Season 1887 - VFA Premiership #2 (7th overall))


1887 was the year of Carlton's Seventh Premiership, and our second in the VFA, breaking a 10 year drought.

Carlton Captain. T. Leydin (Leyden).
Vice Captain. Billy Strickland.
President. A. Gillespie.
Secretary. W. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Premiership Matches Played. 18. Won 15, Lost 1, Drew 2.
Goals Scored. 94. for. 43 against.

To view the complete 1887 VFA fixture, click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11595471

Leading Carlton goal kickers; W. Green 28, Jack Baker and A. 'Dick' Gellatley 18, Albert Coulson 17, and Berry 15.

V.F.A. this year used the system of allocating points for Premiership Matches.
Four points for a win and two points for a draw.
This solved the problem of clubs bickering over who was the best team.
Other games were played outside of this premiership competition.
Carlton used a match committee for the first time.

Better Carlton players for the year Sam Bloomfield , George Cook , Jack Baker , Walter 'Dolly' Batters, utility players Mick Whelan and Berry, backman Tommy Leydin, and wingman Billy Strickland.

1887. Premiers. Carlton, 2. Geelong, 3. South Melbourne, 4. Fitzroy.

This was to be Carlton's last premiership until the Jack Worrall coached side of 1906.

1887 Ladder

Pos TeamPlayed WinsLosses DrawsGoals For Goals Against
1 Carlton 2520 2 3 136 73
2Geelong 231823 12363
3South Melbourne 201244 10354
4Fitzroy 221255 7861
5Port Melbourne 221462 10755
6Williamstown 20983 6776
7Richmond 20884 6673
8Hotham 217104 8492
9Essendon 19793 6271
10Melbourne 207112 6987
11Prahran 185112 6975
12St.Kilda 194141 56106
13University 194150 45113
14South Williamstown 183132 3578
17South Ballarat124355545
18Ballarat Imperials146535351

Clubs had to play a minimum of 18 matches to qualify for the V.F.A. Premiership.


1887 Carlton teams.
Some details are missing, if anyone has these could they please contact Blueseum.



343,902 (Sydney 313,652)


April 01 Friday
Carlton F. C. AGM at Carlton Hall.
500 members attended
Mr. A. Gillespie presided.
Balance sheet read that showed the club to be in credit £227 5s 5d. ($254.55)
Office bearers elected;
Patrons; Cr. J. Pigdon, Messrs, E. Latham, J. Bell, J. Ballinger, R. Robertson, J. Maloney, W. H. Lewis.
President; Mr. A. Gillespie.
Vice presidents; Messrs, S. Bloomfield, W. Cook, J. Gardiner MLA, Cr. W. Ievers, T. S. Marshall.
Hon. Sec; Mr. W. C. Donaldson.
Hon. Treasurer; Mr. M. B. Hearne.
Captain; Mr. T. Leydin.
Vice captain; Mr. W. Strickland.
Hon sec. second twenty; Mr. P. Barry.
Goal kickers for 1887;
Leydin 22, Baker 18, Wilson 17, Berry 17, Gellatly 10, Whelan 9, Bloomfield 8, Letcher 7, Strickland 4, McInerney 3, Rickards 3, McDowall 2, McDonnell 2, Sharp 2, Woods 2, Batters 1, Glasscock 1, Bragge 1, Brown 1, Marks 1.
Committee; J. Melville, R. Cooper, J. A. Donovan, W. C. Henry, J. G. McCuthan, A. Gellatly, F. McIntosh, W. Hemsworth, M. Whelan.
Illuminated addresses were presented for long service in the first twenty to F. McIntosh, G. Bragge, M. Whelan, and a gold locket for excellent play to T. Leydin.
Gold lockets for excellent play in the second twenty were presented to J. Davie/Davey, T. Burns, W. Woodburn.

1887 Carlton captain and vice captain

April 09
The Argus, classified advertisment.
Tenders called for;
The ERECTION of Movable FENCE and GOAL POSTS at Princes Oval.
For the Carlton Football Club.
Specifications may be inspected at Boyle and Scott's, Bourke Street.
Tenders to be addressed, Hon. Secretary Carlton Football Club, Clyde Hotel, Carlton.

April 09


To raise funds to aid the recent Bulli coal mining disaster in N.S.W.
Carlton played Fitzroy on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground, Brunswick Street .
Admission 1s (10c), 1s extra for the grandstand.
The Fitzroy City Brass Band had volunteered it's services.
Fitzroy players were driven in drags, supplied by the Fitzroy mayor Mr. C. C. Clauscen, from the Brunswick Hotel Fitzroy, to the Clyde Hotel Carlton where they met the Carlton players.
Both teams were then driven to the ground in North Fitzroy.
The Roys' captain and vice captain Worrall and Maher did not play.
Two of Fitzroy's better players, Ward is deaf and unable to speak, and Muir is also mute.
Crowd; 5,000.
The ground was very hard and bare in parts, due to the dry weather.
Rain during the second quarter made the ground very slippery.
Match commenced at 3pm, with the Blues' Berry kicking off to the eastern end goal.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Box, Crapp, Cook, Crompton, Dunne, Gellatly, Hutchison, Hawkins, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Lyons, Metherall, McRaile, McInerney, McIntyre, McCracken, Roussevelle, Strickland, White.
Umpire; S. Thewlis.
Carlton won; 2.9 - 1.10 (Half time 2.5 - 0.4)
Goals; Berry, McInerney.
Players mentioned; (8) Leydin, Berry, Jones, Bloomfield, McInerney, Dunne, Batters, Strickland.
Best; Leydin, Bloomfield, Jones.

April 15 Friday
VFA annual meeting held at Young and Jackson's Hotel.
Carlton delegates; Theophilis S. Marshall and C. Donovan.
Charity donations, being 5% of the net takings, in the way of gate money for the season, were received as follows;
Carlton £25 18s 7d; Hotham £18 10s 0d; Melbourne £9 2s 3d; St.Kilda £2 2s 0d.
Mr A. C. Walker (Essendon) suggested that all delegates urge their clubs to insure their players or to establish an accident fund.
Carlton's Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall proposed at the next meeting to solve the premiership question by awarding points, three for a win, and one for a draw.

April 16
Carlton v 23 Juniors on Princes Oval
Ground was in poor condition. The fence as yet is to be erected.
Crowd, Carlton Gazette said a couple of thousand who encroached on to the playing area.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Berry, Box, Cook, Crompton, Dunne, Fox, Green, Gellatly, Hawkins, Hutchison, Henry, Johns, Jones, Keane, Leydin (c), Lyons, Mordern, McIntyre, McRaile, Rounesvelle, Strickland, Taylor, Way, White,
Carlton lost the toss and kicked to the Sydney Road end.
Carlton won; 2 - 0
Umpire; Thewlis
No further details

April 21 Thursday
A match between old and new Carlton players to take place on the Princes Oval at 2.30pm.
Crowd; 500
John Gardiner was prominent amongst the old timers, of which several were out of form.
The match ended in a draw 1- 1

April 23
The Carlton-Fitzroy Bulli charity match raised more than £150, and the VFA has donated a further £20.
The Port Melbourne vs Montague match raised a further £12 15s 9d to the fund.

April 23


The Australasian reports;
"Carlton are losing the services of their late captain and vice Messrs. Bloomfield and Baker, men very hard to replace anywhere in the field.
Business pursuits compel them to retire when in their prime as players.
Jasper Jones, late of Williamstown, a first class all-round man has thrown his lot in with the "blues," as has also Hutchison, late of Brunswick, who is very highly spoken of."
(Both J. Baker and S. Bloomfield remained and played for the Blues this season.
Jack Baker would later return to play for Geelong.)

."..South Melbourne, who this season are making a big bid for popularity in the shape of improvements to the ground, which is now more shaped more oval than formerly, and has a substantial picket fence round the playing space; in addition there is a handsome new pavilion being erected, and a grandstand to hold 2,000, when completed, with dressing rooms for players etc, a great alteration of the old barn that formerly did service."

April 23
Carlton played Elgin Union (23) on Princes Oval.
A beautiful day for football and a fair crowd attended.
Carlton won the toss and kicked towards the cemetery end, play began at 3.35pm.
The juniors held their own in the early stages of the match, but were outclassed, and couldn't cope with the Blues bigger bodies.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Berry, Box, Cook, Corfield, Dunne, Green, Gellatly, Hutchinson, Hawkins, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, Mitchell, Mordern, McCracken, McRaile, McIntyre, McKinley, Newton, Strickland, Taylor.
Score at quarter time; Carlton 0.5 - 0.0
Carlton won; 5.15 - 1.3 (another report in the Melbourne Punch and Herald said 5.12 goals to 2.2)
Goals; unknown.
Players mentioned; Leydin, McLeod, McRaille, Green, Jones, Crapp, Strickland

April 28 Thursday


"A Match is in contemplation between twenty-three "knights of other days" - such as Jimmy Wilson, Harry Guy, Billy Lacey, George Robertson, Jimmy Robertson, W. Hall, &c., &c. - and a combined twenty of the leading clubs, the proceeds to be devoted to the Bulli Disaster Relief Fund. I have been having a chow with some of the old 'uns, and they fancy that at the odds they would have a look in."
(Trove; Melbourne Punch p9)

April 30
Richmond this year, have adopted the yellow and black striped guernsey. Williamstown were also going to have this colour combination.

April 30


Jasper Jones - Williamstown
Jack Keane - Ballarat
Hawkins - Ballarat
Dan Hutchison - Brunswick
John T. Mordern - Ballarat (Juniors)
Taylor - Southern Cross (Juniors)
Dunne - Southern Cross (Juniors)
McRaile - Elgin Union (Juniors)
Jack McIntyre - Brittannia (Juniors)
J.T. "Tom" Box - Richmond
Moloney - Camberwell (Juniors)
Mitchell - North Carlton Imperials (Juniors)
W. Green - Richmond (Juniors)
McKinlay - Footscray
Corfield - Prahran
Dursten - Carlton (Juniors)

Said to be leaving Carlton, Sam Bloomfied, Jack Baker & William "Curly" Sharp (Port Melbourne)

April 30


"In order to encourage through training among their players, the Carlton Football Club has determined to erect a commodious gymnasium. The building is to placed in the reserve of the local cricket club, and will be fitted with all the appliances essential in a first-class establishment of the kind. It is expected that the gymnasium will prove a great attraction to the players, whose effectiveness in the field will undoubtedly be increased by the preparation they will be able to undergo."
(Weekly Times p5)

April 30
Carlton (21) played Brunswick (23) at Princes Oval.
Crowd; 3 - 4,000
The Herald April 30 said the match was 21 vs 24 aside, with juniors making up nearly half of Carlton's team and was "watched by a large and enthusiastic crowd."
Tommy Leydin captained the side and Charlie Newton was "goal keeper" or full back.
F. Lyons scored Carlton's first goal which was soon followed by nine succesive behinds. McIntyre scored the second goal before half time.
McIntyre scored two more goals in the third term with Strickland adding the fifth in the last quarter.
There were two Stricklands named in the Brunswick team, a least one, a brother of Carlton's Bill Strickland named Bob.
Hutchinson ex Brunswick
Carlton team; (22 named)
Berry, Beveridge, Coulson, Dunne, Green, Hutchinson, Hawkins, Jones, Keane, T. Leydin, Moloney, Mordern, Mitchell, McLeod, McIntyre, McRaile, McClaverty, McCracken, C. Newton, Strickland, Taylor, J. Woods.
Carlton won; 5.12 - 1.3 (Half time 2.9 - 1.0)
Carl; 1.1 2.9 4.10 5.12
Bruns; 1.0 1.0 1.3 1.3
Goals; McIntyre 3, F. Lyons, Strickland
Players mentioned; (19) Hutchinson, Keane, McIntyre, Moloney, Strickland, J. Woods, C. Newton, T. Leydin, F. Lyons, Jasper Jones, McRaile, McLeod, Mordern, Green, Beveridge, McKechnie, Taylor, Coulson, Mitchell. (McKechnie mentioned in Carlton Gazette report)

May 02 Monday
The Age reports that the South Melbourne ground is being lengthened.
A members pavilion to cater for 800, and a grandstand accomodating 2,000 people is being constructed. Asphalting of the areas in front of the stands is under way and embankments have been built, and the ground has a new picket fence surrounding the playing arena.
Works will be completed by mid May.

