argus (p7) about the use of the M.C.G. and the E.M.C.G.
The writer complains about the "money grubbing tactics" used by the Melbourne and Carlton clubs in staging home matches there.
These grounds' playing surfaces are poorly drained and of course, muddy and slippery.
The clubs move games there because they are enclosed grounds, admittance can be charged.
Prince's Oval has the best surface in the colony, and the Melbourne Football Ground, adjacent to the M.C.G., is better at the moment than the cricket ground.
The standard of football played on the M.C.G. and the E.M.C.G. is poor because of the surface.
The writer also mentions that the rules of the game demands that the game be played on an oblong or rectangle shaped playing space.
He/she also mentions that on the M.C.G. and the E.M.C.G. the playing area is the full width of the ground, which, in writer's opinion ruins the game.
To read "Lobsider's" letter click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5982124
There were two responses to this letter, one by "Drop-Kick" and another by "Pluck, Not Play"
http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5965008 I'm

Image: Illustrated Australian News July 05 1880, Origins of Australian Football Vol. 2 p167, Private Collection

June 05
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
In order to get the playing surface in good condition, the M.C.C. has had 2,000 sheep grazing on it!
All of the ten money taking boxes will be open to cope with the expected crowd.
Melbourne have been conducting extra training for this game.
Carlton are the favourites.
Crowd; 15,000. The largest crowd to attend a football match.
The Sydney Daily Telegraph June 07 said 20,000 attended.
Takings; £400, of which the clubs received £90 each, and the M.C.C. took £200!
The Age said;
"The two old rivals Melbourne and Carlton again met on Saturday.
As far back as the the oldest colonial players can recollect these matches have created an immense amount of interest, and certainly that interest is not on the wane. The weather was beautifully fine, and for hours before the appointed time of the contest the game was an absorbing topic of conversation in football circles.
The youth of the city and suburbs with whom football is so popular flocked into town and showed their fancy or partisanship by displaying in their buttonholes the colors of their pet team.
That the interest in these exciting matches is not confined to the youthful portion of the community was evidenced by the nature of attendance on the ground, for there were old grey haired men there who watched the game with as much attention as the young men, although as a rule they were not quite so boisterous.
The ladies, too, mustered in force in the reserve, and wore the dark blue, or red and blue to show their preference.
The ground presented a splendid sight just before the kick-off. In the centre of the beautiful green field were the players getting into their places, whilst right round the chains there was a tremendous mass of spectators.
The excitement with which they were moved was evidenced by the cries of 'play up Melbourne', or 'play together Carlton.'
The grandstand was crowded, so was the pavilion, reserve, and altogether there could not have been less than 15,000 people on the ground."
The game got underway at 3.10pm, Carlton had lost the toss and Browning kicked off against the wind.
Melbourne soon scored the first goal.
"Eventually Carlton shook off the attack, and the ball was brought forward brilliantly by Coulthard, who marked it to Brooks, and the first goal was scored by Carlton about 20 minutes from the time the game began."
In the end, a decisive victory to the Blues, whose teamwork was so much better than Melbourne's.
Brooks kicked the two first half goals.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg.)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Coulthard, Coventry, Ford, Frayne, Donovan, Gunn, Goer, Melville, B. Murphy, O'Donnell, Rickards, G. Robertson (Capt.), J. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Emergencies; Burke, E. Murphy.
Umpire; J. Gibbons.
Carlton won 5.13 - 1.5 (Half time Carl. 2.3 - 1.4)
Goals; Brooks 3, Coulthard, Wilson.
Best; Coulthard (BOG), Wilson equal to Coulthard, Brooks, Bragge, Goer, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Rickards, Frayne, Smith.
Players mentioned; (17) Browning, Frayne, Smith, Coulthard, Wilson, Goer, Bragge, Brookes, J. Robertson, Rickards, G. Robertson, O'Donnell, Spear, Gunn, Murphy, Barrass, Coventry.

June 12


(Right) Image: Australian Pictorial Weekly An Illustrated Newspaper, June 12 1880, State Library of Victoria.

Peter Pindar's column "Football Gossip" in The Australasian had this to say about the Carlton-Melbourne match at the M.C.G.

