Victorian State Players

1879 John Gardiner (first captain of Victoria), George Coulthard, William Goer, Fred W. "Paddy" Gunn, Barney Murphy
1880 William Goer, George Coulthard, Harry Wilson, George Robertson, Dick Frayne
1881 William Goer, Harry Wilson, Dick Frayne, Frank Conway
1881 William Goer (vice captain), Fred Spear, Alick Coventry, Fred McIntosh
1881 William Goer (captain), George Coulthard, Harry Wilson, Dick Frayne, Frank Conway, Alf McMichael
1886 Sam Bloomfield (captain), Jack Baker, Tommy Leydin, William Strickland, Mick Whelan, A. Wilson
1887 Jack Baker, Walter 'Dolly' Batters, Tommy Leydin, Jasper Jones, William Strickland, Mick Whelan
1889 Bill Moloney, Walter Wattling, Wally McKechnie, T. 'Dodger' O'Connor
1889 A. 'Dick' Gellatley (selected in squad but did not play)
1890 William Strickland, Alex "Dookie" McKenzie, Jack 'Jigger' Moorhouse, 'Gib' Currie, Jack Keane, Jack Lorraine
1891 Ned Sutton, Dan Hutchison - Jack Keane and Bill Walton did not play
1891 Ned Sutton
1892 Ned Sutton, 'Gib' Currie, Jack Roberts
1893 Ned Sutton, Walter 'Dolly' Batters, Charles Coulson, Hastings, A. Thompson, Peter Williams
1894 Jimmy Aitken
1897 Jack Reekie. Both Brook Hannah & Ernie Walton in squad, but did not play. - VFL v Bendigo Association Upper Reserve Bendigo June 09
1899 E. Walton
1900 C. Roland
1901 C. Rigby, C. Roland
1902 E. Walton, C. Roland, A. Ryan, W. McNamara
1903 J. Sullivan
1904 A. Trimm, E. Kennedy, M. Grace
1905 M. Grace, H. Parke, G. Bruce, G. Johnson
1908 George Bruce, G. Johnson, R. McGregor, H. Kelly
1911 V. Gardiner, V. Valentine, J. Wells, T. Clancy
1912 G. Challis, V. Valentine, J. Wells
1913 G. Challis, E. Jamieson, G. Green, H. Haughton, W. Dick, A. Baud
1914 H. Haughton, W. Dick, A. Baud
1919 P. O'Brien, H. Furnell
1920 A. Boromeo, N. Chandler, P. O'Brien, H. Clover
1921 G. Green, A. Boromeo, H. Clover, J. Greenhill, R. Hiskins, C. Fisher, F. Martin, S. McLatchie, F. Johnson
1922 P. O'Brien, A. Boromeo, H. Clover, R. Hiskins, S. McLatchie, F. Johnson, W. Blackman
1923 A. Baud, H. Clover, R. Hiskins, S. McLatchie, M. Beasy, H. Bell
1924 P. O'Brien, R. Hiskins, M. Beasy, H. Bell, A. Duncan, F. Pringle, R.Brew, P. Kennedy, J. Watson, H. Carter
1925 A. Leitch
1926 A. Duncan, R. Brew, J. Kelly, C. McSwain
1927 A. Duncan
1928 H. Clover, T. Downs, A. Duncan
1929 H. Clover, J. Kelly, F. Gilby, C. Martyn, C. Davey, H. Vallence
1930 C. Martyn, C. Davey
1931 J. Kelly, C. Martyn, C. Davey, H. Vallence, F. Gill
1932 C. Davey, H. Vallence, F. Gill, E. Huxtable, C. Crisp, M. Johnson, J. Green
1933 C. Davey, A. Clarke, G. Mackie
1934 J. Kelly, E. Huxtable, M. Johnson, K. Shea
1935 C. Davey, E. Huxtable, K. Shea, R. Green
1936 K. Shea, J. Hale
1937 H. Vallence, C. Crisp, K. Shea, J. Hale, D. McIntyre