May 04


"Now that every senior club has its batch of faithful followers, who show allegiance by wearing a distinguishing badge in the form of a ribbon struck on the sides of their hats or coat lappel, it may be interesting to learn that five or six years ago, when the idea of sporting a club's colour was first suggested by the well known firm of Messrs. Boyle and Scott upon the eve of an impending match between the Carlton and Melbourne, there were no less than 692 pieces of the blue and white of the former and 652 he red and blue of the latter sold by them in one day, the respective numbers showing how evenly the honours were divided between those old rivals of that time. Now-a-days there are, perhaps, more pieces of ribbon disposed of, but the clubs represented are legion, and the colours inquired are as variegated as Joseph's historical raiment."
(Sportsman p6)

May 04


"The Carlton are evidently bent upon getting their players into the best of trim, for it is stated upon good authority that a nicely designed and well-fitted gymnasium is to erected for their use upon a portion of the ground now occupied by the Carlton Cricket Club. This is a move in the right direction, and will, no doubt, prove a source of great attraction to the members of both clubs."
(Sportsman p6)
This would be at the cricket club's ground, 'The Triangle.'

May 07
Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall on the proposed points system, told "Rover" of The Australasian,
"...that he has very slight hopes of being able to formulate any equitable system."
"I must agree with him that the chances are very improbable, and without making invidious comparisons, such teams as University, St. Kilda, Prahran etc, have a long way to go yet before they can be classed with old established seniors, but it is doubtful if they would consent to be reduced in status were a question of points at issue."

May 07
"Follower" of The Leader newspaper, reprinted in The Age.
"Carlton unfortunately lose the services of Baker and Bloomfield, two of the best players in the colony. The former has long been my beau ideal of a football player.
Cool, decisive, game, and with plenty of staying power, and invariably playing the game in a fair and manly spirit, Baker, of late years has had no superior in the field, and in losing him I consider that Carlton has sustained at least as serious a loss as a club could meet with through the defection of one member.*
The district, however, has generally proved to be a fruitful nursery, and I am told that good things may be expected of the young players who will be tried."
-* Both Baker and Bloomfield changed their minds and remained with Carlton in 1887.

May 07
Carlton played St.Kilda at the St.Kilda Cricket Ground.
St. Kilda wore their new uniform for the first time.
The Prahran and District Brass Band entertained the onlookers.
Crowd; 1500.
St.Kilda won the toss and kicked with the aid of a strong northerly wind. They soon has 2.1 on the board before Carlton "woke up."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Berry, Bragge, Box, Coulson, Cook, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Lyons, Moloney, Mordern, Mitchell, McIntyre, McRaile, McKechnie, McLeod, Newton, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Thewlis
Carlton won;
Carl; 0.1 3.13 -- 9.23
St.K; 2.2 2.2 -- 3.7
Goals; Green 2, McIntyre 2, Lyons 2, Gellatly or Whelan, Hutchinson, Leydin.
Best; Jones, Gellatly, Leydin, Cook, McIntyre, Green, Bragge.
Players mentioned; (12) Maloney/Moloney (BOG), Whelan, Green, Leydin, Cook, Keane, Gellatly, McIntyre, Jones, Hutchison, Bragge, Lyons.

Carlton Reserves played Carlton Standard at Royal Park.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Anderson, Ashton, Brookes, Carter, Deeley, Dolphin, Duncan, Goody, Gregory, Grey, Halliburton, Jepson, Latimer, Lemon, Lording, McDonald, McPhee, O'Gorman, Ready/Reedy?, Reynolds, Summons, Tubb, Tunicaff, White, Woodburn
Carlton lost, 0.4 - 5.10
No details

May 14
At the Geelong vs Williamstown at Geelong, the umpire was "Mr. T. Maloney, an old Carlton player" (Herald p3)

May 14


"I have been shown a novelty in "football colors" line, which should hit the taste of those who like to decorate themselves with the colours of their favourite club, Mr A. Bowman, of Brunswick street, Fitzroy, has manufactured a number of silver scarf pins, the head of the pin being a small shield, across which the different club colours are nicely placed. Apart from the significance of the decoration, it is very neat, and as the cost is only 3s, it is probable that the ingenious manufacturer will have a large sale. With a piece of Boyle and Scott's ribbon in his hat and a "Bowman" scarf pin in his tie our football partizan should be fully equipped."

May 14
Carlton played Prahran on the Wesley College Cricket Ground.
The "Two Blues" last season played on the Warehouseman's Ground (now the Albert Ground) in St. Kilda Road.
Prahran's home games this year will be on the Wesley College Ground.
Both of these grounds are not in the municipality of Prahran.
A lack of a suitable ground is some concern to the club as they wish to represent the area.
Not since the days of the old South Yarra club in the 1850's and 60's has a senior team represented the Prahran district.
When I was a young boy, now many, many, years ago, my father mentioned that the Blues had once played at Wesley.
Whenever I drove past, I always wondered why they would have played there. Now with the digitalization of newspapers via Trove this information is now easily obtained.
However, there is another Carlton connection with the Wesley College ground. Blues' player and teacher at Wesley was Henry Finch Rix.
Who, in his own time, was responsible for clearing the St.Kilda Road frontage and turning this piece of scrub land into a football and cricket oval.
Henry Rix had a very interesting life and family connections. (see his bio)
Crowd; 1500.
Start of play was delayed and the game finished in the dark at 5.30pm.
The home side won the toss and kicked with the aid of the breeze. However heavy drizzle set in which hampered play.
Future Blue, "Jigger" Moorhouse played for Prahran and was one of their better players.
The game was very even up until the half time break. The Blues then kicked four goals in the second half.
Collingwood champion Ted Rowell, an avid Carlton supporter in his youth, wrote in the Sporting Globe May 01 (p4) 1943, he recalled seeing this match. "I remember seeing Carlton playing Prahran on the Wesley College oval - in the 'eighties. Fair-haired Billy Strickland (centre) was, I think, captain of Carlton."
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Berry, Beveridge, Bragge, H.(?) Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Lyons, Mitchell, Maloney, McKechnie, McIntyre, McInerney, Mordern, Newton, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpires; F. Wookey & J. W. Welsford.
Goal Umpires: J. W. Welsford & F. Franks
Wookey changed to goal umpiring after half time, as some of his decisions were at variance with the rule book.
After agreement with both club's secretaries, he was replaced at half time by Mr. Welsford.
Players were confused at the umpire's interpretation of the rules.
Lyons from a mark, scored the first goal from a good kick on an angle, and McIntyre shortly followed up with the second. The third goal (Maloney) was said to be from a goal umpiring mistake. Green's goal was kicked in the gloom and he was surrounded by spectators who had encroached onto the arena.
Carlton won; 4.12 - 0.4 (Half time 0.7 - 0.0)
Goals; Lyons, McIntyre, Maloney, Green.
Best; Keane, Cook, Moloney, McIntyre, Whelan.
Players mentioned; (10) Lyons, Green, Strickland, Keane, Cook, Maloney, McIntyre, Whelan, Batters, Leydin.

Carlton Reserves played University Reserves at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Burns, Carter, Davie, Dolphin, Deeley, Deeley, Gilchrist, Goody, Hadley, Halliburton, C. Jackson, Latimer, Lemon, Lording, Merriman, McDonald, McPhee, Reynolds, Tully, Woodburn, Warr.
Carlton won; 3.4 - 0.2
Goals, Goody, Merriman, Latimer
Best; McPhee, Tully, Davie, Latimer

Leader May 21

May 21
Carlton Reserves played North Star at Princes Oval.
Carlton team;
Adams, -s/Burns?, Carter, Davie, Deeley, Deeley, Dolphin, -- y/Hadley?, Halliburton, Hadley, Jackson, Lemon, ---- ng/Lording?, Litimor/Latimer?, McLeod, McPhee, McDon..../McDonald? , Reynolds, Reedy, Tully, Merriman, .... and, Woodburn
No result details.

May 21
Victoria played Tasmania on the M.C.G.
Crowd; 20,000
All proceeds, approx £200, were donated to the Tasmanian Association.
Tasmania put up a remarkable effort considering they had undertaken a 5 hour train trip from Hobart to Launceston, and then the crossing of Bass Strait on the day before the match.
Understandably the Taswegians started to tire just before three quarter time.
The Victorian players elected Carlton's Jack Baker as captain.
The 20 players named in the Victorian team were,
Carlton; J. Baker, W. Batters, J. Jones, T. Leydin, W. Strickland, M. Whelan.
Essendon; Fleming, Meader, Rout, Worrall, White.
Hotham; Houston, Sykes, Johnstone, Todd, Wallace.
Fitzroy; Hall, Muir.
Prahran; J. Moorhouse.
Richmond; Steven.
Moorhouse of Prahran, the future Carlton player?
Umpire; J. J. Trait
Victoria won;
Vic 2.2 2.4 5.7 7.15
Tas 1.1 4.3 4.5 4.6
Goals; Baker 2, Todd 2, Leydin, Whelan, Meader.
Carlton players mentioned; Baker (rover), Batters (follower), Jones (centre), Leydin (forward), Whelan (follower), Strickland (follower).