"The Carlton and Melbourne matches do not appear to have lost one whit of their interest, but to have gained, as the crowd on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, on Saturday last, was the largest yet assembled at football match in Victoria.
The numbers have been variously estimated at from 10 to 15 thousand, and half way between that would not been very wide of the mark, as 12,000 paid at the gates, and the members of the three clubs on the free list would, doubtless, muster nearly a thousand.
The gross takings, I understand, amount to about £400, out of which the football clubs get about £90 a-piece, and the cricket club about £200, as the latter annexes the whole of the grand stand takings, and, in view of the aid given to cricket, there seems some grounds for the remarks of a facetious friend of mine that the title of the ground club should be altered to that of "The Melbourne Football and Cricket Club."
In view, also, of the liberal way the public support the matches, it seems very rough upon them that immediately a chance of milking them occurs in the way of a special match an additional 6d is put upon admission to the grand stand. The business is evidently conducted on the squeeze-as-much-as-they-will-stand principle, a narrow-minded, grasping policy that reflects no great credit on the persons interested, and one which will, doubtless, if persevered in, defeats it's own ends.
Coming to the match itself, I never saw so much excitement displayed over one. From first to last there was a constant hum of voices, which ever and anon, as opportunity called, rose into a perfect storm of applause and made the welkin (sky) ring again. The play which evoked it has frequently been surpassed, and we must look, therefore, for it's cause in the increased enthusiasm of the partisans of the two clubs, rather than in the excellence of the play itself.
The first half was pretty even, which is equilivent, as Melbourne had the wind, to saying that that club had the worst of it; but the second was most decidedly in favour of Carlton, wind considered, whose superiority in form, discipline, and playing together soon placed the fate of the match beyond a doubt, and toward the finish put their opponents completely in the shade.
There can be no doubt the result of the match was to most a surprise, as the supporters of Melbourne were very confident about it, and I can hardly fancy that the most sanguine supporters of the dark blue would have predicted a termination of five goals to one."


Image Image

If you didn't want to walk, trains, handsome cabs, wagonettes and omnibuses (larger horse drawn enclosed wagons with windows) were the only form of public transport in Melbourne, until the introduction of cable trams in 1885
Omnibus is where the modern word of "bus" originates.
Images: SLV, Carlton Community History Group

June 12
Carlton played West Melbourne on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The team met at the Town Hall Swanston Street at 2pm.
Crowd; Very poor attendance of 600-800.
Many people thought the match would be "a walkover" for the Blues.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the southern goal. The game commenced at 3.20pm; late as usual.
Players had trouble keeping their feet on the muddy surface, the ground being unfit for play.
The West kicked the first goal, but hardly had the ball in their half after that.
The players were covered in mud by the end of the game.
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Browning, Coulthard, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Melville, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, Charles Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Wilson.
Emergencies; Burke, McWilliams.
Umpire; J. Healey.
Carlton won; 4.25 - 1.0 (Half time 2-1)
Goals; Coulthard 2, Browning 2.
Best/Players mentioned; (10) Coulthard, Wilson, Smith, Goer, Bragge, O'Donnell, Nudd, George Robertson, Brooks, Browning.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played West Melbourne Reserves at Prince's Oval.
Carlton won; 3-1
Goals; Page, Hughes, Slattery.

June 19
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Oval.
The match was moved as the E.M.C.G. was not fit for football.
The game was fairly well contested and played in great spirit, however, the Blues were too systematic and determined for the Essendon side.
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
E. Barrass, George Bragge, E. Brooks, G. Browning, G. Coulthard, Alick Coventry, C. Donovan, A. Ford, R. Frayne, W. Goer, F. Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, Charles Nudd, H. O'Donnell, James Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Smith, F. Spear, H. Wilson.
Emergencies; S. Oliver, J. McWilliams.
Carlton won; 4 - 1
Goals; Coulthard, Goer, Wilson, Ford.
Coulthard scored another goal, but for a reason only known to umpires it was disallowed.
Players mentioned; Coulthard, Wilson, Frayne, Goer, Smith, Coventry, Ford, & Bragge.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon Reserves
Carlton won; 1.12 - 0.1
Goal; Page.

June 21
The Norwood Football Club arrived in Port Melbourne aboard the S.S. Aldinga.
The team was then driven in carriages, decked out in the red, white, and blue colours of the Association, along Collins, Elizabeth, and Bourke Streets to Trump's Hotel where a large crowd awaited them.
Carlton had allowed Norwood the use of Princes Oval to train on.

June 24
The Argus reports that Carlton footballers Frayne and Twopenny leave for Adelaide this week and intend to join the Port Adelaide club.
The Port Adelaide News June 26, mentions Frayne and Turpenny.

June 25
The Age (3)
" 'Dark Blue' defends the Carlton Football Club from the charge of money-grabbing, and states that the club have spent more money in the improvement of their ground than any club in the colony. As to the statement that the club do not care about playing matches on their own ground, because they cannot charge there, he points out that out of 24 matches for the season eleven are are played on Princes Oval, eight on the different cricket grounds, and five country matches."