1938 C. Crisp, J. Park, J. Carney
1939 C. Crisp, J. Hale
1941 J. Francis, F. Anderson, P. Schmidt
1945 R. Savage, D. Williams
1946 B. Deacon, J. Howell
1947 B. Deacon, J. Howell
1948 B. Deacon, J. Howell, J.Clark, O.Grieve
1949 B. Deacon, J. Howell, J. Clark, E. Henfry, F. Davies, R. Garby
1950 J. Howell, A. Hodgson
1951 B. Deacon, J. Clark, A. Hodgson
1952 L. Kerr, K. Warburton
1953 J. Howell, Ken Hands
1954 Ken Hands
1955 John James, D.Beasy
1956 John James, John Chick
1957 Ken Hands, John James, D. Beasy, Bruce Comben
1958 John James, Bruce Comben
1959 John James, Bruce Comben, John Nicholls, Graham Donaldson
1960 Bruce Comben, Graham Donaldson
1961 John James, John Nicholls
1962 John Nicholls, Serge Silvagni, Gordon Collis, Tom Carroll, Bob Crowe
1963 John Nicholls, Serge Silvagni, John Benetti, Wes Lofts
1964 John Nicholls, Gordon Collis
1965 John Nicholls, John Goold
1966 John Nicholls, John Goold
1967 John Nicholls, Wes Lofts, Cliff Stewart, Alex Jesaulenko
1968 John Nicholls, John Goold, Alex Jesaulenko
1969 John Nicholls, Alex Jesaulenko
1970 John Nicholls, Alex Jesaulenko
1971 John Nicholls, Vin Waite, Robert Walls, Geoff Southby
1972 John Nicholls, Alex Jesaulenko, Geoff Southby
1973 Alex Jesaulenko, Robert Walls, Geoff Southby, Brent Crosswell
1974 Robert Walls, Geoff Southby Garry Crane
1975 Alex Jesaulenko, Geoff Southby
1976 Alex Jesaulenko, Bruce Doull
1977 Robert Walls, Bruce Doull, Peter Jones, Mark Maclure
1978 Bruce Doull, David McKay, Geoff Southby, Trevor Keogh
1979 Bruce Doull, Geoff Southby, David McKay, Mike Fitzpatrick, Wayne Harmes, Alex Jesaulenko
1980 Geoff Southby, Bruce Doull, Ken Sheldon, Rod Ashman, Jim Buckley, Alex Marcou, Mark Maclure, David McKay
1981 Bruce Doull, Val Perovic, Rod Ashman, Geoff Southby
1982 Ken Hunter, Jim Buckley, Alex Marcou
1983 Ken Sheldon, Rod Ashman, Jim Buckley, Alex Marcou, Des English, Peter McConville, Wayne Johnston
1984 Jim Buckley, Wayne Johnston, Bruce Doull
1985 Tom Alvin, David Glascott
1986 Paul Meldrum, Tom Alvin, Wayne Harmes, Peter Dean, Justin Madden
1987 David Glascott, Wayne Johnston, Paul Meldrum, David Rhys-Jones
1988 Stephen Silvagni
1989 Mil Hanna
1990 Stephen Silvagni, Adrian Gleeson
1991 Adrian Gleeson, Andrew Phillips, Justin Madden, Mil Hanna, Peter Dean, Tom Alvin
1992 Mil Hanna
1993 Greg Williams, Mil Hanna, Stephen Silvagni
1994 Stephen Silvagni, Mil Hanna, Matthew Hogg
1995 Ang Christou, Stephen Silvagni
1996 Stephen Silvagni, Ang Christou, Michael Sexton, Brett Ratten, Greg Williams
1997 Stephen Silvagni, Brett Ratten, Michael Sexton
1999 Stephen Silvagni, Brett Ratten, Matthew Allan
2008 Chris Judd, Brendan Fevola (Allen Aylett Medallist), Jarrad Waite

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