May 24 Tuesday, Queen's Birthday Holiday.
Carlton played Richmond on the Richmond Cricket Ground.
A large crowd of 5,000 arrived early for the 11am start to the game.
The Referee (Sydney, June 02 p6) said the crowd was about 10,000 and the early start was so players and crowd could attend the Hotham - Geelong match.
Ground was wet and slippery, and was not condusive to good football.
Richmond won the toss and kicked to the railway end.
Due to the small ground the ball was quite often out of bounds
Baker scored the first goal. Goals to Green, McInerney and Baker in the second quarter.
Bragge scored the only second half goal with a fine drop kick.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Batters, Beveridge, Bragge, Box, Crapp, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Lyons, McIntyre, McInerney, McKechnie, Newton, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; F. Franks.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.4 4.5 4.5 5.10
Rich. 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.2
Goals; Baker 2, Green, McInerney, Bragge.
Best; Baker (BOG)
Players mentioned; (11) Coulson, Baker, McInerney, Whelan, Bragge, Green, Beveridge, Lyons, Newton, Batters, Jones

Carlton played Maryborough at Maryborough
Carlton lost; 0.3 - 3.23
Is this Carlton's Second Twenty or another local Carlton team?
(Bendigo Advertiser May 25 p2)


May 28
Carlton played the Adelaide Football Club at the M.C.G.
Adelaide, the reigning South Australian premiers, and only in it's third year of existence were formed from the amalgamation of two strong juniors clubs.
The club recruits mainly from schools and colleges, and the players are light, but exceptionally fast.
Crowd; 15,000
Ground heavy and soft.
Carlton and the M.C.C. have forgone their share of the gate takings and the Adelaide Club pockets about £180
Adelaide's colours were red and black.
"Messrs Boyle and Scott are issuing a printed card for the match Adelaide v Carlton, to be played on the Melbourne Cricket-ground to day. It contains the names of the players on each side, each name having a number set against it; and each player will have his number on his jersey, so that by referring to the card any player's name may be ascertained. When a goal is kicked the player's number can be posted.
The card is issued at the price of 1d." (Trove: Argus May 28 p12)
The players wore the corresponding numbers on the breast of their guernsey. The 1d. (1c) cards had each team numbered 1 to 20 with a provision for goals and behinds.
It was difficult to see the numbers on such a dull day.
Bloomfield played.
Carlton won the toss.
"The play of Carlton was very dissappointing in the first part of the game; in fact, all through some of the players fumbled very badly and showed a great lack of judgment.
Their captain, Leydin, showed them a good example, and did a large amount of quiet and useful work; the play of Bloomfield also, who appeared for the first time this season, was very dashing.
Baker was everywhere at the right moment, and is rapidly educating the new members of his team in the system of handball that proved so effective last season.
Strickland's play was first class, and special mention must be made of Coulson's goal-kicking, the three last for his side being to his credit, two the result of kicks fully 60 yards in length."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Batters, Beveridge, Bragge, Box, Crapp, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Lyons, Moloney, McIntyre, McKechnie, McInerney, McRaile, Newton, Strickland, Woods.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.3 2.6 5.7 6.16
Adel. 1.1 3.2 3.2 3.3
Goals; Coulson 3, Green, Batters, Bloomfield.
Best; Leydin, Bloomfield, Baker, Jones, Coulson, Hutchison, Strickland.
Players mentioned, (15) Coulson, Bloomfield, Leydin, Jones, Newton, McRaile, Hutchison, Strickland, Moloney, Woods, McInerney, Green, Batters, Baker, Lyons.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Parkside on the Carlton Oval.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Ashton, Adams, Allan, Baines, Cader, Davie, Deeley, Deeley, Dolphin, Goody, Halliburton, Latimer, Lemon, Lording, McPhee, McLeod, McDonald, Reid, Reidy, Reynolds, Synott, Tully, Warr,
Carlton lost; 0.1 - 1.3
Umpire; Joe Rickards.

Image Image
(Trove) Melbourne Punch June 02

May 30 Monday
Tasmania played South Australia on the M.C.G.
Players once again wore numbers.
Crowd; 6,000.
Although it was titled South Australia, it seems that the team was the Adelaide Football Club.
Tasmania won 13.14 - 3.6

June 03


Letter to the Editor, Herald (p3);
SIR,- Allow me to suggestion regarding, the numbering of football players which by the way is reallly a first class-idea.
I would suggest that each player has his respective number placed on his back between the shoulders instead of a present on the chest.
The alteration would be of great benefit to onlookers as they could more easily individual players: - I am, etc,
Hawthorn, 30th May.

June 04
The Australasian reports on the wearing of numbers by the players and that St. Kilda's VFA delegate Mr. Stooke wishes the association pass a by-law making it compulsory for teams to appear in the field with these numbers affixed.
Many commentators are against it, saying that true football followers know who the players are.

June 04
Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
Probably Carlton's first appearance on this ground.
The North Port Oval was very muddy & slippery making difficult to stand up, let alone run!
A large crowd attended.
Former Carlton player Billy Hannaysee captained Port Melbourne.
Hems scored the first Carlton goal just before quarter time, he was then injured and the Blues played with 19 men for the remainder of the match.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hems, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl; 1.1 1.5 2.6 4.12
Port; 2.3 2.3 2.7 2,7
Goals; Baker 2, Hems, Green.
Players mentioned; (13) Leydin, Hems, Baker, Green, Batters, Cook, Keane, Strickland, Newton, Whelan, Jones, McKechnie, McInerney.

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Rain had made the ground very slippery.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Box, Cader, Carter, Deeley, Deeley, Davie, Dolphin, Goody, Jackson, Lording, Lemon, McDonald, McLeod, McIntyre, McPhee, Mordern, Reynolds, Reid or Pierce, Reedy, Tully, Warr/Waugh
Match drawn
Carl; 1.10 (Carlton Gazette said Carlton 1.16 - 1.1)
Port; 1.6
Umpire; Chas. Carter
Goal; G. Carter (Carlton Gazette said McLeod)
Best; Ashton, Davie, Frew, Mordern, McDonald, McLeod

June 11
Carlton played Geelong at the M.C.G.
Weather overcast and rain after half time.
Trying to distinguish the players in the darkening gloom was very difficult.
Crowd; 20,000.
"The old cry of "Go in Carlton" seemed to have a prophetic ring about it as the teams stepped onto the field, and well they upheld the prestige of the old club, which has probably not been represented by a finer 20 for many seasons."
The Blues got away to a sensational start against the favourites. The Blues were agressive from the beginning and never gave their opponents an inch, and they played the ball instead of the man.
Coulson's first of three was a 60 yard goal.
The Blues had booted 5 goals before The Pivots scored their first, then Carlton kept them scoreless in the second quarter.
Geelong suffered their first defeat since 1885.
"Carlton simply played with the Geelongese until three quarter-time, when eight of their goals had been registered. The Pivotonians were disorganized until then, but they picked up during the last half hour and added four goals." "Carlton played a rattling game, very much after the same style as that of Geelong last year." (Adelaide Observer June 18 p18)
The Australasian's "Rover" also wrote;
"Bloomfield's play was the theme of general admiration.
Baker was ubiquitous in a roving commission, and Cook, after his temporary retirement followed in fine style.
Leydin played his usual cool and sterling game, and handled his men well.
Moloney, as a Carlton man expressed it, is a "clinker," and, although I have singled out these men, the whole team are to be congratulated on their success.
Never was such excitement seen among the supporters of the "blues" since the old days of Melbourne and Carlton, and, if toasting their healths is any satisfaction, each member of the winning team should be happy."
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 5.2 8.6 8.8 9.12
Geel.1.0 1.0 4.1 5.1
Goals; Coulson 3, Baker 2, Green 2, Berry, Woods.
Best; Bloomfield, Jones, Baker, Moloney, Smith, Cook.
Players mentioned; (20) Coulson, Baker, McKechnie, Green, Bloomfield, Jones, Keane, Berry, Hutchison, Batters, Leydin, Newton, Moloney, Woods, Smith, Cook, Crapp, Strickland, McInerney, Whelan.

Carlton Reserves played Geelong at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Billycale, Barry, Beveridge, Davie, Deeley, Deeley, Dolphin, Frew, Fisher, Goody, Jackson, Lemon, Lording, Latimer, Moorehead, Mordern, McLeod, McDonald, McPhee, Reynolds, Tully, Waugh, White.
Carlton lost; 1 - 3

(Trove) Melbourne Punch June 16 p9

June 18
Australian Town & Country (Sydney)
"How have the mighty fallen! The great champions of Victoria in the football world (the Geelongs) have had to succumb to their old foes the Carltons, after many years of success, unparalleled in the history of football in the sister colony. I can well imagine how the natives of Carlton would make the welkin ring at the victory of their loved ones, and what inspirations would be given to the football poet (G. Bowen) to burst forth with another of his effusions on the robust pastime, and the success of his pet club. The Carltons have striven hard for many years to regain their lost laurels; and, if what I hear from Victoria be true, they are likely once more to rule the roost, for in every match they have played this season they have won somewhat easily."

June 18
South Australian umpires today are to use whistles for the first time.
"Victorian umpires have used them for sometime past, and members of the Adelaide team are loud in praise of the efficiency of the shrill instrument. Much time and energy are saved without any trouble to the umpire."

June 18
Carlton played Hotham at the Hotham Recreation Ground
Crowd; 10,000.
Carlton Gazette, "The ground in a most wretched condition, one half being regular mud holes."
Bloomfield did not play, but he was at the ground.
Carlton lost the toss and kicked to the western end which was little more than a swamp.
The Blues let Hotham get away to an early lead.tiki-index.php?page=1885
After the main break, Baker amongst the slush, placed kicked the ball 60 yards through the goals
In the dark, fog formed in the last quarter making it impossible view the game.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.5 2.5 6.7 6.7
Hoth. 3.1 5.3 5.3 5.4
Goals; Green 4, McKechnie, Baker. Another report said Green 3, Berry, McKechnie, Baker.
Best; Strickland, Baker, Cook, Jones, Green, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (18) Woods, Coulson, Berry, McInerney, Crapp, Moloney, Hutchison, Whelan, Batters, Leydin, Green, Baker, Jones, McKechnie, Strickland, Cook, Newton, Smith
H. Green Carlton's main goal scorer, June 18

Carlton Second Twenty played Hotham on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (21 named plus emerg.)
Adams Ashton, Box, Barry, Cader, Carter, Davie, Deeley (Capt), Frew, Healey, Lemon, Lording, McLeod, Moorhead, McDonnell, McPhee, Reynolds, Tully, Watson, Woodburn, Waugh
Emergencies; Berryman, Goody.
Result unknown

June 21 Tuesday, Jubilee Day.
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The Blues lost the toss and Leydin kicked off to the eastern goals.
Crowd 18,000, as large as for any game this season. Possibly due to the cancellation of the Essendon-South Melbourne game at the East Melbourne C.G.
The match was due to commence at 2.30pm. but this was delayed by 10 minutes due to the the Carlton team being photographed.
Jones kicked off and soon Leydin scored the first behind. Melbourne scored the first goal, but Breen replied after taking a good mark and his place kick went through.
Carlton team (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Cook, Crapp, Coulson, Green, Gellately, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Whelan, Woods.
No team details.
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.3 1.7 3.7 5.13
Melb.1.3 1.3 1.4 2.4
(Quarter time score is an estimate.)
Goals; Gellatly 2, Breen, Coulson, Baker.
Best; Baker, Strickland, Batters, Gellatly, Coulson, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (13) Breen, Gellatly, Baker, Leydin, Coulson, Strickland, Batters, Beveridge, Green, McKechnie, Smith, Malone, Whelan,

June 22 Wednesday
This classified advertisement appeared in the South Australian Register;
Mr. H. F. Crawford, of the Carlton Football Club, writes to the Age, Melbourne, Victoria, that while suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism he used St. JACOBS OIL and was effectually cured.