June 26
"It is rumoured that the Carlton club will shortly lose the services of R. Frayne, one of their best men, who, 'tis said, goes to Adelaide." (Weekly Times p21)
It would be Dick Frayne's older brother Alex Frayne who would go to Adelaide, playing with the Victorians club and later at Norwood. Another brother Nathaneil Frayne would also go at this time and become captain of Port Adelaide a few years later. The Norwood history site (Redlegs) mentions Nathaniel also played with Carlton. So far we have no record of him, but he may have played with the Carlton Second Twenty of which details are poor.
Turpenny would also go to the Port Adelaide club.

June 26
The Port Adelaide News (July 03) reported that Frayne and Turpenny arrived too late to take part in the match for the black and magentas against Kensington.

June 26
Carlton captain George Robertson was in Sydney and played for the Waratah club against Wallaroo on Moore Park.
This was probably a rugby match as the sides are named in the Sydney Daily Telegraph (p6) with 15 and 16 men respectively.
Monday's report said that "owing to certain objections", George was not allowed to play.

June 26
Carlton played the Norwood Football Club (South Australia) at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Norwood had ex Carlton players; A. McMichael (Captain), A. E. Waldron (Vice capt.), W. 'Billy' Bracken and Alex Frayne.
Crowd; 3,000
Heavy rain over night and in the morning.
Both teams cheered each other onto the ground.
Atrocious conditions, water covered half the ground, players covered in mud making it difficult for the crowd to distinguish between the Blues and the Reds.
Bendigo Advertiser: "The Norwood footballers played their opening match against Carlton under very unfortunate circumstances this afternoon, the East Melbourne cricket ground, where it took place, being like a marsh. This made kicking and everything else very difficult, and before the game was half over the players looked as if they had been well rolled in a particularly dirty gutter. The unsuccessful attempts to kick, the floundering about in the water, and the woful plight of the men, made on the whole a ludicrous affair of it."
After half time a new ball was used, and Umpire Gibbons threw it into the air to commence the second half.
Both teams were evenly matched. Norwood were possibly the quicker, but the Carlton side were better kicks.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
E. Barrass, George Bragge, E. Brooks, G. Coulthard, G. Browning, Alick Coventry, A. Ford, R. Frayne, C. Donovan, F.W. Gunn, W. Goer (Capt.), B. Murphy, Charles Nudd, H. O'Donnell, James Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Smith, F. Spear, F/W. Sparrow, H. Wilson.
Emergencies; E. Murphy, (H.) Nudd.
Umpire; Gibbons
Match drawn Carlton 1.6 - Norwood 1.6 (Half time Carl. 0.3 - 0.3)
Goal; Coulthard.
Best; Coulthard, Gunn, O'Donnell, Goer, Brooks.
Players mentioned; (12) B. Murphy, E. Murphy, Browning, Gunn, Brooks, Coulthard, Goer, O'Donnell, Wilson, Bragge, Frayne, Coventry.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Waverley on Princes Oval
Waverley is a Carlton suburban team.
Carlton won; 1-0

June 29 Tuesday
Former Carlton player and now captain of Norwood (South Australia) Alf McMichael broke his collar bone in a match against Hotham. He was taken to his father's residence.

June 30


Victoria's population is estimated to be 908,853
(Evening News Sydney August 23 p3)

July 03
Carlton played Sandridge 23 at Princes Oval.
An easy victory for the Blues, the youngsters never stood a chance.
Sandridge's usual rough tactics were not used and a friendly game was played.
No team details.
Carlton won; 8-0
Goals; Wilson 4, Coulthard 2, Brooks, O'Donnell.
Players mentioned; Wilson (BOG), Coulthard, Goer, Frayne, Brooks, O'Donnell.

Carlton Reserves played Brunswick
Carlton won; 1-0

July 03


During the week a meeting of 100 footballers was arranged in Sydney to talk about changing the rules.
After a long meeting, a unanimous decision was reached to form an association called the New South Wales Football Association and that they adopt the Victorian Association rules.

July 08 Argus

July 07 Wednesday


"Young men in Melbourne are adopting the practice of wearing the colors of their football clubs, as a kind of "order" on their breast of their coats. This is absurd enough, but some young ladies are sporting the colors too in the same way." (Herald p2)

