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Outside of Father-Sons and Brothers at other Clubs, which are addressed separately in the Blueseum, this page is designed to track any and all other relationships between Carlton players and players of other Clubs:

Player Relationship to Player Club(s)
Ian AitkenUncleDaniel HanneberySydney Swans / St Kilda
Laurence Angwin Grandson Andy Angwin Hawthorn
Lauren Arnell (AFLW) Niece Ray Walker Footscray
Alf Baud Grandfather Geoff Cayzer St. Kilda
Maurie Beasy Great Grand-Nephew Brendan Whitecross Hawthorn
Doug Beasy Grand Nephew Brendan Whitecross Hawthorn
Peter Bedford Uncle Stephen Allender Sth Melbourne / Hawthorn
Eddie Betts Cousin Byron Pickett Nth Melbourne / Port Adelaide / Melbourne
Albert Bickford Uncle George Bickford Melbourne
Albert Bickford Great-Uncle Stephen Bickford Melbourne
Peter Bosustow Nephew Tom Allison Nth Melbourne
Peter Bosustow Cousin Brett Allison Nth Melbourne / Sydney Swans
Troy Bond Cousin Gavin Wanganeen Essendon / Port Adelaide
Fraser Brown Grandson Jim Anderson (Joyce Brown's father) Fitzroy
Chris Bryan Great Grandson Ernest 'Snowy' Lumsden Collingwood
Jaryd Cachia Grandson Terry Benton North Melbourne
Tom Carroll Uncle Dennis Carroll South Melbourne / Sydney
Tom Carroll Uncle Wayne Carroll South Melbourne / Sydney
Newton Chandler Uncle Bert Chandler Melbourne
Newton Chandler Uncle Clinton 'Dick' Chandler Hawthorn
Sean Charles Cousin David Wirrapanda West Coast Eagles
Cameron Cloke Nephew Peter Cloke Richmond
Tiahna Cochrane (AFLW) Niece Rod Keogh Melbourne / St Kilda
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Great Grand Daughter Edward Cordner Melbourne / University
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Grand Daughter Don Cordner Melbourne
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Grand Niece Denis Cordner Melbourne
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Grand Niece John Cordner Melbourne
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Grand Niece Ted Cordner Melbourne
Harriet Cordner (AFLW) Niece David Cordner Melbourne / Sydney Swans
Patrick Cripps Cousin Chris Mainwaring West Coast Eagles
Patrick Cripps 3rd Cousin Jamie Cripps West Coast Eagles / St Kilda
Brent Crosswell Cousin Craig Davis Carlton / Nth Melbourne / Collingwood / Sydney
Brent Crosswell 2nd Cousin Nick Davis Collingwood / Sydney
Brent Crosswell Uncle Mitch Thorp Hawthorn
Craig Davis Uncle Mitch Thorp Hawthorn
Matthew Dickson * Cousin Dale Dickson Melbourne / Brisbane Bears
Bruce Doull Uncle Matthew Scarlett Geelong
Paddy Dow Grandson Peter Dow Nth Melbourne
Yasmin Duursma (AFLW) Niece Jamie Duursma Hawthorn / Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne
Jake Edwards Grandson Arthur Edwards Footscray
Jake Edwards Grand Uncle Frank 'Dolly' Aked Footscray / Hawthorn
Jake Edwards Cousin Shane O'Bree Brisbane / Collingwood
Jake Edwards Cousin Frank Aked Jnr. Footscray
Alf Egan Cousin Norm McDonald Essendon
Alf Egan Great-Grandfather Andrew Lovett Essendon / St Kilda
Peter Francis Nephew Leo Francis Nth Melbourne
Peter Francis Uncle Andrew Collins Richmond / Carlton
Ray Garby Uncle Doug & Garry Farrant North Melbourne
Jarrod GarlettCousin Dayle GarlettHawthorn
Jeffery GarlettCousin Cruize GarlettNth Melbourne
Jeffery GarlettCousin Lance FranklinHawthorn / Sydney Swans
Jeffery GarlettCousin Des HeadlandFremantle / Brisbane
Jeffery GarlettCousin Dale KickettFitzroy / WCE / St Kilda / Essendon / Fremantle
Jeffery GarlettNephew Derek KickettNth Melbourne / Essendon / Sydney
Jeffery GarlettNephew Leon DavisCollingwood
Georgia Gee (AFLW) Grandfather Brian Shinners Richmond / Hawthorn
Adrian Gleeson Uncle Martin Gleeson Essendon
Adrian Gleeson Uncle William Drew Port Adelaide
Dave Gillespie / Doug Gillespie Distant Cousin Michael Tuck Hawthorn
Hugh Goddard Second Cousin Brendan Goddard St Kilda / Essendon
Daryl Gutterson Second Cousin Jim Gutterson Footscray
Kevin Hall Cousin Bernie Lee Footscray
Wayne Harmes Grandson Len Smith Melbourne / Fitzroy / Richmond
Wayne Harmes Great-nephew Norm Smith Melbourne
Wayne Harmes 2nd Cousin Peter Smith Melbourne / Carlton
Brendan Hartney Uncle Fergus Greene Western Bulldogs / Hawthorn
Adrian Hickmott Nephew Peter Hickmott Essendon
Oliver Hollands Grandson Martin Cross Carlton