June 25
Carlton played South Melbourne on the M.C.G.
Proceeds of this match £300 ($600) to go the widow of South Melbourne secretary Mr. Henry Swift.
Swift had been the club's secretary since the amalgamation of the South Melbourne and Albert Park Football Clubs.
Ground unfit for football, report alikened it to playing on roller skates.
Crowd; 16,000.
South kicked against the wind to the railway end.
Carlton dominated the first half and South the second.
The Blues used a lot of handball in the third quarter.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Whelan.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Match drawn;
Carl. 2.2 2.4 2.4 2.4
S. M. 0.2 0.2 2.3 2.4
Goals; Gellatly, Coulson.
Best; Leydin (BOG), Strickland, Baker, Bloomfield, McKechnie, Keane, Cook.
Players mentioned; (19) Jones, Berry, Hutchison, Smith, Moloney, Batters, Beveridge, Green, Strickland, Gellatly, Leydin, Baker, Coulson, Bloomfield, McKechnie, Cook, Keane, Whelan, McInerney

Carlton Reserves played South Melbourne at South Melbourne.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Berryman, Box, Brown, Cader, Carter, Deely (Capt), Davie, Frew, Healey, Lemon, Lording, Metherwell, McLeod, McDonald, McPhee, Reynolds, Rose, Sexton, Tully, Waugh
Carlton lost, 1 - 3

July 02


The Argus published an article, this piece dealt with fixturing, a second division, numbering of players for identification, etc.
To view this article from the National Library of Australia,
Click here > http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article7948754

July 02
Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
The appointed field umpire for this match Mr. Welsford did not arrive, and goal umpire Thewlis assumed the central role.
Crowd; 10,000.
Gellatly scored the first goal within seconds of the ball being kicked off. The Blues bought up their second within the first eight minutes.
Because of the poor condition of the ground, the Blues decided not to handle the ball too much and instead soccered the ball along the ground. Attempts to pick up the ball were laughable.
The Blues' tactics worked, and Port were unable to match them.
It could hardly be called football, but the crowd was amused by the "display" given by well known exponents of the game.
Former Blue W. Sharp(e) played for Port.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Batters, Berry, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.1 3.7 4.7 4.9
Port. 0.0 1.3 2.4 2.6
Goals; Gellatly 2, Berry, Green.
Players mentioned; (12) Jones (BOG), Moloney, Baker, Newton, Leydin, Smith, Berry, Hutchison, Coulson, Green, Whelan, Gellatly.

Carlton Reserves was to play Port Melbourne at Princes Oval. (The Herald said at Port Melbourne)
Carlton team; (20 named plus 3 emergencies?)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Box, Berryman, Cader, Carter, Davie, Deeley (Capt), Frew, Healey, Lemon, McLeod, McDonald, Goody, Metherwell, Reynolds, Rose, Sexton, Waugh. Dagleish, Carsons, Hadley
This was a walk over for Port as the Blues failed to show up! Perhaps the confusion of venue was the problem?

July 02
Soon after the completion of the Port Melbourne match, the Carlton Football Club left on the steamer South Australia for a series of matches in Adelaide.
The 24 +1* players making the trip are;
J. Baker, A. Berry, W. Batters, A. Beveridge, W. Crapp, A. Coulson, H. Green, A. Gellatly, D. Hutchison, W. Jones/Jasper Jones?, J. Keane, T. Leydin, J/P. Lording, W. Maloney, J. Melville, W. McKechnie, J. McCracken, Tim McInerney, Thomas McInerney, C. Newton, H. Smith, W. Strickland, G. Tubbs, J. Woods.
-*M. Whelan missed the first two games, he travelled to Adelaide later.
Manager; Mr. T. S. Marshall, plus 7 supporters some of whom were former players.

Trove, SLV; Sporting Globe August 09 1930 p4
The Sporting Globe mistakenly reported that it was an end of season trip.

July 04 Monday
The Carlton Football team arrived in Adelaide.
The South Australian Register July 05, reported;
At the present time they hold the premier position in Victoria. They have played nine matches, of which eight have been won and the other drawn. The draw was with South Melbourne, but they defeated the redoubtable Geelong team. Altogether they have kicked 48 goals against 22.
The team they have over is strong, although Bloomfield, Cook, and Whelan, three of the very best men, are away.
They are staying at the Prince Alfred Hotel. The Government has given them free passes over all the railways, but the Tram Company has not extended that privilege to them. The team will be formally received by the Mayor of Adelaide (Mr. E. T. Smith MP) at the Town Hall at 11 o'clock this morning.
The following are the names of the nineteen of the team who have been playing in Victoria:-

T. Leydin (captain) - Excellent all-round player; half back, very cool.
"The captain (T. Leydin) plays centre back. He is particularly fitted for this post, being very cool and safe, and hard to pass. He invariably goes straight for the ball, having the happy knack of evading his opponents, and getting away with the sphere without touching the man marking him."

W. Strickland (vice captain) - Fast; plays back on wing. (Half back flank)
"The vice-captain (W. Strickland) is a wing player. He is very fast, a sure mark, and good kick."

J. Baker - Rover; one of the best all-round men in Victoria.
"J. Baker, the rover of the team, and is one of the best men in this department of the game that Victoria boasts at the present time. He is fast, and a good kick, but unlike some of our followers pays comparatively little attention to goal-kicking."

Jasper Jones - Centre; grand place kick.
"J. Jones, the centre man, is a very long and brilliant kick, and does a lot of effective work."

Newton, Crapp and Woods - Back men; the weakest part of the team.
"The back men are Woods, Newton, Crapp, who are all reliable defenders of their citadel. The first named is a brilliant man, and is when necessary played with confidence in any place."

McKechnie, Tim McInerney, W. Batters, and Berry, followers, a warm quartet.
"McInerney, McKechnie, W. Batters and Berry, the first two mentioned being the best of the ruck players."

"McKechnie is a young player, this being his first year as a senior, but he has already proved that at the present time he has few equals in the sister colony. He formerly played with South Melbourne Juniors, but being refused a place in South's senior team he joined the Carltons, who have considerably profited by the South Melbourne's committee's want of judgment."

Coulson - Forward; a magnificent drop kick; has kicked some wonderful goals, as the Adelaides know to their costs.
"Coulson plays forward on goal, a position for which he is eminently suited, being a splendid kick. It was owning to a great extent to his fine kicking that his club suceeded in defeating the Adelaides on the Melbourne ground a few weeks ago. He safely negotiated three very difficult shots on that occasion, when the ball and the ground were alike greasy, and by so knocked a good deal of the heart out of the Adelaides' play. His assistants forward are Green and Gellattly, who are also very safe marks and fine kicks."

Green - Goalsneak; very plucky; fine mark.

Gellatly - Good all round; kicks goals; plays forward.

Keane and Maloney - Wing men; fastest players in the team.
"Keane a fast wing and clever player."

"Maloney another wing player, is the fastest man of the team, and is in fact a veritable flyer."

Hutchison - First season player; fine left foot kick.
"Hutchinson plays centre forward. He is a fine left foot kick, and although this is his first year as a senior he has already proved to be a decided acquisition to the club."

Harry Smith - An old Port man; very fast a dodgy; plays on the wing.
"H. Smith, who played for the Ports so long, is stationed on the wing, and is reliable and effective as of old."

Beveridge - Another wing man; very fast.
"Beveridge is also fast and sure on the wing."

J. McCracken and Thomas McInerney (back), J. Melville (wing), and Lording and Tubb (second twenty) are emergency men.
"The other men who have come over are J. McCracken, T. McInerney, J. Melville, Lording, and Tubbs, none of whom as yet played in the first twenty this season. The three first mentioned were, however, included in last year's team, the two latter are members of the second twenty."

The first match will be played on Thursday against the Hothams.
("quotations" South Australian Advertiser July 05 p3)

July 04 Monday
The Camperdown Chronicle reported the death this day of Geelong Vice Captain John McShane, aged 23, he was a member of the famous McShane footballing family. He died after contracting a severe cold while playing against Hotham on June 20.
Brothers Tom McShane and Phil McShane played for the Blues.

July 05 Tuesday
In the morning, the Carlton Football Club were guests of the Lord Mayor of Adelaide, E. T. Smith M.P. at the Town Hall. Councillors and delegates from the South Australian Cricket Association, the Norwood, Adelaide, Port Adelaide, South Adelaide, Hotham (SA), West Adelaide Football Clubs attended, as well as Councillor Pearce from the Melbourne City Council.
The Mayor gave a toast to the Carlton Club and to it's manager and captain.
Theophilis S. Marshall, Carlton's manager, and Club captain Tommy Leydin both made a speech in reply.
The South Australian Register said;
"Mr. Marshall remarked that the visitors had been agreeably surprised with the beauty of the City of Adelaide. They had always thought that Melbourne was well laid out, but the brick and mortar buildings could not compare with the Adelaide stone buildings.
He mentioned that as showing the progress football had made, only three of the players here now were over with the Carlton team four years ago. To keep a place in the senior team any man had to keep in thorough training and in good health.
Footballers in Victoria met with most opposition from the Town Council. Mr. Pearce and a few kindred spirits had done their best to get the Carlton Club a ground, but had as yet been unable to. They were therefore the only senior team without one, although acres of land were available."

July 05 Tuesday
The South Adelaide Football Club entertained the Carlton team with a smoke social at the Rob Roy Hotel. Eighty people attended.
The health of the visiting team was proposed and was responded to by Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall, the manager,
who said the Carlton Football Club had a special regard for the South Adelaide Football Club, as most of it's original players had been closely connected with the Carlton Club.
Tommy Leydin the Carlton captain also made a speech.
After further toasts and songs by members of both teams, the pleasant evening concluded.


The Advertiser said it was reported in a Melbourne paper that after this evening's festivities, around midnight, an un-named Carlton player* on his way back to the team's hotel saw a row of dressed sheep carcasses hanging in front of a butchers shop. The giddy player dragged one of the carcasses after him along the Rundle Street footpath. Unfortunately for him, a policeman saw what was happening and chased him. The sheep proved a handicap and the law caught up with the fleet footed player.
The next day he appeared in the City Police Court. The butcher had been spoken to by some Carlton footballers prior to the case being heard, and he had decided not to prosecute, and the affair was dismissed.
As the footballer stepped from the Court a constable asked him to step inside again.
Inspector Sullivan told the footballer that he would have to carry the sheep back to the shop. He then proceeded to pick up the carcase, he then heard a laugh from the Inspector and was told he was a victim of the Inspector's Irish wit.
The footballer then left the Court with his team mates.

-* Blueseum believes the player was Thomas McCracken, further investigation is required.

July 07 Thursday
Carlton played Hotham on the Adelaide Oval.
Hotham was the premier Adelaide junior team last year.
It is now a senior South Australian club.
"Victorian and South Australian rules differ slightly, but each captain gave in a little.
The game was therefore played with the behind post only 10 yards each side of the goal posts-a concession granted to the Victorians, who in turn agreed that a free mark should not be taken as an ordinary mark, as is done in the sister colony."
Carlton have agreed to have all the players numbered, and patrons will be able to purchase a card for a penny, with both teams players numbers on it.
The Blues will carry numbers for all their matches in Adelaide.
The weather was fine and the ground was in good condition.
Attendance, 500.
The Blues lost the toss and kicked to the city end goal.
Carlton had scored 2.5 in the first twelve minutes, and at one stage they were 2.18 before they got their kicking boots on.
The Blues through their fast running, long kicking and effective use of handball, eventually over powered the local team.
Umpire; P. Blackman
Carlton team; no details.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.7 2.15 7.18 11.20
Hoth. 1.0 1.0 1.2 2.4
Goal scorers; Green 2, Woods 2, Lording 2, Leydin, Gellatly, Batters, Coulson, Baker.
Best; Baker, Leydin, Jones, Smith, Keane, Crapp, Coulson, Strickland, Newton, Batters.
Players mentioned; (14) Leydin, Gellatly, Batters, Baker, Coulson, Green, Lording, Woods, Keane, Jones, Crapp, Strickland, Smith, Newton.