July 10
Carlton played Melbourne at the East Melbourne C. G.
A crowd of in excess of 10,000 attended the second meeting of these two clubs.
A very close and intense game whipped the crowd to fever pitch, especially towards the end of the match.
The scoreboard shows an even game.
Although the Carlton backline was "weak" in this game, the Blues had much more play on their forward line. It was a game the Blues had expected to win.
Barrass got ther ball out of a scrimmage right in front of the goals and put through the Blues first goal.
The Geelong Advertiser said Brooks scored Carlton's second.
Carlton team; (20 named)
E. Barrass, George Bragge, E. Brooks, G. Browning, G. Coulthard, Alick Coventry, C. Donovan, A. Ford, R. Frayne, W. Goer, F. Gunn, B. Murphy, Charles Nudd, H. O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, G. Smith, F. Spear, H. Wilson.
Umpire; J. Chadwick.
Match drawn; Carlton 2.9 Melbourne 2.8. (Half time, Carl. 1.4 - Melb 1.3.)
Goals; Barrass, Gunn/Brooks.
Players mentioned; (14) Browning, Frayne, Barrass, Gunn, Bragge, Wilson, Coulthard, Brooks, G. Robertson, Ford, Coventry, Goer, Smith, Murphy.


George Coulthard, Carlton vs Geelong at the East Melbourne C. G. 17 July 1880

July 10
Former Blue Turpenny played for Port Adelaide against the Victorian team (a local Adelaide side). He was one of the better players for the Ports team. (Port Adelaide News July 17)
Both ex Blues Frayne and Turpenny would play for Port Adelaide next week.

July 17
Carlton played Geelong at the East Melbourne C.G.
Crowd over 12,000. One report said it was probably the largest crowd seen at the venue.
A special train bought the Geelong team and a large number of it's supporters.
The game commenced at 3.15pm and finished at 5.15pm.
Geelong who were in excellent form, were expected to win this match.
In the first half, The Blues completely overpowered the Pivitonians and beat them in all departments of the game.
"Wilson (Carlton) then gave Donovan a mark twenty yards from the post, and the latter kicked the first goal for Carlton. This occurred just four minutes after the commencement of the game." (S.A. Register July 26 p2s)*
.*The Geelong Advertiser said Ford from a 30 yard place kick scored the first goal 4 minutes from the start.
Sparrow from a mark kicked the second goal and then Brooks bought up the Blues' third before half time.
During the second half, Coulthard set off from the centre to intercept a Geelong player running down the wing. Coulhard was followed by Watson (Geelong), and as he was approaching the Geelong player, Watson shoved Coulthard face first into the ground, and the Blue hurt his leg. The two players squared up with each other until the umpire and a police constable intervened.
Coulthard later slipped and fell, and had to be carried to the pavillion, he eventually came back on and acted as goal guard. (full back ?)
"Carlton played well together; their team was evenly balanced, and they went into the play at starting with such vehemance and impetuosity that they completly nonplussed their opponents, proving, moreover, by their play at the finish that their condition warranted the terrific pace at the onset. The match was one of the fastest - if not the very fastest - ever played on Victorian soil, and during the first part was conducted in an honest friendly way."
Geelong facing defeat, adopted a "decidedly rough style of play" in the second half.
Wilson scored Carlton's final two goals.
At the end of the game, Harry Wilson was carried shoulder high from the ground by his fellow Blues.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Gunn, Goer (Vice Capt.), B. Murphy, P. Murphy, O'Donnell, G. Robertson (Capt.), J. Robertson, Rickards, Smith, Spear, H. Wilson and Sparrow.
Umpire; McMichael, ex Blue, now of the Norwood F.C.
Carlton won; 5.11 - Geelong 0.9 (Half time Carl. 3.8 - 0.1)
Goals; Wilson 2, Donovan/Ford*, Sparrow, Brooks. (Bengido Advertiser had Wilson 2, Ford, Sparrow Brooks)
Best; H. Wilson (BOG), Coulthard, B. Murphy, P. Murphy, Goer, O'Donnell, Frayne, Bragge.
Players mentioned; (18) Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, B. Murphy, P. Murphy, O'Donnell, Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, Sparrow, Spear, H. Wilson.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Vaucluse.
Vaucluse is a Richmond suburban team.
Carlton won; 5 - 0

July 17
A proposed visit by a Victorian team to Adelaide on 7 August - 14 August is running into trouble.
Certain clubs are reluctant to release the players for two weeks and deprive the team of their services.
The Carlton representatives selected are;
Coulthard, H. Wilson, Goer, G. Robertson, and Frayne.
See July 28.

July 24
Carlton played South Melbourne at the East Melbourne C.G.
Crowd; 8,000
This season's first meeting between these clubs.
South won the toss and kicked with the advantage of a strong breeze and scored four goals.
In the second half the wind dropped.
The Blues were attacking when the bell rang and the report says that the match would have been drawn if the game had gone on for a few more minutes.
No team details.
Umpire; R. Mitchell
Carlton lost; 3.8 - S.Melb. 4.13 (Half time Carl. 0.3 - 4.10)
Goals; Brooks 2, Rickards.
Best; Coulthard, Frayne, Wilson, Barrass, Coventry, G. Robertson.
Players mentioned (12);
Coulthard, Brooks, Rickards, Wilson, Murphy, Murphy, Goer, Black/Bragge(?), Frayne, Barrass, Coventry, G. Robertson, Smith.