Ryan Houlihan Nephew Paul O'Donoghue Nth Melbourne
Ryan Houlihan 1st Cousin once removed Peter Chisnall Nth Melbourne
Jack Howell / Scott Howell Son / Grandson Jack Howell senior South Melbourne
Bill HuntingtonNephew Jack Huntington Melbourne
Bill HuntingtonNephew Stan Hungington Melbourne
Trevor Keogh Uncle Rod Keogh Melbourne / St Kilda
Kym LeBoisNephew Gavin Wanganeen Essendon / Port Adelaide
Kym LeBoisNephew Aaron Davey Melbourne
Kym LeBoisNephew Alwyn Davey Essendon
Harrison Macreadie Cousin Nick Murray Sydney Swans / Collingwood
Frank Marchesani Cousin Tony Carafa Fitzroy
Sam Marron Nephew Henry 'Tracker' Young Geelong
Peter McConville Grandson Tom McConville Melbourne
Paul McCormack Nephew Barry Richardson Richmond
Lucy McEvoy (AFLW) Cousin Ben McEvoy Hawthorn / St Kilda
Cory McGrath Cousin Martin McGrath Richmond
Rod McGregor Brother-in-law Albert Bickford Carlton / Melbourne
Rod McGregor Uncle George Bickford Melbourne
Rod McGregor Great Uncle Stephen Bickford Melbourne
Cory McGrath Cousin Dion Woods Fremantle
Rod McLean Grandfather Brock McLean Melbourne / Carlton
Ricky McLean Uncle Brock McLean Melbourne / Carlton
Artie McSpeerin Cousin Bill McSperrin Fitzroy
Caleb Marchbank Great Nephew Bill Marchbank Carlton / Fitzroy
Simon Minton-Connell Cousin Paul Hudson Hawthorn / Footscray
Simon Minton-Connell Nephew Peter Hudson Hawthorn
Alf Moore Cousin Bob Moore Melbourne
Jesse MotlopNephew Daniel Motlop Nth Melbourne / Melbourne
Jesse MotlopNephew Steven Motlop Geelong / Port Adelaide
Jesse MotlopSecond Cousin Marlon Motlop Port Adelaide
Marc Murphy Grandson Leo Murphy Hawthorn
Michael NashGrandfather Laurie NashSouth Melbourne
Thomas Nash Great Uncle Laurie Nash South Melbourne
Nic Newman Cousin Chris Newman Richmond
Lochie O'Brien Grandson Denis O'Brien Collingwood
Luke O'Sullivan Uncle Daniel Hannebery Sydney Swans / St Kilda
Sam Petrevski-Seton Nephew Gilbert McAdam St Kilda / Brisbane Bears
Sam Petrevski-Seton Nephew Adrian McAdam Nth Melbourne
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Shane McAdam Adelaide Crows
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Jy Farrar Gold Coast Suns
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Ash Johnson Collingwood
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Irving Mosquito Essendon
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Toby Bedford Melbourne
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Eric Benning Fremantle
Sam Petrevski-Seton Cousin Krstel Petrevski Melbourne (AFLW)
Fraser Phillips * Grandson Ken Phillips Sth Melbourne
Jarrod Pickett Cousin Byron Pickett Nth Melbourne / Port Adelaide / Melbourne
Jarrod Pickett Nephew Leon Davis Collingwood
Marc Pittonet Great Grand-Son Frank Gibson Fitzroy
Dean Rice Nephew Colin Rice Geelong
Harold Rumney Great Uncle Jayden Hunt Melbourne
Jason Saddington Nephew Colin Saddington Richmond
Will Setterfield Cousin Isabel Huntington Western Bulldogs (AFLW)
Ben Sexton / Michael Sexton Cousins Damien Sexton St Kilda
Ben Sexton / Michael Sexton Nephews Gary Sexton Footscray
Brett Sholl Cousin Craig Sholl Nth Melbourne
Brett Sholl Cousin Brad Sholl Nth Melbourne / Geelong
Stephen Silvagni 2nd Cousin Alex Silvagni Fremantle / Carlton
Jesse Smith Cousin Andrew Welsh Essendon
Trent Sporn Nephew Kieran Sporn Essendon / Fitzroy
Luke Stanton * Cousin Nick Dal SantoSt Kilda / Nth Melbourne
Nick Stevens Grandson Jack MacGregor Fitzroy
Bill Swan* Cousin Roy Ramsay Nth Melbourne / Essendon
David Teague Cousin Rod Grinter Melbourne
Dick Vandenberg Cousin Richard Vandenberg Hawthorn
Rod Waddell Uncle Steven Motlop Geelong / Port Adelaide
Matthew Watson Nephew Steven Alessio Essendon
Brian Walsh Nephew Des Dickson Hawthorn
Alf Williamson Great Uncle Gary Ablett SNR, Geoff Ablett, Kevin Ablett Hawthorn & Geelong / Hawthorn, St Kilda & Richmond / Hawthorn, Richmond & Geelong
Alf Williamson Great, Great Uncle Gary Ablett JNR, Nathan Ablett, Luke Ablett, Shane Tuck, Travis Tuck Geelong & Gold Coast Suns / Geelong / Sydney / Richmond / Hawthorn
Clinton Wines Great Nephew Ollie Wines Port Adelaide
Dick Wittmann Cousin Stan Wittman Melbourne

NB * denotes player either didn't or is yet to play a senior game for Carlton.

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