July 09
The South Australian Register said of Carlton in the match against Hotham;
"The visitors simply did as they liked all through, although one or two of them were palpably stiff. Until they have met our stronger clubs it will not be fair to judge them, but undoubtedly they are a great team.
They play with their heads, do not know what it is to show the white feather, and nearly all of them kick magnificently; but they do not play so machine-like as did the Geelongs last year. Their followers are very warm, their wing men are fast and their forwards are remarkably strong. At one time against the Hothams they had 2 goals 18 behinds, but they finished up with 11 goals 20 behinds."
A numbering system will be in place for all Carlton matches, players will wear numbers, and cards will be sold to spectators so they will be able to indentify them.

July 09
Carlton played South Adelaide on the Adelaide Oval.
The weather was showery, but the ground was in good condition.
Crowd; 3,000
Carlton won the toss, and at 3.06pm Souths kicked off against the wind to the city end.
The Blues were odds on favourites, but the South Adelaide pushed the visitors and were very unlucky not to win.
Tim/Tom McInerney broke his kneecap a few minutes before the end of the game.
McKechnie suffered a sprained ankle and a dislocated thumb.
Umpire; Chandler
Carlton team; no details.
Match drawn.
Carl. 2.6 2.8 3.15 4.15
S. Ad. 0.2 3.4 3.5 4.11
Goal scorers; Tim McInerney, Gellatly, Woods, Baker.
Players mentioned; (20) Strickland, Leydin, Hutchinson, Green, Gellatly, Coulson, Batters, Baker, Newton, Jones, Tim McInerney, Smith, Woods, Lording, Crapp, McKechnie, Rickards, McCracken, Tubb, Berry.

Carlton Second Twenty played Carlton Standard on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Box, Berryman, Cader, Carsons, Carter, Davie, Deeley (Capt.), Dagleish, Frew, Goody, Hadley, Lemon, McDonald, McLeod, Metherwell, Rose, Healey, Reynolds, Sexton, Waugh

July 10 Sunday
The Carlton Football Club were driven to the summit of Norton's Peak by the South Australian Football Association.

July 11 Monday
The South Australian Advertiser in it's report of last Saturday's match;
"One or two Victorians were disabled by the game, and to replace them the manager (Mr. Marshall) had telegraphed to Melbourne asking for three leading players of the club who were unable to leave Victoria to join the team in Adelaide in time to take part in the match with the Norwoods on Tuesday. Of the three men who are not in Adelaide, Bloomfield and Cook are quite unable to leave the sister colony at the present time, having taken large Government contracts which demand their constant attention, but Whelan, the crack follower, it is thought will be able to leave Melbourne by Monday's express, reaching Adelaide on Tuesday morning."

July 12 Tuesday
Carlton played Norwood on the Adelaide Oval.
The weather was fine and the ground was in excellent condition.
Crowd; 5,000.
Tim McInerney (injured), Lording, and McKechnie did not play.
McInerney "ligatures of one knee injured," McKechnie sprained ankle, dislocated thumb, bruised thigh, Baker groin, Newton shoulder injury. (Geelong Advertiser July 14 p3)
Melville, McCracken, and Whelan played.
Whelan arrived in Adelaide this morning from Melbourne.
A very even and fast game, which was goal for goal.
Green scored the Blues sixth goal, and they had to fight hard to keep Norwood out.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton team; no details.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.2 4.4 4.6 6.7
Nor. 1,2 3.2 4.4 5.6
Goals; Baker 3, Green 2, Coulson.
Players mentioned; (18) Jones, Berry, Whelan, Green, Melville, Hutchison, McCracken, Baker, Strickland, Crapp, Coulson, Newton, Batters, Smith, Woods, Keane, Maloney, Lenton/Leydin?

In 1893 umpire J. J. Trait considered this as the finest game he had umpired.
"The play was open and superb - or what they call wide over there - and the kicking, high marking, and running sensational.
Jack Baker covered himself with glory that day and showed what a good footballer can do even when disabled. He was badly injured during the game, and was sent forward with G. Coombe*, then one of the best backs in South Australia alongside him.
Jack kicked three goals, and got the ball each time simply by keeping cool and bluffing his opponent into thinking he was not trying for it.
Carlton won, but had Baker gone off the field when first disabled they would have been easily beaten."
(The Argus July 27 1893 p6)

-* George Coombe played for Carlton in the match on July 16 against Port Adelaide when Carlton were a few players short.

July 12 Tuesday
After the match, the Norwood Football Club entertained the Carlton Football Club at the International Hotel. More than 100 people attended.
The Norwood's president Mr. E. T. Smith welcome the Blues and talked about the good feeling that existed between the two clubs. A toast was given to the Carlton Football Club, and Blues' captain T. Leydin responded.
Carlton manager Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall in proposing;
"The Norwood Football Club" said he had seen many games since 1859, but had never seen a finer game from start to finish, both in kicking and marking, and he thought the bringing over of a Melbourne umpire a good thing for South Australia, and gave credit to Norwood for it. The two umpires who had acted in the other two matches had informed him that they had learned something from Mr. Trait.
Mr. A. E. Waldron responded in a suitable manner.
Mr. Trait's health was then drunk, and that gentleman in responding said he appreciated the honour of being sent for, and stated that the match was one of the grandest he had umpired in."

July 13 Wednesday
Carlton footballers attended the opera at the Albert Hall. The Lyons Opera Company performed "Maritana."

July 14 Thursday

Carlton played Adelaide on the Adelaide Oval.
The weather was fine.
Crowd; 3,000.
Baker and McInerney did not play.
Lording took Baker's place.
McCracken and Tubb played.
The red and blacks were given little chance of beating Carlton.
But the Adelaide team was too speedy for the nonplussed Blues, with Stephens kicking 6 goals.
Edward Melling of Adelaide played. He would play one game for Carlton in two days (July 16) against Port Adelaide when the Blues were a player short.
Carlton team; no details.
Umpire; Blackman
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.5 1.5 3.7 3.11
Adel. 1.2 4.8 5.11 9.11
Goals; Lording, Coulson, Berry.
Players mentioned; (16) Leydin, Strickland, Batters, Lording, Newton, Berry, Smith, Coulson, Crapp, Keane, Maloney, McCracken, Tubb, Green, Whelan, Jones.

July 14 Thursday
After the match the Adelaide Football Club entertained the Blues at Beaches Refreshment Rooms.
About 100 gentlemen attended.
After the usual speeches and toasts, T. Leydin complimented the Adelaide club on their magnificient display of football.
Mr. Theophilis S. Marshall in responding for the Victorian Football Association said;
"the last three teams the Carlton had met were equal to the best teams in Victoria. Visiting teams he considered played too many matches. Four in a fortnight was quite enough. It was not fair to give visiting teams more than one banquet.
With regard to rules, he had thought that South Australia, which was represented at the recent Conference in Melbourne, would play under the rules passed then. At any rate the Carltons, as visitors, expected to play under those rules.
If South Australia disagreed to any of the rules they might forward their opinions to the Victorian Association, which would consider them.
A football carnival had been proposed to be held in Melbourne next season. He hoped South Australia and Tasmania would send delegates. There would be no risk, as the Victorian Clubs would give all the gate money to the visitors."

July 15 Friday, Adelaide.
The South Australian Cricketing Association gave a picnic to the Carlton Football team in the Hills today.
At the luncheon, complimentary references were made to the Victoria and South Australian Associations, and an enjoyable day was spent.
(The Mercury July 20 1887 p3.)

July 16


"Follower" of The South Australian Chronicle (p15) said of Carlton;
"They play a totally different game from that adopted by the Geelongs when they were over here, but it promises to be equally effective. The Carltons almost entirely ignore the little marking game, and seldom make use of it save in the ruck and on goal. In point of physique there are a long way superior to the natives of Corio Bay, and they make use of their strength in kicking very effectively. This was instanced on Tuesday when the leather was passed from one end of the ground to the other on more than one occasion in three kicks. Each time the leather, although kicked zig-zag from the centre to the wing, and back, was cleverly marked, reaching the goal sneak without being handled by a Hotham. The handball of the visitors is also very effective, and worthy of being noted by the local teams, and the men are so nimble on their feet that they frequently bested their less active opponents by this means alone.
Baker is a fair daisy as a rover, and although he rested all the first half against the Hothams he showed conclusively later on that he has not earned the reputation of being the best rover of Victoria without great merit. He is second only to Jones, the centre man, in point of physique, and like him, he is as merciful as strong, confining his entire attention to the ball. Baker is one of those natural footballers who need little or no preparation for the sternest contests. In fact during all the years he has been a leading member of the Carlton club he never trained for the game. He works on his farm some distance out of Melbourne from year's end to year's end, and during the season takes the train for the city and enters the field as fit as the most carefully trained member of the club. He has once secured the medal as the chief goal kicker of the year, and has two or three times been the runner up. Last season he kicked 20 against the medallist's 23, and he notched 9 in the nine games he has played this season.
Coulson and Green share the honors forward, and Newton, the tallest man in the twenty, is always conspicious in the back ranks. The followers are a sturdy lot, and if weight goes for anything our teams will make only a moderate show in the ruck, unless they considerably increase the poundage of the following's contingents. The Hothams played very pluckily all through, but were beaten from the start."

July 16
The Australasian.
Carlton are heading the premiership ladder
So far this season against other VFA clubs;
Carlton; Played 9, Won 8, Lost 0, Drawn 1, Goals For 48, Goals Against 22.

July 16


The Australasian published a letter from Sydney.
The writer, in part, comments on the popularity of Australian Football in the city.
He said a few years ago the game drew about 50 people to a match.
But this year crowds of 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 every Saturday is not uncommon.
This has the Rugbyites perplexed, and say it due to the fact that Australian Football is played on enclosed grounds, and Rugby is mostly played on open grounds.
The writer said last Saturday the Wallsend and Sydney clubs drew a crowd of 2,000 (admission 6d) to the Association Cricket ground. (Sydney Cricket Ground)
That day, on the adjoining Agricultural Showground (admission 6d) three Rugby Cup games were played.
The actual attendance for these three Rugby games was only 750.
Open and enclosed grounds had little to do with attendance.

July 16
The Sydney newspaper Australian Town & Country Journal says there are four football clubs in Maitland.
"Football. - This game appears to be all the rage in West Maitland at present; there being no fewer than four clubs, viz., the Northumberland, "Our Boys", and Half Holiday, under Australian rules and the Maitland Club under the Rugby rules. Additional interest in the game this season, as there is a possibility of West Maitland gaining the premiership of the north, both under Australian and the Rugby rules."