Carlton Reserves played South Melbourne Reserves on Prince's Oval.
Carlton won; 2-0

July 24


"Professor" William Miller is the earliest known Carlton Football Club trainer, he began with the club in 1883. (See Trainers - Medical Staff )
This is an article from the Australasian on Miller's sporting achievements. Miller has just returned to Victoria.

July 28 Wednesday
At the VFA meeting, a revised Victorian team was selected to visit Adelaide.
Carlton, Geelong, and the Melbourne football clubs will not be represented.

July 31


"Sir, As an old Victorian footballer, allow me to contribute a few lines on this vexed subject. I will premise that I do not intend to abuse anyone, or impute lunacy to anybody holding contrary views to myself.
During an experience of 10 years in New South Wales, Victoria, and New Zealand, I have had an opportunity to comparing the Victorian, Rugby, and Association games. The first and last are similar in most instances, but the Victorian game has the choice of simplicity. The Rugby game, in my opinion, does not give half the opportunity for fleetness, daring, and discipline. It is not uncommon in Victoria to see from 10,000 to 15,000 spectators at a football match, and from the time the ball is kicked off the excitement is intense among them, and the applause long, loud, and incessant. It is like watching a gladiatorial contest, without the brutality of wounds or death. When the Waratah played Rugby rules against Carlton, the then premier club, although the local men had the best of it, the game was jeered at, as unworthy of men and athletes. It was a schoolboy game, and the continual scrimmages were hooted.
I am confident if the Victorian game is adopted by one or two of the Sydney clubs, the public will flock to their matches, and desert the shoulder-humping-sacks-on-the-mill business, that has hitherto prevailed. - Yours faithfuly,
W. J. Targett
Lithgow, July 24"
(Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW) 31 July p36)

July 31
Carlton played the Hamilton Football Club from Victoria's Western District at the East Melbourne C. G.
G. Robertson won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, O'Donnell, Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Sparrow, Spear, Wilson.
Emergency; C. Nudd.
Umpire; Mr. Henry 'Harry' Nudd.
Carlton won 5.22 - Hamilton 1.5
Goals; Rickards 3, Coulthard, Wilson.
Players mentioned; G. Robertson, Sparrow, Nudd, Brooks, Coulthard, Jas. Rickards, McMichael, Frayne, Ford, Wilson, Smith,
Best; G. Robertson, Frayne, Nudd, Wilson, Rickards.

Former Carlton player A. McMichael captained Norwood against Carlton on June 26. He, or another McMichael, was named in the above report, and is also named as one of Carlton's best next week.
The Herald August 06 (p2) said, "McMichael played for the first time with Carlton since he left Victoria, and did great service."

Carlton Reserves played Brunswick on Prince's Oval.
Carlton won; 2-0
Goals; Page, Woods.

August 07
Carlton played Ballarat at Saxon Paddock, Ballarat.
The players met at Boyle and Scott's at 6pm Friday.
The outcome of the match was never in doubt.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Burrows, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, McMichael, C. Nudd, O'Donnell, James Rickards, John Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Sparrow, Spear.
Umpire; G. Antcliffe
Carlton won; 6.13 - 0.6 (Half time 2.9 - 0.3)
Goals; Jas. Rickards 2, B. Murphy, Brooks, Donovan, Gunn.
Players mentioned; (15)
Brooks, Murphy, B. Murphy, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Frayne, Gunn, Goer, McMichael, Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, Robertson (Capt), Smith

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne Reserves at Prince's Oval.
Carlton won 5-3


The Melbourne Telephone Exchange Company, a private enterprise, began operations in August. It was Australia's first telephone company and handled over 7,000 calls in its first year.
The exchange was located at 367 Collins Street and was bought out by the Victorian Government in 1887.
There is a tenuous Carlton connection via former player Henry F. Rix. Rix's brother- in-law was Henry Sutton.
Sutton was a Ballarat inventor, who developed amongst many things, a telephone system which he ran from the family business in Ballarat.
It was installed at Suttons Music Store to its warehouse, two years before the Melbourne Telephone Exchange.
Further information can be found by clicking on to Rix's bio page.