July 16
Carlton played Port Adelaide on the Adelaide Oval.
Crowd; 5,500.
Baker, McInerney, T. Maloney, and Melville all injured, Woods had returned to Melbourne.
The Blues were short of players, and Edward Melling (Adelaide F.C) and George Coombe (Norwood F.C) played.
Port were indignant was they were not consulted, as these are two of the best players in the colony.
Carlton had bought 25 players plus some former players on the tour and Port could not understand why some of these men were not used. However, Carlton refused to budge, and rather than cancel the match Port agreed to the changes.
Gellatly was injured in this game.
Carlton team; no details.
Umpire; J. Sidoli
Carlton won; 7.9 - 5.6 (Half time Carl. 3.6 Port 1.3)
Goals; Leydin 2, Gellatly 2, Berry, Green, Coombe.
Best; Leydin, Melling, Coombe, Whelan, Newton, Jones, Coulson, Gellatly.
Players mentioned; (13) George Coombe, Berry, Whelan, Edward Melling, Strickland, Coulson, Smith, Newton, Keane, Gellatly, Green, Leydin, Jones.
Carlton then left Adelaide on a steamer for Melbourne.

15,000 people had seen Carlton play 5 matches in 12 days.
They had won 3, lost 1, and drawn 1.
Carlton had scored 31.62, and had 25.38 scored against.

Carlton Second Twenty played University on Princes Oval
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Berryman, Billycale, Brown, Burns, Carsons, Cader, Carter, Davie, Dagleish, Deeley, Frew, Goody, Healey, Lemon, Latimer, McDonald, McLeod, O'Gorman, Reynolds, Waugh, White, Wooburn

1887 Adelaide Oval, match unknown. Spectators watching from Montefiore Hill - Google Images

July 18 Monday
The Carlton Football Club returned from Adelaide this morning.

July 23
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
Baker and McInerney were still out, injured, but Bloomfield played.
A strong south westerly wind with forecast rain, the ground was in a horrible condition, the outlook was not at all pleasant for players and spectators.
Despite the cold and inclement weather a large crowd turned out.
The Blues lost the toss and kicked against the wind to the western end.
The Reds jumped the Blues and scored three early goals before the Carlton side settled. Melbourne's three goals were from individual efforts and they failed to play as a team for the remainder of the match.
"Roy made an excellent field umpire, but was on several occasions most undeservedly hooted at, apparently by Carlton supporters, or rather the rabble that hangs on the skirts of every club."
Brown was a new player from Brunswick.
Umpire; Roy
Carlton team; (20 named)
Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Brown, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.1 4.3 5.3 5.12
Melb.3.1 3.2 4.5 4.5
Goals; Gellatly 2, Hutchison, Coulson, Green.
Best; Gellatly, Cook, Batters, Leydin, Keane, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (18) Newton, Berry, Bloomfield, Cook, Leydin, Keane, Whelan, Hutchison, Beveridge, Smith, Gellatly, Batters, Jones, Coulson, Moloney, Green, Strickland, McKechnie.

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne at the Melbourne Football Ground (Friendly Societies' Gardens)
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Berryman, Billiard, Cader, Carter, Davie, Dagleish, Frew, Goody, Healey, Hadley, Latimer, Lemon, Lording, McLeod, McDonald, O'Gorman, Reynolds, Waugh, White, Woodburn,
No result details.

George F. Bowen aka "Olympus" (Trove) Melb Punch July 28 1887

July 30
Carlton played Hotham on the M.C.G.
From The Australasian review, August 6;
"The closing match of this season, as far as concerns the Melbourne Cricket ground, was played last Saturday, and will probably be chiefly remembered as the most disagreeable afternoon that anyone could have the ill-fortune to spend on a day's sport.
With a bitterly cold north-westerly wind, accompanied by heavy and frequent showers, it certainly excites ones admiration to see the heroism of the "barrackers" who pay their sixpence and brave the elements, with a few scattered umbrellas as their only shelter.
It is, indeed, a tribute to our national game, and must excite the envy of the cricketer as he thinks how his tempting baits are disregarded."
Rain before the start made the ground unsuitable for good football.
Baker and McInerney still injured, and Keane did not play.
A. and C. Coulson played.
Carlton kicked against the wind.
A new ball was used for the second half, as old one was waterlogged. An innovation other clubs could adopt.
Both Bloomfield and McKechnie were injured by Hotham's rough-house style of play.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, Newton, Smith, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; Freeman.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 4.4 5.5 5.6
Hoth.0.2 0.4 0.5 1.5
Goals; A. Coulson 2, McKechnie, Berry, Whelan.
Best; (11) Leydin, Moloney, Whelan, Bloomfield, A. Coulson, C. Coulson (BOG).
Players mentioned; Strickland, Newton, Jones, Leydin, Whelan, Moloney, McKechnie, Berry, A. Coulson, Bloomfield, C. Coulson.

Carlton Second Twenty played Hotham at Arden Street
Carlton team; (19 named - Carlton Gazette micro film difficult to read)
Adams, Ashton, Berryman, Cader, Davie, Dalglish, Deeley, Frew, Gooddy, Healey, Jackson, Latimer, Lemon, Lording, McDonnell, O'Gorman, Reynolds, Waugh, White.
Carlton lost, 1.3 - 2. Hotham's score is unreadable.

August 06
Carlton played Essendon on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The ground was heavy and slippery due to over night rain. The players had trouble keeping their feet.
A large crowd was in attendance.
Sam Bloomfield was injured from last week's match and did not play.
Jack Baker made a welcome return.
The Blues' skipper Leydin won the toss and kicked to the northern end, but there was very little breeze.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Jones, Keane, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Kennedy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.3 0.5 2.9 4.17
Ess. 1.1 1.8 1.8 1.9
Three quarter time scores are an estimate.
Goals; Hutchison, Green, Coulson, Baker.
Best; Cook, Strickland, Moloney, Whelan, Batters, Smith.
Player mentioned; (18) Baker, Cook, Whelan, Batters, Strickland, Leydin, Crapp, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Moloney, Hutchison, Green, Woods, Smith, Newton, McKechnie, Jones, Keane, .

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Berryman, Barry, Barry, Cader, Carter, Davie, Deeley, Dolphin, Frew, Healey, Halliburton, Lemon, Lording, McDonald, McLeod, Marks, Smith, Tubb, Waugh, Watren, White
Carlton Reserves lost; 0.5 - 5.5

August 08 Monday


"If it should be fine," a critic of the game had said "you will see one of the best matches of the season."

It was not exactly fine, for the sky was grey and the earth sloppy, and the grass had a soft and swamplike greenness which did not promise much wear. The roads were muddy as heretofore, and that word signifies now a long, long lane of memory. But the people were there.

The East Melbourne ground had never been more closely packed. The members' stand was full, the unpainted and rickety old public stand full also from the lawn edge to the roof, and every square foot of open ground that would bear the weight of a man had a man or a woman or a child for an occupant. As seen from the tram line, the scene was puzzling rather than striking. A fringe of people varying in thickness about a green circle of a playground. A couple of scores of dull looking figures on the green, now in clusters, now spread, now piled together about something on the turf, now chasing it frantically as it soared or spun in the air. Their varying movements were followed by roars from the crowd, loud almost as the thunder of the suburban trains passing frequently by the southern fence; and above the roar came occasionally a yell not unlike a shriek of the engine whistle.

Down on the ground the cause of the sombre hues of the players was very quickly understood. They were coated with mud from head to heel. The play had been rough and fast, the too green turf had been cut through, the noses and foreheads and hips and knees had acted as ploughshares or smoothing irons. They had all been dainty enough at the start, with stripes of crimson and blue, or white or lightly tinted body colours, but the mud had made an end to all that. And yet it was early. "Quarter-time" had not yet been called, and Essendon was in the lead. The board announced that Essendon had kicked a goal and eight behinds, while Carlton had no goal, and only six of the other value. "Essendon's in it" was the comment of each newly arrived critic, from which it might be gathered that the success of Essendon had not been generally expected. They held their own, however, until "half-time" was called, and went into the pavilion amid hearty cheers.

Then was opportunity for a glance at the multitude and a little study of its elements. In the public stand, or on narrow strip of lawn which divides it from the ground, some impressions were very quickly struck. First of which was that it was a great smoking company, and that it divided itself between strong tobacco and bad cigars; that it had never learned to smoke without expectoration; and that the general floor must be in a condition familiar to those acquainted with suburban smoking carriages. Next, that it was a free-swearing and slangy sort of crowd; that the "native" twang predominated; that there were frequent expressions of "S'elp me," sure indication of low moral or intellectual status; and a too common adjuration of the third person of the Trinity - an oath that should be confined solely to men-of-warsmen, who drink rum out of pannikins, and send up thunderous voices from their tanned or hairy throats. But it is, above all things, a knowledgeable crowd. If you know not the play or the players you will be utterly bewildered by the jargon of drop kicks and free kicks, and passes, and runs, and the free, and apparantly just, criticisms of various players. The crowd is impatient; also it will not tolerate a too long rest. The day is short, the day is cold.

The ring roars, and the floor of the stand rattles before the quarter of an hour is up, and on the exact moment the players come out - this with a limp, that with a halt, the others with a spring, and take their stations. There is a cold, stiff, maimed look about a good many of them; but they warm like horses in a race when the ball begins to move, and then right speedily the zest of the sport becomes understood. Essendon was it before "half-time." Carlton had evidently determined to be in it after. The Carlton spirit was also very shortly seen to be dominant, and at times it seemed a cruel, merciless, win-by-any-means sort of spirit. It voiced itself in "Yaha" and: "Boo-hoos" as readily as in honest cheers. It had no sympathy with any failure, no appreciation of any success by the wrong side. There was ample inducement to hoot and cheer; the play was fast and furious. There were frequent canons and melees, wherein men were shot along the turf as logs slide at times from a timber waggon, or piled up together in such a writhing heap as Scobeloff made when he stacked his dead and dying for a barricade at Plevna.

There were marvellously smart bits of work in passing and catching the ball, and intervals of terrible suspense when a free kick was received within reasonable distance of the goal. But the Essendon lads had spent all their powers before "half-time." Carlton had them in hand from the moment play was resumed, and used them at will. The totals of "behinds' were very quickly even, and a few minutes later each side had a goal, and then there was no more hope or doubt. If Essendon obtained a chance they seemed powerless to use it, while Carlton took every opportunity and used it to the full. Critics of the game may say why the spectator, unlettered in even its first principles, could only see that the man with the scarcely distinguishable blue seemed always to succeed, and the other in dingy red to fail. He could not understand why, he had a little difficulty in understanding the tumult, uproar, furore which greeted each success. The whole multitude seemed Carlton when the second goal was kicked. "Where are you now, Essendon?" "Hoo! Boo!" "S'elp me, if you want to go and learn the game!" "Go it Carlton!" "G'goo it! go!" Marvellous sounds of encouragement came out of many strained throats, some that must have resembled the "Gooroo! Gooroo!" of that ancient Jew who sought to cheapen David Copperfield's waistcoat, others like the apology for Hurrah which Russian men-o'-war's men make when their mates are winning a boat race down the bay.

But when, for the third or fourth time, the ball was sent spinning through the poles, and unexpectedly - and, as it seemed, from the middle of a ruck of players - so intense was the excitement, so boisterous the applause, so frantic the gestures of all the crowd that one impartial, and ignorant, was absolutely compelled to halt himself and ask, What is the meaning of this, or what is the matter with me? It was not the sort of applause that greets the winning hit in an ordinary cricket match, or the first nose past the post in an ordinary race. In some years of experience in colonial sport there only recur two or three memories of a similar abandon, of enthusiasm and fierce delight.

There was such a boisterous and unrestrained joy on board the following boats when the signal went up for Beach in the first great race with Hanlan. There has been something a little like it in one or two cricket matches, when England or Australia wanted but for or five runs to win, and the stumps rattled down or the ball went out of bounds. And quite recently, when the race for the Australian Cup Nelson and Trident came out of the ruck together, and raced neck and neck up the straight, there was as keen as excitement, and in the end as loud a cheer. But these were something like a national contests, and the game of football is only between a couple of suburban teams. There is neither money or fame at stake.

There is no marvellous skill displayed. The like may be seen any week on half-a-dozen grounds. What ails the people to strain their throats and eyelids so, to roar out the extremes of the disgust and delight, to surrender their whole being, as it were, to be played on the chances of this trumpery game? Is it all honest delight in sport, or is there more than a little faction about it? Of certain games which ruled men's minds a many years ago we read - "It was not the swiftness of the horses nor the art of the men which attracted them, but merely the dress. Factio, albata, russata, veneta et prasina," Thirty thousand people lost their lives once in a fight about these colours. As many ere this have lost their tempers about our reds and blues.

But spring is coming, and spring will subdue both the football spirit and dry up the mud. Will it transfer the football interest to cricket? It is to feared not. Football spoils an average crowd for cricket, just as hard liquor spolis an ordinary palate for honest simple wine. There is room for the display of ten times more skill, judgment, tact in cricket than football, but their is no rough and tumble, no crisis wherein it is doubtful if the players will come out whole or in pieces. There is contest enough. but not the actual encounter of football. Its colours, it might be said, have never been bloodstained, and therefore have not become objects of such fierce and merciless worship.

Football sucks up public interest so dry through the winter that there is nothing left for cricket in the summer. And this gives fair cause for regret. For cricket is a game which, more than any other perhaps, trains and disciplines a man. There is something doubtless to be said for football, though an outsider may find a difficulty in discovering it, but there would not be much interest left if party feeling were taken out of it. Pure love of the game, legitimate interest in the sport, would not gather the tens of thousands, or provoke them to such ecstasies of feeling. There is too much faction, too much of the sort of thing which sends lads and men roaring about the suburbs blathering about insult, filth, and blasphemy; to little of that which bustles them out to practice whenever the day's work is ended, and bids them to get to bed with a clear head at a reasonable hour. It would be almost a case of "thank you for nothing" if a Melbourne football team made a triumphant tour of the world. it is not so with cricket.
(Argus August 08 p6)

August 13
Carlton played Fitzroy on the East Melbourne C. G.
Carlton's home game.
Fine weather until the start of the game, then drizzling rain fell through the afternoon.
Ground slippery.
Crowd; 16,000.
Carlton won the toss.
Despite the heavy ball, Jones kicked a fine drop kick goal of at least 60 yards amid deafening applause. The Gazette reporter said "the attempt being one of the best ever made on a football ground."
"Smith's extra pace and left foot kicking made him very conspicous throughout."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; Roy.
Match drawn;
Carl. 2.5 3.6 3.9 3.9
Fitz. 0.2 2.3 2.4 3.5
Goals; McKechnie, Baker, Jones.
Best; Berry, Coulson, Green, Keane, Hutchison, Moloney, Leydin, Jones, McKechnie.
Players mentioned; (19) A. Coulson, Jones, Cook, Berry, Batters, Whelan, Baker, C. Coulson, Moloney, Woods, C. Coulson, McKechnie, Keane, Green, Hutchison, Strickland, Crapp, Leydin, Smith.

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Ashton, Barry, Berryman, Billiard, Cader, Carter, Davie, Dagleish, Deeley, Frew, Gooddy, Healey, Jackson, Halliburton, Lemon, Lording, Marks, McLeod, McDonald, O'Gorman, Smith, Warren, White, Waugh.
Match drawn; Carlton Reserves 2.3 - Fitzroy 2.7 (Gazette said 2.6 - 2.6)
Best; Brown (?), Lemon, Frew, Lording, McLeod

Could this be a reference to Jack Keane?
Trove; Melbourne Punch Sept 22 1887

August 20
Carlton played South Williamstown at the Williamstown Cricket Ground.
Crowd; 800
48 years later in 1935, the Williamstown Chronicle says that this day was the wettest day in Victorian football, and that South's "Don Murray 'tossed' George Cook, the Carltonian, who was invincible."
Baker and Keane were unavailable
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked to the battery (fort) end with aid of a slight breeze.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Batters, Berry, Beveridge, Brown, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Smith, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. W. Welsford.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.6 2.9 5.12 7.17
S.W. 0.2 0.3 1.3 3.4
Goals; Gellatly 2, Berry 2, Whelan, Coulson, McKechnie
Players mentioned; (8) Jasper Jones, Leydin, Berry, Coulson, Gellatly, McKechnie, Whelan, Cook.

Carlton Second Twenty played Lincoln at Princes Oval
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Ashton, Berryman, Barry, Billiard, Box, Coultson/Coulson?, Cader, Carter, Davie, Dagleish, Deeley, Frew, Healey, Halliburton, Lemon, Lording, McDonald, McLeod, O'Gorman, Waugh, White.
Carlton lost; 1.8 - 6.10 (Gazette 1.9 - 6.6)

August 20
Charlie Newton playing for the Carlton Brewery against a Geelong team called Newton and Chilwell.
During the third quarter Charlie leapt for a mark and landed heavily, "sustaining contusion of the liver," he had to be carried from the field.
(Geelong Advertiser August 22 p3)
Charlie Newton was not named in any Carlton team for the rest of this year.

August 25 Thursday


The Herald (p4) preview of the match with a description of the Lake Oval, probable team line ups, a table of wins/losses for each team so far this season, etc.

August 26 Friday
The Herald (p4) reports that the Melbourne Second Twenty v St.Kilda Second Twenty match is called off because of the disbandment of the St.Kilda Second Twenty.

August 27
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
No other match had created so much interest in the Colony as the undefeated Carlton playing against South Melbourne who had lost only one game.
This season's prevous encounter was a draw.
"....notwithstanding this immense assemblage, the arrangements at this ground are now so complete that there was a noticeable absence of that struggling and crushing that used to be the necessary accompaniment of a big event on the "Hill."
The new pavilion is a handsome and commodious building, and the grandstand and reserve, holding about 4,000, reminds one of Flemington."
Crowd; inexcess of 30,000, Gate Takings; £570 ($1,140)
"The supporters of the home team danced and jumped in their enthusiasm, and yelled and screamed to encourage their representatives, but without avail, for the Carlton met every effort, and exhausted their opponents completely."
"The excitement throughout the match was very great, and, combined with the vastness of the attendance and the marked vigour and frequent roughness of the game, afforded striking indication of the immense interest which now attaches to the contests for the supremacy among senior football clubs."
Newton was injured last week and did not play.
Charlie Coulson was not in the selected team.
South won the toss and unusally kicked against the wind to the Lake end.
South Melbourne's inaccurate kicking would cost them dearly.
63,00 copies of the Herald describing the victory were sold.
At half time a tug-of-war match took place between the South Melbourne Gas Stokers and the Harbor Trust. The Stokers won a 50 pound prize!
Brown and Beveridge did not play.
Carlton Gazette;
"A word of praise is due to the trainers of the Carlton team, viz., 'Bonnor' McKay and Mr. J. T. Kennewell, who were the most assiduous in their endeavors to bring the men under them out in first-class fettle and they must have felt a great deal of satisfaction in seeing their men come off victorious, as the proper training of the team is undoubtedly one of the most important features to be considered."
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Batters, Berry, Beveridge, Bloomfield, Brown, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.4 2.5 2.5 3.6
S.M. 0.3 0.6 1.10 1.12
Goals; Berry 3.
Best; Strickland, Cook, Bloomfield, Whelan, Jones, Keane, McInerney, McKechnie, Crapp, Woods, Smith.
Players mentioned; (20) Bloomfield, Berry, Whelan, Strickland, Leydin, Baker, Cook, Jones, A. Coulson, Smith, Moloney, Baker, Woods, Green, McInerney, Keane, Crapp, McKechnie, Batters, Gellatly.

Image Image
Image: (Trove) Melbourne Punch Sept 01 1887


This 1887 cartoon is about the Study of History being introduced in the State School curriculum.
Graham Berry was Premier of Victoria three times between 1875 - 1881.
State school Teacher; - "Now, my lad, who was Berry?"
Young Hopeful; - "The man who kicked three goals for Carlton."
Melbourne Punch September 01 1887 p11

August 30 Tuesday


states that the attendance at the football match between Carlton and South Melbourne on Saturday was enormous. No football match has ever been so largely attended, and a low estimate could not place less than 30,000 people on the ground. At one time South Melbourne crowds were remarkable for their unfairness, but on Saturday the impartiality was noteworthy, and although the bulk of those present were partisans of the losing team, there was nothing else but good temper observable. It was anticipated that the attendance would be very large, and arrangements were accordingly made to open the gates at half-past 1 o'clock, two hours before the commencement of the contest, and from that time until late in the afternoon there was a flow of humanity which crammed all the available space. In addition to a number of police, the secretary of the club had men stationed all round the fences to preserve order, but their services were not once needed."
(Bendigo Advertiser p2)

September 03
Carlton played Melbourne on the Melbourne Football Ground.
Weather bleak with low cloud and frequent southerly rain showers.
Crowd; 3,000.
Most of the crowd were Carlton supporters. They were five deep around the fence and there was no shelter from the rain.
Melbourne won the toss and the Blues kicked to the western goal.
The strong south wind was of little advantage to either team, and in the last quarter the play was mostly out of bounds on the northern wing.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker, Batters, Berry, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; H. Wilson.
Carlton won;
Carl. 0.2 3.5 4.5 5.8
Melb.1.1 1.3 1.5 1.8
Goals; C. Coulson, Whelan, Berry, Gellatly, Green.
Best; Baker, Strickland, Cook, Jones, Whelan, Leydin, Green.
Players mentioned; (17) Batters, Berry, Strickland, Crapp, Leydin, Jones, Cook, McInerney, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Gellatly, Baker, Whelan, Hutchison, Green, Moloney, McKechnie

Carlton Reserves played Melbourne at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Ashton, Billiard, Box, Brown, Bennett, Crapp, Cader, Davie, Deeley, Dalgliesh, Frew, Gooddy, Healy, Jackson, Knox, Lemon, Lording, McLeod, O'Gorman, Stewart, Tubbs, White, Waugh.
No result details.