August 07


The Herald July 31 said, "It is probable that Mr. Miller, the champion wrestler of the world, will play for Carlton."
This is "Professor" William Miller who was Carlton's phys-ed instructor from at least 1883.
Former Carlton and Melbourne players took the field on the Melbourne Football Ground in the annual charity match.
This is ground is also known as the Metropolitan ground, or the "gravel pit", and is located adjacent to the M.C.G.
A crowd of 3000 attended and £17 ($34) was donated to the Children's Hospital.
The game began at 3.20pm when J. Gardiner kicked off.
Former Blue, Charles Forrester in the first half kicked the only goal.
The Blues were the better team after half time and hit the post 4 times.
Carlton players; (25 named)
Aram, Clark, Curtis, Donovan, Bell, J. Blanshard, Bracken, J. Gardiner (Capt.), H. Guy, Henry, Johnston, Kelly, Lewis, Nudd, O'Brien, Petherick, John A. Turnbull, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Williams, Williams, McGibbon, J. Kendall, Williamson.
Friday's Herald had Carlton's team; (28 named)
T. Aram, H. Bannister, W. Barfoot, J. Blanchard, J. Clarke, J. Dalton, J. Donovan (Capt), T. Ellis, J. Gardner, H. Guy, T. W. Harris, J. Henry, A. Johnston, A. Kennedy, K. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, J. Kendall, T. Marshall, J. McGibbon, G. McGill, O. O'Brien, H. Nudd, E. Prevot, J. Turnbull, T. Reilly, J. Todd, J. Williams, W. Williams.
Umpire; Greig
Carlton lost; 0-1 (Half time 0-1)
Best; Nudd, Gardiner, Kelly, Henry, Clark, Bracken, Lewis.

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne at Carlton Oval.
Carlton won 5 - 3.

August 07
Peter Pindar, The Australasian.
"I understand there is a possibility of a meeting between Carlton and Hotham before the season is out, and it certainly seems high time the personal feeling which in the past prevented a friendly encounter between the two clubs should have died away."

August 07
The Victorian team played the South Australians on The Oval, Adelaide.
Crowd; 4,500
Victoria won; 5.13 - 2.7

August 11 Wednesday
The Victorians played a South Australian 23 team, made up of players native born to the colony.
Victoria won; 5.18 - 1.2

August 13 Friday


Albury Friday
"A football match between the Corowa and Albury clubs, which took place here to-day was most exciting.
The visitors won the game - having secured one goal and four behinds against their opponents twelve behinds.
Mr. Power, of Carlton, gave great satisfaction as central umpire."
(Trove; Ovens and Murray Advertiser August 14 p8)

Border United from Corowa played Albury on the Friday, and then they played Albury Mechanics, a junior club, on the Saturday.

"Mr. Power, of Carlton, a gentleman well known in the football world, acted as central umpire on both days and his decisions gave great satisfaction to all parties."
(Trove; Ovens And Murray Advertiser August 17)

August 14
Carlton played a Williamstown 23 at Princes Oval.
The Blues won the toss and kicked with the wind.
Only very poor kicking for goal prevented the Blues scoring a "couple of dozen" goals.
The juniors were not in the game.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, McMichael, Charles Nudd, O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Carlton won; 3.27 - 0.3 (Half time 2.? - 0.1)
Goals; Coulthard, Wilson, Nudd.
Best; Wilson, McMichael, J. Robertson, Gunn, Frayne.
Players mentioned; (7) Coulthard, Wilson, Nudd, McMichael, J. Robertson, Gunn, Frayne.

Carlton Reserves played Waverley at Royal Park.
Carlton won; 2.2 -

August 21
Carlton played Melbourne at the Melbourne ground.
A large crowd between 5,000 and 6,000 attended, despite the wet weather.
"... the M.C.C. provided an entrance at the back of the stand for the purpose of the fair sex obtaining seats without delay or crush."
The rain stopped just after play commenced just after 3pm., and drizzled throughout the first half.
The players were constantly slipping and sliding in the mud covered ground.
Although in recent years Carlton hadn't often played on this ground, this was the Blues first win on the "gravel pit" since September 1875.
A controversial goal umpiring decision cost Melbourne a goal.
Carlton team; (20 named + emerg)
E. Barrass, E. Brooks, G. Coulthard, Alick Coventry, C. Donovan, R. Frayne, W. Goer, (Vice Capt.), F. W. Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, A. McMichael, Charles Nudd, H. O'Donnell, James Rickards, G. Robertson (Capt.), J. Robertson, G. Smith, F. Spear, John A. Turnbull, H. Wilson.
Emergency; A. Ford
Umpire; K. Mitchell.
Carlton won; 2.7 - 1.6. (Half time Carl. 1.1 - 0.5)
Goals; Rickards, Brooks.
Best; Coventry, Frayne, McMichael, Coulthard, Rickards.
Players mentioned; (16) Coulthard, Coventry, Frayne, Wilson, McMichael, Rickards, Donovan, G. Robertson, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, Brooks, O'Donnell, Barrass, Gunn, Goer, F. Spear.