Trove; Geelong Advertiser September 09 p3

September 10
Carlton played Geelong at the Corio Ground, Geelong.
Heavy betting has taken place on this premiership match.
Three special trains took 1700 fans to Geelong. At least another 1,000 fans went on the Port Phillip Bay steamers the Excelsior and Edina.
Other trains from Ballarat, Colac and Queenscliff conveyed many people to the game.
Many of the Carlton fans 'wore blue and white hat bands, with the words "Forward Carlton" lettered in gold, while others sported gaudy woollen caps of the same colour.'*
The Corio ground was in excellent condition.
Crowd 10,000.
Geelong entered the field at 3.14 pm and kicked a few balls around before the Blues ran out at 3.20pm.
Bloomfield played although he was carrying a leg injury.
Carlton lost the toss and Jones kicked off at 3.20pm to the southern end.
Geelong dominated for the first 20 minutes and put a matching winning 4 goals on the score board before the Blues through McKechnie scored a behind. Green and Whelan soon added two more behinds.
Carlton then were superior team for the remainder, but poor work by the forwards let the side down and they suffered their first VFA defeat for the year.
Three times the Blues hit the inside of the goal post.
Intermittent rain throughout the second half did not help the Blues' cause.
Keane* and C. Coulson did not play.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Baker, Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane*, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Smith, Woods*, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Kennedy.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.3 1.10 1.12 1.15
Geel. 4.3 4.3 4.4 4.7
Goal; Gellatly (The Herald & Age said Hutchison.)
Best; Strickland, Baker, Batters, Bloomfield, Cook, McKechnie, Leydin, Keane, Moloney, Jones.
Players mentioned; (20) Baker, Batters, Berry, Beveridge, Bloomfield, Cook, A.Coulson, Crapp, Gellatly, Green, Hutchison, Jones, Leydin, McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, Smith, Strickland, Whelan, Woods.
The Age listed Keane* as playing instead of Woods*.

Carlton Reserves played Geelong at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Adams, Ashton, Billycale, Barry, Davie, Deeley, Deeley, Dolphin, Frew, Fisher, Goody, Jackson, Lemon, Lording, Latimer, Mordern, McLeod, Moorehead, McPhee, McDonnell, Reynolds, Tully, White, Waugh.
Carlton lost; 1 - 3
No details

Trove; Geelong Advertiser September 10 p3

Trove; Melbourne Punch Sept 22

September 17
Carlton played Essendon at the South Melbourne Cricket Ground.
The weather was fine and South's ground was in very good condition.
Crowd; 3,000.
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked with the aid of a strong northerly.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won.
Carl. 2.9 3.15 6.18 10.21
Ess. 0.0 2.0 2.2 4.3
Goals; Baker 2, Berry 2, Whelan 2, Batters, Cook, Gellatly, A. Coulson.
Best; Baker, Cook, Gellatly, Leydin, McKechnie, Whelan.
Players mentioned; (15) Batters, Coulson, Green, Berry, Jones, Whelan, Berry, Batters, Cook, Gellatly, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Baker, Leydin, McKechnie.

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Essendon.

Image: Trove; Melbourne Punch September 22

September 17


Hotham ventured to the Golden City to play the Ballarat team.
There are three teams in the city, Ballarat, South Ballarat and Ballarat Imperials.
The Ballarat team absolutely thrashed Hotham 16.13 - 2.8
The Leader September 24 p22;
"If the Ballarat clubs were to combine it strikes me that Geelong, Carlton, South Melbourne, Fitzroy and Co. would have to look to their laurels, and probably look in vain, but there appears to be no chance of an amalgamation, as the miners, the foundrymen and "the toffs" don't seem to assimilate."

September 24
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy C. G.
The weather was favourable and the crowds turned out in droves.
Trams and cabs were full, the ground was overflowing and people took vantage with every nearby building roof top and window crowded.
Neither side had been defeated by a metropolitan club this season.
Crowd; 20,000 plus.
Fitzroy won the toss and Carlton kicked to the Brunswick Street end.
".....the game ended in a most decisive win for Carlton, placing them indisputably in the premier position for the season."
"It would be invidious to single out players for the winners for special mention where all played in such excellent form."
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Bloomfield, Batters, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Smith, Strickland, Woods, Whelan.
The Herald Friday 23 Sept.;
Baker (rover), Bloomfield (back), Batters (follower), Berry (follower), Crapp (back), Cook (centre wing), Coulson (half forward), Green (forward), Gellatly (forward), Hutchison (half forward), Jones (centre), Keane (wing), Leydin (capt) (back), Moloney (back), McKechnie (follower), McInerney (follower), Strickland (wing), Smith (centre wing), Woods (back), Whelan (follower)
Carlton team line-up (approx)
Backs; Crapp, Moloney, Woods
Half backs; Leydin (Capt.) Bloomfield, Strickland
Centres; Cook, Jones, Smith
Half forwards; Coulson, Hutchison, Keane
Forwards; Gellatly, Green, Whelan
Followers; Berry, Batters, McKechnie, McInerney
Rover; Baker
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 4.7 7.11 8.13
Fitz. 0.1 0.2 1.4 1.6
Goals; Berry 2, Green 2, Baker 2, Bloomfield, Smith.
Best; Leydin, Baker, Berry, McKechnie, Whelan, Green.
Players mentioned; (17) J. Jones, McKechnie, Berry, Moloney, Keane, Leydin, Batters, Bloomfield, Cook, Gellatly, Whelan, Smith, C. Coulson, Green, Baker, Strickland, Hutchison. (plus Crapp, Woods, McInerney)

Carlton Reserves played Fitzroy Reserves at Princes Oval.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Ashton, Brown, Billiard, Bennett, Cader, Carter, Caffery, Davie, Frew, Goody, Healy, Knox, Lemon (Capt), Lording, McLeod, McDonald, Nash, O'Gorman, McClaverty, Tulles/Tully, White, Waugh.
No result details.

Trove; Melb. Punch September 29


Review of this week's round of football. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article221196327


"After such a season the finances of the club must remain in a particulary healthy condition, for the Carlton have played a series of great matches, and for at least half the season have been followed here and there by such crowds as only prospective premiers can attract. Under the circumstances, they must greatly regret that they were not permitted to spend some of it in establishing cojointly with the Carlton Cricket Club a new ground.
It is not desirable that a club should lose touch of it's local surroundings, and the Carlton players certainly run this risk in coming down year after year to play their important matches on ther Melbourne Cricket-ground. There was thought to be the less objection to the proposals of the Carlton clubs since they were prepared to give up in exchange for the new site an almost equal area of land, more valuable and more centrally situated, but from it's shape not suitable for football matches. (*The Triangle)
The premiers for the year have a wonderfully even team, their forward players especially being the best the club has managed to turn out for many a season past. The players who have, perhaps, done the most to place Carlton in the front are Strickland, Baker, Leydin, Bloomfield, Moloney, Cook, Whelan, Berry, Jones, and McKechnie."
(.*Blueseum comment)
Click below to read the 1887 season review as in The Argus September 26 p6.
National Library of Australia

September 28 Thursday
Image: (Trove) Melbourne Punch

October 01
The Australasian in replying to a question in their Sportsman section;
"HRH" - Yes; Carlton were premiers in 1872, 1873, 1874, and 1875.
(Blueseum's records indicate that Melbourne were premiers in 1872, but hey, we'll take it, and that'll be four in a row!)

October 01
Carlton played South Williamstown at the Williamstown Cricket Ground.
This extra match was played for the benefit of the Williamstown Rowing Club to send the crew to Adelaide.
The crew are all tradesmen and therefore do not fall under the patronage of the Victorian Rowing Association.
The match will be played under the patronage of the mayor and councillors of Williamstown and the Victorian Football Association.
Former Blue, Gilbert "Gib" Currie was No.4 in the Senior 8 rowing team.
(A veteran oarsman writing May 16 1941 (p6) in the Williamstown Chronicle about the Carlton match said that they played a combined Footscray and Williamstown team.)
The Williamstown Brass Band entertained throughout the afternoon.
Crowd large.
Leydin was ill and did not play, Baker, Batters, Bloomfield, Cook, and Berry were also absent.
The Blues fielded a weak team and played two men short, ie; 18 were on the field to South Williamstown's 20.
Strickland captained the Blues.
South won the toss and kicked with the aid of the wind to the western end and scored two quick goals. The Blues fought back in the second term scoring three goals and missing a few more. After half time Carlton had the better of the play but failed to score, but the Seasider's captain scored the only goal. The Blues were riled in the last term by the thought of being beaten by a lowly team and many fights broke out during the term. South had the last laugh and scored three more goals with the Blues failing to add to their goal tally.
Carlton team; (20 named)
Baker, Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland (Capt.), Smith, Woods, Whelan.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.0 3.4 3.4 3.5
S.Will. 2.4 3.1 4.4 7.4
Goals; Gellatly, Coulson, Green.
Players mentioned; (15) White, Jones, C. Coulson, Gellatly, McKechnie, Green, Hutchison, Whelan, Strickland.

October 01


The Australasian's "Rover" end of season review.
The most prominent men of the year have been,
J. Worrall of Fitzroy and R. Houston of Hotham.
Carlton players;
Backs, T. Leydin.
Followers, W. Strickland has attracted special attention by his brilliant and dashing wing play.
G. Cooke one of the best men afield in the earlier portion of the season, but has hardly retained his form.
Other Carlton players, Baker, Berry, Batters, Bloomfield and Whelan.
"Coming next to the clubs, it is with much satisfaction that I have to commence with that landmark in Australian football the Carlton Club, who this year, for the first time in many seasons have broken the spell of South Melbourne and Geelong success, and obtained the proud title of premiers."
"The players who have principally contributed to the club's success are,
Baker, Berry, Bloomfield, Batters, Crapp, Cook, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Newton (incapacitated latterly through injury), Smith, Strickland, Woods, and Whelan.
The principal goal-kickers have been;
Green with 18, Berry 13, Baker 12, Gellatly 11, Coulson 9, Whelan 6, McKechnie 4, Hutchison 3."

October 07 Friday
Carlton Annual Ball at the Athenaeum, Collins Street.
Large number of guests, dancing continued till the morning.

October 08
Carlton played North Park (23) at the Friendly Societies Gardens.
This match was played to raise money for the improvement of the West Melbourne Recreation Reserve.
Players were suffering from the night before's entertainment.
Crowd; 2,000
Carlton team; (21 named)
Baker (Capt.), Berry, Batters, Beveridge, Crapp, Cook, A. Coulson, C. Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Jones, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, Strickland, Smith, Woods, Whelan.
The Age on Wednesday 12th. reported that quite a few of the Carlton players were unavailable and their places were taken by Bert Rappiport and J. McRaile of Fitzroy, White of Essendon and Peters of Williamstown. Also Bray from Brunswick and Joyce from Britannia made up the extra players.
North Park had three regulars missing and these were filled by senior players Franks of Melbourne and Todd from Hotham. Also umpire Joe Shaw played for the juniors.
Umpire; E. Powell from Essendon.
Carlton lost; 1.5 - 5.6 (Half time 0.4 - 2.3)
Goal; Keane
Best; (9) Baker, Jasper Jones, Gellatly, Moloney, Keane, Woods, Hutchison, White, Coulson.

October 22


Australian Town & Country Journal (NSW) reported the V.F.A. meeting in which the honorary-secretary Theophilis S. Marshall proposed a points system to determine the Premiership.
It was agreed that 4 points would awarded for a win, and 2 points for a draw. Plus a proportional or ratio system based on 21 games where clubs have not played that many games, but must play at least 18.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article71090301


The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages. 60, 61, 62, 259.
Mullin's Footballers Australian Almanac of 1951 . Page 66.
History of the Carlton Football Club, Brian Hansen, page 70.
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Centenary Souvenir of the Carlton Football Club. P18.
Fitzroy Football Club 1883-1890.
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The Sportsman, 1887 editions.
Border Watch (Mount Gambier), 1887 editions.
The Geelong Advertiser, 1887 editions.
.*Watching Football In Marvellous Melbourne - Mark W. Pennings & Robert Pascoe (see 1896 for link to this essay)

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