August 28
Carlton played West Melbourne at Princes Oval.
West Melbourne's only goal was scored by Lewis who was a player Carlton had loaned them because they were a player/s short.
Crowd 2000.
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, McMichael, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, C. Nudd, O'Donnell, James Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Turnbull, Wilson
Emergencies; Ford, John Rickards
Carlton won; 3.11 - 1.6
Goals; James Rickards, Turnbull, Goer.
Best; McMichael, Coulthard, O'Donnell, Coventry.
Carlton players mentioned in The Agus report;
James Rickards, McMichael, Turnbull, O'Donnell, Goer, Coventry, Coulthard.

Carlton Reserves played West Melbourne Reserves in Royal Park.
Carlton won; 4-0

September 04
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Oval.
A crowd estimated between 10,000-12,000 attended. The crowd was kept behind the picket fence which surrounded the ground.
A beautiful day, no wind, but a little too warm for football.
Both sides played the man instead of the ball.
South had the better of the first half, but the Blues kicked themselves out of the match in the second. They missed some very easy goals. Most of the shots at goal were from only 20 yards and it seemed as if a spell had been cast for the ball went in all directions, except through the goal posts. Despite this and the bias shown by the umpire, former Carlton player Henry 'Harry' Nudd, the still Blues lost.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Brooks, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, McMichael, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, Charles Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, G. Robertson, J. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Umpire; H. Nudd
Carlton lost 0.12 - 2.9 (Half time Carl. 0.5 - 1.5)
Players mentioned; (17) Brooks, Spear, Coventry, Gunn, McMichael, Murphy, Rickards, Wilson, Coulthard, Frayne, Donovan, Barrass, Goer, Nudd, Bragge, Robertson, Smith

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne Reserves on the Melbourne football ground.
Carlton lost; 1-3

September 11
Carlton was to play Geelong at Geelong.
A very wet weekend, some other matches were called off.
Carlton along with 500 fans took the train to Geelong.
The club had received a telegram stating the rain had stopped and the ground was fit for playing.
The Blues proceeded to the Victoria hotel where the Geelong players were waiting for them. They were told the ground was not fit for play and as it was still raining the Blues had a meeting and decided not go ahead with the game. The decision was conveyed immediately to the Geelong captain.
A crowd of 1500 was patiently waiting in the rain.
Some disatisfaction was shown at the way Geelong had been treated with no one from Carlton turning up.
The Geelong players walked to the centre of the ground, kicked the ball "off" and claimed the match, and the club donated the gate takings to the Flood Relief Fund.
On return the club found another telegram from Geelong that arrived after the train departed for the Pivot saying that it was useless coming as it is still raining!
Carlton team; (20 named plus emerg)
Barrass, Bragge, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Maloney, Murphy, Murphy, McMichael, Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, Robertson, Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Emergency; Boyd.
Match cancelled.

September 14 Tuesday
"With reference to the Geelong and Carlton football match, the captain of the Carlton club states that his team decided that it was impossible to play because of the rain, and this decision was at once conveyed to the captain of the Geelong team. As the Geelong captain was aware of their intention, there was no use in the Carlton team going to the ground." (The Argus)

September 14 Tuesday
Carlton held it's annual ball at the Athenaeum Hall
Dance Card


September 18
Carlton played Essendon at Flemington on the McCracken family owned paddock on Flemington Road.
Essendon played their home games there until 1882 when they moved to the East Melbourne C. G.
The Blues got a shock in the first half and came home strong in the second, missing some quite gettable goals.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Ford, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, B. Murphy, E. Murphy, McMichael, Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, J. Robertson, G. Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Umpire; Mr. T. Chadwick.
Match drawn Carlton 3.10 - Essendon 3.5 (Half time Carl. 0.4 - Ess. 3.5)
Goals; Coulthard, Maloney, Donovan.
No other players mentioned.

Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Carlton Second Twenty/Reserves team;
Anderson, Boyd, Collins, Donaldson, Goding, Henry, Hughes, Jones, Knowles, McMillan, McEntee, W. O'Grady, Page, Robertson, Riley, Samwells/Samuels, Slattery, Spear, Sutherland, Thornhill.
Carlton won 3-0.

September 25
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Oval.
The V.F.A. has declared this Saturday, "Football Hospital Day", donation boxes were placed around the ground, £45 ($90) raised and donated to the hospitals.
A strong, cold and wintry southerly blew across the ground, keeping the ball on the northern side and making kicking for goal almost impossible.
Crowd between 10,000-12,000.
The Blues kicked with the wind.
Melbourne were the better team on the day, but neither side could score a goal.
"The Carlton played a very poor game, and appeared to be quite over-matched, and only had one easy shot for goal during the whole of the latter half. The result was a draw, greatly in favour of Melbourne, who scored fourteen behinds to Carlton's five. Saturday's was the best game played by Melbourne this season, while just the contrary will apply to the Carlton."
Carlton team; (20 named)
Barrass, Bragge, Coulthard, Coventry, Donovan, Frayne, Goer, Gunn, Maloney, Murphy, Murphy, McMichael, Nudd, O'Donnell, Rickards, Robertson, Robertson, Smith, Spear, Wilson.
Umpire; T. Chadwick
Match drawn; Carlton 0.5 - Melbourne 0.11, another report said 0.14 (Half time Carl. 0.2 - 0.3)
Players mentioned; McMichael, Bragge, Coulthard, Frayne, Gunn, Goer, Rickards, Barrass, Coventry.

October 09


A letter to The Australasian mentions T. W. Wills grave in Heidelberg Cemetery.
There is a proposal to erect a monument over his grave and subscriptions are invited from interested people.

I believe this monument was never built, and his grave deteriorated over the years due to neglect.
In recent years this has been rectified.
In Moyston, country Victoria, the T. W. Wills Memorial Reserve contains a monument and metal plaques about Thomas Wills' life, 1836-1880.

October 16


Peter Pindar's season review in The Australasian;
"Taking the play throughout the season, the Carlton has shown most consistently to advantage, at the beginning and middle having the best team on the turf, and at the end showing unfavourably, entirely owing to the delinquencies of the goal-kickers, and other branches of the play being good as any at anytime during the season.
The chief players have been Coulthard, Wilson, G. and J. Robertson, Frayne, Goer, the two Murphys, Donovan, Gunn, O'Donnell, Spear, Coventry, Barrass, Richards, M. Michael, Bragge and Smith.
The bulk of the goals were got by Coulthard (21), Brooks (18), Wilson (13), and Rickards (9)."
"George Coulthard of Carlton, though not quite up to last year's form, has been one of the best players afield, his following and forward play being especially good, and his goal-kicking the most successful of the year, no less than 21 goals having been obtained by him."
"Aitken, of Melbourne who began the season hopefully has developed into one of the very best followers we have, and G. Robertson and H. Wilson of Carlton can very well be bracketed with him,..."
"In the centre G. Watson of Geelong still stands pre-eminent, and Frayne of Carlton and......follow closely on his heels."
"...Coventry of Carlton and..... are amongst the best wingmen."


The Eighth Annual Carlton Football Club Sports Day was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 2nd October
and at Princes Park 12th October.

100 Yard Flat Race (for playing members) 1. W. Robertson, 2. G. Coulthard.
150 Yard Handicap (for playing members) 1. G. Coulthard, 2. C. Donovan.
300 Handicap Flat Race (playing members) 1. G. Coulthard, 2. dead heat- B. Murphy and James Rickards.
Challenge Drop Kick;
1. James Rickards (Carlton) 69 yards 1 foot 3 inches,
2. R. Sibley (Melbourne) 68 yards 1 foot 3 inches,
3. G. Browning (Carlton) 68 yards and 3 inches.
4. W. Wall (Geelong) 66 yards 1 foot.
Second Twenty Drop Kick
1. J. Spear 59 yards.
2. W. Robertson 58 yards.
3. M. Slattery 57 yards 2 feet 7 inches.
First Twenty Drop Kick
1. G. Browning 60 yards 2 feet.
2. R. Frayne 57 yards 1 foot.
Annual Goal Kicking Tournament.
C. Donovan, John A. Turnbull and J. Spear 2 goals each.
In the kick off,
1. C. Donovan
2. John A. Turnbull

October 21


Trove, Punch October 21 (p1)
What is interesting here, is the term "footy."
The previous earliest mention of the term footy or footie, Blueseum had found was in 1903 which had to do with a caption under a photo of a marking contest.
"Our Jack" is former Carlton captain Jack Gardiner, also known as John Gardiner

The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages, 48, 49, 50, 259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951. Page 66.
A Game of Our Own. Geoffery Blainey.
The Footballer 1880. p65
The Age newspapers 1880 editions.
The Argus newspapers 1880 editions.
The Australasian 1880 editions.
Launceston Examiner 1880 editions.
Australian Town & Country Journal, (N.S.W.) 1880 editions.
The Record, (Emerald Hill) 1880 editions.
The Telelgraph, St.Kilda, Prahran, & South Yarra Guardian, 1880 editions.
Port Adelaide News, 1880 editions.

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